LA Times: George Zimmerman’s 106 Rounds Is A “Large Ammo Stash.”

The apparently never-ending George Zimmerman saga continues, having stepped off The Streetcar Named Self-Defense and boarded the Wives And Girlfriends Crazy Train. Officials have just released a list of the five guns that police removed from Zimmerman’s home after his latest arrest on November 18th . . .

Police seized an AR-15 with two magazines, along with a Glock 19, a .380, another 9mm, and a Kel-Tec KSG shotgun. All of the firearms were locked up when police arrived. They also found 106 rounds of ammunition, which, according to the LA Times, constitutes a “Large Ammo Stash.” In fact, that’s the title of the article: “Police find 5 guns, large ammo stash in George Zimmerman’s home.” (Click here, if you must, for the original story. The LA Times doesn’t list the specific firearms, but the Orlando Sentinel listed some of them, before blathering about ‘assault rifles’ and KSGs.)

With a $1,200 KSG, it sounds like Zimmerman was moving upmarket from his old salad days with a $280 PF9, but it’s nice to see he’s still got some brand loyalty to Kel-Tec.

106 rounds of any kind of ammunition does not constitute a ‘Large Ammo Stash.”

Let’s put this in perspective for non-People Of The Gun: Do a couple of twenties in your pocket constitute a ‘large roll of cash?’ Is a whole jar of Ibuprofen a ‘large medicine stockpile?’ Does a full tank of gas in your station wagon make you a ‘doomsday prepper?’

No. Just, no.

Reporters at big news outlets don’t always get to pick the titles of their own stories, but if reporter Soumya Karlamangla is responsible for this one she’s a goddamned idiot. 106 rounds of ammunition is less than what most officers haul around in their duty bag, far less than the basic load of our soldiers or Marines, and less than what most recreational shooters would burn through in a very short trip to the range.

Let’s guess that Zimmerman had some ammunition for each of his five guns. You could buy ten rounds of 12-ga buckshot, 60 rounds of 5.56, and 56 rounds of 9mm for $60 without even bothering to look for a good price, or you could even spend up to $100 (gasp!) if you bought nothing but premium defensive rounds. Either way, Zimmerman’s whole “Large Ammo Stash” would fit in a single plastic grocery bag with room left over for a pound of frozen hamburger and a loaf of bread.

With yellow journalism like this, it’s no wonder that newspapers like the LA Times are stupiding themselves out of existence.


  1. avatar Steve in MD says:

    And here I thought I was running low with only a few thousand rounds…

    1. avatar Rad Man says:

      That’s the same as being out of ammo.

      1. avatar Jonathan -- Houston says:

        10,000 is one, 106 is none.

        1. avatar Avid Reader says:

          106? That’s not even worth a trip to the range, unless it’s a bolt action with a scope.

    2. avatar Carol R. Sabatino says:

      good articles

  2. avatar Rad Man says:

    I have a 250 count box of .45ACP – in my hand. Lord only knows what the LA Times would call that.

    1. avatar Spartan dsk says:

      An ammo dump worth of .45

  3. avatar Matt says:

    Who knew! My home has been a veritable ammo depot this whole time!

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Holy crap! A 525 pack is the minimum load out for the boat. And that’s when I’m going fishing.

  4. avatar Jim R says:

    Wow. Winchester 100-rd value pack. Saw one of those in the store the other day, they wanted $37.99 for it. Two boxes of 50rd Blazer Brass right next to it for $14,99 each.

    Not much of a value, is it?

    1. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

      Wally world down by me still has the shelf marked for around $22 for one of those. Not that there were any on that shelf!

      Can’t complain tho, the .45ACP white box was marked around $44 IIRC, and I was able to get 3 boxes of that..

  5. avatar Michael nieto says:

    The persecution that zimmerman is going through just for defending his life is scary

    1. avatar Charles5 says:

      I don’t know whether or not Zimmerman is being targeted and falsely accused, but he is an idiot in my book and a very poor judge of character.

      1. Because Zimmerman knew that his girlfriend would lie about him? LOL

        1. avatar AK says:

          I think you just proved his point. If he is a “very poor judge of character.” then he probably wouldn’t have known she was going to lie.


        2. avatar neiowa says:

          I’ll give you my theory. Geoge walked into a leftist honey trap. Do a search for photo of Zimmerman’s exwife Shelly Zimmerman and compare to photo of the “girlfriend” Samantha Scheibe. Not hard to believe he could get sucked in. BIG upgrade. Unbelieveable upgrade.

          Some attractive chick is going to hook up with George because she just knew he was the one and fell in luvvvv. Right. Looking for PR or entire thing was a setup

        3. avatar William Burke says:

          Interesting theory, but I still think he simply has really terrible judgement regarding the “fairer sex”. Or, in liberal jargon, “the more attractive gender”.

      2. avatar Jonathan -- Houston says:

        I don’t know. It’s a mixed bag. After all, he was 100% right about Trayvon.

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          He wasn’t thinking with his dick then.

      3. avatar Bob5 says:

        In my opinion, the lesson of Zimmerman’s tale is this: After the trial, he should have found a cabin in a small, secluded area of the country, avoided contact with anyone that would likely recognize him, and spent the next several years writing a book and contemplating who to sue for libel. Instead, Zimmerman squandered his chance to make lemon aid from the lemons he was dealt.

      4. avatar Samuel Suggs says:

        So dating one crazy bitch makes you a poor judge of character? I mean their where probably signs but have to gone outside lately and actually tried to judge some character?

        1. avatar Blue says:

          How about 2 crazy bitches?

  6. avatar NDS says:

    If I carry my Sig that’s 61 rounds physically on my person. Pick up a carbine and stuff a pmag in my back pocket and I’ve bested his 106 round “stash”.

    To me, a “large ammo stash” requires a team or machinery to move.

  7. avatar Charles5 says:

    If they get all panicky over 106 rounds being an ammo stash, they would probably die of an instant stroke if they saw my storage closet that I keep my ammo in. I have lost count, if that gives you any indication.

    1. avatar B says:

      I keep forgetting how much I have. For some reason I’ve picked up the habit of buying a case every paycheck. No idea why.

    2. avatar Mark N. says:

      Send me some, willya? The store shelves around here are mostly bare, and I doubt I’ve got 300 rounds of various calibers left–and half of those are mini-mags.

      1. avatar Charles5 says:

        I use Gunbot, Armslist, and (if you live in Virginia), quite a bit to find ammo at reasonable prices in today’s market. If you are looking for some 5.56 light, steel core penetrator, check out the website below. It is manufactured in Romania and performes basically like green tips. It is a tad bit dirtier than the likes of PMC and Lake City, but it does the job for a lot less than I can find locally. I just got another 1500 rounds delivered today. Buy it now while it is on sale for Thanksgiving. Usually takes 3 – 5 business days to arrive. Keep in mind, if your range doesn’t allow XM855 or the like, they will not allow this stuff.

        I have been gradually buying up every deal I come across since ammo prices began to settle back down. I have quadrupled my ammo stores since January, and I was in pretty good shape in January. On the one hand, I will be able to shoot for a looooong time without running out if ammo gets scarce again. On the other hand, if something crazy happens, I can sell some of it at a reasonable price and make a profit.

        1. avatar Avid Reader says:

          I’ve had good luck lately with Sportsman’s Guide for some calibers, especially 5.56 and 7.62 x 39.

        2. avatar William Burke says:

          Have they sent you a solar mass of catalogs yet? I used to get that; then I didn’t buy for six months, and they dropped me.

        3. avatar Charles5 says:

          Sportsman’s Guide is ok too. I’ve also used They actually have some Wolf Gold .223 up for $339, plus $25 – $30 shipping and taxes. The Wolf Gold is brass cased, FMJ with a lead core, no bimetallics. It shoots pretty good too.

    3. avatar Swarf says:

      Yeah. And then there’s the reloading cabinet.

      Freak out city.

    4. avatar Nimda0815 says:

      I have moved all my ammo to the basement now because I was worried about the weight on my second floor. I had nightmares of the safe crashing through my dinning room ceiling right on top of me! Healthy paranoia?

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        No, but I think I’d worry about the dampness! Got that covered?

      2. avatar Charles5 says:

        I use the metal military surplus cans to store my ammo outside the safe…no room in there. I live in an apartment on the 3rd floor and can’t have safe’s over a certain weight. So, I have a small safe for all my handguns in one closet and all my ammo in cans in another closet. My rifles go under the bed in Pelican type cases and I use heavy duty cable locks to secure them to a metal pole that runs the length of the bed, center line. It would take some time and effort to get them out of there.

        For dampness concerns, I have a couple silicon gel packets in each can and every once and a while I condition the rubber seal with a silicon lube.

  8. avatar geoffb says:

    5 guns is usually called an arsenal.

    1. avatar IdahoPete says:

      Correction: “a veritable arsenal”.

      Probably requires UN inspection and verification …

    2. avatar Jim R says:

      Anything more than 2 guns is a stockpile. Anything more than 5 is an arsenal.

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        What’s an “armory”, then?

        1. avatar William Burke says:

          Everyone: please quantify:


          Thanks in advance!

        2. avatar Blue says:

          Dang! I better start burying shit in pvc.

        3. avatar Jus Bill says:

          If they don’t know you have it, then you don’t have it.

          Just sayin’

  9. avatar Ross says:

    I have 3 x that in loaded mags to feed the Tavor for home defence, but then again we are talking the LA Times.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      I believe I have 9 loaded 30-round mags for the M-17S. The first four are Troys. The rest are a Colt, and assorted others, including the Israelis, forget what they’re called.

      270 rounds – that, to me, qualifies as “mildly cautious”.

    2. avatar DonS says:

      Similar here.

      198 rounds of .223 loaded in 6 mags (5×30, 1×48 – screw you CO mag cap proponents). 17 rounds of .45 ACP for the 1911 (2×8 plus one in the chamber). 21 rounds of .40 for the G27 (9-rd mag, 11-rd mag, one in the chamber). 25 rounds in the .22 semi-auto rifle’s mag. 6 rounds of .45 Colt in the Blackhawk.

      267 rounds “loaded”. I must be a fvcking terrorist just waiting to go off. Or not.

  10. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    5 guns is called a “Fashion Statement”
    5 guns in texas is called a “newbie”

    1. avatar JoelT says:

      I’m a Texas Newbie, I only bought my first gun back in March, only started learning about guns in January. I just bought my 2nd Ammo can, today, and put all 1,460 rounds of ammunition in the two cans. I’m still sitting here in bewilderment, that I have ~34lbs worth of ammunition sitting on my living room floor. If you told me a year ago that I would come to own a gun, and have two ammo cans with ammunition, I’d of told you you’re crazy. Then again, these are crazy times.

  11. avatar triggernoob says:

    Five guns and 106 rounds of ammo. Now that’s a terrorist weapons cache if I ever heard of one.

  12. avatar Don says:

    I’ve got a “stash” of over 1000 rounds… in the trunk of my car… To shoot this weekend up in the mountains!

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      That’s not a car, that’s an “armored terrorist vehicle”!

  13. avatar Schwarmenius says:

    I MIGHT consider 106 rounds to be a large ammo stash if the rounds in question are .50 BMG or above.


    1. avatar Roscoe says:

      I’d call it wholly inadequate.

    2. avatar Cliff H says:

      For 106 rounds of .50 BMG that would be called “blowing most of a paycheck.”

  14. avatar Orton Fallswell says:

    Remember the donations that poured in to buy him a replacement gun? Easy come, easy go. If he is smart (which is obviously not the case) he stashed a Glock somewhere where only he knows. This guy seems to have a problem keeping a low profile, it was pretty reckless ditching an angry wife for a blonde hottie right after beating the rap.

    1. avatar Steve says:

      He has problems picking non-crazy female company. His wife made up her story, I fully suspect this female did too.

      I feel bad for George, he’s never going to live a normal life again.

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        “Problems”? He’s a MAGNET for crazy chick-a-boom-booms!! He needs to GET LOST somewhere between Oklahoma and Alaska, excluding Kalifornia, Oregon or Washington. I might even argue for celibacy, in his case….

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          Yep. When you live in a circus, you gotta expect to meet some clowns…

  15. avatar Totenglocke says:

    “The apparently never-ending George Zimmerman saga continues, having stepped off The Streetcar Named Self-Defense and boarded the Wives And Girlfriends Crazy Train.”

    Seriously, every teen and man under 30 needs to pay attention to this. Do not get married and do not co-habitate with a female – the law is rigged against you to where a simple lie because she’s “emotional” will have your rights stripped from you and / or land you in prison for many years. Since we don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of repealing the anti-male laws, the only solution is to boycott relationships.

    1. avatar IdahoPete says:

      What he said. Especially if you are someone who has been in the news the way Zimmerman has – guaranteed guilty even if proven innocent.

    2. avatar Blue says:

      The Lautenberg Amendment is the biggest bane of all.

    3. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      Something tells me you don’t get laid much…

      1. avatar Totenglocke says:

        With that attitude, I hope you end up with a bitter wife or ex who calls the police with a bogus charge, then you get to spend a lot of quality time with the boys in the prison shower.

        1. avatar William Burke says:

          LOL. With a moniker like, “RockonHellChild”, it’s only a matter of time! 🙂

        2. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

          I actually have an ex wife and have custody of both my kids, as well as still have a good relationship with my ex.

          Geez, it’s amazing what can happen when you don’t like a complete douchebag while operating under the assumption the entire world is out to get you.

        3. avatar Totenglocke says:

          Right, so because you didn’t get screwed over (worse than you did in the divorce), it means that it magically doesn’t happen to millions of men every year. Keep telling yourself that, while you promote this injustice.

      2. avatar Hannibal says:

        There’s a difference between “getting laid” and cohabitation. Moving in with someone too early is a cause of too many problems that end up in the courts, even if it’s only Judge Judy.

        1. avatar William Burke says:

          Jeez. If she’s the judge I wear a tie and only say, “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am”.

    4. avatar William Burke says:

      You nutty old misogynist, I couldn’t agree more!

  16. avatar Jeh says:

    Large? No. But considering the piss poor condition of my ammo can, id be happy with that.

    1. avatar S.CROCK says:

      i feel bad for you 🙁

  17. avatar Jack says:

    People who dislike guns don’t realize (or care) that ammo comes in packages. They can’t get past “If you have to own a gun, why do you need to put more than [insert arbitrary number here] bullets in it?”

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      “Helga, I’m going to the store. Can I have four bucks for a bullet and a 40?”

  18. avatar DrVino says:

    Didn’t Watchman George receive some funds from supporters to buy himse’f a new gat?
    Didn’t he visit thee KelTec factory after his acquittal?
    Could KSG be a ‘gift’?

  19. avatar Roll says:

    Hahaha…dont look in my closet, your mind will explode

  20. avatar MichaelB says:

    Idiot Yellow journalism:
    “…the former neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager…”

    Phrasing it ever so gently. facepalm.

    My God. I have 10 boxes of pasta at home that comes out to 80 servings. I’m a prepper!

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      TEN BOXES? Good thing you don’t leave in Bloomburgia. He’d send a SWAT team. To save you from yourself.

      I hope they don’t find out about my dried beans and rice!

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        No, that’s if you have a box of coke. Only six-packs allowed.

  21. avatar JasonM says:

    Wow 106 rounds. That’s enough to shoot the IDPA classifier with 16 rounds left over. I think I have almost that much loaded into the guns in my safes and car. (The defensive guns are loaded, the others are not).

    I’d be curious to see how the LA Times would classify my 40 000 primers, 200lb of powder, 50 000? empty brass, and 20 000+ bullets.

    1. avatar Keith in TX says:

      Who’s that knocking at your door?

    2. avatar Steve says:

      “Enough to start a small war”

      Even though we all know 20,000 rounds is nothing in a firefight for the military… especially since it took 50,000 per kill in Vietnam, and 250,000 per kill in Afghanistan.

    3. avatar Jan says:

      Speaking of IDPA, I’m thinking of running 2 divisions this weekend so I might need twice that scary number. Oh the horror!

      Actually, I think I just heard my wallet scream as I was typing that statement. 😀

    4. avatar S.CROCK says:

      why do you put that on the web?!?!

    5. avatar William Burke says:

      You’re with al-Queda, clearly. The terrorists have won.

  22. avatar Pulatso says:

    I have more rounds than that for calibers I don’t even own yet.

    1. avatar Keith in TX says:

      Same here, can’t pass up a good deal on ammo for that gun on your wish list.
      After buying enough rounds it’s all the more reason to justify it’s purchase.

  23. avatar Paul B says:

    I hate to think about what they would say about my collection. I have at least 500 rounds for each of the 10 calibers (guess at least that) I own. I have some for the gauges as well. I must have an armory.

    22, 380, 9mm, 40, 45, 5.56×45, 223, 7.62×39, 7.62×51, 7.62×57 yeah, 10. Wow, would they have a heart attack or what.

    Oh, gauges, 410, 20, 12

    Bring on the Zombie’s

    1. avatar Michael C says:

      Technically, the .410 is a caliber not a gauge. IIRC it would be a 67gauge.

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      The zombie’s what?

  24. avatar Jeff says:

    a little unrelated but I’m SO tired of news sites that automatically start playing videos when I load them. I swear these content designers still ignore the existance of tabbed browsers.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      They think some of us are still using MS-DOS.

      1. avatar Avid Reader says:


        Ah, memories. . .

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      That’s why I use no-script… it’s sometimes a pain but I never have to have that embarrassing moment where you have to rush to turn down the sounds of… well, whatever.

  25. avatar SAS 2008 says:

    If I have my BUG with me I carry half that on my body. If you include 22lr, I probably have close to 10,000 rounds at home and enough components to load another 10,000. At my current rate of shooting 20,000 rounds is two years worth of ammo and I don’t shoot much compared to some of my friends.

    I am at a loss for words to describe what I think of someone calling 106 rounds a large ammo stash.

    1. avatar Blue says:

      The NSA thanks you for the info . . .

      1. avatar SAS 2008 says:

        If you are serious about stashing ammo and are really worried about the NSA or some other TLA agency then your ammo at home is just a decoy.

        I have that much ammo because I shoot IDPA regularly and hate runs on ammo cutting into my ability to practice. It is much easier to ride out the shortages with a year or two worth of ammo. If the NSA cares about that they are wasting their time.

    2. avatar Swarf says:

      Uhm… sooo, where ya buying bullets?

      1. avatar SAS 2008 says:

        Bullets from Powder Valley. .223 ammo mostly was stocked up from SGAmmo (someday I need to reload this). .22lr from Wal-Mart and can be found here if you go first thing in the morning. 40, 9mm and .380 carry ammo from SGAmmo. 40 practice and IDPA ammo is almost all handloads and is the vast majority of what I shoot. Hunting ammo and shotgun shells have all been mostly stocked up from Wal-Mart over the years.

        Everything except 22lr can be found around here without looking too hard. Ammo is an investment you will not regret. Either you will shoot it or you will sell it at some point.

  26. avatar Blue says:

    I carry 61 rounds of 10mm when I am packing the G20. 15 +1 plus 3 spare mags. Those LA times people would need their diapers changed.

  27. To the LA Times…ANY ammo is too much

  28. avatar Blue says:

    Seriously, 106 rounds for a 12 gauage, 2 9mm, a .380 and an AR15 is seriously short on ammo. He needs a minimum of that for the 9mm and another 90 for the AR, 50 for the shotgun and 50 for the .380 just to be up for an encounter. Of course he is known for 1 shot stops.

    This is what’s wrong with the Lautenberg Amendment. These law dog bastards shouldn’t be allowed to remove all those weapons based on a misdemeanor claim.

  29. avatar Aragorn says:

    A 100 rds of ammo would not last me 5 minutes at the range which is why I have much more than that for every firearm I own.

    This GZ deal smells rotten to the core.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      I think I would be getting a warrant (or subpeana) to review girlfriend’s bank records to see if there have been any large deposits lately from any source related to either Bloomberg or the U.S. Department of Justice/Eric Holder.

      1. avatar Blue says:

        Apparently she had been trying to get a paid national interview several weeks prior to this.

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      Are you saying GZ has been enlisted as the Bad Seed Poster Boy by the anti-gun media? OK, strike “been” from the previous sentence? Is it that?

      I’d be willing to entertain the notion. And see if further evidence develops.

  30. avatar Rob says:

    Wow, they would have a panic attack if they saw the dozen ammo cans full of rounds I keep. I start to get nervous and buy more when I have less than two full 50cal ammo cans of any caliber.

    1. avatar BillF says:

      Thanks for mentioning ammo cans. This article had me tallying up my ammo and I almost forgot the two cans for my Mosin.

    2. avatar SAS 2008 says:

      I also use the 50 cal cans. For the calibers I really stock up on, I have a few 20 mm cans. The 20 mm ones hold quite a bit of ammo but they are a real pain to move when full.

  31. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    The anti gun left has won the semantic war and this is just evidence of it. Whole swaths of America have bought into the assault clip meme. Hence anything greater than 10/7/5 rounds means you’re in pyscho killer territory.

  32. avatar Sarcasm says:

    I’m pretty sure I have at least 106 rounds of ammo in calibers I don’t even own the guns for…

  33. avatar James1000 says:

    I don’t know what the hell any of you are talking about…I don’t own any ammo. You can’t prove anything. Nothing to see here.

    1. avatar Nolan says:

      All my ammo went to the bottom of the river along with all my firearms in that tragic canoe accident.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        I sent all my ammo to George Zimmerman, don’t blame me…

  34. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    In all fairness that would have been a pretty large stash 8 or 10 months ago.

  35. avatar Mr. Pierogie says:

    This article is even worse:

    EDIT: I read it yesterday and the author referred to GZ as a “nut case” multiple times. Seems like they got rid of that.

  36. avatar Anonymous says:

    106 rounds is not enough for even one visit to the range for me.

    I wish everyone could get off the Zimmerman case already – just leave the guy alone.

  37. avatar Paul W. says:

    She’d shit if she saw my closet…and I’m low, only got about 1200 rounds total

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Your ammo fits in a closet?

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        Okay… so yours will fit in a submarine. But will it surface?

  38. avatar Tokamak says:

    That is the Media methodically changing public opinion. They will keep talking about “large ammunition caches” and “Assault Weapons” in such a way as to demonize them and the crazy out of control people that would have them. It’s all part of the grand plan. Seems to be working.

    I really wish old George would just lay low for awhile. He is giving them all the ammunition they need.

    1. avatar john says:

      106 rounds at a time…

    2. avatar Nolan says:

      That seems to be the tactic of choice. They have admitted as such (albeit quietly); here is the money quote from an article at the MDA site:

      “When Mothers Against Drunk Driving began in 1980, drinking and driving was a generally accepted and more regular occurrence. But slowly, after tragic accidents and much heartbreak, MADD helped change the way Americans thought about alcohol and driving. Due to a newfound stigma and legal liability, Americans created the concept of “designated drivers,” bartenders started calling cabs for customers, police set up drunk driving checkpoints during happy hour traffic, and state legislatures started passing laws that made driving under the influence a criminal act.

      That same type of cultural shift must happen with guns. There is little stigma attached to customers bringing gun with them to the grocery store. There is no liability for gun owners who negligently shoot someone else or whose gun is used to cause harm. Thanks to hard work from the gun lobby, gun manufacturers are not held liable for their products. As a result, manufacturers have no financial incentive to make product improvements that would prevent injuries and save lives.

      Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is working hard to affect this shift. Members across the country are educating other moms about the lax gun laws and policies that contribute to so much senseless death in America. And we will continue our work one law at a time, one business at a time, until the culture shifts back toward responsibility and safety.”

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        Does this mean I can bring a Designated Shooter to the grocery store with me?

        1. avatar Nolan says:

          I just want to know when happy hour starts.

        2. avatar William Burke says:

          It just ended. Try again Friday.

        3. avatar Hannibal says:

          Some people I know combine a ‘designated shooter’ with ‘designated driver’ when in a bar if it is legal to do so.

  39. avatar sophia says:

    Snort. I carry a little less than that when shooting a USPSA stage.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      DAMN, Sophia! You’re awesome.

  40. avatar Anmut says:

    I lost all my ammo and guns in a boating accident – but before I did, that amount wouldn’t constitute a “ammo stash” – more like “1/10th of what we’re bringing to the range this afternoon.”

  41. avatar Von says:

    106 rounds…about half a steel challenge.

  42. avatar C says:

    If you can’t win a war with it It isn’t that large.

  43. avatar VSN says:

    I just carried almost 3 times that over states lines. I guess that makes me an arms smuggler.

  44. avatar Jacen says:

    Shit, that’s how many rounds I fires in ONE caliber at a trip to the range.

  45. avatar Cubby123 says:

    LA Times= California= Liberals=Stupidity. OK! it all makes sense now.

  46. avatar Shane says:

    Lets see…

    I have:
    503 in .40
    110 in 10mm
    288 in .308
    144 in 44 mag
    20 in .30-06
    ~800 in .22 mag
    100 in .22

    hmm… I really need to start buying more ammo. That’s hardly enough for a good day at the range!

  47. avatar Firepig says:

    My only question is HOW THE HELL DID HE FIND THE KSG? Those things are hard as hell to find!

  48. avatar Mario says:

    You only have to much ammo if your on Fire or Drowning,

  49. avatar Hegemon says:

    A few thoughts:

    Zimmerman was justified regarding the use of lethal force for his self-defense.

    Martin was a thug and attempted to kill Zimmerman.

    Zimmerman is not exactly the sharpest knife in the draw and borderline moron.

    I have a box of Hydra-Shok in my car, which probably makes it a “war-wagon” according to the LA Times.

    The LA Times has had in it’s possession a video tape of Barack Obama at a fundraiser for a Palestinian JIhad organizer since 2007, which they won’t release because they claim that it would damage the president. Hmm…

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