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By Sabrina Gray

I was recently reading RF’s Mass Killings, New Orleans, and the Mind of a Gun Grabber article. That reminded me of the UpStairs Lounge arson attack that killed 32 people in the Crescent City back in the 70s. And an incident here in Seattle last August as well as something that happened to me personally got me thinking about why I own firearms (I’m going to start carrying as soon as I can find a decent job that allows me to purchase my Springfield XD compact, but that’s a whole different ball of wax). But first some backstory on me . . .

I am a pre-op transsexual. I also have posted on here a couple of times and am a devoted reader, so let’s please keep the burning torches and pitchforks in the barn. Once upon a time I was a Democrat because that’s what I thought I should be given my situation. But I was also a strong 2A-supporting Democrat (so I have that going for me). After last year’s attempt at universal background checks I am now an independent because I realize that I agree with some tenants of the conservative side of politics as well as the liberal side of the spectrum.

I have asked many of my gay friends who don’t carry why they don’t carry to protect themselves, especially after someone was beaten up because they were gay. The answer is generally “I don’t know” or “guns cause more problems than they solve”. I generally look at them and ask them if they would rather take the beating or have some way to possibly defend themselves. And then it dissolves into the guns-are-icky part.

But back to the original part of the story about the incident that occurred in my past. I was at Walmart running an errand and I was waiting in line when all of a sudden this guy starts in on me. Normally I am passable, which means that people can’t generally tell because of my voice, stature or whatnot, but for some reason he picked up on me.

He shouted that I was a disgrace and a freak etc. In fact it got to the point where I was looking around for store personnel to help me because I was getting scared and worried that this might escalate to a point where I might have to defend myself. But no one stood up for me or came to my defense.

As the individual was leaving he showed me his Aryan Brotherhood membership card, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was visibly shaken and the employees at Walmart were excellent and banned him from the store. As I was leaving, I was scanning the parking lot with my keys in my hand in such a way if I could use them as a weapon in case I needed to defend myself.

Before that I hadn’t really thought about carrying (at that point I owned a few guns, as much as the budget would allow). I mean, it was a passing thought, but it got me to thinking and researching. One of the items that I found out is that transgender individuals are more likely to be assaulted than the general population. There have been several incidents where this has been videotaped and very few people stepped up to the plate to stop it (as in my case). So I started asking myself, why not carry to defend myself if the situation arose? I also started thinking about how to carry as well and what type of firearm I wanted.

The moral of the story here is, I may be “different” but I understand the need to carry, and the reason the 2A exists. As I had said previously, I knew that the 2A was about our ability to defend ourselves, but I never really understood the reason for the ability to defend ourselves. As a side note, I still find it interesting that many in the community don’t understand why I carry or why I am not against guns.

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    • Yes, Welcome! The second amendment is not just for OFWG’s, and “Republicans”. I would like to see everyone be able to protect themselves and their loved ones regardless of the B.S..

      • Yeah, speaking as an OFWG and GOP voter (because the LUTHA [Leave Us The Hell Alone] Party has a hard time persuading any member to run for office), the 2nd Amendment applies to everyone – it is about protecting yourself and defending your dignity as a human being. Whatever your color, gender ID, religion, ethnicity – self-defense is, as the Supreme Court said in Heller vs. DC, a fundamental human right. This is “…the right to ‘protect [oneself] against both public and private violence,’ thus extending the right in some form to wherever a person could become exposed to public or private violence.”

  1. Cue the haters–of Sabrina and other transsexuals–in 3… 2… 1…

    It sucks that you haters are the reason SHE needs to carry.

    • Ease up there, Hondo.

      I’m a devout Catholic, from a devout Catholic family, and while neither me nor my family members would or could condone homosexuality or homosexual behavior, none of us would EVER consider acting in an aggressive or violent manner towards him, or anybody else, unless they pose an obvious and imminent threat to us or someone nearby.

      • It doesn’t sound like you are a “hater” then–just profoundly uninterested in pursuing that sort of lifestyle (as am I). My comment wouldn’t be addressed to you.

        Or are you?

        • My stance on the whole thing is this…

          I don’t give two sh*ts what two grown people do in the privacy of their own homes.

          The things I take issue with are the public nudity at “gay pride” parades and the police who won’t enforce the laws banning such activity, the systematic alteration of the English language to accommodate the lifestyle choices these people make, the increasingly liberal sexual education curricula in the public school systems, demanding that the taxpayers fund their medical procedures, and the general attitude of trying to force society as a whole to accept/support/appreciate their lifestyle choices.

          If a person who chooses to live a homosexual lifestyle refrains from the aforementioned activities, they’ll have no beef with me.

        • So, tell me, “Patriot,” When was it that you made the CONSCIOUS decision to be straight. You keep saying “lifestyle choices” and refer to “a person who chooses to live a homosexual lifestyle,” so ask yourself that question, “When did I make the choice to be straight?” I am a straight, male, Christian, with predominantly conservative views. I also embrace the Constitution, which I swore an oath to protect and defend, as well as the Declaration of Independence. In the latter, I am quite sure that “all men (people) are created equal” did not contain an asterisk.

        • Yes, every time I engage in sexual activity, I make the decision that it’s going to be with my beautiful wife.

          And yes, all men and women are equal. All lifestyles are not.

        • Part of tolerance is tolerating people with underdeveloped views of the world and the patchwork of humans that make up society. Tolerance doesn’t mean acceptance on either side, it just means you have to put up with people’s behavior so long as it doesn’t directly harm you.

          And the whole public nudity/PDA thing might be annoying and a nuisance, but it doesn’t harm anyone. It also doesn’t make a great example of a particular group of individuals, and probably isn’t the best way to convince people that your side is the right one to be on. Kind of like walking around with a rifle slung over your shoulder just to get attention.

      • I am also a Catholic and I agree with you about the stance on violence exactly especially when it comes to people who have historically hated my religion as well. I however choose to not pass judgement and leave that for God and God alone. I thank you Sabrina for seeing that law abiding citizens have a need and right to defend themselves and the ones they love from the scum of the Earth that would try to take that very enjoyment of life from them.

      • Alaskan Patriot says:
        July 1, 2014 at 19:25

        I’m a devout Catholic, from a devout Catholic family, and while neither me nor my family members would or could condone homosexuality or homosexual behavior, …………….

        to AP and others,
        Just let you know, being transgendered or transsexual are not synonymous
        with homosexuality or homosexual behavior.

        At the risk of over simplifying
        transgendered or transsexual are a gender terms in relation to one’s physical gender at birth.

        homosexuality or homosexual behavior are terms related one’s intimate relations.

        Bottom Line: It doesn’t matter if we are – young, old, beautiful, handsome, average, handicapped, strong, weak, or any other possible description or condition ….. WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND AND PROTECT OURSELVES Against those who would, for any reason, do us harm.

      • In response to you other comment ( I can’t reply directly)…

        You say ” lifestyle choices”.
        For some, it truly is not a choice.

        Yeah, you can bandy it around and argue the points, but I watched my best friends younger brother live a miserable life, for his entire life. He was quite religious, as was his family, he was also one of the most feminine boy/man. Emotionally, physically, and (hidden though it was) sexually.

        He was never into the sports and physical activities that all of the other boys in our group were, but he tried, and was always there with us doing them. You could tell he was always suppressing what he felt, and miming what he thought he should feel.

        I could go on and write a book (you could say I already have), but I’ll try to get to the point… He had a miserable life. He didn’t choose to be something he felt such a strong urge to suppress, and I’ll never be convinced otherwise.

        • Well to each their own, then. I’m not in the business of selling mindsets.

          Having spoken with and heard from people who are labelled as “ex-gay,” they also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their lifestyle choices were just that; “choices.”

          Some came around and saw the light from a religious standpoint, others did not. But they all made that switch.

      • I am a Catholic,too ( at least on Christmas and Easter – just kidding).

        I do not believe that God hates anybody, although God may prefer people behave differently.

        As Pope Francis said, “who am I to judge?”

        Gays have the same rights to not be physically attacked, and to defend themselves, as anybody else.

      • First off… transgenderism, transsexualism, and gender in general, has nothing to do with sexuality. Get off your religious soapbox, stop judging, stop basing ignorant comments on a subject you know nothing of.

        People don’t exist to make you happy or to live their lives based on your idea of a “perfect” human being. Your “God” created us as we are, which includes our minds, souls, and bodies. After 43 years of life I finally came to terms with my pansexuality and gender identity. I decided to make myself happy in accordance with my own feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Nothing I do has an impact on you.

        FWIW, I have always been pro Second Amendment and Constitution, every single American has individual sovereign rights which shall not be infringed upon by any other person regardless of that persons religion or political beliefs. That includes the right to love and marry those who that person wants. And the right for all to defend themselves regardless of gender, including MTF, FTM, and intersexed folks.

        • Fun fact: in Iran – yes, that fundamentalist Shia Muslim theocratic state – sex reassignment therapy is allowed. In fact, it is mandatory if a person declares that their gender identity doesn’t match their sex, and doctors confirm that the declaration is genuine.

          They have a fairly straightforward theological explanation for it, too. They accept the fact that gender and sex are two different things: gender being psychological – or, in their parlance, spiritual, a trait of the soul; and sex being physical. Therefore, when the two do not match, they see it as an illness, not dissimilar to any issue people might be born with. But from there they conclude that, as soul is more pure than the body, so in the case of a mismatch it must be assumed that the soul is right and the body is wrong, and the latter is what should be corrected.

        • Int19h… Yeah, Iran forces transgendered people to immediately undergo surgery, whether they want it or not. If not they are subjected to the same laws, respect, and treatment as homosexuals are in Iran. That sounds like fair treatment to you? Lashings, imprisonment, execution… what a wonderful country to live in.

          • I didn’t say anything about it being a “wonderful country”, did I? I merely pointed out that even mullahs realize that what’s in the head is more important than the shape of the body, and if you have to refit one to match the other, it’s the body that’s far easier to change.

    • “you haters” – hmm. Thats a pretty big universe there, Steve.

      When someone makes a sweeping generalization without any proof its usually a trolling attempt, which in this particular case is pathetically lame,

      or an indication about your own personal state of mind.
      And not judging, just saying- its not uncommon, and you can get help, you know?

      • Nice psychologizing; but I am addressing the people who go about bashing folks like Sabrina just because they don’t like the transsexuals. Your wilful misinterpretation of it aside.

    • I have to call BS on this story. Are we to believe that an Aryan Brotherhood member goes to Walmart and is upset seeing a “freak”? Has he never been to a Walmart? And who flashes a membership card? The Swastika tattoo was not convincing enough?

      Other than that, I don’t hate gays or transgenders. I just have no need to know about them. I don’t think gay rights is a separate issue from any human rights. The 2a is theirs and mine as US citizens. I just get tired of the constant in your face you must accept me attitude of the LGBT community. If your happiness is contingent upon my embracing your queerness, then you have a problem, not I.

      • I think the swastika tattoo is the “membership card.” I’ve seen them lift their sleeves before. As far as being accosted in a wal mart, have YOU ever been to a wal mart before? I’ve been accosted their for just being a nerd.

        • OK this whining victim mentality is getting disgusting. I’m leaving this post. Going to check out a gun review.
          Is this the direction TTAG is going to take in response to the survey?

          • Why is reporting the fact that you’re being verbally and/or physically assaulted in a public space somehow “victim mentality”? And why didn’t you raise that point in numerous other “potential defensive gun use of the day” posts on TTAG?

        • int19h, So you acknowlege the difference between what should be a DGU and a potential DGU. The world is full of assholes. Grow a set of nuts (or don’t cut off the ones you have) and stand up to bullies. Turn the other cheek. If you are a nerd, freak or geek, this may be a sign of weakness to a bully. I just get tired of the “feel sorry for me” cry for sympathy. Everybody has struggles that we deal with everyday. Yours are no more important than mine. It reminds me of when Obama said “as a young black male walking down the street, white people would lock their car doors as I passed”. Boo fricken hoo mr. President. All this liberal whining is non productive.

        • Michael, I don’t see any “poor me” attitudes in this post. She might have a softer narrative voice than most writers here, but the article itself seems to be about her decision to carry, one that was based on her personal experience, and the experiences of those like her. That the personal experience involved an individual who adopted an ideology that killed millions of people only helps convince the passive reader that her actions are justified.

          • It is not so much that but that in addition to Chris’ reply about being accosted for being a nerd. Everybody is different but we are all the same under the Constitution. Why can’t Peaches just say “can anyone recomend a good CC pistol for a woman?” Why do we have to hear about his sex change operation? There are plenty of good sites for women carry issues. The Cornered Cat is a good one
            This has become a pitty party as so much as a collection is being made to buy he/she a pistol even though he already owns or has owned guns.

        • Because her article isn’t simply about looking for a pistol, it’s about what drew her to concealed carry. Being transgender is probably a big part of her identity, so while you might not like reading about it, it’s still going to find it’s way into her prose. If you or I were going to write a piece on why we do or don’t carry I’m sure personal information and decisions would play in as well.

      • He didn’t have any tattoo’s or markings that I saw, I mean he might have had some undercover, but one having a swastika tattoo doesn’t mean anything, one of my friends has it tattooed on him, and he is far from being a neo-nazi, he uses it as it is supposed to be a Buddhist good luck symbol.

      • Yeah, YOU don’t have a problem. (insert sarcastic eye roll) As I stated previously, neither the Constitution, nor the Declaration, contain asterisks, when talking about the rights of the people. Get over yourself.

        • I would love to reply to your dissagreement…if I could find any. You need to be more clear in your statement to be understood. You said ” neither the Constitution, nor the Declaration, contain asterisks, when talking about the rights of the people”. I believe that was my point when I said “I don’t think gay rights is a separate issue from any human rights. The 2a is theirs and mine as US citizens”.
          My other point was happiness comes from within. If you are relying on the judgement of others to attain happiness then you have a problem.

        • I second atzbird. No one ever protected themselves negotiating from a position of weakness and deference.

      • Whoa hold up everyone. “Michael in GA” doesn’t think this is true. Let’s all just move along…


    • You shouldn’t assume cause this is a gun forum we’re all hate mongering whackos. I’m a libertarian: I don’t care what you do with your body or live the way you want to live. In a world where appearance, from hair colour for body shape and faces can be completely altered why bother with a restriction on gender as well? It’s your life, live it how you want to, you’ve only got one life and one body, if you want to leave it be, tattoo it up, or change your gender it’s your call (just don’t ask me to pay for it) and the Second Amendment will always apply to you for your protection against those who would do you harm, be it armed criminal, bigoted prick or tyrannical government.

      • And you shouldn’t assume she is assuming, as she said she is a long time reader of this blog and has no doubt seen the gamut of opinions and comments that are posted here daily as have I. To post about being a trans gender on this blog is to invite atleast a hand full of vile comments. That is a statistical probability based on past experience not an assumption.

        Perhaps your kneejerk reaction of assuming she is reffering to you says something about you rather than her?

    • Well Steve, I’m a hundred posts read in this thread so far, and yours is the only hate I’ve seen. I’m all for slamming people who say ignorant things, but you might want to wait until someone actually does it before you unleash your own brand of bigotry.

  2. Check out You can find better prices on used guns there. Most sellers require you to show a CPL, but you should have one of those anyway.

    • Check out Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Gun Blog too. It’s a pro 2nd amendment blog written by (you guessed it) a big gay guy.

  3. I used to believe the whole “Guns solve more problems than they solve” appeal but like so much of the gun control schtick it is not based in logic or reason.

    People in the LGBT community should be pro-active about their defense. You can’t rely on the police to do much other than file a report afterwards. Never really understood why the Dems want them disarmed so badly.

    • Oppression.

      Plus oppression works great when you can pit the various oppressed groups against each other, so I wouldn’t get to thinking they were for-you, or your cause.

      They hope to disarm you enough to fight a bloodless war. Keep your guns for the end of America, that way, you have a chance of a vote on what comes next.

    • Cops are just historians. They show up after the fact and write down the details.


  4. I thought pre op transsexuals are straight? Because if u consider yourself a woman doesn’t being attracted to men mean u are straight?

      • actually I believe the lgb “T” stands for “transgender” not transsexual.

    • Technically yes but I HAVE seen homosexual transsexuals who are born a man, are attracted to women, but still wish to be a woman. Also the “T” in LGBT stands for Transsexuals. We are generally grouped together because people who hate us like to put us in the same category.

    • Not necessarily. We’re talking about two different things here: gender identity and gender attraction. Gender identity is how you feel: male, female, both, or neither. Gender attraction is what you’re attracted to: also male, female, both, or neither.

      I’m also trans, but I’m now 16 years post-op. I was originally straight (attracted to women), and expected to remain straight (attracted to men), but I turned out to be lesbian. Go figure.

      Oh, yes: I carry because occasionally some asshole like the guy in the original article exists in my world.

        • A couple of friends of mine from the international motorcycling circles have gone through sex changes. And I can assure folks that guys that ride across national borders tend to be more manly than 99% of the gun weenies that whine about their gun “rights” and their love of reichwing politics.

          Anyway, hang in there and good luck.

        • You are not alone. Look for me as Rebecca on FB; my profile is of a cat wearing (I think) a lime-peel “helmet”. 🙂

      • I looked and couldn’t find you. If you want, Sabrina Gray on FB, it should be a little bit easier.

        • There’s several “Sabrina Gray” people there! I just sent a PM to one of them there, seems a good guess for you. Check your “other” folder in FB.

    • Grise, your reichwing views are part of what’s wrong with this nation. There is noting more disgusting than some ammosexual fool that refuses to understand that gun owners don’t all have to be Obama haters.

      • Please, for the love of all that is good, stop. Your obnoxious buzz words and piss poor attitude towards People of the Gun weren’t clever or humorous the first time around, and they are even less so now. I’m not telling you to be a 2nd Amendment absolutist or get out, but when you use terms like “reichwing”, “Faux news”, “ammosexual” and question peoples’ manhood/make phallic compensation references, we tend to completely disregard anything else you have to say after that.

        Unless your goal is to accost people with all the trendy new slogans you learned in the HuffPo comments section, you’re not doing a very good job. How about engaging in conversation, and trying to get your point across without resorting to childish insults? You’d have a far greater chance of getting somewhere that way.

      • I for one commend, nay applaud your comments, John G. It gives the rest of us a continued insight in the dangerous mindset of the Statist Modern Left. Most of your brethren would be content on espousing the same views on the daily worker or Mother Jones, but you seek to come into the Lions Den, so to speak. I ask, however, that next time you use more partisanship, more pejoratives, more negativity, more race baiting and false historical narrative, you seem to be losing it a bit.

  5. Walcome to the People of the Gun.

    It is sad that you in particular have gone through what you have gone through; sadder still is I know of plenty of people on gun fora who will no doubt secretly applaud what happened to you. Ironic that many adamantly pro 2A people are part of your reason you need to be armed.

    • Yech. Steve you dont speak for me here. Again, your words say more about you than your allegations about the whole of 2A people. Maybe you should hang out with different people if those you know are such haters, rather than project it on everyone else.

      • Again, I am pointing to a subset of people I’ve seen on gun forums. Read CAREFULLY.

        Why do you assume I am addressing ALL of them?

      • Nice try Steve. Your words:

        “you haters”
        “plenty of people on gun fora”
        “many adamantly pro 2A people”

        generalizations with no specifics,
        and characterized with your judgemental labels,
        which by extension we are given to understand is your warning about TTAG.

        Even here, in the short time I count 10 to one positive vs one negative comment by others, and that matches the many many other times when people have “come out” and the welcome mat is laid out,
        or when some nitwit says something overtly racist, or homophobic,
        and they are given no sympathy by the majority of readers here, if not a verbal kick in the A$$.

        I’m not the speech nanny, of course, and I could be wrong- if so, I apologize up front, but I kinda like it here, and right now, IMHO, you are stinking the joint up.

        • “You haters” was the start of the SECOND paragraph of my first post, it refers to the hater people I referenced in the first paragraph. Now I will admit that I wrote that post poorly, but it went into moderation and I couldn’t edit it or request its deletion, hence I wrote my second post. Unfortunately you already had a pre-conceived notion about me by then and you read far too

          In NO case, anywhere in that second post, did I generalize to ALL users of gun fora; I very carefully said “plenty of” (which doesn’t even mean “most,” much less “all” or “every”). And I have indeed met plenty of anti-gay bigots on gun fora; some of them can’t help but bring homosexuals up into totally unrelated threads and start bashing away. But anyway, I can say “plenty of” and this is a “generalization” that applies to everyone. WRONG.

          I am not sure where think I am expressing a poor opinion of TTAG or of pro 2A people for being pro 2A; if you were to read my past comments on here it should be clear that I include MYSELF among the “adamantly pro-2A crowd.”

          You’ve misunderstood me horribly. To the extent my poorly-phrased first post contributed to that, I apologize, but much of your analysis of my words consists of reading WAY too much into them.

        • …And yes, I too am gratified to note that the welcome mat has been rolled out for Sabrina, with a very few exceptions. She has certainly gotten a better reception than people do when they announce they are pro 2A Democrats (no, I am not a Democrat, so that’s not personal butthurt speaking).

          But then again, neither you nor I know how busy the moderators have been here.

        • SteveinCO,

          Ok, I accept your explanation- and yes, given I didnt see your moderated post, I missed the overall tone, and read too much into it, and over-reacted.
          Sorry- my bad.

          Its clear we both agree on pro-2A self-defense being a natural right, and

          that those who feel their sexuality is a natural right that is up to them to decide,

          and that its also being accepted by most independent thinking freedom loving folks, like here at TTAG, as something up to LGBT, to decide, as their business, not ours-

          if posts are to be believed as representative of the whole. And, if you can further believe that TTAG is actually more diverse than one might assume, coming at it from the typical assumptions of the progtard left, then TTAG is actually mainstream. And here is some possible proof, or at least, leading indicators of change- and something we can also agree on SteveinCO, the times they are a changing:


          Notice the parallel lines.

  6. Yes they are not straight white men. People like me are the targets of all kind of haterid. Just my humble opinion.

  7. Hate to be advertising but have you checked out CZ? The P07 model is good for CC while being in the 400 USD ballpark.

    • I agree. As much as I like my XD-45 compact, the next gun I want to buy is the CZ-P07. They are both good concealed carry guns.

      • Look also for P07 with longer barrel. It is the new carry firearm of Egyptian police, hopefully CZ will throw some also on the civilian market.

    • When I was buying a pistol, I looked at the CZ, and the Ruger SR9, but I didn’t like the CZ, partially the safety didn’t feel natural to me (being a lefty has it’s down falls), the reason I like the Springfield is it has external safeties that are natural to use (the grip safety for one).

      • Which CZ were you looking at? P07 is fully ambidextrous with possibility to choose between safety and decocker (which, in my opinion, is more suitable for carry purposes).

    • As a big fan of CZ, I find that although I like the handling aspects, trigger pull and weight distribution of the P-07 (in contrast to the CZ75B) I don’t like the plastic sights and overall increase in girth of the P07, due to the polymer design. I usually stick with my CZ 2075 Rami when CC. I also found my P07 to be less accurate than the 75B, but maybe it’s because I don’t have enough trigger time behind it.

  8. Good for you defending yourself.
    You might inform others that they were among the first rounded up and sent to the camps or simply shot on the spot when the bad guys took power, look at history. Good luck, it is a dangerous world out there.

    • I explain that to people when I have discussions about gun control, and they can’t seem to grasp it (interesting side note that after the camps were liberated in ’45, LGBT folks weren’t freed, they had to finish out jail time).

      • They were also denied pensions that were otherwise due to concentration camp inmates as “victims of fascism”.

        I always found it interesting that East Germany effectively decriminalized homosexuality a whole decade earlier than West Germany (not removing the law from the books, but reclassifying it as misdemeanor as it was before the Nazis right away, and basically ceasing all enforcement from 1957 onwards; they did eventually remove it). This despite the fact that its constitutionality was challenged in West Germany, and went all the way to their supreme court. This discrepancy in laws was actually something that had to be specifically addressed during reunification.

  9. I’m proud to say that Guns Save Life meetings include members who are openly and not-so-openly gay and at least one transgendered individual I’m proud to call a friend. Yes, we even welcome pro-gun Democrats, even if I don’t understand the party affiliation. I suspect they are John Kennedy Democrats though, not Nancy Pelosi Democrats.

    We are very much not the redneck, racist, sexist, homophobes that gun-hating zealots label us. But what do you expect from bigots who hate guns, right?

    Welcome Sabrina.

    And if you’re ever in Central IL, come join us at one of our monthly meetings.


  10. @S. Gray, really…good on you and all of that. Glad you are now pro-2A. But consider dropping the BLT language. Honestly, few give a rat’s behind. No need to get into your physical/gender identification.

    • It is the very BLT status of Sabrina that “triggered” the amoral jerk who tried to intimidate her, so she really does need to include it.

      If it makes you uncomfortable, tough $#!+ I guarantee you you are a lot less uncomfortable than she was.

      • In the second paragraph, it should read “If it makes anyone uncomfortable…”

        (El Mac didn’t register his disgust with what she said, just claimed (wrongly) that it was superfluous. But I am sure someone will feel uncomfortable; that sentence should rightly be directed to them.)

        • What false words?

          I wrote the second post once I realized you had *not* said you were made uncomfortable, specifically said you hadn’t said you were uncomfortable, and you confirmed that later. (Yet you felt compelled to correct me anyway, even though I had already corrected myself. )

          I realized the statement I made in the first didn’t apply to you but might apply to others, so I tried to amend it.

          It’s possible this is all a matter of timing. Is it possible you didn’t see my second post (with me changing “you” to “anyone”) until after you wrote your response to my first post? I did write it before I saw your response. If that happened this whole convo would make a heck of a lot more sense to me.

      • @SteveInCO, actually it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I just find it unnecessary. Kinda like running around telling everybody “I’m black”, “hey, did you know I’m black?”…”dude, checkitout, I’m BLACK”. Uh, yeah…right, whatever. It makes no difference WHY someone is threatened, the only fact that matters is that they WERE threatened. That is the conversation.

    • I disagree.

      It’s breaks the typical gun owners stereotype. In a perfect world that wouldn’t be required, but here we are.

      • @ROHC, ah yes…let’s break out the rainbows, unicorns, poofs, trans, whiteys, blackies, crips. bloods, wets,… get the picture. Honestly. A right is a right is a right. Done.

    • I disagree; it’s part of the story; the context, of the awakening to the need for a way of defending one self.

      • I see both sides here….

        Bringing up gender identity in this particular story is almost directly analogous to bringing up sex in the multitude of “why women should carry” or “Jews should be pro gun” editorials we’ve seen on TTAG. The broad strokes may suffice for some but the details may bring more into the fold. Numbers are our real weapon in this fight.

        That being said….. As others have said, I honestly couldn’t care less if I tried about other peoples sexual proclivities, choices, identity, ideals, etc….. As with all things in life, Do as you please so long as you do no harm to others in the process.

        Many of the people I know in the LGBT in my area not only support the 2a but own, shoot, train and hunt more than I do. I’d rather identify them only as POTG and potential allies in this fight than to relegate(and separate) them into some ludicrous sub-group.

        Welcome Peaches, glad to have you on our side(POTG).

  11. There’s a commenter at HuffPo who uses the name Sabrina Gray and leaves excellent comments on the gun threads there. Perhaps that’s you?

    It’s interesting to learn about your situation. I wish more lbgt and racial minorities would realize that gun rights especially benefit them. Thanks for spreading the word. Btw, I’m a Republican, and don’t give a crap about other’s sex lives. It’s not my or the government’s business what adults are doing. All the best to you.

      • Cool! I was “julieintx” before they banned me, and then they went to that new commenting system. You always held your temper better than I did. I was a big fan of yours.

      • Sabrina/Peaches,

        Since you’re in Seattle, I hope you’re talking to all your friends about voting “YES” on I-591 and “NO” on I-594. Even if they don’t want to carry or even own guns themselves, they should be supporting that right for everyone who qualifies. If you or they don’t know about the Initiatives, more info can be found here:

        We Seattlites need to make our voices heard on this!

        • Yep, I educate my friends on this issue and other firearm issues as well, such as how to get her CCP, btw did you hear that the cops aren’t even endorsing 594. And thank you 🙂

  12. Good for you. I think that the majority of people believe that the government aught to stay out of the gun cabinet and the bedroom. When pricing is an issue, I’d check the vast amounts of online gun retailers if you haven’t already, then perhaps check gun shows and gun stores and look for used guns. Something like an XD wont have any issues even if its used heavily, I carry a standard XD .45 and I myself bought it used from a gun store, and its pretty worn, but works great, never have any issues with it. Unless of course you want it brand new, nothing wrong with that.

  13. The Pink Pistols (who are quite well known in the Bay Area) were founded by a group of gay men who were tired of being beaten up. So far, their efforts have not been successful in obtaining CCWs–San Francisco is one of those ” we do not issue under any circumstance except to one or two cops” jurisdictions. They march in the annual Gay Freedom Parade in SF as well as in other California cities. Very active in the 2A fight.

  14. In Seattle, the cheapest way to buy a new gun is They are bottom feeders – discounts, odd lots, liquidation sales, etc. You search their web site, and if you find what you like, buy it with a credit card and select in-store pickup. The store is in Bellevue on 20th St NE – you have to pay sales tax, but no shipping and no transfer fee. The 226 bus goes right by it if you don’t drive, transfer at Downtown Bellevue TC.

    I see on they have a Springfield XD9 3″ sub-compact, with lame but useable mag pouch and holster, for $477. They have a Ruger SR9C, a better gun in my view, for $424.

    It isn’t only LGBT who are on their own in this crazy world. Straight people probably won’t get backup from a crowd of civilians either. About self-defense, most people have strong opinions which are mostly not rational. I’ve lost a friend or two over this, you probably will too. If they can’t at least agree to disagree, maybe they weren’t real friends anyway. I’m too ornery to go in the closet over defending myself, but a lot of gun owners do keep quiet about it and I can see the advantages.

    • I hear you there, I’ve lost a couple friends over past couple years in all this hysteria, and the sad part is I’ve always been a gun guy/hunter since I was young, and some of these knew that. Like, they expected me to just get rid of all my guns and way of life to continue to be friends with them, because they were upset over a couple shootings. I tried to reason but they wouldnt have it so I told them they could follow their fellow Utopian leaders straight to hell. Madness. Pure madness.

      • That is no loss to you!
        There is an old Indian (and I am part Choctaw, so please don’t PC bash me), that runs something to the effect:
        “If at the end of his life, a man cannot count his true friends on the fingers of one hand, and his enemies as the stars in the night sky, then he has not lived it well”.

        • That’s badass. And can totally relate to it hahaha. I’m also part Ojibwa (Chippewa), But I don’t know much about the culture other than what I’ve read online.

    • I am not sure but I think Sabrina is looking for a compact, not a sub-compact.

      I’d suggest the CZ-75 compact, except it’s probably too heavy for the carry rig shown; it’d end up around her ankle rather quickly. (One of the few times I will consider weight of a steel gun a disadvantage.)

      • I own a Springfield XDm in 9mm that I adore; it’s a great shooter. I want the XDs in 9mm for concealed carry, because it is very much like the XDm only smaller.

        • In my experience the XDs is a fine choice. I wish I had bought it instead of the Nano.

        • I bought my wife the XDs in .45. Very nice little gun. Grip has quite the bite though.

          • Personally I think the bite on the grip is a good thing, especially for a EDC gun. During a high stress situation, you might get sweaty palms and having something that gives a little bit more grip is better.

    • LowPriceGuns is a small store, but they do have a decent amount of things in stock, including some fairly expensive items (like say $2000+ ARs), so I’d say that the “bottom feeder” label is really uncalled for. Their prices are generally lower than elsewhere, that much is true, but that’s just smart business.

      Also, they’re one of the cheapest places to do transfers – $30 each (most everybody else charges $50, and even more if they happen to have the same model in stock).

      • I’m sorry that I phrased that wrong. I did not mean it negatively. Every ecosystem needs a scavenger, and if you are willing to watch their website you can get some really good deals. Also they are nice people, but you should understand that their main business is web orders and drop shipping. Their store is very small and has a limited selection. I think they only have a store because the BATF requires a physical store, with regular hours, in order to hold an FFL. I think that is also why in-store pickup is such a good deal – they need to generate a certain amount of store traffic to satisfy the authorities.

        However that may be, LowPriceGuns is a great resource if you live in the Seattle area. I buy all my guns through them now and I’ve been well treated every time. As a bonus, Wade’s Eastside Guns is right near by and they have a huge selection which you can showroom and rent on their range. Wade’s prices are always 10%-20% higher than LowPriceGuns’ prices.

        • The problem with Wade’s is their treatment of customers, ranging from indifferent to rude (at least it was the case when I last shopped there, which was like 3 years ago – and that was exactly the reason why I haven’t come back).

          On the other hand, West Coast Armory is not far away, either, and they also have a pretty decent selection (tho usually smaller than Wade’s) – and a much better range to try it out on. I’ve noticed that LPG folk will also generally direct people to WCA when they advise to “try things out” when a customer comes in and is uncertain about the choices (which they often do).

          As for the store itself, my feeling is that it’s more of Jason’s (the owner) hobby-as-work thing. If it was solely for the sake of the license, I don’t see why they’d be open on Saturdays. They also carry a fair bit of other “survival” stuff there, not just firearms & accessories – like, say, freeze-dried food.

  15. @ El Mac

    I don’t think your comprehending the power that members of the LGBT community have to sway public opinion. As soon a moderate democrat sees your a white male they stop listening to reason. As soon as you speak about marriage equality or abortion they stop listening.

    As a member of the LGBT community we have the unique opportunity actually get people to hear what we are saying about 2A rights. We are not immediately disregarded and a message is heard. Even if they don’t change their view at that moment, the seed has been planted. In my experience, getting one of them to the range isn’t too difficult.

    Lastly, when you tell people to not identify their sexuality/gender, it only encourages us to be more flamboyant. Look at the pride festivals, it’s all about being as dramatic as possible to show people that their beliefs against us do not effect us. My advice to you would be focus on the fact that we all agree on 2A rights, and leave the other opinions to yourself. We cannot be divided over outside issues. These next 6 years could set progress back 50 years if we don’t rally together to fight this battle.