Lucio Eastman [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Gun lover, I so wish you were as tired of this as I am.

I wish thousands and thousands of deaths every year could move you enough to move.

I wish you could tap into an empathy to eclipse your gun lust.

Maybe you don’t watch the videos and you don’t look at the pictures and you don’t listen to the terrible sounds.

Maybe that’s your secret.

Maybe that’s why you’re not so tired right now.

Maybe that’s how you sleep at night while other people live nightmares.

I wish you were as tired as they are today.

— John Pavlovitz in Gun Lover, I Wish You Were Tired of People Dying.

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    • Gun Lover? Remove Gun and insert the N-Word and it reeks the thinking behind the kkk democRat Party Jim Crow Gun Control poop pie.

      In his deviate subconscious selection of words used to backdoor denigrate and besmirch Gun Owners little john paviovitz validates how History Confirms Gun Control in shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide.

      • WHatbthe idiopt gun worshippers of Amewrica do not realise is that this guy is reflecting the viewpoint of the entire civilised world. As it is America is heading down the way of MEXICO, SOUTH AFRICA ansd the DRUG CARTELS of South America. Men roamingthe street armed with SEMI-AUTO Rifles in Quais Militray clothing and masked. To us Europeans it seems extemely childish and so it is BUT children have a poor sense of responsibiloity and sooner or later it IS going to kick off and the catalyst may well be DONALD TRUMP standing again for the Presidency.
        Win or lose TRUMP will end up giving the veneer of legitimacy for INSURRECTIOn which WILL Lead to Civil War at worse led by thoughtless irresponsible, ignorant uneducated, immature and illiterate CHILDREN.

        • To us Europeans it seems extemely childish

          Pretty much the way I view that illiterate crap you cobble together every time you try to post something, ever heard of spell/grammar check? As far as your feeelllzz, the best cure for THAT little problem is to keep your soshulllist ass on your side of the Atlantic. OBTW: is it getting cold yet?

        • wrong again dummy, south and central America drug cartels are armed with full auto guns they steal or buy from corrupt government people.

          what’s your next line of brain dead stupidity ?

        • So, you know what the entire civilized world thinks? What do you think the 2 million plus people that are saved from a violent crime by the mere presence of a firearm think? Typical no mind post that knows next to nothing about firearms.

        • For moonbats like Albert L J Hall it always goes back to Trump. Before that Cheney, before that Nixon, before that the CIA… I thought we were talking about gun owners not having enough empathy.

        • Do tell us about your knowledge of overseas laws. In 30 year overseas I saw mayhem, murder, genocide, riots, looting due to the elites disarming the proles. Tell me again about the rest of the world’s viewpoints when its raping, pillaging, looting to its hearts desire.

          I know your gender studies major was hard won and it shows. Tell it to the farmers in the Netherlands having their farms seized by fascists. Tell it to the French who see their institutions destroyed by foreign invaders. Tell it to the British that see their little girls groomed and raped by Muslims.

          Europe is a bunch of hedonists incapable of reason, limited by their classism, bigotry, and socialist tendencies. They destroyed civilization in WWI due to their inability to reason and then laid the foundation for ww2 because of their endless thirst for vengeance.

          The stupidity of Europeans is demonstrated by their importation of millions of those that would rape and ensalcve them.

          But here we have a BRANDON bragging about making Eurpeans defenseless so they can enjoy being white South Africans. What a debauched, depraved and crazed loon. I bet he’s employed by the EEC.

    • He’s just another marxist that thinks that gun owners are a group identity. Nope!

      I wish thousands and thousands of deaths every year could move you enough to move.

      1). They aren’t my deaths. I didn’t kill anyone.

      2). I don’t know these people killing others. Go talk to them individually, instead of making a gay poem that tries to include me.

      3). I’m not a collective. I’m an individual. Remember you guys saying #notallmuslims??? Why isn’t there a #notallgunowners?? The individual only matters when they benefit your attempts at an argument?

      • Hit that right on the button. What will the anti- second amendment say to the nearly 2 million “not victims” because there was merely a firearm present? Tell me do all derivers lose their ability to own a vehicle because there are 10 times more deaths caused by DUI’s than by gun owners.

        • I, being in the firearms repair industry, encounter thousands of members of the public who bring their firearms to me. Of that sample of humanity – I can confidently say the NONE of those people have committed murder. None of those people have carried out any acts of terrorism, hate crimes, anti-social behavior or even farted in church. My customers are down to Earth, moral, ethical and empathetic. They live by the law of the land. They have a healthy respect for life. Those of the “anti-gun” ilk are invited to come and meet the VAST, VAST majority of Americans who believe in God, Family and Country. Go meet “Joe-work-a-day” every man, talk to them, reason with them and LISTEN to them – respectfully. We’re not the ones pushing hard for social unrest, destruction of even, Heaven forbid, a civil war. We love our families. We love our freedoms. We worship our God. We want peace and prosperity for all Americans. Stop the foolishness, the Naïve uninformed, knee-jerk responses that are being programmed into you from our enemies. Take some time to get to know God. Listen for answers. They will come. Be at peace! work for peace.

    • I wish you could tap into an empathy to eclipse your gun lust.

      So because some person somewhere else decided to kill someone with or without a gun, I have to reconsider if I like and enjoy MY guns??? Nope. GFY.

      • a lust is an inordinate desire for something that is off limits or prohibited to the on lusting. You are addressing the wrong half if this equation.

        The ones lusting are those actively killing stealing destroying when it is not their place to do so. I will also include those in authority who are tasked with bringing such activity under control such that peace and security return to society. I include individuals such as evil prosecutors, mayors, judges, etc who fail/refuse to apply the laws bearing on such actions.

        I have no lust for guns and yes I have some. I’d like more, but not now. Why? Because MY guns are legitimately and morally owned and used. Thus I cannot “lust” after them as having them is legitimate.

        On thw other hand, YOU are lusting for something denied you.. the desire to disarm, thus control, law abiding and moral citizens.
        YOU are the ine needing to repent.

  1. Idiot anti-gun hypocrite, I wish you were tired of Soros funded District Attorneys not prosecuting violent criminals.

    I wish you were tired of Democrat judges turning loose hardened violent criminals.

    I wish you were tired of defunding police.

    • George Soros $$$$
      New York City DA Bragg downgrades over half of felonies to misdemeanors | Fox News

  2. I have zero empathy for people that vote for Dem leaders that are soft on crime. Instead of blaming inanimate objects for the the death and destruction caused by criminals, maybe YOU should have empathy for their victims, lock up the bad guys, and take illegal guns off the streets.

    No legal gun owner, NRA official, or Republican politician is keeping Dem mayors from ordering police in their cities from doing their jobs and protecting innocent people. DAs that let bad guys out, fucking fire them.

    • CATO you stepped right into the cow patty on this one.

      quote————and take illegal guns off the streets.———quote

      Now just how do you think this can be accomplished?????

      Simple: Universal Background Checks coupled with Registration. The supply of illegal street guns would start to dry up almost overnight because few law abiding citizens would sell second hand guns without transferring ownership to the buyer who would have to go through a background check. THIS IS HOW CIVILIZED COUNTRIES HAVE DONE IT FOR DECADES AND THEIR MUCH LOWER HOMICIDE AND MASS MURDER RATE PROVE THE LAWS WORK AND WORK WELL.

      • Just like prohibition dried up the flow of illegal alcohol? Drugs? If it is profitable to smuggle a ton of cocaine over our open border how about a ton of real AK’s?

        You keep using that word ‘civilized’. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

        • Think how “civilized” the Soviet Union was, and how “civilized” Putin’s Russia and CCP’s China is now.

        • @MADMAXX

          And a heaping helping of many less privately held arms. Less gunms, but much more violence, mirroring that found in much more gunm control laden States and Municipalities.

          Imaginary that.

      • Universal Background Checks coupled with Registration. The supply of illegal street guns would start to dry up almost overnight.

        Another insightful observation from one of the resident morons… When you determine how to keep CRIMINALS from stealing guns (no background check or registration required) from private citizens, gun dealers, COPS and the military (keeping in mind that locks only keep law abiding people lawful) AND solve the dilemma of open boarders where illegal drugs, guns and humans cross unchecked in the thousands daily to be illegally used/sold/trafficked by CRIMINALS to CRIMINALS you WILL be hailed as the genius you have always lived under the delusion that you are (NOT!!)… How many of YOUR “civilized” countries have a population (US is 3rd in the world) nearing 335 million and have the land mass of the US (4th largest in the world)… NOTE: Criminals do not participate in govt background checks, criminals do NOT register their STOLEN firearms AND criminals do NOT ask for identification when they sell stolen or otherwise illegally obtained firearms… I assume you are aware that the US ranks 72 of 196 countries listed in murders per capita.

        • The last time he was near a school he was arrested for loitering with intent and indecent exposure.

      • Except in your UTOPIAN WORLD, over 100+ people die at a time, cause they in Europe can get full auto weapons, every type of explosives on the black market!!

        Now Military weapons being sent to Ukraine are now showing up on the black market in Europe..

        It is just a matter of time another spectacular attack happens in Europe and the use NATO/US made weapons and explosives!!!!

      • Dacian

        The solution is simple. It worked before in NYC with Giuliani.

        Cops arrest bad guys with guns. Bad guys with guns go to jail. Bad guys with guns STAY IN FUCKING JAIL. Bad guy guns go off the street.

      • …then the buyer of the second hand gun, who just went thru a backround check, would straw man it on the street to the bad guys, and keep doing it, until he got caught. Then his cousin/brother/whoever, would take his place. Dumbass.

  3. Yep, we are tired of people using guns to try to score political points, blaming our legal and protected hobby (and us) for crimes committed by criminals and mentally unstable people, tired of the blood of victims being used for political agendas while aiding and abetting the daily and weekly violence in urban centers.

    I don’t know why someone would go shoot people in a Walmart. But that doesn’t make us want to own guns less, if anything more, knowing that police can’t or won’t be able to protect us. We don’t want criminals or murderers hurting people with any weapon, but there is no conflict in desiring peace while also shooting and enjoying firearms, we can mentally separate evil actions of some from amoral guns.

  4. “Maybe that’s how you sleep at night while other people live nightmares.”

    No, I sleep at night knowing that I have done everything in my power to protect me and mine.

    • “No, I sleep at night knowing that I have done everything in my power to protect me and mine.”

      ^ *This*…

  5. We do have empathy. We see victims, we empathize with them, then we take measures to ensure that we don’t become victims.

    It’s obvious that Pavlov’s dog doesn’t have real empathy for victims.

  6. lol
    Upside down and backwards

    Gun owners have plenty of empathy. Likely more than anyone else. It’s criminals that lack empathy. It’s rapists, thieves, arsonists, killers, and Democrat leftist politicians that do not posses this quality of humanity. Those that want everyone to go through life completely defenseless are the ones that are not empathetic.

  7. This is a very dusturibing article. For one I truly enjoy the shooting sports. My hobbies are cars and weapon. Hiow many I own is really no one business. Good people own guns. Please stop trying to push your opinions and ideology on people. Please remember a hammer, knife or car ax are just tools. Are you going to address any of these?

    Gregg Kielma

    Tactical K Training and Firearms and FFL Dealer

    USCCA CCW Home Defense Instructor
    Countering the Mass Shooter Instructor
    Children and Firearms Instructor
    Certified Range Safety Officer
    Professional Engineer
    Expert Marksman

  8. Guns or No Guns, the deaths will persist. Gun-Free Japan has an Intentional Death Rate (Homicides + Suicides) that is 32% higher than the USA. Where guns are unavailable, other means will be used.
    Fiskars Machete ($20 at Home Depot) makes a cheap substitute for a firearm, no license or forms to fill out either.

    • No weapons required (at any cost). When women get shoved into the path of oncoming trains. Where was that guys empathy? Where was the gun he used?

  9. How do you sleep at night, knowing thousands of women are raped here and around the world? Do their screams and tears not move you to action? Where is your empathy? Cut off your p3n1s or is your lust too insatiable?

    Although I suspect he already has.

  10. “I wish you could tap into an empathy to eclipse your gun lust.”

    I wish you could tap into an empathy to eclipse your anti-gun lust to disarm me thus preventing me from protecting my wife and self as I’ve been forced to do against criminals several times. I sure don’t remember your “empathy” or you swooping in and doing a super hero landing for those incidents to protect my wife or me, but Glock was there in the few precious seconds we had and had Glock not been there my wife and I would not be alive today.

    So take your very false wish and claims of gun lust and shove it.

    • To ignorant Booger Brain that “just doesn’t get it”.

      “Meet the Press” last Sunday reported that out of 650 mass murders the good guy with a gun stopped just 12 of them proving Booger Brain that you live in a fantasy world if you think you could save your family or yourself from a maniac with an assault rifle wearing a bullet proof vest. He would laugh his ass off at your pop gun pistol.

      No my retarded paranoid boob, the real solution are tough gun laws where second hand guns are not allowed to be sold without paperwork.

      Registration is not a bad idea either as when a gun is registered to a person they are far less likely to ever sell it without transferring the gun out of their name to the buyers name. The supply of second hand guns on the street would dry up almost overnight as the average law abiding citizen would not risk imprisonment, fines, loss of his job and be banned from ever owning a firearm again. YES TOUGH GUN LAWS DO WORK AND WORK WELL AS HISTORY HAS PROVEN IT BEYOND ALL DOUBT.

      And we institute mental tests before the purchase of a weapon.

      And we institute safe storage laws

      And we pass tough as nails red flag laws. Step out of line and threaten someone and the cops smash your door down take your guns before you can murder your wife and your family. If its a false claim you can always get your guns back but if it is not a fase claim one cannot bring back the dead. This is way over the head of a paranoid i.e. yourself.

      Of course your advanced paranoia does not permit you see clearly or even understand such simple solutions which have proved so much more successful with the rest of the industrialized world. Of course you ignore the truth with the simple wave of the hand.

      • “No my retarded paranoid boob,…”

        It takes one to know one.

        Yes, you are all of that, if not many more despicable things, you insufferable fuckwit.

        Do us all a favor and go play in traffic, OK? 🙂

      • ““Meet the Press” last Sunday reported that out of 650 mass murders the good guy with a gun stopped just 12 of them…”

        Old information, already been debunked by a combination of FBI stats and independent researchers.

        and your other stuff has been repeatedly debunked, and by more recent independent research this year.

        see, like I said before dacian, you just don’t get it. Its not because you try hard to just not get it, its also because you are simply ignorant and choose to be that way.

        You’re like a fly, all you do is eat shi% (the anti-gun lies) and bother people.

        • to Booger brain
          Debunk is your favorite word which really means ” Do not confuse me the facts as it runs counter to my idiotic right wing fanaticism.”

        • 650 unarmed citizen-victims minus 12 armed citizen-victims equals 648 deceased unarmed citizen-victims. Sounds about right.

      • You always throw out these huge numbers of “mass shootings” but never post data to support such claims. You can because then you’d have to admit that the bulk of your numbers used are gang on gang violence. Now how do you define a good guy with gun ending a “mass shooting”? The good guy shooting the bad guy dead? How about when the coward shooter meets resistance from a good guy with a gun, that includes police you know, and the turd kills themselves without the good guy even needing to fire a shot. That my “friend” is still a good guy with a gun saving the day.

      • He’s FINALLY admitting his UBCs would not work without firearm’s registration.

        Something many of us have been pointing out for ages.

      • “Meet the Press”? What kind of moron would watch that drivel? Much less cite as some kind of source? Just stick with Bugs and Daffy nothing on Sunday morning network tv worth watching.

        Unless you can get SHARYL ATTKISSON.

        • neiowa…I hate to rain on your clown parade, again. The target here is john pavlovitz. You really should make an attempt to respond directly to his words and his opinion otherwise you are just singing to hear yourself sing.

        • Lucky you! Debbie the dunce hammers you for being off topic when the thread you responded to had 11 prior responses that had nothing to do with Pavlovitz. At least you didn’t get the kkkjimcrownazihistoryconfirmsguncontrolinany shapematterorformisrootedinracismandgenocide screech.
          That sh*t gets old when no one today in the US is trying to ban guns based on race/gender/color/etc. Libs want to take everyone’s guns away. You can’t intelligently debate/analyze something you don’t understand. Debbie proves the world changes as stupid people remain the same.

      • out of 650 mass murders the good guy with a gun stopped just 12 of them

        Don’t suppose that would be due to the fact that most mass shootings take place in schools and other gun free zones (hospitals, businesses etc) where a “good guy” with a gun is not present, however WHEN that good guy is there, and he is armed the loss of life IS considerably diminished. OBTW: your 650 number is grossly inflated.

        • Gunsel,

          1. “were you born stupid” – Why, YES, yes he was!!!

          2. “or did you have to work to get the way you are”. Why, YES, yes he did.

          dacian the demented dips***, like his buttbuddy MajorStupidity, took ignorance and natural stupidity, coupled it with Leftist/fascist gaslighting and lies, and seek every day to exceed their prior stupidity. And, sadly, they often succeed.

          Just as one can strive to succeed in a positive direction, one can devote efforts to strive for the bottom. dacian and MajorStupidity arrived at the bottom, and have begun digging holes.

      • Just to be clear, what part of *NO* is it that you don’t understand? Registration, NO, UBC, NO. Not just because they are an affront to individual rights but because they do not, have not, and will not “work” for the purposes you claim to pursue.

      • dacian, if you were one of the 12 saved by a good guy with a gun would the number 12 still be so small?
        Oh, at least booger brain as you call him has a brain!

  11. John you ignorant slut, me and my guns are not responsible for any victims. So far I have not shot anyone nor had any guns stolen from me. The genie is already out of the bottle dumbass. You can’t get rid of the knowledge of how to make them. Do you want all the cars taken off the road because of traffic fatalities? When you or anyone else comes to take them, there’s going to be some shore nuff gun violence.

  12. Unchecked, universal empathy is a crippling mental illness.

    If you honestly carry the suffering of the world on your shoulders ceasing to exist would be the only way to end the toll your very life takes on the world and environment around you but you can’t off yourself because it would cause pain for those who love you so you just lay prostrate on the floor refusing to interact or consume lest your actions contribute to suffering.

    If one is willing to go live.the monk life I can buy their concern may be genuine. Otherwise they’re just a childish fool playing on emotion in a sophomoric attempt to manipulate the actions of others into falling in line with their own selfish desires.

  13. There are some people with gun lust, just as there are those with video game lust. But 99.9% of firearm owners love life and want to protect themselves and family and what is theirs. Owning firearms does not mean I have no empathy, it just means I value my life and those that are close to me.

    • I DO have empathy. For my gunz. Haven’t shot ’em for awhile. They’re neglected. No black Friday buying either(unhappy with the local sales). Whut do you wanna bet this putz is ok with tearing limbs off of unborn babies? Or attacking pro-baby protesters??? Empathy works both ways slick…

  14. Would someone please tell this idiot that a gun is an inanimate object incapable of violence? How about doing something about the criminals and the mentally ill.

  15. Yeah, I’m tired… I’m tired of whiney BETA males crying about gun owners that they perceive as callous, uncaring, heartless, cold-blooded, mindless (insert your term here) individuals who walk the earth with blinders on unaware that there are problems in the world. I’m tired of being singled out as the cause of all the fucking problems in the world just because I own a gun. I don’t know ANYONE who has condoned, planned, considered or conducted/participated in a mass shooting and if I was in a situation where such an event was occurring, I would do everything in my power to end it as quickly as possible. I own AND carry guns because the bad guys have guns and/or operate in groups that may be too large for me to otherwise defend myself against, I carry a gun because there are mentally dysfunctional individuals out there who think it’s funny or cool to attack people who appear to be defenseless, and I carry a gun to defend myself and my family against those who are too fucking lazy to work for something when they think it’s easier to just take it while creating as much mayhem and misery as they possibly can along the way.

  16. Every time there is a mass shooting this argument, that if responsible gun owners would just give up their guns then the bad things wouldn’t happen, resurfaces. I’ve never been able to decide if the people making this argument are simpletons or they think every one else is.

    Unless and until this author or someone like him can establish that there is some relationship between me owning a gun and someone else getting shot by someone other than me, I’m going to continue to mock this position. I find it convenient that this author also is able to convince himself that the reason I won’t give up my guns is because I am without empathy. Creating for himself a very comfortable little bit of circular logic – guns are bad so people who own guns are bad so guns are bad … In this fashion he gets to paint those who will not accept his faulty logic as horrible people so he doesn’t have to entertain their rebuttals.

    • I’m yet to see how the logic of taking guns off me stops mass shooting events? How person A owning guns causes criminal B to commit crime.

      • Precisely. They seem to take it as given that *my* guns are somehow involved in someone *else’s* crime. When they write it down in essay form all I can think is, “D-, Your thesis statement is not supported by your arguments. You may have to repeat your time in English 101.”

        • It’s just an excuse. It’s the same with every subject they’re interested in. They only care about the end goal. Logic and ethics don’t apply.

  17. I have other things to do than respond to John Pavlovitz’s idiotic musings. Honestly, I’d rather walk across the street and get the neighbors snowblower and change the oil as she asked me to do that. That’s time better spent than responding to John’s foolhardy nonsensical gibberish.

    Entertaining the FBI statistic that MORE people are killed with stabbing instruments, numb-nut John should focus on the breakdown of civility and compassion for one another than banging out narrow-minded one-liners in an attempt at provoking the weak-minded into considering his shallow illusory rubbish.

  18. John Pavlovitz, Amateur Poet, has hit the nail on the head here! Without so much as interviewing one of us, he has theorized our every thought, and laid his imaginary deductions out to the world with OUR NAMES on them.
    Pavlovitz, you are solidly one of the 99%ers who consume, believe and regurgitate the misdirection gushing from the media. None of your dribblings are true.
    The problem here is PERSONAL COWARDICE.
    You TV Worshipers were deaf and blind to the murder, rape, disenfranchisement and terrorization of the entire population of South Viet Nam. Or any such conflict. Those of us who heard and cared put ourselves between them and what would kill them.
    Those of you who stayed behind have gone to absolutely ridiculous lengths to blame others for the explosive angst that consumes you.
    Obviously, your daily Mass Termination to pictures of young boys and your need to “express yourself” through foppish poetry is iron clad proof of this.
    Get mental help. Self-Commit to a psychiatric hospital, or get a Judge to do it. YOU are ready to explode! Get help now, before you commit another Sandy Hook.
    Isn’t there anybody who can Red Flag this psychotic out there? He’s ready to explode!

  19. Perhaps Pastor John should ask Tyrone, Jacqueze , Taneaious, Antonio and the rest of the 6% to have some “empathy” prior to committing their crimes?

  20. So, I’ve tried to post several times on this thread and, for reasons I cannot determine, I keep going to moderation purgatory. I’m pretty sure I haven’t used any verboten words. So, TTAG, could we get some kind of a summary of the moderation policy? I’m a pretty smart guy and I think I could craft language to communicate my thoughts that avoids the moderator if I only knew what it was that caused the offense.

  21. So a thought based off of half truths has managed to be strung together. Well replace gun owners with collectivists for my retort that is orders of magnitude more lethal.

  22. “I wish…


    Bah. Pfui. Maybe we already are aware of all the crap that happens around us, and we want to defend ourselves if it ever comes our way. I wish folks like you would face reality. Clean your own bedroom before taking on the world.

  23. I’ve treated a whole lot of GSW victims in my career in medicine. I’ve seen the wailing families of the victims in the ED, just like what Pavlovitz is describing.

    Nice try.

    I keep my guns to make sure I don’t end up like those victims.

    Empathy sure is manipulative. Ask Trump.

  24. Need more dead humans.
    Need at least 8 billion dead ones to make any improvements.
    .Build Back Better.
    And for you John Pavlov, I gotta have my gunms because I never know what human is going to try and kill me. I wouldn’t like being dead just yet.
    And it ain’t getting no better, no matter what the system tries.

    • Your gonna have to wait til at least mid-January for that big kill-off, world population currently stands at 7.999 billion. Probably need to recruit some help or get that neutron bomb thing finished cause possums are way outnumbered… Just sayin.

  25. “Gun lover, I so wish you were as tired of this as I am.”

    Well, there are are whole lot of us who are. We’re tired of being blamed for the actions of others. We’re tired of the lies being crafted to try and remove our constitutional rights. We’re tired of the endless BS that states that if we had “just one more law”, on top of the thousands and thousand of gun laws, it would solve all of the worlds problems. We’re tired of the endless blame being put upon something that is just a tool. I’m not a “gun lover”. I am a lover of well crafted tools. Yeah, we’re tired but, not of what you think. We’re tired of people lik you!

  26. The more cogent thing is that if one goes to his website there is no provision for comments. Wonder why that is. I took a look at some of his other ‘offerings”. He’s a paid democrat hack, blaming Republicans and everyone BUT the democrats for the nations problems. Piss on him.

  27. As a gun owner, I’m as upset as anyone when someone uses a gun for nefarious purposes. We’ve listened to this Song and Dance of “If Gun Owners Would Only Give Up Their Guns,” for most of my life, and I’m sorry to offend the Gun Grabbers, but the actual evidence says otherwise.
    What I’m sick of, is the predictable Politicization of every Tragedy by the Politicians and their Media Propagandists.
    I really couldn’t give two schitts what Europe or the rest of the world thinks. Europeans sold their balls for the illusion of safety, and that’s why we had to bail them out, TWICE! The way things are going over there, we’ll most likely be begged to do it again in the near future.
    Democrats and Gun Grabbers can go FORNICATE themselves.

  28. John, it’s not that people love guns, it’s just that they recognize the need for people to protect themselves against all the rabble Biden has let cross the border. Not to mention all the people released from incarceration that didn’t need to be released. But, first and foremost, they keep their guns handy to keep the oppressive government from completely destroying the country by maintaining the means to repel any aggression by the government against its citizens, or if necessary, to take back the government and put it BACK into the hands of the people, not some lunatic and his cronies that think they know what the people want.

  29. John Pav, I don’t always have time to watch look and listen to the things you describe (though I know they are important) because I am forced to watch look and listen to the things the Left is doing to destroy this country; insidious as the Left is. It leaves little time to consider things you deem more important than other things. When truth prevails, concerning these things, then we can forget about all the “Left vs. Right” stuff. Until then, I will be working for the side that values truth, as defined in the Bible.


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