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Larry King still has a television show? On Russian TV? Geddowdaheah! And yet somehow that makes perfect sense. Larry’s always been in perfect lockstep with the Russian propensity to crush liberty underneath its leaders’ jackboots. In fact,one wonders how long it will be before NBC sells MSNBC to RT and whether that would make any difference to their small, left-leaning anti-gun audience. Just sayin’ . . . [h/t DrVino]

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        • Okay, so for starters, I am a Russian (in US now, but I still have plenty of friends in the Russian pro-gun community.

          That thing that you quote is badly misreported, first in the Russian press, and then in the various translations (and unfortunately this skewed report was making rounds before, even here on TTAG). What it basically says is that if you’re licensed to own a weapon, you can use it in self-defense legally (previously that was not always a given, and there’s still a duty to retreat and “minimum necessary force” requirement). In fact, the only thing that this really changes with respect to carry, other than codifying previously existing practices, is the carrying of rubber-bullet “non-lethal” guns.

          But getting licensed to own a weapon is just as complicated as it has always been, and handguns in particular are entirely off-limits to civilians. You still need to have a hunting license or a sporting club membership to buy any long gun, pass a psychological exam and get a “good moral character” letter of support from your local LEO (which they can refuse to issue at will), and even then you can only own a rifle after owning a shotgun for 5 years. If you try to actually carry any long gun uncased or loaded in public, you’ll be arrested and charged with improper transportation of firearm right away, and this will also strip you of any rights to own guns for several years at least.

          Read this follow-up article for an explanation. You’ll probably need to use Google Translate or some such:

        • Nice deflection, or as we call it, “Texas side step.” If if your perspective is correct, it is still quantum leaps ahead of the UK, France, and a few other European countries.

        • What deflection? You posted a verifiably false piece of misinformation that was debunked long ago, including here on TTAG (and no, it’s not just my own comments, there were several people pointing that out there). Just admit it.

          I’m not aware of any other European country that prohibits first-time gun buyers from getting a .22 rifle because it’s a rifle. Shotgun for you first, comrade. So fail on that count, as well.

  1. Russia is too conservative for MSNBC and Larry King. Who needs revolutionaries after the revolution? MSNBC are useful idiots however.

  2. Given that RT is by and large a right-wing channel (just like Russia as a whole is right-wing on most issues other than guns – which is precisely why so many American conservatives are presently fapping on Putin because he’s a “strong leader” who “defends the traditional institutions” etc), the summary is hilariously stupid.

    Oh, and of course this isn’t a show that would actually air in Russia. You can tell by the fact they speak English (not all that many people in Russia actually know it, esp. well enough to understand it when it’s spoken at a normal pace by a native speaker). RT is largely for outside consumption. It’s there to tell Americans why they suck, not to tell Russians why they’re so great – there are other, in-country TV channels for that.


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