Leupold Performance Eyewear
Courtesy Leupold
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Leupold made something of a splash in January when they planted free samples of their new Performance Eyewear line of shooting/sun glasses all around the county and dared intrepid gun guys and girls to find them. And find them, they did.

We caught up with Leupold’s Shawn Skipper at the SHOT Show who told us what makes their eye protection — they have 5 initial styles, including Z87.1 ANSI ballistic rated models coming out this year — a lot better than just another pair of sunglasses off the rack in your local Quickie Mart.


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  1. I wish I could wear great sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are just not the same. The polymers are excellent eye protection, but the lens coatings are nowhere close.

  2. I just got my hand on a set of etint glasses myself. Can’t imagine how I lived without them. The auto-adjust feature is amazing.

    • I did not read any of the promo/ad. I just know that if they cost over $20 I have to say no. I cannot seem to keep from losing or sitting on glasses, this is why I have a “no over” $20 limit. I know this is a personal problem, I just don’t care to work on it. Lol. Learn to love your faults!

      • The cool part is that you don’t have to take them off. They go on when I get in the car to go to the range and stay on until I get home. Just live in my center console. The millisecond auto tint feature is awesome. With the tint off, they are slightly tinted safety glasses. With the tint on, they are just as good as my $200 Raybans.

  3. I just can’t invest in “cool shades” anymore. I do use oakleys, the SI discount stuff, but they have to have some sort of rubberized material around the nose and ears. I do have some Oakley gascans, but I never wear them. My favorite pair is the speed jacket’s with the shallow water prizm. What a huge difference fishing on the river, and, they don’t fall off my head when sweating.

  4. Made in China, stamped with Leopold, priced outrageously.

    Well played by a company that sucks ever since they started taking military contracts they cant fulfill and flipping retail customers the bird.

    • China would be more accurately described as:

      Socially Communist, Economically Fascist.

      Not that it makes dealing with them any better.

  5. I should outsource the same stuff that’s made in China and I’ll have the Rolex logo and brand name put on them and charge even more. Maybe another well known name like Zeiss would be more appropriate. Zeiss wouldn’t mind too much would they?
    I’ve bought expensive sunglasses in the Serengeti Eyewear line before and what I wore for years, but they stopped making the lens in the Vermillion / Sedona non-polarized glass lens. Those were a great lens. Lots of this stuff is polarized and pilots HATE polarized lenses.

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