Killers of Ahmaud Arbery Sentenced to Life in Prison, No Possibility of Parole for the McMicheals

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This photo combo shows, from left, Travis McMichael, William “Roddie” Bryan, and Gregory McMichael during their trial at at the Glynn County Courthouse in Brunswick, Ga. The men were convicted of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. (Pool, file)

By Russ Bynum, AP

Three men who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery were sentenced Friday to life in prison, with a judge denying any chance of parole for the father and son who armed themselves and initiated the deadly pursuit of the 25-year-old black man.

Murder carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison under Georgia law unless prosecutors seek the death penalty, which they opted against for Arbery’s killing. For Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley, the main decision was whether to grant Greg and Travis McMichael and their neighbor, William “Roddie” Bryan, an eventual chance to earn parole.

The judge ordered both McMichaels to serve life without parole. Bryan was granted a chance of parole, but must first serve at least 30 years in prison.

Arbery’s family asked a judge to show no lenience Friday in sentencing three men.

During the sentencing hearing, Arbery’s sister recalled her brother’s humor, describing him as a positive thinker with a big personality. She told the judge her brother had dark skin “that glistened in the sunlight,” thick, curly hair and an athletic build, factors that made him a target to the men who pursued him.

“These are the qualities that made these men assume that Ahmaud was a dangerous criminal and chase them with guns drawn. To me, those qualities reflect a young man full of life and energy who looked like me and the people I loved,” Jasmine Arbery said.

Arbery’s mother asked for the maximum sentence, saying she suffered a personal, intense loss made worse by a trial where the men’s defense was that Arbery made bad choices that led to his death.

“This wasn’t a case of mistaken identity or mistaken fact. They chose to target my son because they didn’t want him in their community. They chose to treat him differently than other people who frequently visited their community,” Wanda Cooper-Jones said. “And when they couldn’t sufficiently scare or intimidate him, they killed him.”

Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski asked the judge for life without parole for Travis and Greg McMichael and the possibility of parole for Bryan. But she said all deserved that mandatory life sentence for showing “no empathy for the trapped and terrified Ahmaud Arbery.”

Contending the McMichaels still believed they didn’t do anything wrong, Dunikoski disclosed Friday that Greg McMichael gave Bryan’s cellphone video of the shooting to an attorney, who leaked it.

“He believed it was going to exonerate him,” the prosecutor said.

For Travis McMichael, who is 35, the possibility for parole could mean hope for release from prison in his 60s, said Robert Rubin, one of his defense attorneys. He argued that Travis McMichael opened fire only after “Mr. Arbery came at him and grabbed the gun.” But Rubin also acknowledged his client’s decisions to arm himself and chase Arbery were ”reckless” and “thoughtless.”

“They are not evidence of a soul so blackened as to deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison,” Rubin said. “This was not a planned murder. This was a fight over a gun that led to Mr. Arbery’s death.”

Greg McMichael recently turned 66, and Bryan is 52, raising the chances that they would spend the remainder of their lives in prison even if granted a chance of parole.

Greg McMichael’s lawyer, Laura Hogue, said her client has health problems and acknowledged he likely won’t ever get out of prison. But he said granting him a chance at parole would show he didn’t intend Arbery to die, never pulling his gun until his son fired his shotgun.

“Greg McMichael did not leave his home that day hoping to kill,” Hogue told the judge. “He did not view his son firing that shotgun with anything other than fear and sadness. What this jury found was this was an unintentional act.”

Bryan’s lawyer said he should get a chance at parole because he showed remorse and cooperated with police, turning over the cellphone video of the shooting to help them get to the truth.

“Mr. Bryan isn’t the one who brought a gun,” Kevin Gough said. “He was unarmed. And I think that reflects his intentions.”

All three men were also convicted of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment. Maximum prison terms for those counts range from five to 20 years. The judge was likely to allow those additional penalties to be served simultaneously with the life sentences for murder.

Defense attorneys have said they plan to appeal the convictions. They have 30 days after sentencing to file them.

Next month, the McMichaels and Bryan face a second trial, this time in U.S. District Court on federal hate crime charges. A judge has set jury selection to begin Feb. 7. Prosecutors will argue that the three men violated Arbery’s civil rights and targeted him because he was black.

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    • Play stupid games? These men stood up to a violent schizophrenic criminal who was terrorizing their neighborhood.

      Show some solidarity with them. If you don’t defend them, you’re next. Look at how solidarity got Kyle Rittenhouse off!

      • “These men stood up to a violent schizophrenic criminal who was terrorizing their neighborhood“

        Tell yourself that if it makes you feel better.

        The jury saw the evidence and reached a verdict, that’s how the constitution works.

        You didn’t see the evidence and you have no standing in the case so your opinion is just uninformed empty speech.

      • So you have any evidence that he was a “violent, schizophrenic criminal who was terrorizing their neighborhood”? I can say that Biden is a great president, that doesn’t make it true

      • I think that every cretin who wore a white hood to a necktie party said the same thing. Are you a member of the KKK?

        I’m a little wishy washy on the sentence – a lot of murderers have walked after 5 years in prison. But, I guess making an example of these idiots is appropriate.

    • This is clearly another case of white privilege, our justice system is completely broken, and the only solution is to this ongoing problem is to break into Burberry and Hermès and loot all their merchandise, then stop at a random car dealer and set all the cars on fire.

  1. These men were innocent. This was a legit DGU. It’s truly a shame this gun community threw them under the bus.

    Even if you think the trigger puller deserves something- the two other men are being sentenced to life without parole for watching something.

    This is BLM terror.

  2. Did they call the police first? Did they try to get pictures of Arbery looking around the property? Why did they take their firearms with them?

    If they thought he was doing something wrong, they could have followed him until the police arrived and submitted.

    The father had to know how that worked, it is his own damn fault. There is a right way and a wrong way to do these things.

    • Why did they take their firearms with them?

      Arbery was diagnosed in 2018 with schizoaffective disorder, a combination of schizophrenia and mood disorders. Arbery was also a convicted violent criminal. Why wouldn’t they take guns? Open carry is legal in that area.

      The McMichaels were innocent!!!

      • Apparently a “jury of their peers” found otherwise. A moment of stupidity resulting in years of regret and reflection.

        • A jury of their peers that didn’t want to invoke the wrath of the BLM terror organization. FTFY.

        • Yeah… A jury of “peers” that were likely terrified of having their community and homes destroyed with riots and fires if they didn’t arrive at the political correct predetermined verdict.

      • You know who didn’t know any of those facts about Arbery when they decided to take a chance on a dumb citizens arrest, legal or otherwise? The defendants. Don’t put yourself in a needlessly dangerous situation. You’ve no idea what the other party’s training, experience, armament, or mental state is. Why put yourself in danger for something stupid?

      • cannot…You and your like minded outhouse lawyers who think 3 buffoons got something they did not deserve will just have to cry in your beer.
        Had the 3 acted like adults and not snot nosed schoolboys chasing down someone they assumed was a thief in the neighborhood they would not be prison inmates today.

        You and your ilk should learn from their utter incompetence and not repeat it otherwise one day you may find yourselves sitting in the same shthole away from your home, family and freedoms.
        In this scenario the only legal role to play for the 3 buffoons was the simple roles of witnesses and they failed miserably.

        • @Debbie W.

          You have a cartoonish grasp of the law and the facts, but you’re full of moral certainty that stops you from examining and correcting the flaws in your reasoning. I don’t think you can even imagine that you might be wrong or that you’re embarrassing yourself. Your comments on the Arbery case are even dumber than Miner’s.

          You should read through the articles at Legal Insurrection about this case. They’re competent, conservative lawyers, and they have a lot to teach you.

      • So, uh exactly how do you expect people to know those things? Magic 8 ball? Google maps? What? Oh, wait, it’s absolutely impossible.

    • jogger must look like rt66paul’s wife’s son

      Stop trying to rationalize black domestic terrorism.

      • Black domestic terrorism? What was Arbery’s political agenda? Who had he terrorized in that neighborhood? What was he doing moments before the confrontation? Don’t even compare this to the riots we saw last year. You can argue he was a criminal and mentally unstable, but not a terrorist. This isn’t the line in the sand that defines how far we let actual terror and violence dictate our lives and control our country.

      • ashamed…You should be ashamed of your lack of intelligence, your bigotry and just being nothing more than white trash.

        • I’m sure his mama is ashamed enough for both of them. Grandma’s shame is just icing on the cake.

      • Stick that where the sun doesn’t shine. Pictures to the local law enforcement and sworn affidavits should be enough for the police to go and take a long look at this enterprising fellow’s lifestyle. I am NOT defending this guy, it is just a little over the top for 3 civilians to stop him at the point of a long gun in this day of computer picture IDs.

        While I don’t believe the bit about jogging through that neighborhood any more than others, the “shoot him before he runs, now” is a little Jim Crowe in this century.
        I think these men went too far.

  3. These men were innocent. This was a legit DGU. It’s truly a shame this gun community threw them under the bus.

    Even if you think the trigger puller deserves something- the two other men are being sentenced to life without parole for watching something.

    This is BLM terror.

    • Show me 1 piece of evidence that Arbery was ever associated with BLM. Provide any indication at all he wasn’t just a stoner punk who made bad life choices, and was in fact trying to rule the whites by terrorisng their neighborhood through burglary of copper wire from empty construction projects. BLM might have an agenda that encourages terror, but don’t conflate every crime or potential crime committed by a minority as a racial political statement. You’ll only feed the narrative that society is racist. Your fear of minorities shows through your ignorance.

      • I think ashamed was positing that the BLM movement intimidated the jurisdictional authorities, the court, and the jury.

    • “BLM terror”? What was he doing, that they witnessed, that supports that claim? Was he torching a police precinct or throwing concrete filled milkshake cups at people? Was he looting a store or beating a right wing journalist with a bike lock? Was he blocking traffic or threatening random white people with a gun?

      If I see you minding your own business, would it be legitimate for me to stop you, threaten you with a shotgun, and then blow you away for objecting to that action?

    • Yeah, maybe I’d agree with you, if Arbery had to drop a table saw, and three toolboxes filled with tools before he reached for the shotgun. Unfortunately for your story, the man was standing in his shorts, T-shirt, and a film of sweat when he was murdered. No evidence of a crime, no evidence of a weapon, no evidence of anything, except being black while running.

  4. Gregory McMichael spent most of his adult life as a law enforcement officer. How ironic that he will spend his retirement as a convict.

    • Ya can’t lynch a guy for walking in yer house under construction. Was an ex-con guilty? Likely yes. The biggest “loser” is the buddy who video taped the event

      • No- but you can open carry in that area. And “jogger” attacked them. What was he supposed to do, just give jogger his gun?

        • I’d say they probably could have avoided putting themselves in that situation to begin with. We’re they trying to stop an ongoing crime? No, the thug didn’t have any I’ll gotten gains with him. You have a picture of him, why try and make an arrest you aren’t paid to do? Let the cops be the janitors who clean up. Harder for a thug or his surviving family to argue he “feared for his own life so he tried to fight back,” when clearly marked LE make an arrest vs when three random guys waving long guns in pickups try to.

        • Maybe don’t confront joggers with guns drawn? Maybe stay back a block and wait for the po-po?

        • He attacked them after they threatened him. You’re making it sound like the idiots were minding their own business while open carrying and Arbery attacked them out of nowhere, which isn’t even remotely true. They were the aggressors. Period.

      • Well, he actually used his car to try and box the guy in at one point, so he went from bystander to active participant.

        I still don’t know how he thought video would exonerate him.

    • Gives that extra ankle support when “jogging” across unlandscaped yards and up planks into unfinished houses. Might even need to jump out of a patio door opening to the backyard real quick. Safety first.

    • I’ve jogged in work boots before. The extra weight makes for good resistance training, plus the ankle support can be useful if you’re not the most coordinated. None of which is me being sarcastic, I’m 100% serious

    • Laugh all you like – I spent most of my life running in Engineer’s boots, Navy boondockers, Marine combat boots, or Wolverine half-Wellingtons. No “cowboy” boots – those high heels and pointy toes will either trip you up, or break an ankle.

  5. Even if you think the McMichaels shouldn’t have legally open carried, or chased after a man breaking in and terrorizing their neighborhood- this case it larger than that now.

    This case was about race. Should whites be able to defend themselves from violent blacks? If you cheered on this conviction- just know that if you have to defend yourself against a black person, you’re going to be thrown under the bus just like the gun community did with the McMichaels.

    Think of the world your children will grow up in. If your daughter calls the cops on the black guy, she’ll loose her job and get convicted of a hate crime. If your son shoots a violent schizophrenic black man while he’s committing a crime, your son will end up like the McMichaels.

    • Blm yada yada yada…The Right of self defense remains alive and well. However you cannot call it self defense after you have chased down and trampled all over another individual’s civil rights. I suggest you stfu and pull your head out of your butt and cease trying to defend the indefensible.

      • I see why your husband left you.

        Debbie has previously admitted that she got divorced, a grave sin according to Jesus.

      • You don’t have a right to commit crimes. Typical giant child behavior, projecting your inferiority onto men.

      • Ah yes, why make anything even remotely resembling a rebuttal when you can go “hUrr duRr, muh REEEcism!”

    • “a man breaking in and terrorizing their neighborhood“

      Your racist lies are clear indication that America has a systemic racism problem.

      There was no evidence that Arbery had stolen anything, and there was no testimony by any witnesses at trial that Arbery had stolen anything or committed any crime more serious than casual trespass.

  6. Case lost any legitimacy the second known race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson weren’t banned from the courtroom.

    • “Case lost any legitimacy the second known race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson weren’t banned from the courtroom“

      The guilt of the murderers was not established by who was in the spectators gallery at the courtroom, their guilt was established by their racist attack on Arbery

  7. All this, because three people thought they should risk their lives in a citizens arrest over what would ammount, at most, to maybe a few hundred dollars in lost tools or material had Arbery been there to steal and actually taken something. Lesson: If lives, livelihoods, or grevious bodily harm isn’t at risk, be a good, armed witness and wait for LE to arrive. I’m not saying “be a good victim and let the criminal have what they want,” but consider a cost/benefit analysis before you act. Even if the shoot ends up justified, do you want the potential PTSD that goes along with surviving a violent attack and taking a life, just to save a few hundred dollars that you’ll have to spend on a lawyer anyway?

    • CannotComply seems to comply with black schizophrenic terrorists terrorizing your neighborhood …

      Stop trying to weasel out of your shameful lack of support for these good men who are now going to prison the rest of their lives.

      • Good men? Maybe. Dumb men? Hard to argue otherwise. If someone threatens to do you harm, by all means, fight back with what legal force you can muster or carry. But who was Arbery terrorizing exactly? Did he frequent that area and threatened people, steal things, or destroy property? There’s LE for a reason. Let them do their job. Why put yourself in both physical, and potentially legal, jeopardy over some copper wire when you aren’t paid to do it? Being a good neighbor? The owner of the construction site even said nothing was missing.

      • If I could hazzard a guess based on nothing but assumptions, you likely think anyone who’s ever committed a crime should be shot (perhaps even without a trial first). Or perhaps you believe that your life and freedom is worth laying on the line for every minor criminal act you potentially witness. In which case I agree, your life probably isn’t worth much more than those minor crimes.

        • You do realize that armed robbery shot himself, correct? Or do you feel that guns magically don’t go off if you yank something into the trigger?

      • Iwantoffthisride is clearly watching a different video than everyone else if they belive Arbery shot himself and was “armed.” Not only did the Son admit, multiple times,that he shot Arbery, but I don’t see Arbery armed with anything other than his fists before he tries to wrestle the gun away. I noticed your post at the end of all this seems to confirm your asinine beliefs.

  8. If this was in Chicago (and, obviously, if they had been Black), they would have received an extra EBT card and extra spending money. Location, location, location.

  9. I see the provocation posters are attempting to earn their keep here today- I wonder how much they’re getting paid.


  11. …and three more of Geoff the Florida Pervert’s family members bite the dust 🤣🖕🤡!

  12. This isn’t the first time men have gotten themselves in trouble trying to stop a perceived or known wrong.

    What wasn’t thought about in the moment is, how will the outcome affect my family and friends?

    Was property crimes worth putting them through all of this?

    It would be different if there was apparently imminent harm to life and limb of an innocent, but even in that case, once an investigation/trial is over and you are exonerated, you will still have put your family and friends through a terrible ordeal.

    Also getting too close to a suspect is dangerous, especially if they are in better physical condition. It doesn’t take long to close a gap. I’ve seen several videos where even police get too close and nearly lose their life.

    I think there are lessons to learn on how, when and if to confront a criminal. Which is going to go better? Video of the property crime taking place to give to the po po when they show up, or you killing someone where the evidence of danger is lacking or weak?
    Another question to ask yourself. Is it possible they may be on PCP or other mind altering product that will make them immune to blood loss or pain or incapacitation long enough for them to kill you?

    • All valid points! I would further add that if you’re going to attempt a citizens arrest, it is imperative that you actually WITNESS, behind a shadow of doubt, the alleged offense. The optics of this would be very different had they known with 100% certainty that the deceased had in fact committed the alleged crime. If all you have are suspicions, that’s what the police and courts are for, to investigate potential crimes and ascertain the accuracy of any allegations.

      And if you’re going to threaten a stranger with lethal force, you damn well better be fully prepared for everything that comes next. The fact that these morons filmed everything, showing them in the worst possible light, shows just how little judgement they possess. There’s a time and a place for the righteous to engage in offensive violence, but it should be undertaken with the gravity the situation warrants

      • Read the relevant Georgia law. There’s far more leniency with a citizen’s arrest (which is somehow different from when a citizen employed to enforce laws makes an arrest) if the crime in question is a felony.

    • The funny thing? I believe that some of us pale skinned people in this discussion might actually have persuaded Arbery to stop and talk for a minute or two, if we were so inclined. Approaching a man in a non-threatening manner, and talking to him politely and calmly often has that result. “Hey, Buddy, can I talk to you for a minute?” Of course, that doesn’t work so well when you’re waving around a shotgun.

      • Why would you ever be so stupid as to “politely” approach someone who had been caught on video committing felonies in your neighborhood?

        • Why would you ever approach someone PERIOD who you believed or knew was committing felonies in your neighborhood, if they weren’t currently threatening anyone’s safety and you had them on video and could provide it to the police? Why go “good neighbor Rambo” on em and become a wannabe cop when you aren’t paid to, and lives and livelihoods aren’t on the line? Go back to your toll hole. I support gun ownership for all, even felons who have served their time, but your stupidity causes me to question that firmly held belief.

        • “someone who had been caught on video committing felonies in your neighborhood?“

          You are spreading disinformation, there is no video of Arbery committing any felonies in the neighborhood.

          The McMichaels had not witnessed Arbery committing any felonies.

        • “who had been caught on video committing felonies in your neighborhood”

          You are lying to further your racist agenda, there was no video evidence Arbery had committed any felonies in the neighborhood and there was no witness testimony that Arbery had committed any felonies in the neighborhood.

      • That could work in many parts of the country, but 3 white men in a white(redneck?) area questioning a black man who had been snooping around a home construction site would probably not end well, either. It would be best to get everything on video and then turn it into the Po po.
        Having guns at ready would just scare anyone. I agree that he should not have been snooping around, maybe if he were looking at how the construction was done from the street or something…… But, his going into the unfinished building is suspicious and he should have been very nervous. Teaching him a lesson went out in the 60s, that is for LE.

  13. Jesus, the paid trolls are out in force today! Trying to make us look bad, obviously. But, to anyone who truly believes these guys did nothing wrong, ask yourself this: the thugs didn’t actually witness a crime, they merely suspected one. So, if you think they are innocent, you’re saying that if I *think* you maybe committed a crime, I can accost you with a shotgun and then when you grab for it I’m within my rights to drop you. That’s completely insane. Let me ask the many daily carriers here: if a stranger drove past you and then blocked you in with his truck, then aimed a firearm at you, how would you respond? Would you comply or would you fight back?

    Even if the deceased was guilty of stealing, they didn’t actually witness the alleged action, which makes them in the wrong. You can’t threaten a stranger with deadly force over a mere suspicion and expect to be the hero. Hopefully someone leaks the elder’s previous occupation to the other inmates in his facility.

    • Dunno about “paid” trills Red.If you can’t tell the difference between BLM and a lynching chances are you’re a stormfront pos…

    • It doesn’t take paid trolls to make anyone look bad. All it takes is sellouts and boomers that go with the media cycle and what they perceive as socially acceptable, lest they be called raciss!

      • what the hell are you talking about? it is not legal for three people to shoot one unarmed person based only on suspicions of a property crime. that is why the jury convicted these three’s of breaking the law.

    • Under Georgia law, the suspicion of the commission of a felony is sufficient for a (not employed to enforce laws) citizen’s arrest. You’re also ignoring that armed robbery shot HIMSELF by yanking on a loaded gun.
      The thing you aren’t smart enough to comprehend or are being deliberately disingenuous about is that he was actually committing felonies. If I were out committing crimes and was then pursued by armed men, “try to fight them unarmed” is at the bottom of the list of things I’d do. “Run” and “call the police” are at the top of that list, whether or not I had been committing crimes or was armed myself.

      • So…to be clear…if you were in that situation, innocent of a crime or not (and there’s a LOT of debate as to if Arbery actually committed any felony during the time of the killing, let alone if the defendanta witnessed it or merely suspected it) and someone blocked you, multiple times, with trucks and jumped out at you with a long gun, you would pause to call 911, and also keep running like you hadn’t been running for several miles with trucks chasing you the whole way? I want to make sure it clear how insane of a tactic you’re postulating.

      • Oh and quick follow up, suspicion of a felony IS NOT enough under Georgia law for a citizens arrest. “Probably and reasonable grounds” (probable cause) is is required for a citizen to arrest someone fleeing a felony. Let me ask you a question, what evidence did they have he was fleeing the felony of burglary? Did he have stolen goods in his hands? No? So why think he committed any crime short of trespass? And unlike you troglidite, I actually cite my facts:

      • “he was actually committing felonies“

        There is no evidence Arbery was committing felonies and the McMichaels had not witnessed him commit any crime.

  14. Well piss,cant watch the video because it transfers me to YouTube which loads up Aryuna Nimmave, then I start listening to her and forget all about some jackasses doing jackass things.

  15. What’s saddest of all is that over the past four or five years the newer people commenting here just prove that there are just as many brainless morons who like guns as there are those who want to ban them.

    • Your post does not have any bearing on the case at hand, the McMichaels had not witnessed Arbery commit any felonies and there was no video evidence of Arbery committing felonies in the neighborhood.

      • And another thing, why are you not posting under the ‘dacian’ name you normally use for ur real stupid stuff.
        You can play your SJW word and semantics games all you want, but the fact still remains documented in the actual court records that show Arbery was not the angel you SJW want to make him out to be.

        • While it’s in the court records, just like with police shootings, the relevant facts are what did the defendants know at the time of the shooting. Arbery could have been a terrorist on the FBI watch list with 20 counts of homicide under his belt, but if the defendants didn’t know that at the time it has no bearing on their decision making that led to the shooting. Paint the deceased with any brush you like, but the only thing that matters in a shooting is what everyone knew at the time, how they reacted, and if a reasonable person would do the same. What the defendants knew about the deceased was scant, and they at best suspected him of burglary, which is not enough under Gerogia law to conduct a citizens arrest. See my earlier post for a link to the law.

        • @CannotComply

          I never said the defendants were right.

          I’m just tired of all this SJW crap trying to portray the guy as some type of saint because he was black.

  16. The prosecution came nowhere near proving that even the shooter intended to kill Arbery before the fight. A sentence of life without parole even for the shooter was an over the top politically motivated statement. A conviction on negligent homicide for the shooter and perhaps as much as a life with chance of parole would have been a morally defensible outcome. There is little if any evidence that these men while arguably very foolish are monsters that will kill if not imprisoned for the rest of their lives. There has been a lot of virtue signalling in this comment section on this topic. If you won’t speak your mind on matters of justice because you fear that you will be called a racist, you are a coward. All that is required for justice to be subverted is for people to just go along with things like this just because they are afraid.

    • Because I accidentally deleted this comment the first time I typed it I end up forgetting to mention that, as Andrew Branca pointed out, the judge gave the jury very ambiguous instructions that were very dangerous for the defendants. She royally effed the the defendants with those instructions.

  17. Arbery was a convicted thief.
    Arbery was a convicted felon
    Arbery was on felony probation the day he died.
    Arbery was high when he fought for the shotgun.

    Arbery had a deteriorating mental health condition and was off his meds the day he died. He had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, which is often characterized by uncontrolled violence, aggression, and poor impulse control. He had been violent prior to the day he died. He was prescribed Zyprexa (olanzapine) to control his schizoaffective disorder. Blood tests performed after Arbery’s death indicated absolutely no detectable Zyprexa in his system, meaning he was literally “off his meds” on the date he charged Travis McMichael and fought for control of the shotgun.

    Arbery frequently used the excuse of “jogging” as a cover to facilitate theft activities. In October 2018 he was caught inside a mobile home – when deputies arrived he fled and later when they caught him he falsely claimed that he “was just out running.” In 2019 and 2020 Arbery was repeatedly seen attempting to enter neighboring homes through their windows, when caught and confronted he would “take off running” then later claim he didn’t do it and was “was just out running.” In 2019 and 2020 local convenience store owners began to refer to Arbery as “the jogger”, he would run up in front of convenience stores, go through stretching motions and then enter the convenience store to grab merchandise then flee with the stolen merchandise.

    Arbery had repeatedly cased the 220 Satilla Drive address for weeks prior his death. Caught on surveillance video on October 25, 2019 – November 18, 2019 – February 11, 2020 (this time along with an eye witness report and 911 call where he was actually inside the property) – and again on February 23, 2020 the day he died…. he fled the property after once again being spotted and caught on surveillance video.

    Arbery was not an angel, he was not a saint … he was a criminal.

    You SJW’s, stop trying to treat him like he was perfect and innocent and a saint.

    My wife was attacked by two armed men (one with a gun the other a knife), they were trying to abduct then rape her. I arrived and engaged on a fire fight with them, I shot both, one died and the other paralyzed. The one paralyzed is still in prison. Before targeting my wife they had abducted and raped three other women. Their histories are very close to that of Ahmaud Arbery, its uncanny how close it is. These two continued to escalate until they reached the abduction/rape stage before they were stopped, both had a diagnosed deteriorating mental health condition of schizoaffective disorder. I was called a racist, a murderer, a monster while the brief ‘investigation’ was going on – but I was not arrested and got a clean bill of health for defense of another. DGU is not all rainbows, lollipops, and cute fuzzy puppies – its really messy sometimes especially when the bad guy is a different race than you.

    Ahmaud Arbery would have most likely continued to escalate over time, he had already shown a propensity to do that, not saying for a fact he would but the odds of him not doing so were not in his favor as his mental health condition progressed and continued to deteriorate, there is no cure for his mental health condition and it continues to deteriorate until its no longer controllable and eventually medication quits working even if he were taking it. It was only a matter of time before he joined the ranks of those known broadly as ‘violent offenders’.

    The guys that shot him may not have known everything about him, they may not have followed the letter of the law. But they may have saved a life at some point in the future, probably near future, because it was probably only a matter of time before Arbery didn’t turn and run away when caught trying to break into a home and decided to go on the attack.

    Every time I see the name Ahmaud Arbery, I think of those two guys I shot saving my wife. His history is so close to those two guys its uncanny from the theft to the gun conviction to the home burglary to the shoplifting to the mental health disorder.

    I am not sorry Ahmaud Arbery got killed, but I’m not sorry for the guys that shot him either. But I am glad one more escalating violent criminal is out of circulation, I’ve seen what happens when they are not taken out of circulation and they are not saints or angels.

    • “Judge Timothy Walmsley ruled that Arbery’s past, including the alleged convenience store thefts, were not relevant to the case because the defendants were not aware of it at the time of the shooting.

      The prosecution also planned to show the jury Arbery’s Nike running shoes during medical examiner Dr. Edmund Donoghue’s testimony, in effort to support their argument that he was a jogger who was unfairly targeted.

      However, the state ultimately changed course after the defense argued the presentation of Arbery’s shoes could lead to arguments about his activities the day of the shooting.

      Men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery had a history of racists posts and messages

      The court denied the prosecution’s request to present all social media posts and text messages to the jury that allegedly demonstrated the men in Ahmaud Arbery’s murder trial had a history of racism.

      Prosecutors said they wanted to introduce into evidence against Travis McMichael a ‘racial highway video Facebook post,’ ‘a Racial Johnny Rebel Facebook post’ and a racial text message, all posted or sent in 2019.

      They wanted to admit into evidence an ‘Identity Dixie Facebook post’ and ‘Racial Johnny Rebel Facebook post’ against Gregory McMichael.“

      • and so? No bearing (that sound familiar?)

        I never said the guys convicted were angels or saints. On the other hand you tried the classic SJW trick to suppress and ignore any ‘negative’ discussion of Arbery by disparaging it with ‘No bearing’ when now by your own actions i8ndircetly admit that such negative discussion of either party apparently has ‘bearing’ because of what you post.

        So you admit now, by comparison, that Arbery was everything I posted.

        I am not sorry Ahmaud Arbery got killed. I am not going to apologize for it nor am I going to apologize for the guys that got convicted. Your SJW games expressing your latent racism tendencies do not make me feel guilty or responsible. I do not share your contrived internet keyboard ‘outrage’. I do not share your immaturity in not recognizing the world for what it really is. I do not share your tunnel visioned view that ‘racism’ was the problem here even if there may have been a history of expression of racism.

        I am glad one more escalating violent criminal is out of circulation. His family seems to not have cared enough to keep him out of circulation knowing his history and mental condition. His friends seems to not have cared enough to keep him out of circulation knowing his history and mental condition, and in fact in many ways encouraged him to continue down his path towards ‘violent offender’ status (some friends huh).

        Those closest to him did not care enough to keep him out of circulation to stop him from committing crimes. Yet you come now with your SJW crap expressing outrage because some guys posted some racism stuff on the internet and Arbery was finally taken out of circulation by a fate he was going to encounter sooner or later because none closest to him or anyone else cared enough to see to it that he was not in circulation committing crimes. Those closest to him cared not but now they shed tears, and you show up with contrived angst and cry about it, pretending Arbery was a saint and deserving of recognition for his fate of being a black man set upon by ‘racists’ white men. In reality with no one else to keep him out of circulation to keep him from committing crimes this was probably going to be Arbery’s fate at some point by the hand of someone else when he broke into another home and/or escalated to become more violent, he just encountered these guys before someone else.

        It was only a matter of time before he came across someone that would take him out of circulation one way or another, it could have been an armed home owner or an armed person he was violent towards or it could have been the law or (unlikely) the ‘mental health’ system – but those closest to him did nothing at all to keep him out of circulation to keep him from committing crimes. He just happened to encounter these now convicted guys and they too are not saints and angels. But Arbery, his time was probably limited anyway and he was escalating and with no intervention from those closest to him nor the law nor the health system, and they did not intervene, it was only a matter of time before he became more violent and someone else who was armed took him out of circulation.

        Arbery is not just a guy killed as a result of the actions of these white guys now convicted. He is a victim of everyone who could have helped him stay alive but didn’t by keeping him out of crime committing circulation and they share the blame as well – so why don’t you are your SJW buddies go contrive a little ‘ire’ at those that could have done something but did not.

  18. It’s interesting how the racists also seem to type like they have single digit IQs. Very telling.

    While an argument can be made that the sentencing is harsh, these three idiots grabbed their rifles, hopped in a pickup truck, and chased a black man down. That’s the definition of a lynching. Everything they did was wrong. They handled it incorrectly from start to finish.

  19. There was problems here from all angles. Do any of you have relatives that should be on this type of medicine? My brother’s wife was supposed to take it and wouldn’t, he ended up divorcing her just to be able to keep the kids, she lived in a van, came around harassing the kids at school and self medicating with with street drugs. She did not like how they made her feel, she died of pneumonia. Fast forward 10 years, my brother died of MS and his daughter is 18, exhibiting the same problems. She was diagnosed in school, but, just like dear old mom, won’t take the meds and self medicates with street drugs. She gets put on a 72 hr hold, she comes down from the drugs and gets dumped out on the street without being held longer to see the problems manifest. Different states can only do so much and LE is left to fix it.
    There is no fix…. There needs to be mental hospitals where the patients are forced to take the meds or get locked down, but that won’t happen, they just inflict these people on the good citizens of the county and/or state where they live.

  20. And today we learned that unless there is an immediate threat to your life, mind your own business.

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