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After a hellish day at the office, my FFL guy had a wonderful surprise waiting for me: this drop-dead sexy Kimber Super Carry Pro in (what else?) .45 ACP. This isn’t the first time we’ve tested the Super Carry Pro here at TTAG (click here for Jeffrey Lynch’s review from 2011) but this will be the first time I’ve ever wrapped my mitts around a loaded Kimber to sling some lead downrange . . .

It’s bad practice to write too much of a review before actually slinging said lead, but I’ll share a few first impressions. It’s got crazy good looks (although my inner traditionalist still does a double-take at that rounded butt) and the only ergonomic burr under my saddle is an unexpected extra millimeter of trigger takeup.

And I’ll leave it at that until I’ve done my range work and formed my own opinions. I’ve got many boxes of ammo with ‘Kimber‘ figuratively written all over them, and a major shooting trip planned for next weekend. Full review to follow…carry on.

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  1. I have had mine for a while. It is my cc gun that I carry in a crossbreed supertuck. I went one step further and waxed in with silver crayon the “Kimber” on the slide. The black finish on the slide is wearing from the holster, but my crayon is going strong!

    My experience with Kimbers is they can be finicky with ammo, so try a bunch out.

    • Careful Steve, Rob Pincus will tell you you’re gonna die relying on that 1911 shorty as your EDC weapon!! 😉

        • I have this Kimber super carry pro. I had to replace the recoil spring and get cobramags to get the rounds to chamber properly. A little ridiculous for $1400 msrp. However, it is one of most accurate pistol I have ever shot.

  2. Minor critisism of this site. This is not the first time we’ve been presented with some new toy for review only to find out the review was some time in the future. Wait until you’ve done the range time before making the announcement.
    Minor nit to pick, but I get worked up and then let down. Hard on an old man’s heart.

  3. I’ve been a fan of Kimber for decades but never tried one with the re-designed MS housing, looks sweet, especialy w/Rosewood panels. Speaking of which, the stippeled front strap is a removeable panel. Yes? I think that’s a big plus for the user, keeps costs down as well. Me, I have to live with skateboard tape!

    • The front strap is part of the frame (not a removable panel) with that reverse-fishscale texture that Kimber likes these days.

  4. Oh well, that will go on my “list of things I’ll get in my next lifetime”

    Raquel Welch for dinner date
    Warren Buffet ground floor investment opportunity
    Jack O’Connor Pronghorn hunt invite
    Jose Wejebe Tarpon fishing date
    Jim Bouton knuckle ball lesson
    Jack Nicholas round of golf

      • Pleiku Vietnam, December 1967, I stepped from my jeep, turned, and about forty feed away, next to a Chinook, stood Raquel (there for Bob Hope’s Christmas show). Suddenly, I knew why we were fighting, At my age, I thought Bob Hope was an uncool jerk, It turns out, I was. Thanks for the memorys. God Bless America!

        • LOL…ten years later at JFK airport RW and Diana Ross roll off the morning SST from Europe. Ross was a diva ahole. RW in skintight fatigue jumpsuit, no makeup, was simply stunning. She didn’t have any pretense and was very friendly and humble. She will always be a ten in my book.

  5. I’ve always loved the look of the Carry Pro. Looking forward to the review.

    I carry a Tactical Ultra II, and have no problems with trusting my life to it. My son and I also shoot USPSA with our Kimbers (Single Stack) for the past 2 years, and have ZERO firearm related malfunctions. YMMV

  6. I’ve always liked that rounded but–the heel of my kimber just loves to stick me in the ribs, and that puppy is SHARP!

  7. Chris,

    Thinking about buying one myself, so I’m anxious to see your review of it.

    I have read that Kimber pistols are famous/notorious for problems until they are past a break-in period of about 500 rounds. I’ve also heard that they can be sensitive to ammo type/brands, and that the standard Kimber magazines are prone to problems. Please address all these concerns in your review.

    Is this going to be one of your guns, or is this a loaner from Kimber for your review?

  8. I can’t even understand why anybody would consider the ascetics of a carry weapon. If even considered it should be at the bottom of the list like if you are deciding between two otherwise equal weapons.

    I think the 1911 is popular for several reasons:
    1) It has a proud history in the US
    2) A lot of people like its manual of arms
    3) Since it’s standardized, there are many aftermarket options although due to the design not all are drop in.
    4) It’s damned good looking. Just seeing the virtual drool from the comments above sort of makes me think this may be the primary reason for its continued success.

    Me, I’m sick of them. I have owned two — a Springfield Loaded that wouldn’t feed hollow points and a Commanche sized Les Baer. The Les was reliable only in its ability to never disappoint with a stove pipe or 3-point jam. I have heard this is a common complaint with the 4.25″ barrel. I got them in my first couple years of getting into guns and why did I get them? The looks had more than a little to do with it.

    Now, I shoot Glocks. I have never found such a beautiful weapon in terms of it just friggen working. And their cheap. If mine gets taken away after a DGU then big deal, I’ll just pick up another one.

  9. any scheduled comparison between Kimber Super Carry Pro vs. Ed Brown Kobra Carry which it COPIED, and vs. the more honest homage to Kobra Carry, the S&W E-Series Bobtail?


  10. I bought a Kimber Pro 2 weeks ago. I am deeply in love. Cannot recommend strongly enough. Damn well worth every penny spent ($1,314.00). Shoots better than anything I’ve ever shot with superior accuracy. My CCW for life. Period.

  11. I have my Kimber Ultra Carry II, Colt Commander, Springfield Range Officer and I have had no problems with any of them. The Kimber is my CCW, although I wish the Kimber .380 was available in CA. I don’t really like 9mm except my Mauser P-08. But to each their own.

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