las vegas mandalay bay shooting
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Below is an Associated Press report on this, the two-year anniversary of the Mandalay Bay shooting. It’s a textbook example of “push journalism.” Titled Las Vegas Massacre Anniversary Sparks Debate on Gun Control, it asserts — with no evidence at all — that the anniversary of the shooting is providing new fire for the gun control “debate” in this country.

But the anniversary is doing nothing of the kind. In fact, gun control efforts never go away and it’s been a current hot topic ever since the Gilroy shooting. The El Paso and Dayton incidents only accelerated that.

We’ve seen this all before. Following other high profile spree shootings, the forces of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex (the gun control orgs, their anti-gun politician friends, and the media) have marshaled all of their resources and pushed for more “common sense” restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.

Other than the bump stock ban — which directly resulted from the Las Vegas shooting — these efforts been stopped at the federal level. They’ve had some success, to varying degrees, in some states. And now it appears that Congressional Democrats have found a way to defeat the current federal efforts, despite a reportedly compliant president.

Maybe the “debate” the AP is referring to is the Democrats’ latest hours-long snooze-fest. Two prominent gun prohibition operations, March for Our Lives and Giffords, will hold a “gun safety” forum for the top Democrat presidential candidates on MSNBC. They chose to hold it in Las Vegas to focus attention on the anniversary. Sure, that must be it.

By Ken Ritter and Michelle L. Price, Associated Press

In the two years since the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, the federal government and states have tightened some gun regulations.

But advocates say they’re frustrated that more hasn’t been done since 58 people died at a concert on the Las Vegas Strip, and that mass shootings keep happening nationwide.

“People are genuinely afraid of going places,” Nevada Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui said.

The Democratic lawmaker and her now-husband were among the 22,000 country music fans that fled as gunfire rained down from a high-rise hotel into an outdoor venue on Oct. 1, 2017. Neither was wounded.

“You cannot go to the grocery store. You cannot go to your place of worship. You can’t even go to school and feel safe,” said Jauregui, an advocate for gun control in Nevada. “I think people are tired of that.”

The U.S. government this year banned a device that helped the Las Vegas gunman shoot more rapidly. Nevada and some other states also have tightened gun laws, including passing “red flag” measures that allow a judge to order weapons be taken from someone who is deemed a threat.

Those and other efforts to combat gun violence follow mass shootings in the two years since the Vegas massacre, including an attack on a Florida high school last year that killed 17 and attacks in Texas and Ohio that killed 31 people in one weekend this summer.

“It’s a shame that it takes more and more of these shootings to bring attention to a topic,” said Liz Becker, a volunteer with the gun control advocacy group Moms Demand Action.

But “I do think that the tide is turning on these issues,” Becker said. The Las Vegas shooting “really galvanized people who, not that they didn’t feel a connection to gun violence survivors, but they just never thought it would be them and their community.”

During memorials Tuesday for the second anniversary of the Las Vegas attack, some will cite other recent mass shootings, including in the Texas towns of Midland and Odessa that left seven dead; at a synagogue in Pittsburgh that killed 11; and at a city government building in Virginia Beach, Virginia, that killed 12.

Two prominent gun control organizations also will host a forum Wednesday in Las Vegas for 10 leading Democratic presidential candidates focusing on gun control issues.

At least two candidates, California Sen. Kamala Harris and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, plan to meet nurses and doctors who cared for Vegas shooting victims.

Lacey Newman, who was shot in the leg but managed to keep running, was among the hundreds injured at the music festival two years ago. She’s now an advocate for a company called citizenAID that offers a cellphone app, online training and a bandage kit to help people injured in shootings or accidents.

“Our mass shooting was the beginning of change in how a lot of us see the world,” said Newman, a 35-year-old mother of a fourth-grader who lives in Huntington Beach, California. “That’s a powerful thing. You just never know when something bad is going to happen.”

Police and the FBI found that gunman Stephen Paddock meticulously planned the attack and theorized that he may have sought notoriety. But they found no clear motive.

The 64-year-old retired accountant and high-stakes video poker player killed himself before police reached him in a 32nd floor suite at the Mandalay Bay resort.

Police found 23 assault-style weapons in the room, including 14 fitted with bump stock devices, which the Trump administration banned in March. Several gun rights groups have filed legal challenges to the prohibition, which also requires owners to turn in the devices to be destroyed.

In Nevada, lawmakers passed a measure that ended a two-year legal battle over a voter-approved initiative to expand gun buyer background checks to private gun sales and transfers.

In addition to the “red flag” law, the Legislature also made it a crime to leave an unsecured a gun in a place where a child can reach it.

Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak called the measures a memorial to the victims, even though they would not have made a difference for the Vegas shooter, who obtained his guns legally.

Lawsuits over the massacre are still winding their way through courts.

A U.S. judge last week refused to dismiss victims’ negligence lawsuit against bump stock maker Slide Fire Solutions.

MGM Resorts International — corporate owner of the Mandalay Bay, where Paddock opened fire, and the concert venue where people were killed — is defending itself against hundreds of liability lawsuits.

The company told federal regulators in May it is in mediation with attorneys for plaintiffs and that it might pay up to $800 million to settle claims.

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  1. More than anything else we need an investigation into the FBI’s investigation of the incident.

    The FBI has been entirely opaque about its “investigation”. It appears – looking entirely from the outside – as though the FBI is covering up something.

    First, they didn’t let the ATF examine the guns. And, no explanation why not. There is no acceptable rationale for failing to explain why they didn’t let the ATF examine the guns. Whatever that explanation might be (if it were articulated) would have to be judged skeptically.

    Second, the FBI tells us that they found virtually nothing. That might be so. The world’s premier investigative agency will occasionally encounter a “dry hole”. Mandalay Bay might be a legitimate dry hole. But I have my doubts.

    The FBI should have found some evidence of something. Collectively, this evidence might not form a cohesive whole that would bring us to any acceptable conclusion. In any case, they have published so little of what they have found that their activities appear to be more-so a cover-up than an investigation.

    There are hypotheses which – were they to be true – would reflect badly on the government’s ability to keep us safe. Or, reflect badly on the government’s willingness to remain – at least – a neutral party in the debate over the 2A. So, skeptically, I am inclined to wonder if the FBI is keeping its findings close to the vest because:
    1. – it does not want to admit that the government can NOT keep us safe from foreign-inspired/-supported terrorist attacks; and,
    2. – it does not want its findings to tend to support that a “well regulated militia” is “necessary to the security of a free state”.

    If we have any clout in Washington – either with Trump or some senators – we ought to use it to insist on an investigation into the FBI’s Mandalay Bay investigation.

    • Maybe this wasn’t a terrorist attack. Maybe this guy didn’t value his own life. Maybe he was a sick f____ that wondered how many people he could take out. That’s scarier than a terrorist attack.

      • So scary that many people resist believing it and want to believe big dark forces were at work instead. The idea that one asshole could just go out and do this is chaotic.

      • Perhaps the Deep State FBI & CIA Traitors together, planned and executed most of these mass killings in order to PUSH their Master’s Agenda(s) and bring Americans to a GUN FREE Enslavement?
        Many Americans have noticed how the frequency of Mass Murders have picked up, and the numbers of dead keep rising. Is this just coincidence? I think NOT. The Deep State, FBI & CIA Coup attempt against our legitimately Elected President and those of us who Elected him, has FAILED miserably! Now, we’re seeing an impatient bunch of Traitors doing their worst to bring our POTUS and the Republic DOWN. Stay skeptical AND AWARE.

    • “Other than the bump stock ban — which directly resulted from the Las Vegas shooting”

      Still as yet unproven by the Federal Bureau of Incineration or LVMPD.

      • “Police found 23 assault-style weapons in the room, including 14 fitted with bump stock devices, which the Trump administration banned in March. Several gun rights groups have filed legal challenges to the prohibition, which also requires owners to turn in the devices to be destroyed.”

        Police state they found 14 assault style weapons with bump stocks, multiple witnesses heard bump stock style auto fire, and videos of the incident contain characteristic fire patterns.

        But no, bump stocks probably weren’t used, where would anyone get that idea, must be a conspiracy!


        • There is no official report about bump stocks or that they were used, nor is there any photographic evidence, nor were any of the weapons able to be examined by local law enforcement or atf, nor have the FBI confirmed they were used. So no, there’s no conclusive evidence they were used. It’s nothing but hearsay and conjecture still 2 years later.

        • … and videos of the incident contain characteristic [bumpstock] fire patterns.

          I listened to purported audio recordings as well as the audio of purported video recordings within days of the event. What I heard definitely sounded like someone using a bumpstock on an AR-15 rifle. Ideally, we would verify that those recordings were legitimate.

          At the same time, it does not matter if the attacker (or attackers for all we know) used bumpstocks or full-auto rifles. Just as we should not ban vehicles, pressure cookers, or tampons when people misuse them to kill thousands of people, we should not ban stocks and rifles (whether those rifles are semi-auto or full-auto) when someone misuses them to murder people.

        • Would you like to LINK that evidence, and not just something from anti gun websites and news agencies? Show me in the police report where it says there were 14 rifles with bump stocks.

        • You people are childlike in your ignorance.

          Really, I can’t figure out if you are just that stupid or you are intentionally ignoring the facts in order to support your delusional narrative.

          Some claimed the local PD never had a chance to examine the weapons, others claim they never saw any mention of the guns in any police report. Fascinating.

          Let me help you a bit with searching the Internet 101. Open your Google browser, if you don’t know how to do that your grandkids can help. Type in ‘police report on Las Vegas shooting’.

          The LVMPD report will come up, with complete details on every aspect of the investigation. Everything from the weapons, serial number, how many rounds, to the suspect’s Bing search results (weird, who uses Bing?)

          Let me help you, the firearms forensics report is on page 106, here’s the first paragraph from the official LVMPD report:

          “Recovered in rooms 32-135 and 32-134 were 1057 shell casings. Forensic analysis was completed on all of the shell casings that were recovered. Of the rifles recovered from inside rooms 32-135 and 32-134, 14 were found to have been fired. The following table indicates which guns were fired and how many times:”

          Honestly, you people need to turn on Fox News and Alex Jones and actually do a little research on reality, you know faith is not a viable method of discerning truth.

          But go ahead, say the Las Vegas shooting was a big cover up by the FBI and the deep state, just a false flag operation to steal our guns.

          And I remain concerned that folks with no connection to reality are still often the owners of large magazine capacity semi-automatic rifles and thousands of rounds of ammo.

        • It’s more a question of WHY none of the details of the incident were made available to the public. No ballistics, hardly any photographs, very limited video footage that raises more questions than answers (including the “Cameras off” video), the lack of empty magazines and casings, and the API holes in the fuel tanks with NO MENTION of a weapon system capable of firing those rounds (a gun grabber’s wet dream). I wouldn’t deny there is evidence that a bump stock was used, but the lack of transparency from the lvmpd and fbi is deeply troubling.

        • Robbie, did you even read the LVMPD report, which clearly talks about finding 1057 shell casings that had forensics examinations performed upon each and everyone?

          People keep questioning the official report from the LVMPD, but they don’t seem to have any evidence to offer, other than some vague feeling of unease about the deep state and conspiracies.

          I guess when they grow up and their testicles descend, they’ll learn to actually look for evidence before forming an opinion.

        • I was in Las Vegas on Oct. 1 2017. I was in the Bellagio Hotel 14th floor over looking the fountain when the shots rang out. For those that doubt that it was 5.56 with bump stocks; I can assure you it was. It sounded like bump fire that night and when I listened to recordings in the AM my first words were “that’s a bump stock, not full auto”. I have spent many hours shooting and do a lot of shooting with binary triggers. I am also familiar with bump fire cadence. That was bump fire in 5.56/223 that I heard. The rest still stinks of cover up but that part is correct.

        • The presence of so many bump stock devices was POOR management by the Deep State killers who set up this thing. This guy was supposed to have scampered back and forth between TWO windows to better cover a wider “field of Fire”. I don’t buy it.
          Especially considering the Mysterious Helicopter that left the roof of the Mandalay Bay and flew to the Municipal Airport as soon as the shooting stopped…Why did that video show us all those plain clothed, Deep State Mercenaries with their weapons Drawn as if keeping any more Hotel Security from approaching that room until the Mission was complete?? No one has even spoken of any of this since the Massacre. W-H-Y?

        • Miner Says “Honestly, you people need to turn on Fox News and Alex Jones”

          Fascinating that you would advocate watching Alex Jones. Makes much more sense after your pontificating how the football player beat up the two gays, thereby beating on his true gay self.


      • If we ask anti-gunners to be clear and accurate in their language, the 2A side must be as well.

        What is proven is that the event directly impacted the bump stock ban, which is what the article says.

        What may not be proven is that bump stocks were used in the mass killing event.

        • An incel like you, Miner, would only finally post the evidence that we’ve been asking you for after posting literally nothing but previously unsubstantiated statements, falsely calling them facts, and responded with nothing but ad hominems to everyone asking from where you got your information.

          You don’t teach anything anywhere as you falsely claim that you do, and now you’re projecting your own impotence and inability to attract a quality woman yourself onto people who objectively know better than you do.

    • The so-called ‘lone wolf’ perpetrator was a notorious gambler. Gamblers and sex maniacs are prime targets for Intelligence Agency fall guys for BLACK FLAG OPERATIONS.

      Many, many questions were left unanswered by the FBI and the LV county Sheriff. A real telltale sign of a False Flag Event.

      • This is hilarious, apparently folks will twist these things in many ways to justify their delusional narrative.

        Plenty of people go off, everything from screaming and yelling all the way up to mass shooting. It’s just part of the human condition for some members of society to lose it on occasion.

        I see many posts on this forum from people who seem to be just moments away from going off and killing everyone from the Democrats and liberals two police officers and judges.

        It’s these violent rants and strange worship for weapons that many of the extremist POTG evidence, that causes rational people to consider more stringent gun control laws.

      • You mean just like put up job at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County Florida?? Funny how the son of that Deep State FBI Traitor stayed home from school? Then suddenly, he’s relating how he heard about it on the TV News and grabbed his Clark Kent kit and rode his bike to the School? Later on, he changes his story and says he was AT SCHOOL when it all went down, so, NOW he’s a SURVIVOR TOO!?
        Broward Coward County is also the home of the life long Democrat freak who mailed off all those INERT, FAKE “explosives” to Democrats? His (Deep State) Mission Plan was to make Conservatives look just like DemonRATS! We’re being played People! WAKE UP! KAG! Trump 2020! Let’s keep putting Trump family members in the Oval Office!! Make the Commies go batsh*t crazy!

    • The LVMPD/FBI reports on the attack(s) that took place already have many conclusions that the media will not publicize.
      No motive found.
      No GSR on Paddock.
      No forensic link between any weapons and any victims.
      Paddock’s chest wound omitted from the autopsy.
      No evidence that window 32-135 was broken.
      Brett Brosnahan BWC footage missing.
      Corey Mikkelsen BWC footage missing.
      Jesus Campos and numerous others shot with a BB gun.

      • Rusty, I beg of you, please provide a credible source for these items you site.

        I would love to learn more about the things of which you speak, please advise the sources and how I may examine the evidence you’ve seen.


  2. 2 years later and other then an illegal order to turn in bump stocks. We know nuttin more. Aint American government law enforcement great??????

  3. I guess the gun grabbers are lining up to thank Trump for banning bump stocks. No? Oh, so it’s really just about political power. Got it.

    • I read where there was an ongoing lawsuit against the ATF banning bump stocks. The ATF turned in ” papers” admitting that they did not have legal authority to do so.

  4. “People are genuinely afraid of going places” said a politician. What people? Not me. Not anyone I know. Years ago before it was called an EDC I was getting ready to go somewhere with my sister. She asked me, “Why are you carrying a gun? What are you afraid of?” I replied, “I’m not afraid of anything. I’m armed.” She never raised the issue again.

  5. Suppose several scumbags fashioned b0mbs out of pressure cookers, set them off at the same time, and killed 2,000 people. Should we be calling for bans on pressure cookers and door-to-door confiscation? After all, no one needs a pressure cooker and no one needs to cook meals faster. We can cook meals just fine with a large pot and a loose lid, even if it takes a little longer.

  6. “People are genuinely afraid of going places,” Nevada Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui said.

    So not true. At least for the live entertainment industry, which is at record levels, both in the U.S. and globally. More people are going to concerts than ever before in the past 30-plus years the industry has been officially tracked. And they’re paying more to do it. From club to stadiums and festivals and every size venue in between, people are showing up in droves. Ed Sheerhan, for example, just completed the highest-attended and highest-grossing tour of all time, topping U2’s 360 tour of 2007-2009. People aren’t scared to attend concerts, which, btw, are more secure than ever, as well.

  7. Not since JFK was murdered have we been fed such a load of guano. I doubt Paddock sought “notoriety”. And no peop er gun control would’ve stopped a 64 year old with $ & no criminal record…I avoid crowd’s but it ain’t paranoia!

  8. Something about this shooting always seemed fishy to me. Not in a conspiracy no bump stock or supported by the government kinda way, but about the motivations of the shooter. I do indeed think this was a left wing politically motivated albeit lone shooter.

    He did absolutely everything one could imagine doing directly to harm the gun rights movement and conservatives, down to the target he chose. If I remember correctly, his family stated he leaned left and only got into guns rather recently.

    The only cover up that I think happened was the feds and police likely did uncover some political motivations for the shooting, and didn’t want that to leak. That would explain a great deal of silence surrounding him and what LE found. That kind of revelation would just be way too damaging for the left.

    • “I do indeed think this was a left wing politically motivated albeit lone shooter.”

      Do you have even a single piece of evidence to support your belief?

      Or is that just an empty belief you pulled out of your ass?

      Why don’t you just go read the 184 page, with photographs, LVMPD investigative report on this incident? It’s full of full-color 8 x 10 glossy photographs, detailing the crime scene and the criminal.

      When you’re finished reading the report, you can go sit on the group W bench.

      • No the question is do YOU have any evidence for all the bullshit liberal narrative you spew on this site other then news clips of Maddow you jerk off to? No? Thought not.

        • Merle, you know, I did post the link to the LVNPD investigative report about the very subject of this article and these comments, right?

          If you have specific information that directly contradicts any of my post, please share with the group. I know, we’d all like to learn more about what you think.

          BTW, I don’t watch Rachel Maddow, or for that matter, any of the MSNBC coverage.
          Just as I don’t subject myself to Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, Dr. Laura(ha ha) or Rush Limbaugh.

        • If it wasn’t in the police report that means it didn’t happen? You realize cover ups and leaving things out of reports is standard practice in pretty much every government entity? All you liberals are the same. It’s quite simple. If this guy shot up a gay pride event, there would be *no question* as to what this guys motivation was. But he shoots up a country music festival and all the sudden it’s oh ho well I guess we’ll never know! Bullshit. Take Maddow’s Tampon our of your ear.

        • Merle, do you realize how many people would have to be in on the conspiracy in order to make it fly? Do you really believe that a significant portion of the Las Vegas Metro PD and Clark county sheriffs department are members of the conspiracy to take your guns?

          Again, I question the wisdom of allowing someone with such a loose grasp on reality, who sees enemies behind every blade of grass, to own lethal weapons without restriction.

        • Whiner, you do realize I explicitly stated I do NOT think it was a “government conspiracy”, correct? I stated that from what I’ve read, I believe this guy was a stalwart leftist, and did this to further the cause of leftism. This was simply omitted from the report. It doesn’t take an Illuminati grand wizard of the KKK to do such a thing. And further more, what’s just as disturbing is your desire to ban guns from people who simply question official narratives. I’m sure you dear leftist have never questioned a government narrative ever.

  9. Quote: “Police found 23 assault-style weapons…” If they were actually “assault-style weapons” why would anyone install a bump stock to one or more of them?. Instead of the bump stock wouldn’t it be much easier for the shooter to simply move the selector switch to AUTO? If the media and/or the police lied about them being assault-style weapons, why should anyone believe anything they said or are reported to have said?

    • Really? Is that all you got?

      You are claiming some kind of distinction, with no difference. By assault style, the police mean hand grip, detachable mag, etc.

      If you really gave a shit, you would examine the actual LVMPD investigative report, available at their website.

      But the report actually contains facts and photographs that would threaten your treasured delusions, so I can understand why you don’t want to avail yourself of the information.


      • “If you really gave a shit, you would examine the actual LVMPD investigative report, available at their website”

        Because NOBODY ever fakes stuff like that, right? And I’m not even saying that that happened in this case, it’s just scary that some people will accept anything a governmental source puts forth without any questions. The motive for just about every other recent mass shooting was uncovered fairly quickly, except for this one. Doesn’t that seem just the slightest bit fishy to you?

        • You are experiencing what is called a logical fallacy, argument from ignorance.

          The idea is, since you don’t know what the motive is, it must be ‘XYZ’.

          If you don’t know what the motive is, it just means you don’t know what the motive is. Without any evidence to support any particular motive, we must just say we don’t know why that person went off.

          There have been many puzzling mass shooter events, one of the ones I find most interesting is Jennifer San Marco, 44-year-old woman who shot up the postal sorting facility back in 2006. There’s been much speculation about her motive, but it’s just speculation because she’s no longer around to confirm any particular motivation.

          It was thought she might be some kind of racist, but she shot both black and white so who knows.

        • Assertion #1) The government lied about the shooting. That’s why there is no evidence or report.
          Response #1) Link to evidence provided
          Assertion #2) The evidence could be faked because it doesn’t agree with assertion #1.

          What loony have you been listening to? Serial numbers are in the report. Did they just make up the numbers? That can be checked with the manufacturer. Did they just get numbers from confiscated rifles? They claim he bought them from directly from dealers, so his name should be on the form 4473s. Maybe they had people impersonating him for months prior to the shooting using government manufactured ids that said they were the shooter, and they did the actual purchasing. I guess we need UBC with saved video and audio recordings to keep the government from doing that again. Maybe they somehow tricked him into making several trips to his room with dozens of pieces of luggage. Perhaps they said there was a contest to see who had the most luggage in their room and they’d pay him $10k a bag if he won. How many people are involved in this conspiracy? The people who set him up, the people who really shot with military grade machine guns, FBI, ATF, LV police, Clark Cty sheriff, hotel staff, guests? Simehow, none have talked or send anonymous letters – they must all be hard core true believers who were willing to let 10s die to ban an obscure range toy. Maybe the shooter really did it, but they made him do it by projecting voices into his head. Maybe they’re the same ones who are putting the voices in your head. Maybe I’m working for them as a disinformation officer. Better put on an extra layer of aluminum foil to protect yourself from being the next patsy.

        • Oh, oh, I know. Maybe it was like Sandy Hook and totally faked. Nobody really died or was injured. It was a media conspiracy and all the “victims” and their families and friends were lying because they really hated bump stocks. Is the “shooter” an actor who is now living incognito someplace after pretending to die, or was he uninvolved and the only one to really die so they could have someone to blame? Was he an actor that they killed anyway to make the story fit?

        • What adjective do you prefer? Not “assault rifles” because they weren’t select fire, unless you believe the LVPD faked their report. Not “assault weapons” because that’s a term Josh Sugarman of the Violence Policy Center pushed in the 90’s to sow confusion with military machine guns to get them banned. Maybe the police should have used the NSSF’s politically-correct neutered term, “modern sporting rifle.”

  10. Anti-gunners including Congressmen continue to harp on the “gun and the 2nd Amendment” as the culprits in all the shootings and therefore Legislation must be passed to correct the problem. This is hogwash, or as I would love to say to their face B___ S___.
    We have a problem which needs clear thinking Adults capable of determining the causes of the problem and the weapon is not the cause. It is using the weapon. Why don’t they focus their attention on the causes which drive a human being to pick up a gun and shoot someone. Perhaps they will find there are problems in education and the manner and subjects in the curriculum, single parent homes, discipline at home and in school, holding people and children accountable for their actions, diagnosing and treating psychological and mental problems, and diagnosing the changes in our culture which have led to these problems which in turn led people to pick up a weapon in anger.
    I doubt very much if Congress will do anything except blame the gun for that is something they can continue to grandstand about.

  11. ” “I do think that the tide is turning on these issues,” Becker said ”

    If the tide was in fact turning, then Beto just rolled it back.

  12. No matter who says what, there are a few glaring facts that show the Vegas investigation was botched, covered up, a false flag, or a combination. The shooters girlfriend wiped ALL her social media, took a shit ton of money from the shooter, and left the country a day or two before the incident.

    • “The Las Vegas gunman bought his girlfriend a ticket to the Philippines and “sent her away” to spare her life, her distraught sisters said Wednesday.

      Stephen Paddock bought Marilou Danley “a cheap ticket” to her home country two weeks before he opened fire on a country music concert on the Las Vegas Strip.”

      Please help me to understand how that means that there was a false flag conspiracy by the LVMPD and Clark County sheriffs department?

      I’m not really seeing a connection, do you have the names of the individuals in the sheriffs department or PD who were involved?

  13. Sorry bastards, there will be no more talk of gun control. You’ve taken us down that road as far as we are going to go.

  14. I don’t believe Paddock used a bump stock device in the shooting. Paddock kept up a steady stream of fire, which means he probably fired from the prone position with a bipod-equipped weapon. An M-4 carbine or M-16 assault rifle is very difficult to control from a standing position and those bump stocks use the reciprocal backward and forward movement of the weapon against the shooter’s finger to give the quasi-fully automatic function of the weapon. In short, firing from a fixed position would not allow the bump stock to work properly. As a former combat veteran, the videos I have seen, in my opinion, show that the shooter used a fully-automatic class III M-4 carbine or M-16, not an AR-15 with a bump stock. Paddock may have had an accomplice, who may be at large. The government cannot be trusted to give a straight account of what happened. The liberal left politicizes every shooting to issue emotional pleas for ever more severe restrictions on legal gun owners. They never talk about the violence perpetrated by gangs in our big cities. Deaths from high profile mass shootings pale compared to the numbers killed by gang members and career criminals. Democrats don’t have the guts to do what it takes to eradicate the gangs. It’s easier to scapegoat guns, the NRA and law abiding gun owners. Gun control and gun bans have NOTHING to do with crime and everything to do with disarming the civilian population. Democrats are dedicated to that end.

    • Do you have any direct evidence regarding the firearm that was used in Las Vegas?

      Or is your statement just speculation from a person who was hundreds of miles away when this incident actually occurred?

      If you have direct evidence other than your guess, please share it with the group!

      • you guys really need to stop “reaching”…the guy did it because he could…whatever motivation he had died with him…..

        • Frank, you are right. We may never know what dark thoughts motivated his actions. One wonders why he was driven to collect almost 2 dozen ‘modern sporting rifles’ and large capacity magazines, many fitted with bump stocks, months before the attack.

          Was he a collector, who suffered a psychotic break, or had he planned this for months or years in advance?

          In any case, it’s fascinating to see so many conspiracy theories out there, with not one shred of physical evidence to support any of the wacko theories.

  15. Of course, there should be control, because it is a very frequently visited city. When I was there, I played in a casino and a whole bunch of people played too, and when I returned, I found various reviews at the casino here and started playing on. Now I win daily online and I can not worry about my safety


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