Josh from Evansville, IN’s Simple Sunday Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Josh Ogles sends his love and his “Simple Sunday” EDC from Everyday Carry.

My only question:  Does he not have a phone?  Does anyone not carry a phone in this day and age?  I see kids that I don’t think are past kindergarten with a smart phone in their back pocket.

Josh works as an account manager and lives in Evansville, IN.  I have a friend who lived there and I know from experience, in some places in Evansville, you want to have a gun as a good guy.  And so Josh does, a GLOCK 43.  Loaded with Hornady Critical Defense rounds.

I’m curious about the Ainste Evan Wallet.  Seems pretty… minimalist.  Sounds pretty pricey.

The Seiko Men’s SNK809 Seiko 5 Automatic seems classy.  And everyone needs a blade (Kershaw Link) and a light (Streamlight Protac 1L).  From his avatar at Everyday Carry, he also carries around a sweet significant other.  If he’s married, he definitely married up.  Unless he kidnapped her for the photo…  or stole the photo from a picture frame at the store.

Well done, Josh.




  1. avatar Darkman says:

    Finally a realistic looking EDC. Some of them lately have been over the top. As for the phone. I don’t carry a phone most days. Never liked phones and found my life is much simpler without one. Never owned a smart phone either.

  2. avatar tibby says:

    Probably what he took the photo with? Some of your commentary on these can be pretty weird.

    1. avatar David Deplorable says:

      Lighten up Francis. He is making conversation.

      What about everyone else that has their phone? It is, after all, a very significant part of what most people carry.

    2. avatar Yeathats what I thought says:

      Agree… married up? Effing odd

  3. avatar possum, destroyer of arachnids says:

    I do not carry my cell phone outside of my house, no really I don’t. There are a few reasons why, some are tin hat, some are not. Take away the pocket watch complete with straps for attaching to your wrist, change the wallet and void it of all money, remove the flashlight, replace knife with a China brand look a like and the gunm to a 54-1 and you’ve got my EDC. I did not click on the picture with a chick because I’m sure she’s not my type. ” What is your type possum?”. Me,”The ones who say yes.”

  4. avatar GS650G says:

    I have the same watch. It’s my work around the house piece. Only about 55 dollars too.

  5. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Looks tidy.

  6. avatar Kman says:

    Very good.
    Much like my Sunday outfit. Shrink the knife and ditch the light.

  7. avatar Craig in IA says:

    Looks realistic to me…

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