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ATF badge

A TTAG reader and police chief writes:

I have a story for you regarding the investigation mindset of the ATF. I’ll give you a short synopsis. I’m a LEO, specifically the police chief of a small town in Kansas. One day a feller started beating on my door at the house. He was being pretty aggressive at it. I looked out and didn’t recognize him. No ID, just a clipboard, figured it was Kirby salesman or something. I typically answer the door with a pistol concealed behind the door or my leg, etc. if I don’t know the knocker . . .

Dude asked me if I was me. Yup. Dude says, hey why’s your hand behind your back, I reply because you’re knocking like an ass so I’m holding a pistol until I find out why. Dude breaks leather, steps back, and shows ATF ID from a pocket.

Well that’s weird.

OK, so there’s a brief period where we’re trying to make a negotiated surrender. I explained I’ve had multiple threats over the years and that’s why I typically answer the door that way.

I agreed to show him my emergency management (state/federal) ID. He escorts me through my house, past my uniforms, a patch collection, duty gear and finally to my ID.

Dude still wasn’t 100 percent sure when he saw it. So he does the “Do you know why I’m here?” line. By this time I’m being a total smart-ass. Nope, lay it on me sir.

Well we got a tip you had an illegal silencer and were shooting at kids in the park. (Apparently he had just left there looking around, that’s where he parked anyway). Well sir, my silencer is legal, along with all Class 3 weapons I’m issued by the city. Dude was like, oh, you have a stamp. Yep, and a M16, and a MP5 (pretty sure I mentioned that one).

Anyway, he then showed me the Post-it note he drove two hours to investigate. My name, along with a feller I had arrested for pointing a rifle at his neighbor.

So a criminal tips the ATF saying some wack-o is shooting at kids in a park. Don’t call locals, don’t call 911. Kick it around a few days then draw on the police chief.

Things would have been a lot more amicable if someone picked up a phone and said, hey, local cop or sheriff, have you ever heard of this guy?

My city manager became involved and spoke to the ATF’s KC division. Sorry ma’am, it’s a false report. She asks, “Is our chief under investigation?” Nope. Will you give me something for his file? That was July. We’re still waiting on that letter . . .

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    • If “breaks leather” means that Mr. ATF drew his firearm, then I’m left wondering how he didn’t get shot.

      Not that I couldn’t see a scenario where it would make sense, but it does puzzle a body some.

      • Considering there are so many different badges and police credentials out there, and you can make one that looks real fairly quickly, it does make you wonder why the Chief didn’t draw too.

      • I really can’t believe that this happened to a town sheriff What in the heck are we paying these people for ATF as a police organization should all be Got rid of! There are a bunch of crooked cops with badges and attitudes every time I see one come into our store he’s always got some pissed off attitude and usually if you ask a police officer a normal beat cop a question about the law will respond to you quite quickly and answer your question whether or not what you are asking is legal or not Not the case with the ATF you ask them a question And they answer I’m not an attorney you need to check with yours End of story! ATF should be relabeled giant BS because that’s what they’re all about I’ve got an ex brother in law who is an ATF agent another complete mental midget.

    • I sure hope nobody uses the local police to SWAT the local ATF field office head agent’s home. Somebody could accidentally get hurt. What a dreadful idea.

  1. Lack of common courtesy at the very least. Presumption of guilt is bad enough, but when the guy was a police chief?! THANKS, ATF. You reap what you sow.

  2. Dude says, “Hey, why’s your hand behind your back?” I reply “because fukc you, that’s why.” And the sumbitch still hasn’t identified himself.

    • “Dude says, “Hey, why’s your hand behind your back?” I reply “because fukc you, th-BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! “…



      • That’s what happens when one of your a-hole neighbors needing jobs show up at your house thinking they are citizen+ and you are only a citizen.

      • I’m surprised it didn’t end like that. If someone’s beating on my door and then goes for a gun without identifying himself it’s going to be a very bad day for everyone involved.

      • I’m pretty sure the chief could have whipped out a gun from behind his back and leveled it before someone “cleared leather” from a (presumably concealed) holster, unless the ATF doofus already had his hand on his gun. A better answer would have been “Because I’m the Police Chief of this town, and I’d like to know who the heck is knocking on my door.”

        • I work at a shop a gun store range that We cater to the local PD and I do a lot of custom cleaning lot of custom gunsmithing work on their carry Glock and their patrol rifles which are ar15s And I know all of them on a first name basis including the SWAT team and there’s not one police officer in the whole bunch and I live in a big town in a big city That would have shot that guy queen is dead You come knocking on a police officer’s door beating the hell out of it and then ask the person what he’s got behind his back it’s none of your damn business what’s behind his back what are you doing on my property is the big question. That would have been one smoke DTF officer had he knocked on one of our cop Store as he did that police chief I think the police chief handled that very well and that ATF office or should write him a long apology letter And thank him for not shooting him in his fuking face.

    • Yup. I always answer the door armed. If I don’t know them or it is an unexpected visit, a firearm is in my hand. “Clearing leather” before identifying would’ve precipitated a door slam and me hitting the deck, ready to repell boarding parties. Stupid government drone.

    • Yeah I’m really surprised this agent hasn’t gotten shot being that dumb. I see a lot of scenarios where I would have squeezed as soon as he went for his. Well leave it to the atf to take “law enforcement” to even higher tiers of stupidity. Good rule of thumb-anything a state employee can do a fed can do twice as bad for twice the cost while taking twice as long. That’s being pretty nice to the feds in my opinion.

  3. You can’t get anything from ATF splaining what happened, but I bet that post it note will come back to haunt you!

  4. Why the hell did you let him in your house? Was it because of the silencer? He didn’t state his business until after he was in your house. Why would you let him do that? This is the main reason why I don’t get a silencer; unannounced visits by the BATFE. No thanks.

    • ..because he had a badge, and a gun aimed at the homeowner, who apparently let the FLEA get the drop on him…

      I don’t know if I’m just cranky or what, but I’d seriously rather be dead than put up with that in my own home.

      • The Chief didn’t say anything about a tin badge. He says the unknown at his door showed an ATF “ID”.

        Like 99.9% of America I have no idea what an ATF ID looks like but I bet I can make some BS piece of paper on my PC in 10min and then go to Kinkos to laminate it. Get some BD badge online (or at halloween costume store).

        Why the hell would you let this bozo walk into/thru your castle? Get a damn warrant.

    • Yeah, no reason at all to open the door. Speaking thru the door was certainly optional also. Could he have gotten a warrant? Very doubtful. He should have just returned to watching the game after viewing thru the peephole and ignored the asshole.

        • Yeah, cup one hand over your ear, and say into your wrist-mic “yeah, this guy right in front of me…try not to splash me” when he turns to look over his shoulder, cold-cock ’em, and leave him tied face down to the hood of his unit someplace with an open jar of vasoline on his back.

          Sometimes people out for a_ _-rape get more than they bargained for.

        • I recently installed a security type screen door at my front entrance. I also put a dead bolt on it. I can now identify and talk to a person with the door shut and locked.
          Of course I could still get shot, through the door, but I have a window very close to the door at 90 degrees.
          I always just show a little bit of myself until I am sure it is a friend, and of course my hand is wrapped around the revolver in my pocket.

    • Because even a Sheriff, whose heart and mind are in the right place, can get taken in by the aura of immunity that their badge emits.

  5. The DEA and the ATF need to be done away with. They are redundant. Everything they do can be done better and more efficient by state and local Law Enforcement. By the way, I’m a federal police officer and I’ve seen the incompetence of both of these agencies first hand. Saying these organizations are a waste of tax dollars is just barely scraping the surface of the problem.

    • There should be only one Federal Law Enforcement Agency. The one that was created 1789. Merge them all into the Marshal Service and get rid of the rest.

      • ^This.
        The ATF and DEA have no lawful excuse for existing, the majority of the FBI’s activity is similarly unconstitutional. Give us Marshals who act like (and dress like) premier LEOs, Customs at recognized points of entry, Border Patrol elsewhere on the border (not deep inside the country) and the Coast Guard on the high seas and you’re good to go. Fold the SS’s counterfeit money duties into the Marshals. Every other armed FLEA has no reason to exist. If an IRS Revenue Officer needs a gun, he can call the locals or the Marshals for backup.

        • John we’re 99.9% on this one except. Army CID. NCIS, AFSS. The ones that are restricted (or supposed to be) to crimes by military personnel. Most of the city departments are hiring ex or washout MOm’s which is why part of the problem exists. I was on an interview panel for 2 new officers and a new chief last month 38 applicants 5 referred to the people they would be serving as citizens. The others called them civilians, 1 had less experience but right attitude for law enforcement. 4 of the 5. were brought in to department. At the end had a policeman injured. Think all will be decent as long as they don’t get contaminated by the ones trying to weed out. Finally got union rep on side of law after a Rambo wannabe got them jumped by acting an ass. Secret service does have the best bomb dogs, stick with presidential and dignitary security. Especially since most funny money is coming in from overseas.

  6. Not saying that cops are perfect, i.e. Leland Yee and all, but I agree, a phone call could’ve settled this much easier and much quicker. (Yes, I’m aware Leland Yee is not or was not a cop) What’s with the “do you have stamps?”question? Shouldn’t they know that information since they’re, ya know, the ATF?

    • 1. No, they don’t know if you have a tax stamp, their database is hopelessly flawed.

      2. If you don’t have your copy, they can pretend they don’t have their copy either, and you can go to prison for ten years for obeying the law.

      • True, the forms aren’t filed by name, they’re by serial number. If they don’t have the serial number, it seems that they can’t look it up. Silly, but that’s how they do it. It’s not THEIR freedom that’s in jeopardy…

  7. ATF should be a convenience store, not a federal agency chock full of jack-boot thugs (as if any federal agency has anything but).

    • Excedrine wrote on October 24, 2015 at 15:15 hours:

      > “ATF should be a convenience store, not a federal agency…”

      “Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms: Aisle 5, Main Checkout and Sporting Goods.”


      • Well, the BATFE was supposed to be the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives & Hookers, but the Secret Service beat them to the hookers. The ladies are imported from Colombia y’know.

  8. I mentally placed myself in the same situation and wondered if all was equal, except for the fact I’m not an LEO, what the outcome had been? I believe I’d of been shot and or at least arrested for threatening the life of an ATF agent, when in fact this would’ve been false.

    Before a body is sent to a house it would be better to check a persons records for what is sought. You know, like maybe check for stamps and legal ownership first, corroborate the allegation.

    • actual investigative work? who has time for that crap?

      Just send a badge over there to bang on his door and barge in. quicker AND cheaper, gotta keep the budget guys happy and all that, dontcha know?

    • If this happened to you, and you weren’t an LEO, the ATF agents (there would certainly have been more than one) would have busted down your door and dragged you out of the house in cuffs. Or, if you made any of them even THINK you were reaching for a weapon, they would’ve shot you to death and the story on the news would’ve been “Local Man Shot by Federal Agents Over Illegal Assault Weapons”.

  9. It goes without saying, that whenever someone establishes a “system”, people start finding ways to screw it.

  10. Note to local law enforcement… Now you know the rules of the road with the feds. When some jerk is banging on your door, call for a patrol car to come by and help the “perp” taste concrete. If it turns out to be a fed, so much the better. Maybe let him spend some time in your jail while you verify his credentials are valid.

    • “Note to local law enforcement… Now you know the rules of the road with the feds…”

      Think how it looks to law abiding citizens when you show up on their porch.

    • I would have called for a patrol car as well that is a very good idea everybody listen that is a great idea. Because then Once the officer finds out that he’s armed Then the police chief could have had him arrested And Had his information checked out to make sure it was a real Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agent and not some nut job. Plus you get the chance to leave his name and his boss’s number on a post a note on your desk until the weekend is over with And do him the same courtesy of not calling ahead to the local sheriff’s department or local city police department to give them your name your address and find out that you are a sheriff of the town That would have been the best procedure That way the ATF agent would have taken advantage of this sheriff by forcing his way into his house and on his property without a warrant You don’t have a warrant go fuck yourself is what I say through the door

  11. Yeah, but would the LEO writing this be for dismantling the ATF, so no one else is terrorized in this way by a bunch of glorified revenue agents?

  12. Another reason I HATE the ATF what a useless jack booted agency. Involving the local PD is the right step. Don’t they think the local or state PD would be involved if he was shooting at kids in a park? Idiots.

    • Remove their ability to carry guns, most abuses would halt. Also IRS, and DEA. If guns are required, obtain cooperation of locals or kiss it off.

  13. Ah such love being showed for a useless Gubbermenit alphabet agency.
    Aint it just great in the good olde USofA??
    Not anymore.

  14. How about the name of the ATF “agent”? Name, shame, and publicize. Make a public record so that every defense attorney who ever has to cross examine this guy in the future knows to look hard into his past behavior. (I strongly suspect that this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this.)

    • First off ATF agent had no right to be on the. Cheifs property in the first placeI guarantee you are right as rain this Joker has done this many times before he fired on all 8 cylinders without missing a niche violating multiple constitutional rights of the homeowner which just happened to be The chief of police for this little town. This ATF agent Is an embarrassment to all law enforcement Not only Did he have No Regard for this man’s constitutional rights But he also had Very poor training skills on how to deploy a weapon and when to do so. Vagif officer Just did a bad thing And we need to make this publicly known as much as possible gym this one in the rear tail pipe of Obama Or Osama as I call him lol.

    • I’m from the government, and you’ll do as I tell you….or else.

      There are screenings and proper vetting procedures in place at the ATF, yes? Also, I can’t help but wonder if this situation wasn’t covered in an agent training program? Surely, there must have been a class on how not to needlessly provoke, and thereby, dangerously escalate a situation to the point that it rapidly devolves into a lethal exchange of gunfire? Yes/no?

  15. Thanks for the reminder to install the trap door to the shark tank in front of my front door.

  16. Wait a minute. The ATF agent thinks someone has an illegal silencer and has been shooting at children, presumably with the intention of killing them, and decides to go investigate this alone? He doesn’t take any backup and doesn’t notify the local authorities. If the story as told is true, this ATF agent either has a death wish, diminished mental capacity, or a hero complex. Or some combination of the three.

    • +1. And how did the informant, a known crook, know the local chief had a suppressor? Did the chief routinely wear it on his duty gun? Did the chief give the bad guy a guided tour of his gun safe?

      Something sure smells here.

      • Exactly! I’m supposed to believe that the guy who reported him falsely and maliciously gave his real name? One that was recognized by the LEO as someone he arrested? What was the follow up on the false reporter? I’m no fan of the ATF, but I’m struggling to believe that this is the whole story, or if it is real at all.

  17. “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

    BATFE is a law unto itself. All must bow before these first-among-equals “public servants.” Average citizens, FFLs, local LEOs, Branch Davidians, all are equally inferior in their eyes.

  18. I’m going to take the Kansas LEO at his word; even though I haven’t heard the ATF agent’s version of the story, it seems that they don’t want to share.

    That said, I think the way the Kansas LEO handled the situation was appropriate and commendable. It also illustrates another example of how to handle a self defense situation. And how to handle an encounter with law enforcement.

    Guns ablazin’ is not the answer. Not knowing what the situation was, the LEO had reason to have his firearm at the low ready, but did not brandish his weapon, keeping the situation from escalating unnecessarily.

    Cooperating with law enforcement is the right answer. Even if you’re in the right, you have to cooperate. Chances are that you will only be disarmed during a relatively short encounter.

    What is disturbing is the apparent utter lack of investigation before a visit to the LEO’s home. Nothing in that file but a post it note? Is the word of a criminal good enough to perform a one manned sting on what was thought to be an undocumented suppressor? Certainly some investigation should have revealed the accused was LEO.

    Also disturbing is the apparent attitude of the ATF agent. Without the benefit of an investigation, he thought he’s have a bust on his hands. Never mind that the accusation involved shooting at kids…the apparent important part of that accusation was that the accused had a silencer illegally. That this (the suppressor) was the most egregious part of the violation is a worrisome aspect. Apparently, the agent didn’t …umm… think of the children. I’m sure the LEO understands much more that government provides a service to the public, and that the government only rightly gains power as provided by the public, whom have a right to remove said power. While in the short term we must cooperate with law enforcement, it is from the people that law enforcement derives its power. Now, prove that the people are worthy of such power.

    • Guns ablazin’ is not the answer.

      How do you know it’s not the answer when you don’t know the question?

    • “Cooperating with law enforcement is the right answer. Even if you’re in the right, you have to cooperate. Chances are that you will only be disarmed during a relatively short encounter.”

      You’re all over the place with your ‘logic’. Cooperating with law enforcement might well be the right answer, .. but .. what’s the point of being armed if you can be, however ‘hopefully briefly’, disarmed?

      Deez Nutz. An armed society is a polite society.

      If you “have to cooperate”, then it’s not cooperation at all .. it’s submission.


      Extra Credit:
      Urban Dictionary: Party Escort Submission Position

    • tmm,

      “Cooperating with law enforcement is the right answer.”

      That sounds great on paper. The problem is, how do you know if your “gentleman caller” is really a law enforcement agent? Almost anyone can create a fake I.D. card and badge. And anyone who can do that can create a fake warrant for that matter.

      If one or two people shows up in plain clothes, claim to be agents, and ask for immediate entry into my home, my response is going to be, come back with the local sheriff and a warrant. End of discussion. And if such people suddenly move to draw firearms, I am going to respond in kind.

  19. That’s how the ATF investigates someone “shooting at children”? Some guy walking up to a door with a clipboard?

    Well, they’ve come a long way from Waco.

  20. Someone was knocking on my door at 8 p.m. the other night. My wife says “well, it’s a polite knock.” Me: “yes, it is.” Never opened the door or even looked to see who it was. Just because someone comes to your door doesn’t mean you have to answer. Same with the phone ringing. And yes, I was armed.

    • I’ve said this for years! I don’t answer the door for strangers. My wife will say that they know we’re home because of the television and lights. So? It’s my house I don’t have to talk to you if I don’t want to.

      • She also thinks it’s rude not to answer the door. Well I think it’s rude to show up unannounced at my house.

  21. Someone should let the atf know that they shouldn’t cinch they’re jackboots on so tight. Clearly, it effects blood flow to the brain and causes all sort of poor decision making.

    I mean, what else could explain their behavior?

  22. If the chief can honestly say that a similar call to his department wouldn’t have resulted in a no knock swat raid with flash bangs and dogs getting shot, then maybe I would have sympathy. If he can’t…it sucks to find out that there are bigger fish in your pond.

  23. Anyone knocking on my door who I don’t know will get no answer. Keep it up and I call the police about someone trying to break and enter.

  24. Sorry….this doesn’t seem plausible.
    Something about this one doesn’t resonate the whole truth.
    I call shanannagins.

    • The more I think about this, the more I agree with James in Florida.

      I don’t think this story is real.

  25. I agree with James in Florida. I think that somebody is trolling TTAG with a bogus story.

    For one thing, why would the ATF be called upon to investigate a local shooting disturbance, rather than local law enforcement? For two thing, why would ATF deviate from their standard practice of sending at least two agents on any errand, or more commonly, a small assault team?

    Nope, some armchair commando is making up stories. If possible, TTAG should find out who he really is, and report him to REAL law enforcement. He sounds dangerous.

  26. Hmmm, small town not too far out of KC? My dad retired from a small dept. in KS…wonder which one this is?

  27. I am wondering two things: one, why didn’t the chief call his office and have a couple of local uniforms flatten this guy and cuff him hard, and haul him down to the local shop for interrogation and discussion? While there, they could find out who the hell he is and verify it with his employer and maybe have his employer show up to verify this guy really is theirs and chew the boss out in person for not working with the locals. The other thing is why didn’t he take up position inside the house covering the entrance while waiting on the uniforms, and with something much more substantial than a pistol, since he clearly has possession of such firepower. A lone bad guy kicking in your door needs to be dealt with and not allowed to draw a firearm.

  28. As a tee-shirt I own says, “Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms should be a convenience store, not a government agency.”

  29. Ummm-I’m not buying it. And if I buy it I don’t give a rats azz if they did. No special privilege for Law enforcement…I never answer the door without being armed. And I sure as hell wouldn’t let some ATF guy wander around my home without a warrant(or maybe this “cop” is used to operating that way…

  30. Shooting at kids in the park with an illegal silencer. How did the person making the report know all of those things? Was the supposed perp wearing a sign with his name on it? How do you know it’s an illegal silencer,did you see it up close and note there was no engraving? And no parents were upset that their kids were dead. Because none were. Wouldn’t something like that kinda make the news somewhere in that small town? Did he swing by the park to observe the bodies? This whole bit smells funny… But, as much as it stinks, the absurd things the ATF fucktards do so often makes even ridiculous stories plausible… You can’t rule out crazy and stupid when you’re dealing with what has repeatedly demonstrated itself to be crazy and stupid… Even in that very moment…

    Beat on my door, starting making demands when I answer, fail to identify… Mr. Hellpup would have drawn first blood.

  31. And yet, posers, LARP’ers and cosplayers continue to pay $200 apiece to these crooks and grovel for permission to own SBR’s and suppressors.

  32. As I was reading the story I felt that the opening sentence should have been…”I never thought it could happen to me.”

  33. No “warrant”? No entry! PERIOD! I should know, I had the Feds at the door after the 2008 election but before the inauguration over factual posts I made online about the Marxist “messiah”. I made the stupids shits (SS) stand in near zero temps with winds gusting out of the NW across a frozen lake while I wasted 45 minutes of their time. Did I mention how comical they looked while trying to maintain their footing on three (3) of fresh ice? Me? I was nice and warm standing with my back to the door on my porch ABOVE them in a “position of power” with my house blocking the winds. Them? They were shivering the entire time and left with their tails between their legs after a lesson in the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments. The looks on two of their faces (there were 3) both undersized EEOC/AA hires, a deviant female and a male border-jumper? PRICELESS! I just wish I could’ve kept them longer, at least until they developed frostbite though I DID mention that the time they spent with me could result in someone slipping through the cracks. That’s right, I rubbed salt in their wounds. F-’em!

  34. Re-read it giving a very large grain of salt to the veracity of the story. If the chief had department issued
    M16 &MP5 at his residence the ATFE did have the right to make entry. Its in one of the forms your Mayor, City Manager whoever is in charge signs allowing inspection at anytime the police are available. Its meant for them to be stored in a department armory or safe. PD is usually a 24/7 job. That’s one of many reasons the weapon I was assigned MP5 in 1988 stayed@ the station even with permission to keep it with me at home. I own(ed) couple other things that though perfectly legal I wanted notice of inspection.
    My Aunt was an I.R.S. field agent with a. 38 and she was scared of ATF in 1970 said the spent too much time drinking from stills instead of busting them up. Trusted the guys from Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs even less (DEA). When I started the dept. put me as a narc working with DEA, 3-4 Years I took a pay cut to go patrol and, back to the detective division to finish out my full career. Met a lot of honest straight up feds who joined before 1964-5 but after that they became few and far between.

    I traded a pistol with a rookie the other day and he asked if it was still wrong to turn in bad cops. Told him a real law enforcement officer wasn’t turning in a bad cop just a criminal with a badge. Personally even the free coffee was wrong unless you had bought a free refill mug. Then bought him one.

    • Couple of LEO friends keep their patrol rifles at home, one that includes select fire stuff in a very very very restrictive state. They keep it in their take home car but realistically it has migrated to the house if needed. Rifle is marked town PD and said officer doesn’t walk around with the thing without his credentials, officers know where he lives so if they get a suspicious person with a gun call they just give him a call first.

      • After a local chief had his duty Glock stolen out of his personal ride, then lied about it no one keeps them inside cars. Most departments have done away with take home cars in SC unless your on call, insurance thing. If we’re on call we end up meeting@ station for the truck too look good for cameras. Basically the SWAT, Rescue Team, Emergency Team whatever it’s called locally is used more for drug warrants than anything else. The model is sound for cities or areas of 100,000+ but. The state is called usually anyhow. Plain & simple it’s a total waste.of tax money for small departments to have full auto weapons. I know of.4 local agencies that have more weapons from government programs than officers.

  35. What’s it like to have the shoe on the other foot. I was military police and I have been violated by the badge wearing people.
    I have the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough $hit.
    The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  36. The way it should have went:

    Police Chief: Who the eff are why are you effing knocking on my door
    ATF guy: Shows ID
    Police Chief: You still haven’t told my why you’re effing here
    ATF guy: we got a tip you were shooting
    Police Chief: you got a warrant?
    ATF guy: no
    Police Chief: you’re trespassing, get the eff off my porch before I call me

  37. So, officer – how’d it feel to get a taste of your own medicine? Did it make you rethink how you treat taxpayers?

  38. Sounds to me like Mr. Dickbag ATF is lucky he is alive to harass people today. Badge and gun out probably would have been more professional and less threatening That and not being a jerkoff… I probably would have had his ass detained until backup arrived and his office could verify that he was supposed to be there. Could have been a fake badge as unprofessional as he was acting…

  39. Wow….just wow….this ATF agent must have a room temperature IQ. How the heck can an investigator be so freaking dumb? Ok ok sometimes criminals don’t lie but lets call county and see what they have to say about the person you are investigating, lets look at his file, maybe even call the local prosecutors office and/or grab a uniformed State Trooper or Sheriff’s Deputy to accompany you because its common courtesy in ANY investigation to bring a local not to mention convenient if you are a Fed and need to arrest someone on state charges (happens all the time) oh and a uniformed officer at the door gives the person a chance to not wonder if the guy is trying to break your door in. Freaking federal government man, this wasn’t half assed this was quarter assed, city manager should have skipped the freaking BAFTE retards and call the US Attorney asking why the heck some fed is investigating some stupid BS.

  40. It was a knock & talk visit. You simply keep the door locked, tell him to pound sand and call the locals to remove the intruder.

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