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The twisted politics of crime in 2022 are less about tragic murders than former President Trump’s continued success in exploiting America’s racial politics.

His constant talk about the rise in violent crime is a way to connect crime and racial minorities — without taking responsibility for playing racial politics. And it is a strategic way for congressional Republicans to go after Democrats as the party in charge of big cities. …

Fear of crime has been historically to the advantage of Republicans. But crime rates have fallen dramatically since the 1990s.

In the 2016 and 2020 presidential races, candidate Trump elevated fear of crime — especially crime perpetrated by immigrants and minorities — to alarm suburban white voters in key swing states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

“I mean, honestly, places like Afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities,” he said during the 2016 campaign.

Sometimes he embellished the ties between urban areas and crime by tossing in other negative outcomes. “You take a look at the inner cities, you get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking down the street,” he said at a September 2016 rally in North Carolina.

For Trump, the persistent focus on violent crime remains a powerful element of his brand of identity politics.

— Juan Williams in GOP is stirring up crime fears

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    • Libtard politicians are geniuses. They know exactly how to manipulate their gullible and stupid constituents.

      Politicians are not the problem, the problem is the voters and stupid can’t be fixed.

  1. Dan, you would be celebrating this clearly-correct analysis if you weren’t yourself an unrepentant racist using your platform to sit up other naked racists for clicks.

    For shame.

      • I’ll assume from you statement that you weren’t here under the prior ownership. TTAG is now very much about clickbait. Still some good content but not AT ALL what it was when Robert ran it.

    • jsled…Before you, jaun and your democRat Party ilk can run around pointing fingers to cover for the total disaster Jim Crow Gun Control joe don’t you think it would be fitting for you and your ilk to shut up and own up and pay up for centuries of democRat Party race based atrocities?

      To remind you and your ilk those atrocities include slavery, segregation, the kkk, Jim Crow, lynching, Eugenics. Gun Control, etc. Black Americans has yet to see one dime from the coffers of the democRat Party or any acknowledgement of guilt. Says a whole lot about your democRat Party…doesn’t it?

      POTUS DJT did far, far, far more for Black Americans than the stick in the mudd b.h. obama could ever could do. And Jim Crow Gun Control joe is carrying on where b.h. obama and his bill ayers marxist agenda left off.

      Frankly democRat Party race baiting and trinket promises have lost their luster from days gone by when truth about the democRat Party was suppressed by major TV networks. One by one Black Americans are realizing they’ve been played big time by the party of their slave masters. Even a total dunce like you jsled looking at the race based atrocities attributed to the democRat Party can see a Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

        • Made perfect sense to anyone with half a brain and can read. Maybe you should go to BOCESD and take a reading comprehension course.

        • Ahistorical ? Congratulations ! You have invented a new word. Unfortunately, that will cause you to loose staus on the victimhood scale. Perhaps you can repent and be rewarded with your prior victimization score. Please check with your local democratic rep.

    • That’s strange, as I didn’t write any of that. It’s a quote from a linked post by Juan Williams. This is our daily Quote of the Day presented, as usual, without comment by me or anyone else.

      • Dan, you know /exactly/ what you’re doing by quoting that, in this forum, to this audience.

        There is no “without comment” when you frame the story the way you want, here, and you know better there as well.

        • You should be listening to yourself. You lefties have a tendency to lie your way out of almost ever corner you paint yourselves into.

        • You don’t /HAVE/ to be here you know. If freedom and patriotism is so abhorrent to you perhaps you would find a home in places like Huffington Post.

    • Yo, dingbat. Even in his quotes he cannot find anyplace Trump even MENTIONED race in those speeches. He talked of inner city circumstances concerning education and culture, he spoke of illegal immigrants (which is not a race!), he spoke of lax or nonexistent law enforcement, but it was up to people like Juan Williams to find a “connection” between inner city crime and the black race or other POC, and then Williams claims that *Trump* is the racist. Sorry, it was Williams (and others) who injected race into the discussion, crime has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with criminals! If the crime problem has to do with an excess of black criminals rampaging in the inner city, then clamping down on white suburbanites as they commute to work every morning is not going to help. Duh.

      • You always know who Liberals fear most when they won’t stop talking about them and using them as an excuse for their failed policies. It’s called Guilt Transference.

    • Hey, jsled,

      Have you joined the MinorIQ, dacian the stupid, nameless, brainless troll daily circle jerk club??? That is literally so stupid it is unintentionally hilarious. The majority of African-Americans don’t buy this s***, but YOUR, Mr. White Guy, know better, dontcha.

      You have officially joined the ranks of people too stupid to insult. Go micturate up a cable.

    • Juan is a race baiting Nazi sympathizer.. the liberals have unleashed the criminals with their anti-police rhetoric and allowing the destruction of billion of dollars of public property… Juan can go f@#$ himself.

  2. has stats year to year. I realize
    Chicago is one city but they are experiencing 90s level homicide rates.

    We moved out of Joliet due to crime. And out of state for that matter.

    • I’ve checked that site for years. It shows the absolute lack of respect these young men have for human life. Not having an intact family unit has been devastating for society and like you said Chicago is just one city.

      • Training grounds for the thugs and murderers of the lib/dem/leftist-fascist/commucrat/bolshevist, globalist, NKVD/Chekist enforcers of the Brave New World Order planned for us by Soros and his Internationalist Jewish financier cabal. Imagine- catching a bullet in the brain in some dingy cellar from a pistol wielded by a former street-gang member with a “Hate Whitey” complex.

  3. Quantitative data is racist!!
    This is the sort of wokeism nonsense that has doctors afraid to tell their fat ass patients they need to lose weight.

  4. Juan Williams is a die in the wool racist first degree. He has shown his true colors as the racist Lefty that he truly is. Cut from the same cloth as Al “Sharpie” Sharpton.
    At least Williams’ son has a brain in his head. His son is a Conservative.

    • Gadsden,

      Well, he tried at first to be dacian’s pimp, but couldn’t get any customers, so had to settle for godfather.

  5. This is TDS. The mere mention of Trump sends people through the roof level rage. It’s quite astounding to watch such reaction. But at the same time, everything we see just fuels the drive to get him back. I see nothing racist about Trump. This idea came from Pelosi and others on the left trying to bring him down. Democrats have been doing everything they possibly can and both succeeding and failing at it. Hatred for Trump should never be underestimated but love for him shouldn’t be either.

    People on both sides NEED to understand that this country CANNOT be transformed into a socialist dictatorship without driving everyone crazy ranging from depression to complete insanity. It cannot be done.

  6. Williams is correct that today’s crime rate isn’t as bad as it was 30 years ago. What he won’t admit is that it dropped because we put violent criminals in prison. It’s going back up again because imprisonment is now considered to be too mean to them. Neither will Williams admit that Trump’s comparison between some American inner cities and Middle East combat zones was valid. It’s also fair to say that the inner cities suffer from “no education, no jobs, you get shot walking down the street”. No matter how much you spend on schools, the students won’t learn without support from parents and that’s too often lacking in the inner cities. There are no jobs because it’s too dangerous for a business to open up in a high crime area. (Stores are closing due to rampant shoplifting.) Even if you’re not involved with a gang, you stand to get mugged or caught in the crossfire between rival gangs.

    • There’s a number of theories about why we’ve had a drop in violent crime since the peak in the 80s.

      “because of the carceral state” isn’t really one.

      (Hint: it’s environmental lead and living standards.)

      • Then I guess that they’ve gone back to lead in paint and snacking on windowsill chips in a large number of blue cities. I’m going to get me a subscription to MadMagazine so that I can be as edified as little ‘d and yourself… fucking geniuses.

        • Is this dacian with another name? Most likely, and a different cartoon face. I think jsled is actually just
          ” misled ” spelled wrong.

      • Well, sled-dude does have on thing right. No one can define the reasons that crime has gone down, or why it goes up. Idiot politicos on both sides always want to take credit when crime goes down, but no one can give clear reasons for fluctuations in crime. Leaded paint and leaded gas are as good as any other speculation on the subject. Liberal, permissive law is equally as good a reason for an increase in crime.

        One solid fact is, criminals avoid places where they are likely to meet armed resistance to their criminal acts.

        • Paul, Since Obuma the Phony was in office and Sleepy Joe has taken up his rhetoric and policies, crime has dramatically increased. Where have you been?

          Clearly, the ANTIFA and BLM protests have contributed to the atmosphere the criminal element thrives on. We have nitwits trying to legalize controlled substances and marijuana. We have the “defund the police” and the demonization of police as factors, not to mention the permissive attitude of a number of Leftist mayors, etc.

          Don’t you think it’s time to take these serious factors into account? Or do you dismiss the obvious?

        • There are whole groups of people who do actually study these things, you know.

          It’s not “speculation”, exactly, even if there is no obviously-clear causal connection.

          > Liberal, permissive law is equally as good a reason for an increase in crime.

          It’s not, though!

          For instance, please then explain … like, all of Europe?

        • jsled. europe is easy to explain. It is for the most part a police state. Cameras and cops everywhere and just enough comfort that most folks don’t even realize they’re in a prison camp.

          You can go to jail in europe just for speaking your mind.

        • jsled Regret to inform you that these groups start out trying to prove a preconceived idea that supports their position against firearms. The so called “studies” never delve into their methodology of coming to their “conclusions” as their conclusions have already been decided before they amass their “data” (data is mined taking out what does not fit their narrative). You Lefties try so hard. Admit it, Lefty, your REAL GOAL is control over the population so that they cannot stop your poser grabs.

    • I thought crime in Chicago, New York, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, etc was a thing now, even Democrat mayors were recognizing it. Now we find out it is just a Trump Republican driven misinformation campaign? Whew, we can go back to defunding the police then, nothing to worry about…

    • “no education, no jobs, you get shot walking down the street”, if you’ll notice, does not mention race. But Williams, Pelosi, and a thousand lefty-woke commenting airheads screech endlessly that saying you wish to crack down on such crime is racist, because THEY KNOW that such situations overwhelmingly involve black criminals in Black-Dem-run inner cities. THEY are the ones injecting race into the discussion, which should be about crime, and reducing crime.

  7. But crime rates have fallen dramatically since 1990. – – ??? Could have fooled me but.
    Let’s go with that and counter with .
    Crime rates have fallen dramatically since the assault weapons ban was lifted and more people became armed.

    • Crime rates have actually fallen dramatically, by multiple measures, since the 80s.

      > more people became armed.

      Coincidentally, not causally, by any legit analysis.

        • LarryinTX There is only one little problem with your scenario, crime has been INCREASING ever since you Lefties started with “defund the police” and your dumbass “bail reform”.

          Put that in your Biden crack pipe and smoke it.

      • sled-dude says “Coincidentally, not causally, by any legit analysis.”

        Now, try to be honest. No measure taken by either liberal or conservative lawmakers can be demonstrated to have any effect on crime rates. However, empirical data pretty clearly shows that liberal policies never reduce crime. The same empirical data shows just as clearly that criminals are reluctant to attack people they know to be armed.

        Honesty – give it a try.

        • Paul, our Lefty prognosticator, I’d be glad to. IN 2016 crime was rising from 361.6 per thousand in 2014 to 397.5 per thousand in 2016. When Trump took office, it went down to 370 per thousand. IN 2020 when your ANTiFA and BLM heroes pioneered their “defund the police” crime DRAMTICALLY increased to 400 per thousand. Murders have dramatically increased as well.

          Please quit the nonsense that crime has gone down because of your Leftist polices. It definitely has NOT. You see there are some of us who can do research.

  8. His constant talk about the rise in violent crime is a way to connect crime and racial minorities …

    Trump is evil, which means he must have evil motives behind everything that he says and does, which means we must oppose everything that Trump says and does.

    Who needs facts and critical thinking when you can interpret everything emotionally and respond emotionally?

  9. Juan was fired by NPR, everyone felt bad for him, Fox gave him a job. Now we know why NPR fired him, Juan is a a$$hole. BTW, people who look like Juan make up 13% of the population but commit 54% of the crime. Who’s the racists?

    • Oh man I forgot about old Juan after he moved from the A team to that NobodyBodyCares network. Almost threw up in my mouth TTAG quoting him…

  10. Ok, I admit that Trump was not my favorite President.

    But Trump was better in some ways than some and a whole lot better than Biden, and the reason for that is he simply said what was already known about a rise in crime most times when he got away from the hyperbole. Which is something Biden and the rest of the democrat cabal hasn’t done in their preferring to go after law abiding citizens instead and remove/restrict rights and indirectly facilitating crime while trying to make law abiding citizens defenseless. In what sane world zoo are the predators allowed to roam freely among the prey picking and choosing their next meal like an all-you-can-eat buffet while the zoo keeper facilities the predator doing that – In the ‘Joe Biden and Democrat Cabal’ zoo that’s what zoo.

    His constant talk about the rise in violent crime is a way to connect crime and racial minorities…

    well first it wasn’t constant, but Trump did talk a lot of a rise in violent crime. However, he did not connect the rise in violent crime to “racial minorities”. What he did was tell us about that “racial minorities” had connected their selves to crime which is something most people already knew, even the “racial” minority communities were admitting it directly and indirectly by “programs” and asking for funding and police to counter such crime in their own communities committed by “racial minorities”. And today we know Trump to have been correct with the FBI crime stats and, for example, the latest “Government Study Finds Gang Members With Previous Arrests Commit Most Gun Crimes> >

    It is a 100% fact that “racial minorities” are connected to crime because “racial minorities” connected their selves to crime.

    In the 2016 and 2020 presidential races, candidate Trump elevated fear of crime — especially crime perpetrated by immigrants and minorities

    This is not true really. Its true that Trump told of a rise in crime committed by “immigrants and minorities” but he did not “elevated fear of crime — especially crime perpetrated by immigrants and minorities”. He simply voice what the majority of the American people were saying, and still say today even those who are democrat of all races.

    … to alarm suburban white voters in key swing states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.</I.

    Hmmm no. White voters, Hispanic voters, Asian voters, Black voters, voters of all races were already alarmed by a rise in crime and had been voicing their concerns for years.

    I'm not going to say that Trump did not embellish sometimes because in some ways he did. But there is not one presidential candidate or politician that does not embellish something. For example, Joe Biden greatly embellished his data behind his gun control stance and if you look at his statements carefully you will find it was mostly Joe Biden and not really true data most times (especially that very dangerous 'shotgun' use scheme of his – I wonder if he realizes what danger he would have placed his wife in if she had an occasion to actually follow his dangerous 'shotgun' advice.)

    It is not racists to simply tell the truth about an issue that affects all races and that issue for Trump was crime. So maybe Trump did not pull it off as slickly as professional career politicians might have, he was not a seasoned career politician and he was rather 'common speak' blunt which made him seem harsh and crude and 'accusatory' at times but at least there was a nugget of reality truth about crime that Americans of all races already knew to be true.

    • Excellent post. I read somewhere that approximately 80 percent of the gun crimes in Chicago are perpetrated by the same 200 something people. Can’t remember where I saw that but it seems plausible.

    • to Booger Brain

      quote—————This is not true really. Its true that Trump told of a rise in crime committed by “immigrants and minorities” but he did not “elevated fear of crime — especially crime perpetrated by immigrants and minorities”. He simply voice what the majority of the American people were saying, and still say today even those who are democrat of all races.———-quote

      Of course this is usual Booger Brain laughable distortions and lies. The majority of crimes are NOT committed by immigrants but by American citizens and the stats prove it beyond all doubt. Trump tried to blame immigrants for not only the majority of crimes but for the rise in crime BOTH OF WHICH WERE AND ARE FALSE.

      quote————-I’m not going to say that Trump did not embellish sometimes because in some ways he did.———-quote

      Wow! You finally told the truth for a change. But the word is NOT embellish its out right tell bold face lies over and over by Herr Drumpf. The number of lies Trump told during his presidency was astonishing and unmatched by any other President in history. Only a complete Moron like yourself would fail to realize the damage he did to the American Government which will last at least another decade.

      quote—————– I wonder if he realizes what danger he would have placed his wife in if she had an occasion to actually follow his dangerous ‘shotgun’ advice.)———–quote

      Booger Brain you either know zero about weapons or you are an outright liar probably the latter. In reality the shotgun is less dangerous as when you use bird shot it penetrates way less unlike the rifle whose bullet can go right through a person and then through a wall and then sail down through the neighborhood. You would have known that if you knew anything about ballistics.

      • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. Wow, you lie like a rug. IN fact whether you like it or not, most crime is in the ghettos and barrios where your “minorities” happen to reside. Most so called gun crimes are committed by “minorities” with ILLEGAL guns. There is LITTLE doubt that more than a few of these crimes were committed by your buddy illegal aliens. They are not “immigrants”; they are in fact criminals in that they have violated US Immigration Law by entering the country ILLEGALLY. So Trump was in fact CORRECT.

        As to whether Booger knows anything about weapons, I am sure his knowledge is far advanced from yours. We are still waiting for your answer to the question, What is the firing sequence for a cartridge?. What you know about firearms in miniscule compared to any of us here (except for maybe Miner MINER49ER).

      • dacian,

        as usual you do not comprehend what you read.

        aside from you other stupid stuff, I wasn’t talking about the ‘damage’ of the shot gun. It’s was Bidens ‘recommend’ use of it that would have pout her in danger along with any other innocents in the house. You apparently don’t know anything about defensive gun use.

        • Wrong Booger Brain

          The shotgun has less penetration compared to an assualt rifle that will penetrate walls and send a bullet down through the neighborhood and is more deadly with multiple projectiles.

          The shotgun is way less expensive even when bought new than an expensive assault rifle. Shotguns are very inexpensive when bought used.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. For your edification, a shotgun (not shot gun) can and usually does penetrate sheetrock like a hot knife through butter. No round, shotgun round or bullet, is less likely to penetrate a wall unless it is cinderblock or concrete. And even then, both can penetrate either depending on the round used. (Double O buck will go though cinderblock like a hit knife through butter.

          Is this another example of your “knowledge” of firearms? ROFLAMO

  11. Juan Williams has fallen far from the days he use to be on radio and TV, and the further he has fallen the nuttier his rhetoric has gotten.

  12. They might as well replace all of Juan Williams’ media appearances with a Big Mouth Billy Bass. Not only would the things it says be less predictable, but it would even look a little less like a fish.

  13. How original when a leftist uses racism when they know they have lost the debate. Also a huge insult to those who have actually been a real victim of racism by vastly diminishing the word to be about the equivalent of calling someone a jay walker.

  14. The democrats are using everything in their toolbox to make people believe crime is not out of control. They deflect from the fact that criminals walk equals more crime. This is just another attempt of the left to gaslight their constituents.

  15. Williams is adept at constructing racist bogeymen, but couldn’t follow a logical argument at gunpoint. He’s truly an affirmative action hire.

  16. And no doubt wrote this from either his gated community home that has 24/7 armed security or from his office which also has 24/7 armed security and both require ID to enter…

  17. You know, I just don’t have to time to argue against a statement that unbelievably stupid. That is an absolute testament to someone who lives in an alternate reality.

  18. Trump certainly did use racism to get elected. His wife even revealed he kept a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf by his bedside.

    Gun crime did increase during the pandemic of which we are still suffering with both the former and the latter.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. Again, you spout the lie that Trump used racism to get elected. In fact, DUNDERHEAD Trump did more for “people of color” than your real racist hero, Obuma the Phony.

      Trump’s wife never said such thing that “he kept a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf by his bedside”. You are lying yet again.

      “Gun crime” is a Leftist euphonism to demonize firearms. There are more LEGAL firearms in the possession of law abiding citizens than ever before.

      I’m going to share several real life examples where good guys armed with pistols stopped bad guys armed with rifles and talk about some of the realities of pistol vs. rifle fighting.

      May 3, 2015 Curtis Culwell Center in Garland TX. 59 year old officer Greg Stevens began taking rifle fire from 2 attackers at a distance of 15 yards who were both wearing body armor and a hundred round drum of ammo. Officer Culwell drew his .45 Glock 41 and began shooting and advancing, taking both shooters out of the fight without being shot himself. He hit with more than half of the shots he fired.
      1984, Jerusalem. 3 men armed with automatic rifles and grenades start shooting a crowd. An insurance salesman and an Army reserve officer engage them with their concealed pistols taking out 1. A merchant takes out the 2nd with his pistol. The 3rd is thrown off his gameplan, stops shooting and police take him into custody.
      Feb 12, 2007, Salt Lake City, UT. Less than 4 miles from where I lived at the time. A murderer armed with a shotgun and revolver started shooting people in the parking lot at Trolly Square Mall, entered the mall, and continued shooting. An off-duty officer was having dinner with his wife at a brewpub and engaged the shooter from the 2nd floor behind a see-through railing with a Kimber 1911 subcompact. The shooter shot back, but the incoming rounds fixed his position and he was no longer pursuing victims. A good friend of mine and another officer distracted the shooter and exchanged fire with him to distract him and other officers were able to flank and kill the shooter.
      1993, Cape Town South Africa. 4 terrorists armed with full-auto AK-47s and grenades entered a church, killing 11 and injuring 47. A member of the church drew his 5 shot snub nosed .38 special and wounded one terrorist. This was enough to cause all 4 terrorists armed with full-auto rifles to flee.
      December 11, 2012, Clackamass Town Center Mall, Oregon. A murderer, armed with a rifle and 145 rounds shot 17 times, killing 3 before being confronted by a guard armed with a pistol. The guard was worried about hitting innocent people and didn’t fire, but the mere sight of a gun was enough to cause the better armed murderer to run, hide, and shoot himself.
      December 9, 2007, Arvada, Colorado. A murderer armed with a rifle and pistol killed 2 people at the Youth With a Mission training center and then drove to the New Life church where he killed 2 more before a member of the church volunteer security team, Jeanne Assam, shot and killed him.
      August 27th, 2010, Salt Lake City, UT. A man armed with a scoped semi-auto rifle with a bipod and 1,000 rounds of ammo attempts to get to an upper floor of a hotel. He’s asked to leave. SLC Officer Downes verbally confronts the man, who responded by firing several rounds at Downes, hitting him once in the calf. Downes fired 3 rounds from his duty pistol from 75 feet away, one striking the attacker in the head, stopping the threat.
      December 1, 2014, Austin TX. An extremist shooter who appeared to be looking to commit death by cop armed with an AK-47, pistol, and .22 rifle shot over 100 rounds at buildings in downtown Austin in the middle of the night. Then he began shooting at Sgt. Adam Johnson with the Capital Police mounted patrol. He was firing full magazines from the AK and reloading. Sgt. Johnson, while holding the reins of 2 skittish horses in one hand, fired a single shot at the shooter from 314 feet away, hitting and killing him. As an interesting twist, the bullet nicked the shooter’s car, ricocheted and tumbled 5 feet before striking and killing the shooter.
      December 29th, 2019, White Settlement, Texas. A man enters a church and shoots a parishioner and armed volunteer security with a shotgun before being shot in the head by 71 year old church security volunteer, Jack Wilson.
      Let’s get real. Very few people want to be in a gunfight. Even special operations works hard to avoid “gunfights.” They’ll set up ambushes at the time and place of their choosing where they can use speed, surprise, and violence of action, sniping, indirect fire, grenades, charges, and flash bangs to minimize the chances of a true toe-to-toe fight.

      • What did Trump do for people of color that was so great? Some of us readers who are people of color would like too know.

        • Buddah357 How does this grab ya? For close to four years, Donald Trump has claimed that he has done more for black Americans than any president since Abraham Lincoln. He notes the unemployment rate, opportunity zones, and the First Step Act, while ignoring the actions of presidents like Harry Truman, who integrated the military, and Lyndon Johnson, who signed the Civil Rights Act into law.

          Surprisingly, however, Trump is not exactly wrong. He has been one of the best presidents for black Americans, just not for the reasons he thinks. His administration has raised the curtain on the battles against both structural and “in your face” racism in the country. Not enough people listened to us before, but we seem to have their attention these days. We are more than a decade removed from the election of our first black president and even less than a year removed from the death of the last living person who has benefits from the Civil War.

          I guess you are one of those who thinks that Trump or any president owes you something. Here is a RED HOT NEWS FLASH. They owe you not a blasted thing. You owe it to yourself to make something of yourself. We don’t owe you the sweat off an ice pitcher.

        • to the Demented Lamp that went out in his head

          Quote———–Trump’s wife never said such thing that “he kept a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf by his bedside”. You are lying yet again.———quote

          What planet of delusion do you live in anyway. Trumps copy of Mein Kamp was widely reported by every major new media outlet as well as many foreign ones including France24 News and DW News and BBC and many U.S. media outlets.

        • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          Again Walter lives in a world of delusion.

          Racist attacks on minorities skyrocketed. First it was against Jewish People and also against Muslim people. Muslim and Jewish people were gunned down in their own churches by Trump supporting fanatical right wing racists.

          The FBI reported the greatest danger to the American people and their government were right wing terrorists as they commit the most shootings and murders.

          Asian Americans were next under attack when Trump blamed the Chinese people for the deadly virus insinuating they did it on purpose and not differentiating between Asian American people and people who lived in China. Even they did not have anything to do with the pandemic. But that is another story to long and far to complicated for the racist simplistic mind of Walter the depraved.

          Trump told the American people that illegal immigrants from Mexico were all rapists and criminals while the stats show that illegal immigrants commit relativity less crime than American citizens do.

          Trump lowered “legal Immigration” to its lowest level in American History.

          Trump banned all people form Syria from even visiting the U.S. and also immigrating here. The son of a Syrian immigrant invented the cell phone bringing billions of profit to the U.S.

          Walter you are every bit as deranged and as big a liar as Trump is.

        • Hey, dacian the stupid,

          Knowing that you’re obsessed with me is just . . . creepy. Please try to respond to the actual person who just kicked your @$$, and not reflexively target me?? After all, I am just one of MANY on here who plant a boot in your @$$ on the daily. Not that we think it will wake you up; it’s just that you are som much fun to curb stomp.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. With all that Horse Pucky you throw around, one would think you have a stable of at least 50 horses. Seems that much of your “racial attacks” were by Black against Asians. Go ahead and deny that. I expect you to.

          I could give a rat’s behind about what the FBI thinks. You see they couldn’t find a fart in a telephone booths with a fart detector. I have had three experiences with your vaulted FBI and they screwed up all three.

          I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for your behind. it was the RED CHINESE that introduces COVID-19 and then tried to cover it up. That’s right. Your Red allies. It happens to be a fact that even your Left leaning media after trying to suppress it for so long have just stopped trying. And please don’t try to tell us that it is a lie. I personally believe that the Red Chinese accidentally released the virus and when it did so and things go out of control they took full advantage and tried to suppress the story in hopes that they could advance their economy on the misery of the rest of the world. millions have died at their hand.

          Yes, Trump overstated the problem of the illegal aliens. But the fact is that quite a few of these aliens are criminals, having been convicted of felonies including, rape, murder drug smuggling etc.

          In spite of what you Lefties think the US can only absorb so many legal immigrants a year and still maintain a viable society. Sure there have been some legal immigrants that have done wonderful things. But many more have broken out laws, including entering illegally which is a misdemeanor for the first offense and a felony on subsequent violations of the Immigrations law. These illegals are NOT “immigrants” they are illegal aliens. To try to justify their illegal entry is ludicrious and stupid. But then there are people where who consider you to be extremely stupid. I have to agree with them, You are not the brightest light on the tree and surely not the sharpest tack in the draw.

      • dacian,

        Trump certainly did use racism to get elected. His wife even revealed he kept a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf by his bedside.

        one at a time, each part…

        Trump certainly did use racism to get elected.

        Not true.

        The assertion that race or racism was a factor in Trump getting elected is not true. If anything, Trump’s identity politics seriously hurt his support among white people. A major factor in his victory were the failures of Hillary Clinton, she alienated voters with her rigid loyalty to the political establishment. The most decisive votes that got Trump into the White House came from states that voted for Obama. Racism was not a factor that got Trump elected nor did he use racism to get elected.

        His wife even revealed he kept a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf by his bedside.

        According to a profile in Vanity Fair in September 1990, Trump’s ex-wife Ivana had said Trump owned a copy of Hitler’s speeches and kept it close at hand. Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed.

        But if we into the vanity fair article back then we find that … it was his ex-wife Inava who in 1990 said “”Actually, it was my friend Marty Davis from Paramount who gave me a copy of Mein Kampf, and he’s a Jew.” – Inava was saying she received a copy of Mein Kampf, not Trump. But Ivana was mistaken, because her ‘friend Marty Davis’ was contacted and said, of Trump, “I did give him a book about Hitler,” Marty Davis said. “But it was ‘My New Order’, Hitler’s speeches, not Mein Kampf. I thought he would find it interesting. I am his friend, but I’m not Jewish.” – we also find that the book was locked up in a closet in Kennedys office (the lawyer). It was locked up in Kennedys office by at least 1990.

        What you are trying to imply is that Trump used Hitler’s Mein Kampf to form his business or political practices to be modeled after Hitler.

        forward from 1990 to this century …

        from >

        The below …

        To recap, Trump’s then-wife Ivana (from whom he was separated) told people he owned a book of Hitler’s speeches and read from it occasionally; Trump said he was given a copy of Mein Kampf by a Jewish friend (who, in fact, was not Jewish and the friend said the book was ‘My New Order’ – Trump was mistaken); then Trump refused to acknowledge whether he owned the book and said that if he did, he would never read it.

        In a subsequent television interview with Barbara Walters, Trump did acknowledge receiving a copy of ‘My New Order’, though he appeared to bristle at the implication that he admired Hitler’s speeches:

        ” WALTERS: In the current issue of Vanity Fair, the author, Marie Brenner, says that you read from Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, and that these are speeches that you seem to admire. What’s your reaction? Do you have this book? Do you have these speeches?

        TRUMP: It is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. A friend of mine sent me a book. A man who I think is Jewish, although I don’t know, sent me a book. It happened to be that book. All of a sudden Marie Brenner somehow found out that he had sent me a book. It is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen, and I’m probably going to sue Vanity Fair over it.”

        Its wasn’t ‘Mein Kampf ‘ first of all. It was ‘My New Order’ which is a collection of speeches by Adolph Hitler. The person who sent him the book confirmed that it was really ‘My New Order’ and so did the vanity fair author and his ex-wife Ivana in 1990 also said it was a copy of Hitler’s speeches – and it is not in Trumps bedside table.

        It is false that Trumps wife revealed he kept a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf by his bedside.

        • Nice try Booger Brain on the propaganda but trump ran his campaign right out of Hitler’s prior tactics when he was running for office.

          You can argue which of Hitler’s hate writings Trump obviously admired and used in his campaign but the actual Trump campaign proves he copied Hitler’s political tactics practically verbatim i.e. used racist hate to panic and play on the racism found in U.S. society.

          What planet of right wing delusion do you live in????.

          Try again you lie about Trumps history.

        • dacian the stupid,

          Even if any of us believed ONE WORD of your Leftist/fascist propaganda (we don’t), please list for us all of the ACTUAL “authoritarian” policies Trump implemented. When you’re done with that, list the authoritarian policies Senile Joe, the Walking Rutabaga, implemented. Read them over. We’ll wait . . . you pathetic, partisan propagandist of a brain-dead Leftist/fascist moron.

        • dacina, the DUNDERHEAD Again you spread the lie that Trump thought Hitler was a good guy. That is poppycock in the 1st degree.

          Let’s go over some facts. Giovani Gentile an Italian Socialist ghost wrote Mussolini’s Manifesto and was a favorite of your buddy Adolf. The fact is that fascism and Nazism has its roots in socialism and your Lefty stormtroopers, ANTIFA and BLM use the fascist tactics used by the Fascists and Nazis during the prelude to and during WWII.

          you Lefties only turned on Adolf when he invaded the USSR and then tried to claim that Fascism and Nazism are “right wing.” More of your Leftist poppycock.

  19. Go ask the police officers working in any major city about who is committing the majority of violent crime. If they are honest, they will tell you it’s a small group of violent thugs preying on the neighborhoods they live in, and a slightly larger group pushing out of those same neighborhoods. In a city the size of Chicago, it will be between 2 and 5 hundreds. Same with cities like Washington DC or Denver or Detroit.
    Get outside of these inner city areas and violent crime is quite low in most of the US.
    And, the problem is not as complex or complicated as many claim. But, fixing the problems will not be as simple as writing a few laws, or handing out government largess. It will require a cultural shift in the affected cities and neighborhoods. As well as a shift in who is running those cities and who is running the education system from the local school boards to the federal level. The problem is not about race, or Trump, or whatever dupes like Williams may try to blame things on. The problem stems from the Great Society and other failed government programs, failures of the education system pushing foolish leftist programing, and failed Democrat, leftist, feel good, virtue signaling, but do nothing state and local government programs and politicians who use the failures for their own benefit, but still do nothing to better the situation.

  20. Have YOU ever read MEIN KAMPF [ie 'MY Struggle'] ? Along with ‘DAS CAPITAL’ it’s just aboutbthe most boring book ever written and like the bible can be interprerted as one requires according to circumstances The NAZI State even held semi-compulsory classes to enable young people to understand it. Even if Donanld Trump did obtain a copy I doubt he’d have understood a word of it . As for ‘HITLER’S SPEECHES they are even worse He certainly had the knack of making them sound good but when you analysed them they were invariably nonsense and the audiences made of them waht they will. At least Trump and Hitler had that much in common.
    BUT do not blame Trump too much here. Those people who voted Trump into the White House had had plentiful opportunuity over decades to KNOW exactly what he was and what his principles were.
    What else did America expect from an ignorant, self absorbed, semi-literate mysogonistic and narcissistic fool who had held not a single Public Office in his life and had not the slightest appreciation of Public Accountability. What is even worrse is that they then completely underestimated the sheer bloody intelligence and criminal deviousness of the man. NOBODY should have underestimated the man’s intelligence however misdirected it may have been.

    • Gee, Albert the Subject, we are come all over verklempt that you didn’t like DJT. Guess what? Many of us didn’t much care for him, either . . . but I guarantee you that he was smarter than the senile rutabaga (who was a moron BEFORE he became senile) who currently (supposedly) occupies the Oval Office.

      But it doesn’t matter because . . . WE DON’T GIVE A FLYING F*** about your idiot opinions, subject, and haven’t since 1776. I would urge you to try and be a citizen, but . . . y’all don’t have the stones for it. Sucks to be you, dunnit??

    • Albert Hall, You are so full of shit you are like a Christmas turkey. Trump and your buddy Hitler had absolutely NOTHING in common.

      Let me remind you that the Fascists and Nazis have their roots in Socialism. Remember that Italian Socialist, Giovanni Gentile who ghost wrote Mussolini’s Manifesto? It was only AFTER Hitler betrayed Joe Stalin and invaded the USSR that you Socialists tried to claim that Nazis and Fascists were “right wing”, another Socialist lie.

  21. IN NAIROBI KENYA the Kenyan Police and Military were unable to extract either terrorist OR their hostages from a supermarket.
    A member of the UK SPECIAL FORCES in NAIROBI on a Military Training Team asked permission to do his bit. He entered the premises, released ALL the hostages and killed every terrorist, The SP operative then disappeared into the crowd and has though he has been awarded Decorations by both Kenya and the UK has never been named or identified.

    • Wow, Albert the Subject,

      As my boys would say, “COOL STORY!! Tell it again!”. And, from my side, exactly WTF relevance is that to anything??????

  22. It started with “there is no rise in crime”

    Then, when it became impossible to hide, it became “it’s not as bad as in the 80s!”

    Now it’s “pay no attention to those murders or Trump wins”

    It’s possible to be anti-Trump and live in reality when it comes to crime but not if you’re in the media, evidently.

    • Remember this?

      “We won’t have inflation”
      Then, “There is no inflation” (don’t believe your lying eyes)
      Then, “Okay we have it, but it’s just transitory. It’ll be gone before you know it”
      Then, “We have inflation because of the greedy corporations charging too much”
      And the greatest excuse for everything: “Because Covid” (not us!)

      Rule number one: They always lie.
      Rule number two: When they pull the identity politics card, the Trump card, or some combination of the two, it means they have no real argument.

  23. Reality is a hard fact that the left will never cave to admitting is real! Just look at the worst crime ridden cities, dem run shitttholes that are imploding year by year. They are becoming avoidance centers for most common sense individuals as well as corporations that want to live in a safe environment!


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