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We discussed recently the possibility of President Joe Biden dropping out of the presidential race and being replaced by any of a number of gun-ban advocates including Vice President Kamala Harris, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

A recent story published in the Washington Examiner has raised an even more concerning possibility—replacing Kamala Harris on the vice presidential ticket with former divider in chief Barack Obama, paving the way for him to be president should Biden be elected and step down.

According to the report, legal scholar John Banzhaf, a George Washington University Law School professor, has called the scheme “Plan C,” which would make President Biden’s reelection more likely.

“A Biden-Obama ticket would have a much better chance of beating Trump,” Banzhaf wrote. “Barack Obama is probably one of the few persons whom a majority of Americans would want and trust as president, so Plan C might be the least objectionable of a number of very unpopular and dubious options now open to Biden and the Democratic Party.”

While many might object to the scheme citing the two-term limit for the country’s highest office, Banzhaf said that isn’t exactly the case. The amendment limiting presidential terms says: “No person shall be elected to the office of the president more than twice, and no person who has held the office of the president, or acted as president, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected president shall be elected to the office of the president more than once.”

“While this amendment may bar Obama from ‘being elected’ to the office of president again, it obviously and by its clear language doesn’t prohibit him from being elected as vice president, and subsequently becoming president by succession without ever being elected to the office again,” Banzhaf said.

According to Banzhaf, Biden could even make it clear that he doesn’t intend to serve if he is reelected, in effect leaving Americans to vote for either former President Donald Trump or Obama.

“Rather than simply offering the public the opportunity to have a second-term Biden president supported and backstopped by a very popular and clearly very capable former president Obama, and having someone with experience and a proven record as commander in chief should Biden not be able to continue to serve at any time during a second four-year term, Biden might even consider announcing before the election that, if elected president, he would resign shortly after his inauguration so that Obama can then become president,” Banzhaf wrote.

As most TTAG readers likely remember, along with being one of the most divisive presidents in our country’s history, Obama was also a devout gun-ban advocate who never saw a restrictive gun law he didn’t like. Many observers think he’s been pulling the strings of the Biden puppet show for the last four years, anyway, and it would be a disaster having him once again openly running our country.

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  1. This seems like it would be a big gamble to me. If you look at the left they’re trying to accuse Trump of being a dictator when he comes to office and working around the 2 term limit doesn’t really do anything to soothe anyone’s fears the Democrats aren’t trying to actually do something like that.

    The Wisconsin drop boxes thing is what to watch IMO.

    • For the Left, the end always justifies the means. It’s okay to suspend “democracy” in order to save “democracy.” Morality is highly subjective.

      • Depends on whose model of Democracy they are saving. It looks like the Democrats are big fans of Chinese democracy.

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    • Don’t forget the scare tactic that they’ve been using since Jan. 6th
      “happened” – if Trump gets in, he’ll never leave, he’ll crown himself king.
      Now we get to see behind the curtains and they want FJB to step down, to which he says ” No, I’m not leaving, I have a mental test every day – no one is more qualified than me…”
      I think it’s all part of a long-scripted saga being played by the left.

    • I remember when the smartest people in the room said, President Clinton could commit murder. And still stay in office.

      • Throwing around names to replace joe is a distraction from the elderly abuse the democRat Party is guilty of…If joe goes mamala fills the opening. For mamala not to be the replacement candidate she would have to agree to move aside for the dnc to nominate new democRat candidates. Bottom line…Sane America has had enough demoCrap and for the vast majority it’s time to switch gears. TRUMP/CARSON 2024.

        • It won’t be Carson as much as I like him. He’s as dry as Pence was. Trump will pick someone who’s solid on the nuts and bolts of government and can dish it out when necessary along with the capability of taking the heat when it comes. Doug Burgum may well be that person. As for Cackling Kamala she’ll do what the powers that be tell her to do and they know she can’t carry the party to a victory in November. As for Joe he’s become the old toothless hound dog that sits on the porch and huffs at the mailman. He’ll be quietly put away in Delaware and live out the rest of his days sitting on the beach gumming ice cream. Just what the powers that be want him to do.

          • JD Vance looks good to me, the left hates his guts because he was a boot-strap man who escaped extreme poverty to get into a ivy league law school.

            ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ was his book that was made into a movie…

    • this “legal scholar” ignored the last sentence of the 12th amendment, which clearly reads: “But no person CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.”.

      since he is CONSTITUTIONALLY ineligible to run as President after being elected to two terms, he is not eligible to run as President.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats admit that Trump was ELECTED TO A SECOND TERM in 2020 and claim that he is now ineligible to run for a third term. lol

  2. I’m old enough to remember when people didn’t like Obama, including Democrats. It’s amazing how they can rewrite history. His approval ratings were at 43% by the end of 2015, and that was with a compliant media! This was his real final approval ratings. The Obama Admin went about pumping themselves up to save his legacy, declaring that his administration was completely free of scandals (LOL). The echo chamber media immediately parroted that view nonstop.

    Then we had two polarizing figures running for president in 2016. Suddenly people thought maybe Obama wasn’t so bad after all. So they managed to pump up his final ratings from 43% to 59% in less than a year! That’s how propaganda and emotional manipulation works.

    Obama was the only president in history to be reelected with fewer votes. People were already disappointed in him by the end of his first term. He only won because Mitt Romney was recorded saying that he didn’t care about the bottom half of income earners.

  3. Some enterprising AGs would take this scheme to court, and it would go all the way to SCOTUS, who would rule that they do not have standing to sue.

    • There are no legal this. The wording of the amendment is quite clear. Obama can not be elected president a third time but he can become president by succession. Another pathway would be to become speaker of the house and through a chain of events become president after both the president and VP resign, die, or otherwise leave office.

      • The Constitution says whatever the Supreme Court justices says it does, as we know only too well.

        A lot of us think “shall not be infringed” is pretty clear language, too.

        • The Constitution says what The People say it does. It might take a few years but eventually there will be a reckoning. This can’t go on.

          • If the Scrotum won’t do their jobs then sooner or later The People will rise up and do it for them.

            • LOLOL! The Founders rebelled over a 2% tax on tea. We’re taxed at 50% or more, and we sit and stuff our gobs with crappy food and watch bad movies.

              The people will not rise up.

    • I hope Obama does run as VP and then become Preisdent. Wouldn’t it be great to have the “Greatest gun salesman of all time” boosting gun sales again. I can’t even imagine what my gun collection would be worth if he was back in office, it would easily be a 6-figure collection.

      On the other hand, it’s sort of like a house. Sure mine is worth more today than at any point in the past, but if I sold it, it would cost me more to replace it.

      But on the third hand, I could maybe sell a couple dozen guns, sit on the cash wait for prices to come back down in a few years and then replace them. I only have 3 hands so I could probably survive with 3 or 30 remaining guns. 😁

      When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

      In all seriousness, there is no way Mr. B. Hussein Obama will end up back at the White House in any official capacity. It will be Michelle that runs next. 🫢

  4. The puppet master never left D.C.. Why did D. congressman Clyburn from South Carolina visits 10 Key Precincts for ballot collection in three Wisconsin Cities (Madison, Milwaukee, Beloit)? They are still working on the fundamental transformation of this country. The dems just need a lump of meat in the oval office and Barry will run it from the shadows. Video clip is in the article:
    BTW they joke about the Constitution being such a drag.

    • “I’m trying to get to the point of finding evidence that 17,852 ballots actually exist,” she said. “So, there either need to be ballot images or we need to go look at the paper ballots…let’s look at the paper ballots.”

      McGowan, though she said the proof was in the paper ballots, said no.

      Nearly four years later, the questions are still there, and the unconvincing answers are the same. Trust the paper ballots that you cannot see, counted by a system that has no reconciliation, no accountability, and that checks itself. There’s a reason why Fulton County Board of Elections members aren’t allowed to see their own election results.

    • “I don’t believe America survives this type of thing.”

      It could happen, I wouldn’t put it past them.

      Amusingly, that was actuality the plot of a Tom Clancy novel, it was how the character of Jack Ryan got to be POTUS…

        • You have to admit, for a work of pure fiction, it was a *brilliant* plot line. It left the reader wondering how an intelligent every-man (like the reader) would do if they could run the USA. That was one helluva compelling fantasy to hook the reader for the next book in the series… 😉

    • America survives. The People aren’t going anywhere…The cancer that pervades The Republic will eventually sicken it so much that it collapses under its own tumorous weight and then The People will rise up and replace it with a new Constitution that will work.

      Lysander Spooner said it best “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

      • “The People will rise up and replace it with a new Constitution that will work”

        I’m not interested in a “new constitution”, The existing one works just fine, we the people just need to hold politicians to their oath of office.

          • What has the old one been since it hasn’t been enforced either? A new one should have some TEETH built into it so that it enforces itself and politicians who violate it take a short drop to dance the Sisal two-step.

            • Ultimately, “enforcement” of the constitution and defense of the country is the responsibility of the people themselves.

              We cannot outsource the job of holding our leaders accountable. If judges and law-enforcement will not do their job – it is everyone’s job to remove and replace them.

  5. Let’s face the facts, there aren’t many years left in this old horse and after about 250 years the old girl is getting pretty long in the tooth.

    The Founders never thought their “experiment” would last even 50 years. Another revolution is inevitable. It’s not a matter of “if” or even “when,” but “how soon.” It could be a handful of years in single digits or even a matter or months the rate things are going.

    Where do you want to be when things go hot? We all have a choice as to where we are living and a U-haul is cheap these days. Where we are staying when mommy and daddy split up has a lot to do with ehicy way our lives go after that point.

    just sayin’

    • They tried a “revolution” in 1861. The next revolution will be infinitely worse! Stay locked n loaded🙄

      • No doubt the next one will be much worse for everyone. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen, and soon. This can’t go on. Something has to break. Just the debt alone is unsustainable.

        • The Bolsheviks declared Russia’s national debt canceled after the revolution, on the justification that the government which held the debt–the supplanted czardom–no longer existed. It worked, but the understandably PO’d international creditors refused to extend any new credit to the Soviets for many years after.

          So a financial nuclear option “is” there.

    • No surprise, a piece of shit racist like you has to show up.

      How about painting your ceiling with your own brain and doing humanity a solid?

    • Replace all the voting-related amendments with one that clearly states:

      a) The vote is a privilege, not a right.
      b) The privilege to vote shall be extended to legal adult citizens who provide valid ID and proof of net-taxpayer status. (You and/or your household pay more in taxes than you receive in handouts.) No other criteria (sex / race / etc) matter.
      c) Physical ballots, physically cast and counted, at physical polling places. No exceptions. Absentee ballots OK under limited circumstances.

      No one who isn’t interested in cheating would object to that, right.

      • Only veterans should have the vote and only AFTER they have been honerably discharged. The same for going into politics or any public “service” jobs unless they absolutely can’t find a veteran to do it.

        The veterans should get first crack at any government job from bureaucrat all the way down to cop or dog-catcher.

      • “a) The vote is a privilege, not a right.”

        No, a privilege can be revoked by law, a right cannot, your proposal is far too dangerous, it would be exploited…

        • I understand the concern, but voting as a right can also be, and has been, exploited. Universal suffrage has resulted in the thoughtful voter’s voice in government being diluted to near irrelevance. (And that’s before we even get into ballot harvesting and other shenanigans.) A “soft” revocation of something that wasn’t supposed to be revokeable.

  6. While the left tells us the Trump will never leave, the Obama/Biden team is the one that will never leave.

    Then again, wasn’t it legal scholars (the smart money) that believed Hillary Clinton would win in 2016?

    How many times do we have to get sucked into this nonsense? It’s like weather forecasts that rarely get it right.

    Do you really think Obama would willingly agree to playing second fiddle to Biden even in name only?

    They want Biden out and can’t stand the thought of Harris being President. These people are going nuts with the mess they created.

    • They don’t want Biden out.

      Watch what they do, not what they say and don’t assume that people like Nadler or even the donors are anything more than useful idiots.

      Watch what the DNC does and ignore the rest. They want Biden and they’re locked into it at this point.

      The people screaming are the ones freaking out because they just realized where they rank in the party and the answer is much, much, much lower than they expected. TPTB didn’t even drop them a memo.

      • Would be lying if I said I don’t enjoy watching that for the exact reason in your last sentence. Doesn’t help anything but fuck them.

    • Bucephalus (cool nick, btw!),

      No, most of us don’t – we are all too aware of why. When I was still actively practicing, I used to love (and collect) “lawyer jokes”. I had many I loved, but perhaps my favorite was “It’s 95% of lawyers who give the other 5% a bad name.” Frankly, while I was practicing, I thought most lawyers sucked out loud. It COULD be an honorable profession – but only if practiced by honorable people. Not sorry I retired from that sh*tshow.

  7. No doubt. Just generate a new birth certificate like they did the first time but a new name. Fraud from the start.

  8. I was always taught that a two-termed former President could not hold any office in direct line to Presidential succession under the 22nd Amendment. I believe a move like this would be seen as a clear attempt to undermine the Constitution.

  9. “…Obama was also a devout gun-ban advocate who never saw a restrictive gun law he didn’t like.”

    Or, as many gun websites used to characterize him, “History’s greatest firearm salesman.”

      • That company made the zombie apocalypse as well as forceful commie takeover (same thing really) almost impossible.

        • America’s gun company. Even poor people can afford something. Flood the streets with weapons. That is a good thing IMHO. Our Founding Fathers would agree. Marxists & other Statists disagree. They want to do things that would get them shot unless they disarm everyone.

          • Someone should found a non-profit gun distribution corporation. Call it the “Behind Every Blade of Grass Rifle Co.”

            Elon could have invested all the money he wasted instead on Twitter, except he’s not really pro-2A. There aren’t many billionaires who are. I wonder why that is?

            • Behind every palmetto frond? If nothing else it absolutely forced prices down and/or quality up for everything not under a .gov contact until the bids came up for review.

              • They sure have pissed in the Cheerios of many boutique rifle makers who are stuck trying to justify their products costing 3-10 times as much. Sure they might have tighter tolerances and better quality control. Then again this rifle was designed to be built by low-bid contractors and really doesn’t need to be built to the new “standards” which the boutique AR industry insists they need to be built with.

              • Eventually someone will do a palmetto approach to the low moa, high reliability, and tight enough tolerances to be worth being maybe 3-4 times a palmetto. May already have happened I just don’t follow AR news as closely for obvious regional issues.

  10. Nobody is going to “Rise up” it was just the other day TTAG had an article on Credit Card tracking and I bet today that 99% of the commentors that bitched will use a credit card before the day ends.
    Revolution without sacrifice doesn’t happen.
    Obama running the show.
    He may be part of it but Obama is not running the show. The show was set up long before he was born and it is more then just one country.

  11. That darn Nigerian prince raised enuff $$ to pay off our pollyticians! I knew I shouldn’t have sent that money.

  12. From what he said today, Slo Joe will be dragged kicking and screaming from the White House (or feet first). Instead of resigning today, as some suggested he would, he doubled down. I doubt the Dems would dare stoop to a coup or an assassination.

    • “Instead of resigning today, as some suggested he would, he doubled down. I doubt the Dems would dare stoop to a coup or an assassination.”

      It looks like at this point they will bow to the king and run him.

      Between now and the election will be nearly as fun to watch as Nov. 10, 2016, and the 4 years following as they collectively lose their minds.

      The beautiful part is, enough sane democrats that watched the debate may well choose to listen to their conscience and purposely not flip the lever for senile joe…

      • “It looks like at this point they will bow to the king and run him.”

        That was always the outcome. It was obvious a year ago. Just look at how the DNC behaved. Then look at how the executive agencies have been acting since “the mugshot”.

        I can’t tell if the Right leaning and alt-media are just out for clicks, projecting as hard as a MDA winemom or just fucking stupid.

        Mostly I think it’s projection.


        The Left bet everything on court cases. The ones at the top figured out that this was a lost cause after Trump popped in the polls and in fundraising with the GA mugshot.

        They moved to snowplow the way for Biden to get the nomination. When it became obvious that Trump wasn’t going down the way they thought, they also planting landmines everywhere in the Executive branch as a Plan B.

        They obviously knew of Biden’s *cognitive issues* before they went out and kneecapped everyone else. They just didn’t expect Trump to survive the way he did.

        Now they’re trying to hamstring his administration because they already know it’s a 95% certainty that they’re going to get obliterated in November for two simple reasons: Joe can’t win and they have no one to actually replace him.

        If they wanted to replace Joe they’d have at least allowed some people to warm up in the bullpen a year back. They didn’t. Partly because they want Joe and partly because there’s no one in the dugout to warm up.

  13. “The image of a possum with a tin foil crown addressing his assembled troops before battle”

    Rackham could have done it well. Maybe did. That said, l was taught as a child that the way to handle an opossum was to cage it and feed it straight corn for a couple of weeks – then scald it and scrape it like you would a hog, and bake it whole…

    • Yeah, but they eat the little crawling buggers that make you allergic to red meat if they bite you. So they get a pass unless they are after the chickens…

  14. That seems risky but it’s also one of the more rational appraisals of the situation I’ve seen. On the one hand, Obama is still somewhat popular. OTOH, it’s tripling down on Biden Admin policy which is most unpopular.

    Most of the rest, Right or Left, is hardcore copium addiction rearing it’s ugly head.

    In technical terms, the top of the ticket is not going to change unless Biden actually dies before November. This was clear months ago.

    Why people talk about “replacing Biden” makes no sense to me unless it’s for clicks from the unaware and the smoothbrained. The DNC made its move and snowplowed everything to get Biden this far. They did that knowing full well that the guy’s an obvious dementia case.

    Knowing this, what they say is immaterial. Their actions tell the tale. They want Biden at the top of the ticket for some reason. Why? I’d guess for the reason he was picked in the first place. He’s a perfect patsy/fall guy/puppet all in one. His name allows control of the real prize: the autopen.

    TPTB within the Democratic Party just didn’t bother to tell the donors about this plan. Which, by the by, tells you a bit about the power structure of the Democratic Party, if you were unaware up until now.

    IRL, if the Democrats wanted to win they had the obvious “Left field” choice that no one has discussed. A party man who can run against the party itself is the only choice. A “maverick”, perhaps.

    They eschewed that path. Why, exactly, is an open question but I lean towards that autopen.

    • “The DNC made its move and snowplowed everything to get Biden this far. They did that knowing full well that the guy’s an obvious dementia case.”

      I’m watching this all play out with a sense of total disbelief. This is literally the implosion of the ‘progressive’ movement. Until just a few years ago, I was convinced the inevitable demographic shift driven by unfettered immigration was going to doom America.

      Much to my giddy surprise, the very poor pouring over the border are now voting sanely for their own best interests, and it damn sure isn’t for the left in general. They’ve seen first-hand in central and south America what happens when you vote for Marxist politicians into power. And they are serious about their Catholic religion, and they are hearing how the left mocks those on the right about their faith. The last two major election cycles show the change in voting preferences only accelerating our way.

      It won’t be long before they will be the ones demanding a secure border and sane conservative national policies, and they will just get to seethe with hatred at all those ‘racist’ immigrants ruining their little plans for a hard lock on political power.

      This is gonna be so fucking funny to watch go down… 😉

      • “I’m watching this all play out with a sense of total disbelief.”

        I cannot express how much sardonic amusement this line provides me. I’ve explained this ad nauseum for YEARS. They don’t think like you do, but they’re far from crazy. Study your enemy and their behavior makes nearly perfect sense (though it does contain errors).

        “Until just a few years ago, I was convinced the inevitable demographic shift driven by unfettered immigration was going to doom America.”

        They are if they’re not removed, that’s a simple numbers game that you cannot win. Doom just doesn’t come as fast as the doomsayers predict and usually doesn’t come in the same manner. This is a story as old as time.

        Doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the fall of Rome or the demise of the dollar. These things are always talked about for decades (or longer) before they actually happen and by the time they do happen the people talking about it are “Chicken Little” to the vast majority of the population.

        Such people being imported as they are just don’t portend the exact type of doom you’ve been told they would. They portend a different kind. That’s how the C&P strategy works. It’s not a knife to the chest, it’s a carcinogen that causes fatal cancer down the road. This is by design.

        • “They are if they’re not removed, that’s a simple numbers game that you cannot win.”

          Seen the polls on that very scenario?

          It’s *solid* in favor of just that…

  15. The 0bamas are fundamentally lazy, and believe in their demi-god status. They rake in millions of dollars just sitting on their donkeys from netflix, democrat donors and phony book deals. Worshipping the Kenyan Usurper is their golden calf, exposing their true vacuous selves for America to see.

  16. 12th amendment
    “But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.”

    Since he is ineligible to be elected as POTUS it would follow he can’t be Vice-President

    • And for completeness
      22nd amendment
      No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice

      This is what makes him ineligible.

    • You guys don’t have much experience with how the Lefties torture a legal theory, do you?

      The legal argument is that he’s not ineligible provided he’s not elected to that specific position of POTUS.

      He’s not ineligible “to the office”, he’s ineligible to “be elected to the office”. If he gets to the office by a legal method, other than election, it’s fine. Therefore there’s a legal path for him to be elected VP and become POTUS again.

      Ergo, since there is a legal path for him to be POTUS by bypassing running for the specific position, he’s not ineligible to be VP either.

      You could play a similar game with Speak of the House or various cabinet positions.

      They’re looking at the letter of the law, not the spirit.


      Not that any of it really matters since Biden ain’t going away. The Dems don’t have the stomach for a putsch in their own party at this point because everyone’s terrified that anything they do might get them blamed for Orange Hitler’s return.

      • “You guys don’t have much experience with how the Lefties torture a legal theory, do you?”

        My eyes are open, and I agree in general with what you’re saying. Our ‘saving grace’ is the current hard lock on the SCotUS will blunt those plans.

        That might change in a few years, but I doubt it. Those insolent immigrants with actual conservative values replacing the old fat white guys dying out will give them political indigestion for the next 30+ years, and they will have nobody but themselves to blame for it, as I commented to you in an earlier comment of yours…

        • “Our ‘saving grace’ is the current hard lock on the SCotUS will blunt those plans.”


          The issue is that they look at this from a Gramscian perspective and play a long game. Yes, they got out, way, way out over their skis in the last four years but that’s mostly, I think, due to TDS being a real thing. You can’t bank on that forever.

          The simple truth is that on a longer temporal horizon we have a serious problem (well actually several, but one in the context of this conversation). They control ~4.9 of the 5 Gramscian pillars, which certainly are real enough to be effective.

          The .1 we control is SCOTUS, which is extremely powerful (and they know this, hence the article arguing Biden should Seal Team 6 the Conservative Justices), but it’s not omnipotent.

          We need to make moves to take back large parts the other 4.9 pillars or, on a longer timeline, they will win by attrition. It is exactly how they’ve gotten to where they are now, which, let’s be real, was quite literally unthinkable just 20 years ago. Hell, even 10 years ago.

          Simply put, your analysis of the immigrant situation is mostly true but it’s a small part of the overall picture. There’s also a MMT angle you’re not talking about along with economic theory, along with a Malthusian population angle all mixed in with a Cloward and Piven strategy to seize power. Then there’s the demos of the workforce and the real unemployment rate over time. How exactly the demos of the opinions of the “newcomers” shake out doesn’t matter in any of these analyses. At all. And these analyses are dark as fuck if allowed to continue on the current trajectory.

          Let me give you an example: What’s the unemployment rate for native born Americans? Well, let’s use Shadowstats because they use the old pre-1994 government method for this calculation.

          Wanna guess why Millennials and Zoomers mostly don’t like Boomers? What percentage of Boomers will admit that chart is even close to real? Not many because that’s some France in a bad year type shit and it’s been going on for a decade and a half.

          Which is oddly when the form of identity politics that I call Generational Warefare first popped up. Strange, eh? Maybe there’s a reason I focus on manipulation of information…

          Now, with the 1993 method of calculating unemployment in hand, you wanna revisit that immigrant situation from another angle?

          Then shall we move to monetary issues and the intersection with importing 10 million people in four years?


          Look, in a lot of regards, it’s wise to look at these people (Lefty politics people) as a large, hive mind that functions much like the Joker in The Dark Knight.

          What I mean by that is that they’re not crazy, nor are they stupid. For all the bullshit about “just injecting chaos” to screw over the “schemers and their plans” the Joker actually has a plan. It’s just not one that most people understand. Batman/Bruce Wayne doesn’t understand it until Alfred explains to him that some people just want to watch the world burn. Even that explanation doesn’t really cover it but it’s functional enough.

          The political Left in the US is a very, very odd animal. It would take probably 25 paragraphs to really parse them out, and that’s an academic exercise that’s not particularly worth it in this venue. You get more bang for your buck if you just look at the broad archetypes of an obsession with power and a form of suicidal ideation.

          On the one hand, they really do contain commies. Sometimes card-carrying, sometimes just steeped in Marxist ideology. Sometimes steeped without knowing it. These people chase power for power’s sake because The Revolution or Late Stage Capitalism or some other bullshit they mostly can’t/won’t explain because, again, what they want is totalitarian power.

          The Left also contains a very dangerous, and powerful, element of people who are deeply disturbed on some level and profoundly Malthusian in their thinking. Often this has cross pollination with Marxism. Make no mistake, many of them are, at least a cultural level, fully suicidal. They just don’t seem have the balls to go alone and they’d love to take everyone else with them.

          They will burn it all down and they’re in league with others who will burn it all down because they’d rather rule an ash pile than lose power.

          Interesting to note that according to his contemporaries, Marx had a favorite quote that he was wont to rock back and forth and rhythmically chant. The quote comes from Mephistopheles, that is, Satan, in Faust.

          “…denn alles, was entsteht, ist wert, daß es zugrunde geht…”

          Usually translated as “Everything that exists deserves to perish”.


          Look, take your victories where you find them, I applaud that but the Right has three serious Achilles’ Heels that need to be addressed.

          1. A tendency to win a skirmish and treat it as a having won a whole front in the war.

          2. A tendency to get discouraged and flee from the Left, ceding the Left whole swaths of political and social territory.

          3. A tendency to view pretty much all situations almost as myopically as possible while at the same time assuming that their adversary thinks the same way as the Right does.

          This is why they’ve spent 75 years (or maybe longer, depending on how you look at it) taking a step forward, declaring victory, and then getting pushed back three steps.

          Avoiding that armbar is great, now let’s not get choked out either. How about we actually work at winning the match, and preferably, not on points?

          • Overly scared of running afoul of the Neitchzean paradox, perhaps? IE., becoming the monster they are trying to fight.

            • They are overly scared of using power. When they do get power, they tend to hold the line. Then, when they’re out of power, they go back to trying to conserve the things the Left won 15 years ago.

            • What Dude said plus something else.

              Conservatives, at base, want to be left alone. As such they view the exercise of power over others as fundamentally distasteful.

              They really do try to do unto others as they would have done unto them. Which is why they don’t really hold corrupt GOP pols accountable on a regular basis.

              An admirable trait in cases where you’re dealing with others who are honest. A decidedly foolish strategy against those who are dishonest.

              This does, however, become a bit of excuse for a form of laziness in public dealings. “We were at work” is fundamentally incompatible with a Republic where the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.

              Which is kinda why I constantly chide Conservatives. You expect me to believe you can run a country when you can’t spend a couple hours a year at school board meetings?

          • Marx was evil. Even if he was the nicest guy in town (he wasn’t), his fruit was rotten, including his own children.

            The C-P strategy isn’t just intended to overload the system in order to eventually bring about so_shall_list utopia, it was intended to pick up new Democrat voters along the way. The Left is currently conducting a cultural genocide on America. They aren’t cranking out young activists from the school system fast enough. The quickest way from point A to B is to replace the existing population with people that are more malleable.

            Democrats mostly gave up on trying to argue policy 12 years ago.

            • The only quibbles I’d have is that it’s not really meant to pick up Democrat voters along the way.

              It’s meant to scare the fuck out of people badly enough that they’ll accept the Democrats’ solutions to everything and usher in Communism. You see the same basic idea with “defund the police” which isn’t anywhere near as shortsighted or “stupid” as the Right makes it out to be. It’s a well thought out plan that has worked in other countries before in terms of building a ruthless police state.

              The ultimate goal of Cloward and Piven is to break the system (what exists) and replace it with a USSR style system (which doesn’t, yet). They were clear about that. Funny how the thing that exists perishes, eh?

              And while Marx might be classed as evil he wasn’t half as evil as the weirdos he learned religious philosophy from (the root of his and Engel’s dialectic and a lot of their base thinking). That came from several people who were hermetic mystics that somehow managed to keep the title of clergy within certain Protestant sects in Europe in the late 1600’s and through the 1700’s. Hardly even bit players in the Religious Enlightenment until Marx extended their basically unknown philosophy a bit and made it palatable to the economically downtrodden within cities by playing on a religious/class divide that had existed for 600 years between “educated urbans” and “illiterate rural peasants”.

              Once you know this it’s kinda funny how Lefties love to tell you to go to college and stop living in a red-state trailer park shithole, huh? Fuck man, say it in German in the early 1600’s and we can off 1/3rd of the population!

              The last bit is usually rather glossed over by viewing the status of religion in Europe through a lens heavily tinted by the Romantics rather than actually taking a hard look at religion in Europe from ~1500 to around 1800 and how the Reformation came to be and then informed the Enlightenment.

              • They do spend a lot of time talking about how important the ‘negro’ and ‘ghetto’ vote is (their words), and how they could be politically utilized by offering a solution to poverty.

                They noticed how the Democratic coalition could be split up when the local municipality was responsible for welfare as opposed to the fed taking over. Oddly enough, they bring up NYC. Look at NYC today. It’s the same story! Democrats are pissed because NYC has spent billions of their money on the “newcomers.” That’s one of the reasons some Latino voters are jumping ship. It’s also causing trouble among some black voters in Chicago.

                The authors may have (at the time) sincerely thought this was the best way to solve poverty. It’s really a playbook for more federal power and more dependent people (future Dem voters). With decades of data to work with, there’s no excuse for modern libs to miss that interpretation.

              • “The authors may have (at the time) sincerely thought this was the best way to solve poverty.”

                Which authors are you referring to here? C&P? Those two explicitly said, many times, that this was the way to bring about the Communist Revolution and that such was the singular goal of the concept.

                Kinda like Saul Alinsky, it’s hard to say you had good intent when you’re openly claiming not to, and in his case, dedicating your first edition to Satan.

              • They literally brought up Alinsky in their published plan which is wild. I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I think some commies still believe in it as a viable economic plan. I know one. I’m pretty sure there’s some envy mixed in as well even though he’s done well for himself financially.

                That’s why Dems are always promising to make rich people “pay their fair share.” It doesn’t matter that they never describe how that will help the country other than vague promises of more free stuff. It’s more about envy and vengeance which is evil.

              • Yup. You touch it with a pin.

                It is the fact that the Right generally doesn’t grasp how the Left thinks or functions that worries me going into November.

                Because, as nutty as this might sound, another four years of Biden is, IRL, 50/50 at this point.

                The fact that the Right doesn’t get this and has no clue why it’s the case is, honestly, my biggest worry. It’s not the Left that scares me, it’s the ignorance of the Right.

  17. I might be wrong, but I thought the Democrats keep saying they are the ones trying to save our Democracy.

    Oh wait something is wrong with that statement.
    Oh yeah that’s right we aren’t a Democracy we are a Republic.
    So I guess the Democrats aren’t so much trying to save our Democracy as trying to destroy our Republic and replace it with a Democracy.
    If the Democrats succeed that would be bad very bad.

    • When they say this, replace every instance of “our Democracy” with “our Power” and it will make sense to you.

      It’s also what they really are saying.

    • Close, if not totally correct with that game of Russian ‘musical chairs’ they played…

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  19. “Clearly capable?” barry soetoro? No.
    Able to finish a sentence? Not even that. Years ago barry got lost without a teleprompter.
    Eight years, no achievements. Only groveling before foreign powers and damaging America.

  20. Total B.S. It’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL! 12th Amendment is very clear that a person whom is ineligible for the Office of the President (two prior Tems in Obama’s case) can’t become “Vice President”. PERIOD!!! NEITHER election, succession nor congressional selection can put Obama back in an Executive Office.

    John Banzhaf, a George Washington University Law School professor is foolish telling his Plan C probably knowing what the 12th Amendment states. Hope his students can get tuition refunds based on his incompetence.


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