This review of the alloy full-frame Kimber Super Carry Custom 1911 leaves no doubt that a) the weapon is comfortable, accurate and reliable and b) no one taught these guys to rest their right thumb gently over their left (with both digits┬áparallel to the gun) or to wear their cap with the brim facing forward (to stop flying cartridges getting behind your glasses). I would’ve liked to have seen the target after his rapid fire. “They got in the right direction that’s all that matters” doesn’t really cut it. But the real revelation: the Kimber’s finish is wearing off even after a trip back to the company for a re-do, a journey that was accompanied by some major aggro. At $1400 you expect sweetness and light and an unflagging desire and ability to put everything right. Just sayin’.


  1. Hell, that North Carolina law enforcement agency got rid of their expensive ones because they were unreliable and parts fell off. I read Kimber has been under new management/owners for the past while and quality has dropped bigtime.

    Regardless, I’m not impressed with Kimber, and certainly not for the price.


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