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Our man Oleg Volk offers another bite at the proverbial cherry with some more pics of the much-discussed Kel-Tec KSG 12ga Bullpup Shotgun. The weapon’s 14+1 capacity and “is it legal yes it is” length seems to be playing a fairly prominently role in the firearms fraternity buzz. I wonder why that is . . . Make the jump for a shot of the same weapon with a night vision monocle. Meanwhile, what’s up with the all-white background? Is he in heaven?

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  1. It looks cool, but what would a civilian do with it? It might be just the ticket for taking out insurgents in Kandahar, but seems like overkill for home defense or giggles at the range. What am I missing?

    • SHTF, Katrina, L.A. Riots, Financial Collapse, looters. I don’t live in a fancy gated community. I live in a rough hood with gangs… You cant always relay on a civil society. SH*T HAPPENS! This country is headed for BIG problems, I want maximum legal firepower to protect my family….
      Open your eyes my friend,,, we are NOT immune to what us happening to Europe right now and all the riots ,,, the economy is NOT going to just turn around, it is going to get MUCH worse before it gets better… When people loose everything, they loose it….

    • “What am I missing?”

      Disasters and Zombie Apocolypses aside… All the attributes that make for a good “combat” weapon (portability, ease of handling, pointability, multi-shot capability and acceptable accuracy) apply equally to hunting firearms. There are lot’s of .22lr pumps and lever guns out there with similar magazine capacities being used every day, so I see no real issue with this shotgun. It may be argued that no one “needs” something like this for hunting but then no one “needs” to hunt either.

      • You are obviously a city person, I was brought up on steady diet of squirrel, it cost $0.49 for a box of 50 – 22 shorts and if you were decent shot and selected your shots you got 50 squirrels. We had squirrel as often as possible, we raised chickens and they cost more than the squirrels. With unemployment reaching at least 10% never say we do not need to hunt. We had to when I was young and some still have to.

  2. Just like a ZR6 Corvette, or a Boss 302 Mustang, or any Ferrari, they look cool but what need would a civilian ever have for one?

    Need hasn’t a single thing to do with it. There is no “needs test”. I want.

  3. Ralph, this is actually a very utilitarian design. Would you think for a home defense situation you would rather handicap yourself with a 5 or 7 round magazine? Common sense says the more ammo you can reasonably carry on the gun the better.

    Also, overall length. The KSG is as short as you can legally use. 18.5″ bbl and a 26.5″ overall length. What is a better weapon for home defense? A 26.5″ shotgun that’s shorter than holding a pistol out in front with 15 rounds or a 26″ bbled birdgun with 6 rounds ?

    If you say the birdgun, you haven’t ever cleared a doorway.

    • Honestly though Ralph, why would you ever question a civilians “need” to own a weapon. We shouldn’t require a need. It is our given right as American’s to keep and bear arms. The restrictions in place are already too stringent.

      But to argue the utilitarian nature of this weapon, as already stated, the more rounds the better, you never know the situation you’ll be faced with. Being a bullpup, the weapon also sports a shorter OAL than weapons with a similar barrel length, offering greater maneuverability.

  4. Ralph, can you think of a compelling reason why such a firearm should not be made available to the general public? Besides a biased reaction against it’s military looks? This isn’t even the first mass produced bullpup pump action 12 gauge either: Mossberg made a variant of their Model 500 in a bullpup configuration. Same internals as the millions of other Mossberg 500s in circulation.

    Pic here (copy/paste)

    Besides looking like it came out of the Colonial Marines armory in “Aliens”, it’s nothing too earth shattering. It kicks ass in ammo capacity, and is more compact than even a “sawed off” shotgun, while still being 100% legal to own without an NFA tax stamp.

  5. A shoulder fired firearm with an overall length short enough to allow it to be maintained in the firing position as moving sideways through a doorway so as to dominate the blind-spot of a room is very effective for home-defense when a search of your home may be warranted depending on the variables at play. The alternative is to carry a firearm with long length requiring the shooter to unshoulder or move the rifle out of the firing position and pistols that require either extension of the arms or close retention holds with loss of accuracy. A short overall length firearm is ideal for home-defense. The perceived danger is that they are highly concealable by criminals, but particularly in the case of shotguns criminals can already illegally convert a full sized shotgun into a short barreled shotgun or “sawed off shotgun. One of the added benefits I look forward to with the KSG is that it’s very light weight at less than 7 lbs and it’s short OAL of 26.1″ with a full sized 18.5” barrel will make it very convient for hunting. The ability to select loads from buck shot to slug is also a very nice feature. Appears to be a highly practical shotgun.

  6. can’t folks just own guns to shoot at targets? that gun looks fun as hell to shoot! Id line up 14 jugs of water and blast away.

  7. Here’s an application I didn’t see mentioned. I’m handicapped and it’s the perfect shotgun for one who shoots sitting down. A conventional shotgun is flat out too long, A shotgun fitted with a folding tactical stock helps a bit however the butt is not shoulder friendly and it’s still a full sized shotgun with the butt open. A 12 ga Pistol Butt “street sweeper” is tough to aim and hang on to when fired. The Bull Pup design uses a conventional Mossberg/Maverick 500 as is, no alterations needed as the compactness is the result of the receiver being pushed back into the shoulder stock. The odd geometry by my estimation also reduces the recoil, maybe somebody with a physics / engineering background can say why. Mine measures 28-3/4″ long and with plenty of places to hang on to it, it’s very easy for me to handle. At first lift it appears to be a heavy rascal but, that’s more a matter of its misleading visual smallness, you just don’t expect it to be as heavy as it is. I found the second safety in the form of a raised squeeze bar down the back of the rear hand grip annoying when quickly raising the gun to stop the forward progress of a flushed bird so I disconnected it. The normal safety functions as always. The trigger pull is rather odd due to the internal linkage that connects it to the original trigger. That issue I believe can be improved when I get a chance. The appearance of the Bull Pup gets mixed reviews just as it did on this forum. To my eye the flat black glass fiber reinforced plastic leaves a lot to be desired but the same stock carved out of exotic wood with a high gloss finish would look pretty stupid. It’s perfect for my situation and nobody is going to mistake a chubby old guy in a wheelchair for a Navy Seal on a covert op any way,

  8. I live in Alaska and it is always nice to have some bear deterrent for when we get off the fishing boat. This thing is perfect for boating, hiking, etc…

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