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John from Texas (God bless Texas) sends his “Everyday” line-up.  Courtesy of Everyday Carry.

The first thing I noticed, aside from the Kimber Pro Carry piece in an old-school Milt Sparks Criterion rig was the TAG-Heuer watch.  That’ll set a fella back a couple of grand.  For a watch.

John carries a Kershaw Launch auto blade, along with an Olight S2R baton light.  After seeing these Everyday Carry posts and all the people who carry the Olight baton lights, I ordered one of the single-cell versions.  It came a few days later.  Yeah, it’s phenomenally bright.  However, I remain less than impressed as it does not have a momentary “on” switch.  Or at least I haven’t figured out how to find it.  (Maybe the light is smarter than me?)

Pretty nice stuff he’s got.




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  1. Big Iron.!

    Milt Sparks made some good stuff…the company seems to carry it as well.

  2. Thank you for sharing about the momentary on switch and the olight. I was never a fan of olight. The push button on the side, the deep carry clip that actually isn’t deep carry, and the fact the light faces upwards in your pocket. Just weird. They look cool though. Always been a streamlight fan. Surefires are okay, for WML’s and tactical use, but even streamlight has those covered for half the cost.

    As for the EDC… I wonder why purple?

    • “As for the EDC… I wonder why purple?”

      Maybe he likes the color, maybe one of his kids gave it to him, or maybe…

      The color purple is associated by some people with non-binary sexual interests.

      So was told to me by someone with those interests. Who drove a purple car, and had purple stuff on his desk at work…

      • I have to address the purple. First, I like the color, second, it took the gun from being “it’s a gun”, to “its a pretty fun I want to go shoot” from my girlfriend. Three of the best bbq places are 10 minutes from the range.

        The Milt Sparks holster just fits me best, I have a drawer full of others, as a lot do, I wish I had just bought it first and did my penance with the wait time.

        The light has taken a little getting used to, but it is super bright if you need it in a very small light.

        Thanks for the responses, except the one questioning my sexuality.

  3. A $300 writing instrument!? Apparently this guy ain’t hurtin’ for dough…
    Nice EDC..I aspire to reach such lofty EDC greatness 😉

    • Hey, if a bad guy attacks and that’s all you got, the BG can get stabbed in the neck with an elegant, iconic, the CLASSIQUE MEISTERSTUCK FOUNTAIN PEN, with style of course.

  4. In contrast to today’s kydex holsters, cobra belt and polymer guns, this is a refreshing EDC with some classic comfortable leather and rosewood grips. I too don’t care for this particular Olight’s side switch; just give me one with a tail switch and momentary on and I’m GTG.

  5. Shark skin trim on the holster. Got plenty of shark skin, but never saw the point of exotic leather if it’s concealed. Tag watch? Over rated. Their movements are made out of shop. You didn’t mention the Mont Blanc pen. Bought one at a celebrity auction fund raiser. Jeff Cooper used it to autograph a lot of his books I had when I met him at SHOT. Doesn’t write any better than a Bic.

    • I collect pens (as well as guns, books, EGAs, USMC swords and whatever else captures my fancy) and you are right that the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck ball pen is not the type of pen to carry as a self-defense instrument. The body of the pen is just made of plastic (but CLASSY handcrafted plastic from Europe!) and would probably be severely damaged if one tried to stab a bad guy with it – and one would be out $300. And it doesn’t write any differently than a BIC ball pen. But they do look great. Most people (outside the pen collecting community) that I’ve seen carrying Mont Blancs in shirt pocket or purse have them as status symbols. As for me, I use mine to write with. As far as this guy’s EDC, I like his Kimber pistol – I’ve always had a preference for 1911s. His leather is classy, too. As for the TAG-Heuer wristwatch, well, I’d rather have a Patek Phillipe timepiece (in my dreams) but will get along with my Timex Expedition.

      • i have a vintage allen exhaust gas analyzer set up for ’80’s era yamaha “yics” ports i’ll let go reasonable.
        talk about lean and mean…

      • Now that, I simply do not understand.

        Why waste $300 on a plastic pen, or any pen for that matter, that doesn’t do the one thing a pen MUST do — write — any better than a Bic? Unless it’s much more than merely a pen (say, a historical item or a tactical weapon of death that doubles as a writing instrument), that’s just throwing money away. Might as well set fire to it.

        But it’s his money, and he can do what he wants with it.

  6. Nice EDC. Really dig the gun belt. I have a steel core Bigfoot, and I wouldn’t go back to a “regular” belt for anything.

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