Students are escorted out of Saugus High School after reports of a shooting on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, in Santa Clarita, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
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UPDATE: The AP is now reporting two dead and three injured. The shooter tried to commit suicide:

A student gunman opened fire Thursday at a Southern California high school, killing two students and wounding three others before he was captured in grave condition after shooting himself in the head, authorities said.


By Stevanie Dazio and John Antczak, Associated Press

One person was killed and several others were injured Thursday during a shooting at a Southern California high school and the student gunman was in custody, authorities said.

The shooting occurred around 7:30 a.m. at Saugus High School in the city of Santa Clarita, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital tweeted that one female patient was dead, two males were in critical condition and one male was in good condition.

It was unclear if there were any other injured. Initial reports fluctuated as high as six.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva tweeted that the suspect was in custody and was being treated at a hospital. He said the suspect was a student but gave no further information.

Television images showed deputies swarming the school and several people being moved on gurneys.

Lines of students were escorted from the school by armed deputies.

Saugus High School and other schools in the area were locked down.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said President Donald Trump was monitoring the reports.

Student Sharon Orelana Cordova told KNBC-TV she hid under a table in a nurse’s office until officers came to get her.

“When I got out I saw this person lying on the ground … with blood all over,” she said.

Freshman Rosie Rodriguez was walking up the library stairs when she heard noises that “sounded like balloons” popping. She realized they were gunshots when she saw other students running.

Still carrying a backpack laden with books, she ran across the street to a home, where a person she didn’t know gave shelter to her and about 10 other students.

During the more than hour they were there, students including Rodriguez called their families and texted with friends. Nobody in the house saw what happened directly.

“I just heard a lot of kids crying. We were scared,” Rodriguez said.

On a normal day, Rodriguez said, Saugus High School felt very safe.

“We never really thought this would happen in our school,” she said.

Student Mason Peters told KCAL-TV his class heard a “distinctive sound” outside.

“And so my teacher quickly sprang to his feet, got up, locked the door, asking the students to get the keys,” he said. “And so we like reinforced it, turned off all the lights and then we got a bunch of desks and stuff and reinforced the doors. And we all just like stayed hidden.”

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  1. Bloody red shirt waving to began in 3-2-1

    and the normal from there…Quote…this happens all the time…this happens daily…all kids are in danger…ban everything!….the new normal…ect

    and cali has the most stringent gun laws and yet a kid got one and used it???
    I blame that darn ‘gun free zone’ sign for not doing its job, damn thing needs to be fired!

    • I think there was another shooting at a school in California yesterday, but that one was a cop shooting some guy with a sword.

    • A Connecticut senator was giving a speech on the floor of the senate promoting universal background checks, was handed a note about this, and immediately incorporated it into his talking points.

      • Guess that Senator didn’t have his facts that the suspect was 16 years old (juvenile). This means it’s illegal for him to buy, sell and or possess a pistol. So, a stricter universal background check wouldn’t have done anything.

        • I blame the parents…. If you own firearms, you need to be responsible for them
          the security and safe storage of said fire arms.
          Not to mention, the kid was probably bullied. Not an excuse for the actions, but again,
          parents, teachers and the admin of the school are responsible for controlling this kind
          of shit. It ain’t the guns, it’s the people, the crazy ass people..

      • …which checks are of course completely irrelevant to a situation of a 16 year old with a gun who cannot purchase one.

  2. This is yet another easily avoidable tragedy. Severely restricting/banning guns does not work as Commifornia has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. The one and ONLY thing that will work is security at our nation’s schools. Metal detectors and security screenings work!!! Just look at how safe it is to fly now! Why in Hell do our children rate as less important to us than flying?!?! Airplanes are not our most precious resource but our children are!!!

      • They’re very important. They make great emotional pawns. The pain and suffering of children is number one first quality gold to manipulating the adult public.
        So much of government policy is literally strapping your kids to a chair and holding a blow torch to their faces trying to get the parents to comply.

    • The security theater that goes on at airports doesn’t keep us safe. What keeps us safe is that after 911 no one will ever allow a hijacking to happen again. Every time someone has tried to do something on a plane since 911 the other passengers have beat the living crap out of them.

      It was one thing to go along when you expected to be swapped for Palestinians being held by Israel or something, but now no one is going to wait and see if it’s that or fly into buildings.

      • exactly. I hate flying these days. One of the biggest tragedies of 9/11 is that almost two decades later, long dead terrorists are still causing havoc on travelers daily because of their actions.

        Sad to hear about yet another school shooting….

  3. “We never really thought it would happen at our school.” Note to teachers: Have students look up word, “emergency”.
    Note to CA legislature: How’s that forbidding school personnel to train and arm themselves working out for you?

  4. Right On Time… someone needed a distraction from the ongoing Kabuki Theater in DC regarding the Impeachment Inquiry,and will doubtless seek to keep the anti2A agenda’s Progressitards on the short bus licking those windows and stroking those checks.

    • glad I wasn’t the only one thinking the same thing…
      this also doesn’t surprise me coming out of the LA county school district. unfortunately be a victim of the school district myself , I can see why this kid was messed up in the head…

        • Being from the area originally… it is totally La country school district. LA county extends out past Lancaster, CA Santa Clarita would be far outside of LA unified SD.

  5. Just heard the press conference.

    It’s a 16 yo kid who’s birthday was today and showed up with a .45 and shot 5 people and himself. Gun was empty and he had no more ammunition.

    Cops showed up and found the 5 victims and one injured shooter and the gun laying in the quad.

    Didn’t say what kind of gun other than it was a .45

  6. We will hear a fair bit of noise out of this from the anti-gun left, but it doesn’t really fit their standard profile of white guy kills dozens of school children. They will ignore the fact that California has the most strict/worst gun laws and go on and on about the evil fully semiautomatic assault whatever, even if this Asian kid used a single shot shotgun.

  7. 45, AR, AK it doesn’t matter, ASSAULT weapons MUST be banned immediately… He could have used an AR (if he could have gotten his hands on one) so ban them now to prevent someone from getting one of those evil scary black guns and possibly killing more children…. 2:57 PM second death confirmed was another victim NOT the shooter who is in grave condition from self inflicted 45 gunshot to the head….

    • Banning AR’s will do nothing towards solving this problem. They will find a multitude of other ways to achieve their goals. You re only denying law abiding citizens of their god given rights, and the enjoyment of shooting these guns for sport and hunting

      • I was being facetious… making fun of gun grabbers, and I guess secretly hoping someone would actually think I was being serious? I hate it when I have to explain myself, even threatened to stop using sarcasm, just can’t seem to do it… Oh well…. By the way I probably own more guns than you have ever seen in your lifetime (video game and movie guns don’t count) so I really do not need the lecture.

        • Lol.
          The problem is that your sarcasm sounds exactly how the anti gun crowd. Forgive us for not being able to differentiate

          • Unfortunately I have had a lot of practice mocking those dickheads I guess I just got too good at it….

      • Don’t you see? No fully semi automatic weapon of war, no high capacity magazine clip, just a little cuddly .45 and only a handful of victims. This is what progressives claim to want. This is a perfectly acceptable outcome for them.

    • You really think taking guns away will solve this? If anything we need to arm more people. How about arming the teachers? Don’t be ignorant to the fact that guns save more lives than they take. More guns equal less crime.

  8. So the US can station troops all over the world to defend people that hate us but we cant have armed trained security in every school?

    • Just remove the restrictions on people with a license/permit carrying in schools and let each person make their own choice. No one will know how many there are or who they are and they will probably be more pro active than a Florida Sheriffs Deputy.

      • Most people want to fix this, but can’t see solutions past the symptoms. Everything from banning guns to arming the students is only treating the symptoms, not focusing on the problem.

        Our society is coming apart, because it’s core values have been pulled out from under it, and the family structure has been dismantled. Until the foundations of America are rebuilt, things like this will continue.

        • Whoa! Look out, the sky is falling.

          Maybe society isn’t falling apart. Maybe we are not more barbaric. Maybe we are only led to believe things are so bad.

          News wants your attention. Tragedy is very good at getting attention.

          I think the increase of bad news isn’t because there is more tragedy and suffering, but because it is interesting.

        • I don’t say that you are wrong. But can we at least stop preventing people who are able and willing to protect our children to do so, while the foundations of America are under construction?

  9. I laugh when I see these “cops” with ARs but no ear protection.

    lets go back to giving those smucks roll of quarters..
    cops are good for nothing.

  10. There are many schools taking things seriously that have responsible armed adults protecting students. Parents need to do their research and send their kids to those schools. Trying to tilt against the windmill that is the alien leftist mindset is hopeless.

  11. Annnnnd it doesn’t matter a damn bit if you say the punks name…likely a “bullied chinaboy incel”. Or something😖

  12. Here we go again! Mental midgets with their expert opinions on something they know nothing about. More people die from obesity than a gun. Banning guns from lawful citizens does not prevent this from happening. One word: CHICAGO!

    • Most of guns are not banned in Chicago anymore. That city has bigger problems that can’t be solved by removing a ban on handguns.

  13. I know some people don’t like it when I ask this question but I will ask it again. What will liberal gun owners do when a Statewide California buyback plan is implemented?

    I already know what the conservatives are going to do. At least those that are still left in California.

  14. This one is going to be a challenge for the left to spin I hope.

    At this point it looks like 1 mag was used?? I’m betting it was a Cali approved mag so….no assault mag used…prob. only 8 rounds max.

    Bah, I’m sure they’ll find a way.

    • That’s easy. They will point out how much worse it would be if the perpetrator used a medium powered self loading rifle with standard capacity magazine.

  15. Apparently, this is the school former Rep(D) Katie Hill attended. This school is in her House District and she still lives in that neighborhood.

    Ironically, this shooting happened the day after Cenk Ugur from the Young Turks announced he is running for that vacated Congressional seat.

    What a coincidence.

  16. Thats got to really be a tear jerker for the parents. When u get old death is kinda exspected. But losing your kids hss to suck big time. I suppose its better to hate an inanimate object then a human,, thats a mind bender all its own,. ,,,,,,✌ Peace out to the Moms and Pops

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