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“Today we must vote, and when in doubt, I believe that if we err, we ought to do so on the side of freedom and the continued protection of our most basic constitutional rights,” said no gun grabbing civilian disarmament advocate in the history of the world ever. Rather, those were the words of Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle on the passage — on a largely party line 31-7 vote — of a bill repealing the licensing requirement for concealed carry in The Sunflower State. Kansans will still have the option to get a state-issued permit if they want to take advantage of other states’ reciprocity laws. The bill now moves onto the House where it’s expected to get a similar level of support.   [h/t Mike H.]

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  1. Well this is a pleasant turn.

    It took a fairly long time for them to create their permit process, as I recall; I had to disarm going through there. Now, they are going to beat CO to constitutional carry. Good on ’em.

    • oops–posted mine before I saw yours. As I recall, Brownback used to be pretty solid–has he backslid?

      • Never know these days… So many people ignorant to firearm ownership.

        Judging by the fact that it’s Kansas, I think he’ll vote favorably.

      • He’s pro-amnesty and has been for the full decade I have been in KS. I truly hope he goes full constitutional carry, though. We shall see.

    • Brownback pushed some legislation last year to force preemption on Open Carry, even including all Gov’t buildings that don’t have metal detectors. It also invalidated a whole lot of anti-ccw signage. He’ll sign it.

  2. Where is Kansas, Governor-wise? Sign or veto? If this keeps up, all the states will be issuing permits only for use in all the other states–haha!

    • It seems like something he would sign

      He already did preemption on non state level gun laws and signed the second amendment protection act, like the Montana firearms freedom act but making it a crime to enforce federal gun laws on the exempted arms (getting sued by the brady bunch on that one.) He also signed into law mandatory cleo signatures on class 3 stuff so if you want a registered silencer or machine gun, because you don’t want to rely on the second amendment protection act, you don’t need to set up a trust because of an uncooperative police chief.

      So yeah I might place a bet or two on him signing it when it gets there. I like living here more and more every day

  3. Every time a state goes Constitutional Carry, I feel a little warmer inside.

    Despite the noise gun grabbing orgs make and the media coverage they get, the American people just aren’t buying it. Gun ownership and Constitutional Carry at an all time high, crime at an all time low, and anti-gun politicians getting hit hard in national and local elections. Me gusta.

  4. Whenever something like this happens, the other side always says that it will be the Wild West with blood in the streets. And when nothing happens…

    Test states like this are perfect examples to demonstrate how ridiculous their arguments really are

    • Would be interesting if we made a dated copy of each ‘blood in the streets article’ and sent it along with actual crime reports to the reporter a year after the bill goes in effect.

    • Day-am! First “gunfight at the OK corral, rivers of blood in the streets” that I recall was 1987, speaking of FL “shall issue”. We’re coming up on 30 years later, now, and they still pony up the same silliness! This is exceptionally fine news!

      • Larry,

        Now you know they meant to say “Gunfight at the OC Corral,” right? Run around OCing and there will be blood up to a horse’s bridle.

  5. But we are still recovering from the wild west rivers of blood that ensued when we did this in Arizona!! /Sarc

    Bravo kansas!

    • Here in Wyoming, the snowbanks are positively red with the blood that would be running in the streets if it were not for the sub-zero temperatures.

      And let’s not forget that those hippies in Vermont have been shooting each other in the streets whilst fighting over jugs of maple syrup for years now.

      • What never seems to occur to these morons is that most of us are decent people by *choice*, not because some law forces us to be (as though that were even possible).

        I’m always amazed by the inability of lefties to see the non-results their policies generate and the non-events that they warn of if their policies aren’t used. An example of the former would be exploding entitlement payments over the past 40 years with essentially no change in poverty. Spending more and getting nothing for it. Examples of the latter would be the fear mongering over expanded firearms ownership and climate change. The sky has been falling for 40 years now according to these luddite hippies and yet still hasn’t crashed down yet. It must be a ways up there.

  6. Thank you to the folks in and from Kansas for showing a bit of sanity in an otherwise insane country.
    And for indirectly telling our President and his ilk to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  7. Congratulations Kansas, and thank you. Your victory in your home state will help the rest of us abroad in our ambitions.

  8. Despite Gov. Abbot’s theater about liberty and open carry in Texas you still have to kneel before DPS, pay and grovel for permission. Texas pays lip service to freedom but is still a statist government. I exercise my rights here regardless…..

    • Sadly, there’s a lot of truth to that. But there are ways you can carry without a license (carry in your car, carry on premises under your control, or with the permission of the person who controls the premises, carry from your car to such places, etc. )

    • Yes, despite all the Texas rah, rah Joe Strauss is still Speaker of the House. Despite being nominally a Republican, he’s hardly a conservative. Instead he’s a RINO/Statist of the first order, the kind of guy who brags about being liked by the liberal Democrats. That fact that he remains in that position, and has been repeatedly voted into it by Texas Republican politicians, is a pretty graphic example of what political reality is like—Austin, Texas style.

  9. I loved living in Kansas. I had to move from there last June, but It was great for guns. Especially coming from MA. Now I am in NC and they have the damn pistol permits. I can’t wait for my CCW to get here…

    • You can thank our state’s very own Sheriff’s Association for that, who fought tooth-and-nail to keep that racist Jim Crow hand-me-down bullshit. I’ll no doubt assume that you’ve heard here and elsewhere that gun control as a whole agenda is racist, classist, and automatically by extension sexist.

  10. I think I’m moving to Kansas ..Better PRO GUN STATE and they ALOT BIGGER BUCKS!!!!!.I would .my wife WON”T …I know what your thinking…….GET A NEW WIFE !!!! L.O.L…..

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