Lafayette Theater Shooter Identified

The Lafayette theater shooter who murdered two and injured nine before putting his own lights out in Lafayette, Louisiana’s Grand Theater last night has been identified as Alabama drifter John Russel Houser. “Houser, 59, who killed himself, is among three people who died, police said. The other two were Mayci Breaux, 21, of Franklin, Louisiana, who died at the theater, and Jillian Johnson, 33, of Lafayette, who died at the hospital.” And from the report, Houser didn’t start the shooting intending it to be a suicide mission . . .

“It is apparent he was intent on shooting and escaping” before police forced him back into the theater where he shot himself to death, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said at the news conference, explaining that his 1995 blue Lincoln Continental was positioned near the exit.

Police found wigs and glasses in his car and motel room, Craft said.

Thankfully, we’ll be spared the expense and the spectacle of another Holmesian trial. And as expected, it took all of 12 minutes for first calls for more gun control laws to ring out.

The President was en route to Africa at the time of the shooting, so we’ve been spared his expressions of disappointment and deep thoughts on the situation. For now. But whatever he says, whenever he says it, it will no doubt be profound and enlightening. We can hardly wait.


  1. avatar Texheim says:

    This is really suspicious, they found multiple disguises in his room, he had switch his license plates and was a “drifter”…

    1. avatar C says:

      An evil Jack Reacher?

  2. avatar Joe says:

    Was he a Westboro member or just a nut-covered supporter?

  3. avatar Galtha58 says:

    What, exactly, is a ‘drifter” ? Sounds like someone that moves from place to place frequently. What does that description have to do with anything related to the shooting ?

    1. avatar Zachariah says:

      My guess is that it goes to motivation. Since we know little about the shooter and his intentions every little detail gets scrutinized and inflated. The drifter moniker may give us insight the way it did with Oswald. He was a “drifter” who moved around a lot (NY, Louisiana, Texas) and in his case the lack of stability and inability to develop normal, lasting friendships with neighbors, coworkers and family was a part of his psychological profile that help us understand the why. It partially explained the source of his anger, disillusionment and thirst for showing the world that he was “somebody” important, despite experiencing a string of failures in his personal and professional life.

    2. avatar Ben says:

      Think like a homeless person who moves from place to place across the state/country.

  4. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    So, as usual, when bad guy with gun is confronted by good guys with guns, his inner coward comes out, and he spares taxpayers the expense of a trial?

  5. avatar Biff Baxter says:

    Gun-Free Zones = Death Corrals

    1. avatar ANgryaz says:

      The dachau showers were gun free zones as well….

      1. avatar Asdf says:

        Dachau never had gas chambers. The few thousand Dachau prisoners killed by gas were transported to a different town for the actual gassing.

        1. avatar Rich K. says:

          Which utterly misses the point of the statement. When only the police (and military) are allowed to have guns, what you have is what is known as a “POLICE STATE”.

      2. avatar David Zimmerman says:

        Dachau? Really? Only supports your worst fear. Fool

  6. avatar explainist says:

    He was a “drifter.” people who have no fixed address and commit crimes are drifters or transients. homeless people never commit crimes

    I discovered this in the ’80s, when I read this headline: “Drifter kills homeless man.”

    I blame Ronald Reagan. before Reagan took office, we had bums, winos, tramps, hobos, transients, shiftless no accounts and drifters. when Reagan took office, the bums, winos, tramps, hobos, and shiftless no accounts all got promoted to “the homeless”, and all criminal behavior committed by people with no fixed address got assigned to transients and drifters.

    the thing is – in the story tied to the headline above, two homeless men got into a knife fight over the dry spot in the tumbledown shack they were holed up in. the winner is the one who lived. if the winner had lost, and the loser had won, the headline would have read:

    “Drifter kills homeless man.”

  7. avatar Zachariah says:

    I live here and it’s a shame – Lafayette is a nice, family oriented community with a lot of culture. Now, we get to be the center of everyone’s attention. Not fun. Went through it with Baltimore (trouble seems to follow me).

    We’ll have to endure days (or perhaps weeks) of the anti’s projecting their baggage on our community. It’s already started. One guy had the gall to post on Twitter that “Lafayette doesn’t need your prayers, they need meaningful gun laws” or some nonsense to that effect. This was from a guy who lives in Chicago. I think we do need your prayers and genuine expressions of sympathy more than we need a bunch of pontificatin’ and pronouncin’ on gun control policy.

    1. avatar Ron Jackon says:

      Ask the guy from Chicago how well their “common sense” gun laws are doing.

      1. avatar Zachariah says:


  8. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    And if you scroll down on CNN’s homepage, you’ll come across this story of a mass murder where edged weapons were used as the medium:

    Obviously our emperor will be making the rounds on BBC lamenting the lack of common sense knife controls any second now.

  9. avatar Tea Party Nation says:

    Yahoo already claims he’s a member of Tea Party Nation:

    “It appears that Houser was a member of Tea Party Nation, according to the group’s website.

    The Hatewatch Blog, which is run by the Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, uncovered that Houser posted about his fondness for Hitler, neo-Nazis and lone wolves on several online forums.”–what-we-know-about-louisiana-movie-theater-shooting-suspect-134806223.html

    1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

      ….his fondness for Hitler, neo-Nazis…

      So he was a Socialist, i.e. a Progressive?

      1. avatar Tea Party Nation says:

        You likely already know this but many leftists tend to think that Hitler and Neo-Nazi-ism is in the same vein as extreme conservatism (as a form of fascism similar to the fascism of pro-lifers). Obviously this is yet another leftist fantasy based on lies. But speaking as a classical liberal trapped in the leftist utopia of New Jersey I’m just retelling what I hear the drones repeat often enough to believe.

        1. avatar Tea Party Nation says:

          That second fascism (in regards to pro-lifers) should have been in quotes…

      2. avatar God says:

        If you are genuinely that stupid then you should excuse yourself from any and all political discussions.

        1. avatar Tea Party Nation says:

          Thanks for proving my point.

        2. avatar Chip Bennett says:

          Boring troll’s gonna troll. Troll on, troll. But try to lay off the projection.

      3. avatar Indiana Tom says:

        .his fondness for Hitler, neo-Nazis…

        So he was a Socialist, i.e. a Progressive?

        He was an FDR New Dealer which is the same as a Nazi.

    2. avatar God says:

      ” “He had Tea Party-radical Republican views on everything. ” Typical hate-filled rightwing ammosexual. Delusional. Should never have been allowed to have possession of a firearm.

      1. avatar Tea Party Nation says:

        This was an act of psychosis, not an act of hate. This guy was a loon. The only hate filled posts here are yours. This will be my last feeding of the troll. Enjoy your day. And if you had any decency or respect for others you’d change your name.

      2. avatar juliesa says:

        Which positions held by the tea party are radical? Please be specific.

        1. avatar TStew says:

          Hmmm…no reply to Julie. God’s shift break at the local Arby’s must be over?

        2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

          His time ran out on the library internet computer and now had to go back to Mommies basement and take his meddies.

        3. avatar int19h says:

          Which tea party? Last I checked, there were several organizations calling themselves that these days (or some variation thereof), with no coherent common platform.

      3. avatar DaveL says:

        He had a criminal record and had been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility, but you think he should have been barred from firearm ownership because of his politics? Those are some messed up priorities.

      4. avatar Sian says:

        If men like him were ‘typical’ then all the authoritarian nutbars like yourself would have been found in a pool of their own blood and excrement long before now.

  10. avatar Vitsaus says:

    This is one more reason why I hate going to the movies. The main reason is that most movies these days are terrible, but now I can tell the GF that I don’t want to be shot by a psycho.

  11. avatar gsnyder says:

    The point, Gun Free Zone.

  12. avatar DBM says:

    He was upset Bruce Jenner stole his thunder and came out of the closet before he did.

  13. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    So have they magically traced his gun yet? Do we know what he used?

  14. avatar God says:

    Louisiana has very lax gun laws. Why didn’t some ammosexual “good guy with a gun” take out the shooter? Or is the “good guy with a gun” just a myth?

    1. avatar MrVigs says:

      Because it was a “Gun Free Zone”. Try to keep up.

      1. avatar Zachariah says:

        Maybe this guy doesn’t consider police officers to be good guys with guns? Because their unusually fast response time is what forced the shooter to retreat back into the theater and take his life.

        1. avatar Tea Party Nation says:

          The left typically doesn’t consider the police to be good guys (except when they want the police union votes). See Furgeson, Baltimore, et al.

        2. avatar Nick says:

          Call it fast if you want, but 12 minutes is a hell of a long time to wait when the lead starts flying.

    2. avatar Zachariah says:

      Because the Grand Theater prohibits customers, even those with a permit, from possessing a firearm while in their theaters. State law gives private property owners the right to create gun free zones like this one. So this is an example of one of your “common sense” policies at work.

    3. avatar Chip Bennett says:

      When faced with a good guy with a gun, the coward offed himself.

      Reading comprehension: you should try it sometime.

    4. avatar Tom in Georgia says:

      You really need to see a pshrink about your “ammosexual” obsession. I don’t believe you’ve made a single post without the word “ammosexual” included. You must have some real homophobia issues going on. And as I’ve mentioned before, as a practicing Roman Catholic, your blasphemy REALLY offends me. I’d suggest you go to confession while you still have a chance. Frankly, I don’t understand why Robert hasn’t banned you yet. He’s pretty darn tolerant as blog owners go, but there’s no good reason he has to put up with your hatred and calumny.


      1. avatar Tea Party Nation says:

        He has no problems offending anyone who may believe in God with his idiot screen name, but I’ll give anyone one guess as to how he feels about the Washington Redskins…

      2. avatar Paul G says:

        Give him a break, he is dyslexic. Dog needs help even getting the letters in his name in the right order.

        1. avatar Paul G says:

          Auto correct is no help with 3 letter words that are usable both ways.

      3. avatar Indiana Tom says:

        but there’s no good reason he has to put up with your hatred and calumny.
        But he is rather comical and since Mikey B numbers left, we need some good entertainment.
        I think some people on this blog take this clown too seriously.

      4. avatar LS/HD says:

        I doubt Robert minds the clicks.

        (No offense, Robert.)

    1. avatar Parnell says:

      “10 mass murders caused by far-right ammosexuals” ? Flying a plane into a building relates how to a gun crime? Shooting one person qualifies as “mass murder”? What drug are you on? i think you are very delusional, given your chosen screen name.

      1. avatar Yellow Devil says:

        The left has a very funny standard of what mass murder is. One guy (marxist spouting liberal) who flies a plane into an IRS building is a mass murder, but when Mao’s policies directly kills millions of people over the course of a few years during the Communist Cultural Revolution, nothing to see there.

    2. avatar Chip Bennett says:

      Nazi = National Socialist = by definition, left-wing, not right-wing. So, you can mark Joseph Stack (who quoted Marxist ideology in his manifesto), and Frank Roque off your list. And “white supremacy” is not a right-wing ideology; it is a racist ideology. So you can mark Timothy McVeigh and members of “The Order” off that list.

      Are you really this stupid?

      Also, you don’t really want to keep a body-count score on left-wing nuts vs. right-wing nuts. Or, maybe you do. Please, don’t throw me into that br’ar patch…

      1. avatar Tea Party Nation says:

        Let him keep score. Leftist ideology has claimed over 100 million lives in the last century alone. From Mao to the Weather Underground the left owns political killings. Our legacy is that we support freedom, and while occasionally someone will use their freedom to ill effect, that’s a worthy tradeoff over the murderous tyranny this fool supports.

        OK I’m done wasting my time on idiocy. Back to guns!

      2. avatar Chip Bennett says:

        This is how Joseph Stack, included in your asinine list of 10 “right-wing” mass murderers, ended his manifesto:

        The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

        The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

        So, troll on, troll. You beclown yourself more every time you post.

      3. avatar God says:

        Klanners and white supremacists tend to vote Republican and to be ammosexuals. The Nazis were no more socialist (remember that Hitler hated Stalin and Russia) than today’s Republicans can take credit for freeing the slaves. Of course, you are an idiot and probably really believe the stupidity that you posted. No problem – you’ll be in a FEMA camp soon enough and you can tell your fellow loons all the revisionist history that you want to.

        1. avatar Paul G says:

          Your ignorance is showing, Dog.

        2. avatar Tea Party Nation says:

          Point of fact, the person who started the KKK was a democrat, and the founder of planned parenthood started it because she believed in eugenics. More Republicans voted for the civil rights act than democrats. And of course, there was never a big shift in the GOP as claimed by so many of the left. As Reagan would say, it’s not that leftists are ignorant, its just that they know so much that isnt so.

        3. avatar Zachariah says:

          Stop feeding this troll.

      4. avatar int19h says:

        >> Nazi = National Socialist = by definition, left-wing, not right-wing

        Not by definition, by self-appointed name, which means exactly nothing. Otherwise you would be forced to conclude that Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a democratic republic.

        Nazism is neither left-wing nor right-wing. They called themselves “Third Position” for a reason. There were some genuine socialists in NSDAP early on – most notably, Gregor and Otto Strassers – but Hitler purged them shortly after coming to power precisely because he wanted none of that sort of thing. The “socialist” part of the name was retained because it was an established, popular brand, and because it was good propaganda to get the working masses to work for you.

        1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

          Read the Nazi’s 25 points, and get back with me. They were socialist. “Third way” simply meant that they differentiated themselves from the Bolsheviks and the Capitalists, but on the left-right spectrum (American, not European), the Nazis were still very much left-wing.

        2. avatar int19h says:

          The 25 points date to a very early period in the history of NSDAP, and were actually to a significant extent drafted by the original members of said party (like the founder Anton Drexler, who also gave it its name). Most of them were socialists, yes. Hitler himself was not fond of these points later on, and generally tried to dodge the questions on them.

          Nazis really were such an eclectic mix of ideologies that they cannot be classified on the 1D “left-right” scale (much like many other non-mainstream ideologies, such as libertarianism). Their (actual, implemented) economic program, for example, had points that were both traditionally associated with the left (welfare state) and the right (support of large capital, suppression of unions). Their social policies were almost uniformly conservative, though – pro-nuclear family, pro-traditional gender roles, anti-abortion, anti-homosexuality etc – which is why they tend to be classified as right-wing usually. Though their position on religion was also neither here nor there, supporting it as part of those social conservative policies, but suppressing those manifestations of it that were counter to their racism.

    3. avatar int19h says:

      I have to ask, is it only “far-right” that are ammosexuals? What would you call a strongly liberal homosexual gun owner with a couple of ARs in his gun safe (and don’t you dare tell me that such don’t exist – I know two personally).

  15. avatar TM says:

    Seeing the comments about being bi-polar or manic depressive makes me wonder if he was on or had been on a ssri medication. Haven’t a number of recent shooters had a history with an ssri med?

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