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While there are a number of indoor gun ranges in the Metro Atlanta area, there are none actually within the city limits of Atlanta. WSB reports that Michael Halbreich wants to change that. He has plans to convert an old building in an industrial area near Atlantic Station into a range that “would employ around 30 people and keep tax dollars in the city limits.” They hope to “cater to law enforcement officers” and there would also be a “huge retail component that would supply police holsters, belts, boots and accessories.” (Note the absence of guns in that list.) So what’s not to like about a business that will increase the number of law enforcement officers visiting the neighborhood? . . .

Although the range will be open to the public, Halbreich “expects a presence from the 2,000 Atlanta officers, the college police force, FBI, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration.”  Having all that po-po power concentrated in one neighborhood is a good thing, right? Not when NIMBY, fueled by disinformation, comes into the picture. One resident of the neighborhood the building abuts is worried “where there are gun sales, there are drug sales” and the proximity to a nearby liquor store “appears to be a cocktail for crime and a haven for trafficking.”

The facts that Halbreich said nothing about selling guns at this location and that very few drug dealers get their guns through a licensed gun dealer because of that pesky background check thing don’t seem to matter much to her. Neither does the fact that scuzzballs like drug dealers tend to avoid areas where there’s a high concentration of LEO traffic. It looks like she’d prefer an “old, run-down building … covered with weeds and graffiti” in her neighborhood rather than have anything related to guns anywhere near her.

The anti-gun propaganda machine has already scored at least one win on this one, and the battle is just beginning.  It’ll be interesting to see whether the “it’s for the LEOs” factor prevails over the “think of the children” mindset.

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  1. “where there are gun sales, there are drug sales”

    If this was true, then the Cabelas in Hamburg, PA would be a haven for drug dealers.

    I never ceased to be amazed at how dumb people can be.

    • Well, say it out loud. It sounds good – to the hoplophobe mindset – and if it SOUNDS good, it must BE good, RIGHT?

      Added plus: it sounds like there was a TON of thinking done beforehand, whereas it would have as much meaning coming from a Mynah Bird. Which our liberal friend above most resembles.

      I once taught a friend’s Mynah to say, “viscosity”, and he already knew how to say, “it’s beautiful here in Seattle”, SOMEHOW. And it was every bit as well-thought out as our NIMBY-nut above’s “opinion”.

    • Well … Aspirin an Tylenol in those little packets at the register … those are drugs, right…?

    • “Where there are gun sales there are drug sales”
      Face-fvcking- palm.
      How the hell does one even reach such a conclusion?

  2. OMG!! OMG!!! Why an Anti Gunner might go inside and be converted!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!
    Eeeeeevillllll people putting a gun range next to someone’s home! Eeeeeevvviiiilllll!!!!

  3. Nice staged photo.
    Except the target is in the next lane to the right.
    What exactly is Mr. Pudgy aiming at?

  4. I get her. Guns are bad. Guns are always bad, and only bad people have them. Don’t know how guns can be any good, only hear bad things happen with guns. And bad people with bad guns will be coming into the neighborhood doing bad things with bad drugs and getting bad drunk on bad liquor. LEOs with guns? Neutral. But there will be other bad people, so it’s still bad.

  5. “So what’s not to like about a business that will increase the number of law enforcement officers visiting the neighborhood? ”

    I will kindly take my neighborhood without more violent gang members who think they are above the law. Thank you very much.

  6. If you are in the Atlanta area and need a gun range, get on GA400 and go north. Stop in Dawsonville at Dawson 400 Pawn to pick yourself up some ammo (and a gun if you don’t already have one), and find someone with property in Dawson, Lumpkin, or White Counties. Make a day trip of it, see pretty mountains, and interact with people who actually LIKE guns.

  7. “where there are gun sales, there are drug sales”

    This form of dementia is what happens when soccer moms rule the world.

    • I doubt “”Soccoer Mom” would be the demographic in question. Atlanta more likely to be of the obumer worshipping welfare bumette

  8. They have an uphill battle on the way…I’m glad my little town of 15,000 approved a gun range here though! We have one of the best in Ga…and they SELL guns too..:)

  9. There is a gun range inside city limits…it’s called Quick Shot and I highly recommend it. I’m all for this though. Atlantic Station needs a bigger LEO presence.

  10. The parking lot of the gun range where I shoot is likely one of the safest places you could go in my city.

    Gun owners are the new smokers. With every other “argument” countered, it can only come down to “Icky!”

  11. While reading this article, I was beginning to wonder if a large percentage/significant number of gun owners are law enforcement professionals. If so, than these various laws that target gun ownership will adversely affect the law enforcement community. Is there a disconnect where the government expects the police to enforce gun laws against themselves? After all, how long will it be before some high level government official decides that law enforcement personnel must turn in their weapons to the armory at the end of shift? I could be way off base on this. Am I missing something here, besides the fact that certain members of the general public in this article think that all gun owners are social pariahs?

  12. I live in downtown Atlanta and there is one range inside the perimeter.

  13. “where there are gun sales, there are drug sales” – I hope this idiot doesn’t vote even if allowed to.

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