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I finally fulfilled my dream of having my photo plastered all over a sleezy, shameless, gossip rag, AKA the British media. Apparently not everyone in the UK is thrilled that they can now receive the outdoor-oriented programming of MOTV. Despite all the international hate I received this past week via my social media outlets, my mom is still proud. I will never apologize for being a hunter . . . Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke faces criticism after launching ‘sickening’ trophy hunting TV channel

Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has been accused of scoring a “massive own goal” after his company launched an outdoor sports television platform in the UK which includes bloodsports and hunting shows. …

My Outdoor TV, which charges subscribers a 9.99 US dollars a month, claims to show “thousands of hunting, fishing and shooting episodes featuring the biggest names in outdoor TV…how-to videos and even wild game recipes.”

The launch has been condemned by Philippa King, the chief operating officer of the League Against Cruel Sports, who has called on the Outdoor Sportsman Group to “tread carefully” with its UK platform. …

“We’re living in a world now where most people can see how brutal and shameful trophy-hunting is, yet the Arsenal boss is choosing to launch his sick TV channel in the UK.

“The channel claims to show ‘ethical, fair chase and legal’ hunting. Most people won’t agree that trophy-hunting is in any way ethical, and studies have debunked claims that most of the blood money goes towards supporting conservation. I’m not sure in what way an idiot with a gun against an elephant is a fair chase.

“And yes, the hunting they show might be legal – though if they start showing hunting in the UK they’ll have to tread very carefully.

Hmm, was that a threat Philippa? I need to create the League Against People Who Hate on Hunters.

Not all animal rights activists are self-righteous jerks. It always amazes me to hear stories about animal rights activists who put their own lives at risk to protect the lives of the animals they consider to be family . . . Armed only with her grandmother’s shotgun, a South African woman fights to save her rhinos

Lynne MacTavish lives in a small wooden house on her South African game reserve with a fierce pet emu, a juvenile ostrich, a flock of geese, two Jack Russell terriers and her grandma’s double-barreled shotgun to protect her rhinos. She keeps an ugly statue at her gate: a tokoloshe, or evil spirit in the local traditional belief, installed by a witch doctor to ward off superstitious rhino poachers.

Every night MacTavish gets up after midnight, grabs her shotgun, clambers into her SUV and patrols for poachers.
She still gets flashbacks of the scene she found one windy October morning in 2014 and still cries telling the story. Poachers had killed two rhinos, including a pregnant cow she had known since the day it was born. Two more died as an indirect result of the attack and a calf, days from being born, was lost. …

MacTavish eventually called in vets to de-horn all her rhinos; her 32-year-old bull, Patrol, died during the procedure.

She strongly supports the decision to lift the eight-year ban on legal rhino horn trading in South Africa.

“The ban has been disastrous,” she said, because “it meant the only way to get horn was to poach it. The price skyrocketed.” It created a huge temptation for employees of farms like hers to work with poachers, she added.

Poachers are the lowest of the low.

It’s great to see hunting moms providing healthy meals for your kids and passing on the legacy to their kids. (Don’t tell Philippa King that this mom lives in Surrey. Wonder if she subscribes to MOTV.)  . . .  Single Mother Gives Up Food Shopping To Hunt Wild Animals

A single mum from Surrey has swapped supermarkets for hunting and is now serving up meals of wild rabbit, deer and boar for the dinner table.

Lisa Taylor has gained a sizeable following through her Facebook page, Lisa’s Shooting & Hunting Experience, attracting over 15,000 followers.

It is here where she uploads pictures of herself standing beside the wild animals she has killed, often posing with weapons. Sometimes the huntress even posts videos, showing the moment of the kill.

The deer pictured in the photo is a European roe deer. A coveted species on the SCI list but also pricey to hunt.

I’m not saying it’s because of aliens. But it’s because of aliens  . . . Idaho nuclear facility bans hunting on day of solar eclipse

An 890-square-mile federal nuclear facility in eastern Idaho has banned hunters from the area on the day of the solar eclipse.

The Idaho National Laboratory is directly on the “path of totality” of the Aug. 21 solar eclipse, and high numbers of eclipse watchers are expected along roads in the area.

Officials say the 24-hour hunting ban is needed for safety and security purposes, and only official business access will be allowed at the site on that day.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says elk and pronghorn hunters for more than a decade have been able to access areas along the northern boundary of the site under specific guidelines.

The state agency says violators on Aug. 21 could face federal legal action.

Talk about killing two fifty birds with one stone…. Hunters of the past didn’t just hunt waterfowl, they declared war on ducks by blasting them with almost a pound of shot . . . Horrifying old gun killed 90 birds at once

Designed to be fired from a punt (a small skiff boat), punt guns were intended to kill large numbers of waterfowl as efficiently as possible. Records exist of more than 90 birds being killed at once when the guns were used in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The diameter of the gun’s bore, the interior of the barrel, typically exceeded two inches, and each firing would dispense more than a pound of shot across the water.

Punt guns were primarily used for sport, to harvest large numbers of birds on hunting estates.  The gun was fixed to the punt, and the hunter would silently direct the boat and the gun across the water, into the aim position. The gun had a very strong recoil; firing it would cause the punt to travel across the surface of the pool or lake.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the secret to killing more ducks (and it’s not a water-borne cannon): 1,700 FPS . . . Hypersonic Steel

Most ducks are missed from behind, but the unprecedented velocity of Remington HyperSonic Steel® compensates for this by reducing required lead by 8” at 40 yards (about a full body length) on a duck flying at average speed. It puts more steel shot in the head and neck for quicker kills and fewer misses – without changing the way you shoot. With the highest velocity and downrange pattern energies ever achieved, HyperSonic Steel takes lethality to new heights, to a level of terminal performance where more birds drop with fewer shots – at the farthest reaches of your abilities. And only Remington harnessed the wad technology to do it.

Here’s a great new resource for booking hunts. Jim Shockey says it’s good, so it must be true . . . 

Because you have all the benefits of a direct deal with an outfitterBest price. If outfitter offers you a better price in the direct deal than he offers at our website, just let us know and we will match the price. No middleman making promises that cannot be honored or quoting incorrect prices – you negotiate your hunt with the outfitter directly. When booking a hunt through BookYourHunt you are always entering into a contractual agreement with and making payment directly to the outfitter. BookYourHunt does not interfere in the process or touch the money.

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  1. You pissed off the english? Who cares. They have reduced themselves to 3rd world status and happy about it. A couple of more Manchesters and they’ll be begging for you and your armed friends to come and protect them.

  2. Yeah, I can see how you’d be a real threat to the effeminate English male. Considering most of them couldn’t even handle a hike through the forest.

    • Once Britain goes Sharia Law in a decade or two, those effeminate males will be required to wear burkas out in public. 95% of the British real men were killed off in the two world wars, what remains is pathetic.

  3. Our new national motto should be: “The United States of America — Pissing Off the English for 241 Years.”

    • “Don’t buy hyper fast duck loads, the recoil is ungodly. Instead, learn to shoot.”

      That was my same reaction to that comment.

      Learn to properly aim and shoot in the first place instead of relying on a crutch to compensate for your failing marksmanship…

  4. The League Against Cruel Sports? Is that a subsidiary of The Ministry of Silly Walks?!? It is interesting someone could feed their family in tiny England…ah punt guns. Where’s the fun in that? I believe they used these in the Grand Kankakee Marsh to slaughter millions of birds in the 19th century. Sadly drained for “progress”…

    • That picture of the punt gun was used for an early Friday caption article. It’s not the first time it’s been here.

  5. I’m in favor of the Trophy hunting of animal abusers, but not the Trophy hunting of animals.

    Real hunting involves “the most dangerous game of all”.

    Hunting for meat in your home State is fine – In fact, if more people did it there would be less cruel factory farms in existence (which not only are inhumane, but probably poisoning us with all the antibiotics and hormones they pump into them … the male fertility rate of Western men is down 60% over the past 40 years).

    Hunting for heads in some far off land is just bloodlust.

    • 1) Some animals worth killing aren’t good eating, and some hunters like a physical token of the memory (it’s not like the animal cares whether it’s photographed or mounted after it’s killed).
      2) I sure hope you aren’t conflating any lawful hunter with animal abusers; there is no more cruel death for a wild animal than a natural one, though illegal ones can sometimes come close
      3) Combat isn’t hunting, and confusing the two is retarded
      4) Why does it matter where you hunt for your meat?
      5) You clearly have no idea where your food comes from, if you think individual hunting can put a dent in the volume of meat Americans consume or require
      6) Blame birth control pills for the bath of estrogen compounds we all now swim in daily, not the cheap chicken that has never given you salmonella or the tender beef that’s never poisoned you with e. coli

      • Oh, my! You don’t leave much besides a few broken chimneys and some scorched earth, do you?!

        NICELY done!

      • “3) Combat isn’t hunting, and confusing the two is retarded”

        It can be hunting, but it’s a small subset of combat in the whole (special forces, etc.), and it’s no job for amateurs.

        “4) Why does it matter where you hunt for your meat?”

        He’s probably one of those ‘climate change’ nutjobs who’s outraged at the fuel burn of the trans-oceanic airliners usually needed to get to far-off lands…

    • Yeah, look… I’m not a big fan of factory farms either, but the reality is there’s no way to mass produce meat without it. Hunting will never put a dent in the amount of meat needed to sustain a population of 400 million. Not to mention the amount exported. That, in fact, (I’m going off topic here) is a major Achilles heel in most “preppers” doomsday survival plans. Many plan to hunt as a main method of meat intake. Problem is, once the SHTF, and 400 million people looking for food, the animal population will dry up in a matter of weeks.

      • “Problem is, once the SHTF, and 400 million people looking for food, the animal population will dry up in a matter of weeks.”
        I was wondering if someone would realize this besides me.
        TV is a truly horrible teaching tool. Shows like “Preppers” and their ilk are done for entertainment, not education. Even the hunting shows (I like Pigman) are entertainment, not how-to.
        Don’t get me wrong; some shows can actually be valuable for their content, but they are few and far between.
        But, yes, our wildlife can’t sustain 330 million plus; that’s why we have mass-produced protein sources.
        I wonder how many have considered that milk would ‘dry up’ too? What will mothers feed their infants? (It’s my understanding that very few breast feed)

        • I’ve been aware of it since the 1970s.

          Visiting my grandfather in Massachusetts back then I asked how they got through the great Depression. I asked him if he hunted with that nice bolt-action above the fireplace.

          Then he told me game was very scarce, and remained scarce for many years after…

        • I keep reading that but think for a minute about how many people you interact with everyday who
          1) Aren’t gun people
          2) Who don’t hunt now
          3) Who you think would actually be successful hunters if the crap really did hit the fan.

          I think it’s much more likely that people who hunt now will eat better and the people who don’t won’t have that much impact on game populations. I would expect that the urban deer and small game might be eradicated but I can’t see many of the people I work with tromping around the green swamp trying to shoot hogs. At least not doing it very well.

          And I don’t think that the lesson of game eradication during the depression holds water either. Most species were vary scare by 1910 due to commercial hunting, not due to the depression of the 30’s. Even if the depression had a big impact I think we would agree that Americans are very different now than they were then.

          • Klause: “I think it’s much more likely that people who hunt now will eat better and the people who don’t won’t have that much impact on game populations. I would expect that the urban deer and small game might be eradicated but I can’t see many of the people I work with tromping around the green swamp trying to shoot hogs. At least not doing it very well.”

            Those who can provide food will quickly discover that there’s a market for it. This will mean those who can hunt will do so a lot, depleting the stock quickly.
            Capitalism rules.

  6. “…and studies have debunked claims that most of the blood money goes towards supporting conservation.”

    Of course she provides documentation of these studies. What? She doesn’t? Well, surely they don’t exist only in her fevered imagination, right? Right?

    Yeah, right.

  7. I’m so glad that hunters from outside Africa are hunting over populated animals on the continent. I’m glad the hunters provide an income to isolated villages that most tourists don’t go to. These animals kill people all the time. The anti hunting crowd is just evil. They are not misguided. They believe human life is worth less than a lion that just killed a 5 year old child.

  8. You think trophy hunting is brutal and shameful?

    Wait till you see what the locals do to the populations of these animals when they’re not worth anything to them and interfere with their farming. If trophy hunters weren’t spending tens of thousands of dollars to shoot an elephant or lion, the locals would exterminate every last one of them.

    One trophy hunt does more for the hosting African villagers than all the TV commercials asking bleeding hearts for donations combined and encourages conservation and population management of the trophy species.

  9. Ah the cackle of the ignorant key board Commandos continues. Always makes me laugh. Bet you are Trump supporters right? The dumb ass in this case is the guy who thought putting a Hunting show on UK TV would be a good idea. Hunting is not in the English culture and with gun laws so restrictive will never be. Of course there is going to be a back lash. Duh!
    As for the cracks on English men, too funny. Step into any English Pub and say that and see what happens. Don’t be surprised when you wake up surrounded by men in white coats and you are now having your meals through a straw. Tell the guy who went after the three knife wielding Terrorists with only his hands that he is not a man. How about the guys with pint glasses or chairs defending themselves and others? Don’t recall any stories of any manly Americans stepping in to ‘Save the Day’. So STFU and use your Computer to read up on current events and World History instead of all the Porn sites you are usually viewing. Amazing what you can learn by being open minded and tolerant of others views.

    • “Hunting is not in the English culture.”

      You’re so ignorant you don’t know your own culture. Try reading about your own history, back from before just the last 20 years. Y’all used to be some of the toughest sons of bitches out there. Now, only the few that have the balls serve the neglected, undersized and underpaid military have retained that expertise.

    • Drunken courage is not new and certainly not exclusive to the brits. It proves nothing. Except that the brits drink a lot.

      Maybe from shame? Or embarrassment?

    • Well, TRUBRIT, I applaud some of your countrymen willing to take on knife wielding Muslin Fundamentalists bare handed. But since you are subjects, instead of freemen, of course you are denied the right to keep and bear arms to effectively defend yourselves from Muslim fundamentalists. Unlike most American citizens.

      In my state of New Mexico, I have been able to open carry a firearm, (a .45ACP 1911), without need of a license or permit for the last eight years. So I, and the many tens of millions of other armed citizens in the various states, would be able to make the attempt to effectively defend ourselves and our fellow Americans in a similar situation. And if you reflexively spew out the pathetic trope that an armed citizen, if he isn’t wearing a badge or a state mandated uniform, will just fire wildly into a crowd if confronted by a mass murdering psychopath, then you are just showing your contempt for yourself and other fellow human beings, and your abject submission to your “betters” in government.

      The website, among others, document the many uses by regular citizens in the USA using a firearm to effectively defend themselves from human predators.

      It’s time, TRUBRIT, to stop being a subject.

    • The english are pansies with no future. Your butthurt just confirms that.

      And PS: why would i ever put my life on the line for a worthless limey?

    • I like to dream of winning the lottery, hiring some soldiers of fortune and equipping them with the very best to go hunt poachers. No warnings, no prisoners, just a .338 slug going through your poaching buddies dome.

  10. “Not all animal rights activists are self-righteous jerks.” Agreed! Those concerned about the conservation of species (for sustainable hunting and for their own purposes), their environments, ethical breeding standards for captive animals, etc. are clearly animal rights activists, but we sure as hell aren’t extremists like PETA.

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