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You watch an entire video of a shotgun recycling testing machine. Or even part of it. Your turn! What videos have you watched that non-gunnies wouldn’t notice or even consider? Full marks for anyone who’s watched an entire Nutnfancy review. In one sitting. Without fast-forwarding.

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  1. >> Full marks for anyone who’s watched an entire Nutnfancy review. In one sitting. Without fast-forwarding.

    Really? I find his reviews to be quite good, and thorough, and well put together, and entertaining. If you can’t sit through one of his 30 to 45 minute reviews then you’re not really a “gun nut.” What is it about Nutnfancy that the community doesn’t like? His passion for firearms? His passion for freedom? I don’t get the negativity towards him.

    • Nutnfancy was my intro into the world of guns on the internet. From there, I have discovered Hickok45, the Military Arms Channel, and eventually TTAG. Although I still enjoy a Nutnfancy video now and again, he did begin to wear on me by projecting an attitude that he holds a uniquely important position within our community. I get the impression that he knows this is a fault and that he sometimes tries to come across as more humble . . . he’s just not very good at it.

    • I only recently started watching Nutnfancy, and I really like his videos. I don’t know why he would be disliked. I view his videos the same way as anyone’s, as one man’s opinion. I was under the impression the he feels the same way. I seem to hear phrases like “that’s my opinion, for what it’s worth,” or “that’s how I feel about it” quite often.

      • I’ve tried to watch Nutnfancy’s videos, I really have. I just can’t do it. He covers some good stuff, but I only have so much time left before I shuffle off this mortal coil. . .

        Oddly, though, I’ll listen to Hickok’s self-described ramblings from his reloading room-but I’m always doing something else so it’s like listening to talk radio.

  2. The wife makes an accusation that you’d rather talk to your friends on TTAG than to her. You wonder how long you have to talk with her about stuff before you can legitimately take another TTAG break because you just *need* to know what others have to say. Oops. Gotta go

  3. I watched The Matrix just to ID the guns . . . lots of guns. Does that count?

    Oh, and I also watched the remake of Red Dawn so I could write the review for TTAG. No “normal” person could possibly sit through that movie.

    • You saw the new Red Dawn? How did you survive?

      I didn’t actualy like Red Dawn both old and new, always bothered me that the proud, patriotic americans proudly wave AKs.

      • Saw it, reviewed it and swore off kimchee for a month. But I didn’t mind US Americans waving AKs as long as it was after they shot Russkies or NKs with them.

    • There are great rundowns on the internet of guns used in Michael Mann’s movies too [e.g. Collateral & Heat…] He’s the real deal 🙂

    • Didn’t watch the whole thing, I’m not a 1911 guy, but I have to say the CGI animation was AMAZING.

  4. Not video related, but…

    …. When someone ask you how many guns you have and you don’t know because you haven’t inventoried them lately.

    • Completely agree. I love those videos. I live in a urban area 20 miles north of NYC and boy would I love having my own range like he does. Wow. Plus, he gets his hands on all kinds of terrific firearms.

      • seriously. he goes through more ammo in some videos than i can afford through 6 months of shooting. i love his videos even if it does get a little long around 20+ min.

  5. Also not video related, just finished reading Pierre Van Der Walt’s book on african dangerous game cartridges. 450 plus pages of well documented research on actions, cartridges, bullet construction, etc.
    I’ve now made an informed decision on my next rifle purchase to take to Mozambique next year.

  6. My Name is Max and it started with nutnfancy knife videos and then gun vids. I then moved on to the harder stuff like tnoutdoors9 & hickok45.

    • Hi Max!
      My name is Tom and I’m a Hoplohaulic. I too started just plinking. You know, just experimenting with .22’s. Nothing hard core. Then a friend got me to try .357’s. From there I spiraled into control of .30-30’s, .44 mags, etc… I even bought my own reloader at 15.
      Then the industry introduced new firearms into the market place. Before I knew it.
      Well you guys and gals know the rest. Working more hours to get more money to buy more ammo. Selling stuff you don’t use to buy more firearms.
      Happy to say, I’m now into the .50 bmg. I know what you’re saying, “whoa! Dude, you’re out of control”.
      Hey, it’s my life, I’m an adult, I should be able to do whatever I darn well please!
      Anybody need a sponsor?

      • Hi I’m Jay and I’m addicted to guns… it’s just so easy i started with cap guns then water pistols soon i was shooting .177 cal bb guns next thing I knew I was in Basic training at Ft. Knox KY firing 5.56 m16a2s 249 saws 240b m2 and mk19s from there i started buying everything I could, even hi points. Then I started working on my own stuff and selling things and working massive overtime. Now, I’m trying to get the paperwork done to open a gun shop just to try to support my habit. DEAR GOD I NEED HELP!!! (starts sobbing uncontrollably)

        • Oh geez! That’s it. I just lost it.
          Wife: what’s so funny?
          Me: it’s just gun stuff and this guy named Ralph who has an off the charts sense of humor.

        • Welcome, gentlemen. There is no judgment here. Except for Ralph. He just won’t admit he has an addiction.

        • Gentlemen, I feel your pain. I know that the road to recovery is long and arduous and full of pitfalls.Just when you think you have it all under control, a gunshow or new youtube review pops up and you can feel the itch beginning all over again. It is a vicious circle. There is only one known effective cure for your condition. You must divest yourself of all your firearms immediately! Go cold turkey gun! So, in order to give you a more speedy recovery, I shall unselfishly and without a hidden agenda offer myself as your salvation. Send me your guns and ammo and I will see that they go to a good home (mine) where they will be out of your sight and mind. Break the cycle now! And whenever you feel that uncontrollable itch to buy just one more 1911A1, send me the cash to remove the temptation. No need for thanks, I feel that it is my civic duty to step up and help my fellow hoplophiles.

  7. Lol, I was going to say Nutnfancy, but you beat me to it.

    I love his reviews, but someone on Calguns nailed it: they’re like a 16 oz chicken-fried steak encompassed in 32oz of batter

    • That is a very good way to put his videos. I know i tried ot watch his Osprey45 video and it just drove me nuts. Kept reusing the same footage as he rambled on about none important stuff. Cool its a 45 minute video with 10 minutes of actually footage of the suppressor and firing it…

      I do watch hicock45 though. I enjoy how he shoots the guns a lot since he is an impressive shot! That and when he does talk about the gun its often filled with tons of history.

    • i hate yeager, and I’m not a huge fan of FPSrussia. huge fan of Hickock45, Tnoutdoors9, and Mrcolionnior.

  8. You watch Red Jacket’s show on discovery just to point out mistakes (cough tommy gun cough cough)

  9. When you see a “supermodel with a gun” picture, and you focus more on what kind of gun she has than the model herself.

  10. nutnfancy is an amazing contributor to the gun community. He’s devoted a huge amount of resources to share his appreciation for weapon systems. I can’t thank people like him enough for the work they do.

  11. You know you’re a true gun nut when you’d rather use your computer to cruise gun p0rn rather than p0rn p0rn.

  12. You know you’re a gun nut if you overhear some one talking about Moses and you wonder if they mean THE Moses or if they’re talking about John Moses Browning.

    The other proof would be that you know that ACP means Automatic Colt Pistol.

  13. You know you’re a gun nut when you feel physical pain whenever someone says “clip”. The conversation does not even have to be about firearms. They could be talking about office supplies.

  14. Whenever i end up correcting someone who calls an Elisco M16A1 an “M16 armalite rifle” or simply “armalite”.

    And then, i get accused of being a gun nut. Guess that counts. Either that, or it’s just me being OCD about the subject. But hey, i’m still learning a lot.

  15. When you evaluate every purchase in ammo or guns? (I believe economists refer to this as the true cost) As in, “This this washer and dry cost me an Ar-15 and a cheap Kimberly” or “let’s cut the food budget in half, that would get me few boxes of 9mm and .22lr a week!”

  16. You know you’re a gun nut when you have three editions of “Cartridges of the World”.

    And read them.

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