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When you lock up violent criminals, you prevent them from victimizing other innocents. Crime in America dipped almost 50% after America abandoned “soft on crime” attitudes of the 1970s. Of course, many soft-on-crime politicians like Reitz have once more taken a love to “diversion” programs. And that’s how we get Robbie Patton (above), a local crime celebrity of sorts.

In 2015, he had an altercation at a Champaign Steak ‘n Shake restaurant commonly frequented by my friends and me. While none of us were enjoying a milkshake or steakburger at 5:30pm, Robbie was.

Robbie found himself in an altercation inside the restaurant. He felt one of his friends had been “disrespected”, so little Robbie went outside.  He waited for the other group to emerge, pulled out of gun and tried to kill those other people.

He missed, and fled the scene with an Illinois State Trooper in hot pursuit. After a short, high-speed chase in a stolen car, Robbie crashed and escaped on foot.

Cops caught up with him.  Local prosecutor Julia Reitz then went soft on little Robbie.  She let him go to “boot camp”, even though that sentencing option is not supposed to be available for violent offenders. And squeezing off a bunch of shots at other people, trying to kill them, pretty much fits the bill as a violent crime.

After serving eight months on an eight-year sentence, Robbie returned to the streets of Champaign-Urbana.  In less than two days, cops arrested him again for drugs and who knows what else.  Not even three weeks after that, he’s illegally got a gun.  When someone “disrespects” another one of Robbie’s friends, guess what he does?  He pulls out the gun and fires shots at those he believes responsible.

He misses his intended targets, but in the busy University of Illinois campustown district, his errant, not-so-late-night rounds found four innocent people within a block or two.  George Korchev, the recent nursing school graduate due to start his career as a registered nurse at a hospital in Libertyville, IL, the following Monday morning, was struck and killed a block away from one of Robbie’s bullets.

Ms. Ruiz

Julia Reitz, pictured above, didn’t throw the book at a young punk who tried to commit murder. She instead “celebrated” with a diversion sentence and because of it, George Korchev died.

George Korchev was set to start a life as a productive citizen, helping to save lives.  He would have gotten married, had kids and raised a productive family.  George would have given his parents grandchildren.  He would have lived probably sixty more years, contributing positive energy to making our world a better place.

But Democrat State’s Attorney Julia Reitz cut a deal to let Robbie Patton, a sociopathic predator who will never contribute anything but sewage and sadness to our society, avoid serving hard time for attempted murder.

It’s true.  Bad guys in prison don’t victimize the innocent.  Florida had proven success with 10-20-Life sentencing enhancements for the use of a firearm while committing a violent crime.  A court struck down the law in 2016.  Under the law, Florida’s firearm violent crime rate plummeted to the lowest levels in the Sunshine State’s recorded history.

 Until and unless residents demand local judges and prosecutors put violent predators in prison, gang violence will continue.

Nibbling around the edges won’t bring crime down.  Dangling gun control out to people who don’t know better will not solve violent crime, either.  And not only will gun control not solve the gang violence problem, but it will make more innocent victims as criminals don’t fear unarmed victims.

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  1. Sounds like a payday for the Krochev family to me. If Reitz broke protocol to keep this punk out if jail, then she can’t argue that she was just doing her job.

      • The most one can do is raise such a public stink that Reitz becomes political poison. Make the point, over and over again, that she puts the welfare of murderers over the lives of their victims.

        Some of my relatives live in a Denver suburb. They were worried about the appearance of coyotes in public parks where their children played. At a public meeting, local politicians insisted that the coyotes had as much right to the parks as the parents and children. Anyone who interfered with the coyotes would be prosecuted. Had I lived there and attended the meeting, I would have asked, “Do you expect to win reelection on a platform of coyotes before kids?”

      • It probably does. Prosecutors and judges have an insane amount of protection- not ‘qualified’ immunity but absolute immunity.

        They can do basically whatever they want and are untouchable as long as it is within the performance of their job… one of the rare exceptions is the Baltimore prosecutor (Mosby) who failed to quash the lawsuits against her because she evidently went outside her job by taking on the role of investigation.

    • I have two conflicting thoughts on this. The current death penalty is not a deterrent because it takes decades and for most people, it is not visible. Public executions would stop that and I think that it would definitely increase deterence.

      However, I believe that government is too incompetent and corrupt to rely on for fair trials.

      • However, I believe that government is too incompetent and corrupt to rely on for fair trials.

        Maybe we can start with public executions of corrupt government officials.

        • Kenneth the problem with what George Carlin said right there is that most bankers are not republican. oh sure they are big business but it is not free market capitalism anymore. it is crony corporatism which is just as bad as socialism, communism, fascism etc. in fact it is a mix of all of those as it is about power and control. too much power and control in the hands of any one group is always bad. as some others have said, “the default system is anarchy, it is just a matter of which gang is at the top and how many controls they have placed against them in what they can do.” IHMO most of the “controls” that were placed on the federal govt at federation have been removed over time slowly but surely. one of the first was slavery. the 13th amendment originally read in a way that abolished all forms of slavery including voluntary. just a few years later it had a single word added to it being “involuntary”. what this means is that it gives the bankers and the legal system carte blanche to enslave through contract law. it also gives the govt room for enslavement through all sorts of registration and licensing. all this is contract law all of which allows room for enslavement

        • Miss Toni is quite correct on the political orientation of the 1-percent bankers, the majority are Leftists. The mass-media were quite clear last election about that, surprisingly enough. Complaints by them that the HildaBeast was tight with the Wall Street banking-set…

      • The death penalty does not need to be a deterrent to be worthwhile.

        If someone is going to be locked up for life with no possibility of parole, killing them instead saves literally all of the money – hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars – we the taxpayers would otherwise have to spend to keep them fed, housed, entertained, etc.

        Call me a heartless bastard, but there are better things to do with people’s hard earned money.

        The state’s competence worries me too, yeah. But in cases where the evidence is direct, non circumstantial and clear?

        • Actually killing them isn’t cheaper. It’s more expensive due to the required appeals that are meant to prevent the execution of innocent people.

          I don’t remember the exact numbers of the top of my head but it’s something like $400K on average for life in prison and over a million on average for a death sentence.

        • The death penalty is a RESTRAINT upon repeat offenders, a very effective one.

          A well executed (pun intended) hanging is very quick and effective; just ask Saddam Hussein former President of Iraq and mass political murderer. Oh wait…

          The guillotine is also very quick and effective. The French ended public executions because they were TOO popular to watch. P.S. A Tunisian immigrant, Hamida Djandoubi, was the last person executed. He tortured and killed his ex-girlfriend in revenge, after she reported to authorities that he had tried to force her into prostitution.

        • Cali has it’s own set of problems for sure.

          As I said the problem is the cost of all the appeals in death penalty cases. The appeals are required by law and take forever. Often the taxpayers end up paying both sides too.

          It’s a mess in some ways but it does find wrongful convictions. John Grisham has a whole book about a guy who was railroaded by small town LEOs, ended up on death row and was saved by the appeals process. IIRC it’s his only work of non-fiction. It’s a pretty scary read in terms of government employee abuse of power. It may be pretty prescient considering what we may shortly learn about the FBI too…

        • strych9: Yes, it can be more expensive, as the system now exists, to keep incarcerated indefinitely than to execute someone, for exactly the reason you mention.

          That’s why I referenced unambiguous, direct evidence: for there to be any savings, one would need to modify the current legal structure to include something beyond “beyond a reasonable doubt” to let the sentence be carried out effectively immediately.

          That would be a very high bar indeed … but there are cases, such as the one described above, where it shouldn’t be too hard to meet.

        • Strych9, at least with executions, no one can come along and pardon the dead guy to get him back on the streets.

        • “… at least with executions, no one can come along and pardon the dead guy to get him back on the streets.”

          That’s a fair point but it’s also true that no one can come along and resurrect the dead guy who was actually innocent. We know that wrongful executions have happened in the past and, to me, that’s a travesty that should never occur.

          • It was more of a snide remark than a point I actually believe in, though, I do believe in it in the case of terrorists who are often released for one reason or another. (Israel doesn’t have the death penalty).

            “We know that wrongful executions [by the government] have happened in the past [in recent American history].” Do we? I don’t know that because after someone (or a movement) lies to me enough, I stop paying attention to them.

        • “Do we?”

          Yeah, there’s a list out there that is actually verified. It’s comprised only of those who were executed and then the real killer was found after the execution and where the second person found was a slam-dunk.

          Mostly it consists of people who were convicted during the time period “just” before and just after DNA became an actual thing in courts and the second person was proved to be the killer/the executed person was proved not to the the killer via DNA.

          Last I looked the list was about 40 people from 1975 (those who’s appeals continued into the time frame where DNA testing was possible) to 2015 or so.

          We also know that the State has no vested interest in justice in many cases because there have been a number of cases in the last 10 or so years where the convict openly and willingly submitted DNA to prove their innocence and the prosecutors fought the introduction of that evidence tooth and nail. In many cases they’ve won where courts have said that the State doesn’t have to allow DNA evidence. Now why would they do that I wonder…?

          As I said in my standalone post: it’s a big ol’ can-o-worms and I’m glad I have no part in trying to sort it out.

          • Yeah. Criminal and family law are the worst. The almost always have huge consequences that have little to do with money. Almost every other field of law’s consequence is about money.

        • strych9, you need to provide a link to this list. I might believe that there have been 40 proven cases of innocent men let off death row, but actually executed the number is maybe 2.
          One of those is the arson case in Texas where the state relied on junk science to get the conviction. The other possible one was a shooting at a Georgia gas station. That last one did not convince me the man was innocent, but there was enough doubt he probably should have been given life instead of death.

        • I’ve been looking for the list on and off this afternoon. It’s one of those things that, after the fact, you realize you probably should have bookmarked.

          I’ve been trying to weed out the survival analysis, innocence project and some other stuff which keeps cropping up. The list I’m talking about, as well as the one maintained by (which tracks cases of living exoneration and is up to 161 since 1973) are constantly referenced in articles but nearly never linked to.

        • Do you really think that life sentence prisoners won’t file all the same appeals anyway at public expense? The reality is that we can fight government corruption by making said corruption punishable by the same sentence as the victim of said corruption. If it’s proven you railroaded an innocent guy, you go to the wall. It’s cold comfort for the dead guy, but it will drop the number of such incidents dramatically after the first dozen corrupt government officials wind up with terminal cases of lead poisoning.

      • You definitely have a point with governmental corruption and incompetence, especially when it comes to prosecutors. IMHO if they withhold exonerating evidence, prosecutors should be subject to the same punishment that they seek to impose on the prosecuted. Seeing a couple corrupt prosecutors hang in the public square would be a tremendous deterrent. Same with corrupt judges.

        But especially in a case like this where someone has already committed attempted murder and as soon as he gets out of ‘boot camp’ he’s at it again, this time killing an innocent bystander, there’s no need for this earth to be disgraced by his presence any longer. And it’s not like wasting away for 60 years in a maximum security prison is that much better of an alternative.

        • “IMHO if they withhold exonerating evidence, prosecutors should be subject to the same punishment that they seek to impose on the prosecuted”

          Same for cops who falsify police reports.

        • Absolutely cops too. Any abuse of power should be dealt with severely.

          That includes you too, Barry.

      • Yeah 30 year delays don’t deter much. If it was 2 years or less and on Sunday night TV I bet it would work.

  2. Counter arguments to the lies your liberal professor told you:

    1. America is a “prison nation” with “insert wild statistic here” number of prisoners locked up. While the peaceful more advanced test of the world lives in perfect crime free harmony. This is absolute crap. America has a ton behind bars because we have a ton of criminals. This is due to combination of many factors. But, “tough on crime” worked. Under obama we went back on “tough on crime” policies, and low and behold, crime had begun to increase again. Meanwhile, the rest of the worlds crime stats are intentionally skewed by host nations and the media.

    2. The innocence project. Here’s how the innocence project realky works. It’s a left wing political scam aimed at ending the death penalty by “proving” all these people sentences to death are “innocent”. This is not the case. Here’s what really happens. Person commits grevious crime and is sentenced to death. Due to an ignorant lengthy appeals process, they sit on death row for 30 years or more. 30 years goes by. Evidence gets lost or is no longer useable. Witness and victims, and their families, die off or simply stop wanting to be involved. Courts, juries, political landscapes change. After decades it gets pretty easy to get someone off death row then make the claim “oh look at this poor man who spent 30 years on death row and was innocent.”

    3. Public hangings, whippings, firing squads and the stockade are “cruel and unusual.” All these methods of dealing with crime are more effective than the current system, and are very much constitutional, as they existed at the time of the constitutions implementation and remained the preferred method of dealing with crime until the creation of the modern prison system in the late 1800s.

    4. As controversial as it may be, a form of eugenics occurred in late 20th century America that no one wants to talk about, because it worked. That’s abortion. As abortion became legalized in the 70s, abortions sky rocketed. 20 years later, about the age most criminals peak in their criminal career, crime began its dramatic drop seen until recently. A major contributing factor was that poor, single, minority, and inner city mothers never had the children they would’ve had, to grow up into the criminals they would’ve.

    • ‘Meanwhile, the rest of the worlds crime stats are intentionally skewed by host nations and the media.’

      This is true. If you’ve ever seen the movie Hot Fuzz, it’s more of a slightly exaggerated documentary than pure fiction.

      As a point of fact, crime rates peaked in this country right about 20 years after Roe v. Wade, so unless it took 20 years to take effect or the bulk of the crime is committed by 40 year olds, there is no correlation between the two. And besides, how many of those 50,000,000+ dead babies would have turned out to be productive citizens? Maybe one of those people would have cured cancer or the common cold or something. I’m sure there were some bad people in the 11 million who died in Hitler’s concentration camps too, but that would hardly justify their existence.

      • “crime rates peaked in this country right about 20 years after Roe v. Wade, so unless it took 20 years to take effect or the bulk of the crime is committed by 40 year olds, there is no correlation between the two.”

        I think you missed the point. The “20 years” mentioned ( I seem to recall it was 18, as referenced in “Freakonomics”) is in relation to the age of the aborted child. IOW, when the child reached 20 (18?), that child would be a hardcore CRIMINAL, not 20 more years later when he was 40. For those who haven’t read the 2 or 3 pages of that book which addressed abortion, let me also point out that as part of his presentation, the author noted that 2 states had legalized abortion 2 years prior to “Roe v. Wade”, and their crime rates peaked 2 years before the rest of the country.
        Personally, I disagree with referring to this effect as eugenics, which is normally imposed by government, as it is totally a free choice of the patient involved, and therefore no business of yours or mine.

      • As an aside, if the idea of 50,000,000 unwanted children and their probably 150,000,000 unwanted descendants bringing our population past 500,000,000 by today does not terrify you, I have to believe you are not paying attention.

  3. I have to weigh in on this topic. The majority of the esteemed social scientists are full of baloney. Repressed rage? My other end. That’s a political tug, and an opening for blaming others while begging tax money for another useless social program.

    Lack of activities? Right out of Disney.

    Troubled youth? Get real. They’re having the time of their lives.

    Not wanting to hurt somebody? Delusional. The point is to hurt someone, and the more damage done, the better. Humiliating their victims is also considered a plus. Hundreds of them have readily disclosed these details during psych evaluations, and after reading their pre-sentence and police reports, the brutality of their crimes is validated.

    Sadism? Absolutely. These predators are gratified in harming others to include killing them. Doing harm without remorse gets young blacks high street status. Harming a non-black is being true to their race, thus, a bonus.

    Let’s face it… the young black offenders are functionally illiterate, without a trace of empathy, and they’ve been raised on a diet of race hatred. The popular culture is their guide.

    To them, all non-blacks are the enemy, and it makes no sense to them to try to live legitimately since whites/Asians/Hispanics/Martians will just keep them down.

    There is not one that didn’t have some kind of delirium-inducing addiction beginning in preteen years. Besides, most of them say; “My momma use, too, and she don’t care.”

    Few, if any of them, would work a legitimate job even if you stuck him a barrel and rolled them to one.

    All of them have the emotional maturity level of a pre-adolescent, ages 8 to 12 inclusive, which means they live on impulse with no thought of consequences for their behavior. This is common among most all repeat felons, but black criminals lead the league.

    They’re visibly stunned to finally face a consequence when they’re sentenced, or when a corrections officer in prison exacts a minor punishment for breaking simple rules. And rules in prison are kept very simple.

    This dancing around the basis for this savagery is now bordering on criminal as well as enabling the predator. Then again, the big-shooter principals in my field have made some classic theoretical blunders over the years. Most will never admit it, however. .

    The idea of a frustrated and angry black predator is a retro-sixties pseudo-argument without any basis in fact. None.

    They do not aspire to legitimate, lofty goals at all. None. They exist only to satisfy the lowest of instincts, whatever urge strikes them at any particular moment. What or who is in front of them is their preferred reality. Nothing else. They don’t live by civilized rules in the least. That’s it.

    Success is measured by black predators by stealing ability to include taking other’s money by force, getting high, the latest in ghetto fashions to include Imelda Marcos numbers of athletic shoes, and having sex with whomever is around at the moment. They’re flexible on gender. They are the ultimate in narcissism.

    The degree of coldness in harming others is also a priority for gaining street cred.

    The only rage they may have is what they felt at the moment when they were caught by law enforcement. And by the way, the highest street and prison status a black predator or incarcerated felon can achieve is to kill a member of law enforcement or a corrections officer. Among their pack, these lower animals have “arrived.”

    Black students who try to study, and learn while in public schools are ridiculed constantly, and these potential achievers are often beaten for “acting white.” Blacks predators are the only impediment for aspiring black students.

    Blacks are the primary victims of black street predators. Being a “knockout king” with a non-black victim adds racist bona-fides for them.

    Hating whites is the Machiavellian bonding agent for street predators. They haven’t a clue as to who Machiavelli is, but think of inventing a pretend outside enemy in order to bond a group which will then have them mindlessly following you and your message. That’s a corrupt Machiavellian tactic to control a population. Think Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Sharpton, and Jackson. They use or have used the same tyrant’s handbook. The first three mass murders knew who Machiavelli was, and were said to have admired him. I’m sure the last two, the known prominent and public race hustlers. are clueless as to who he is, but corrupt and exploiting minds instinctively follow corrupt methods.

    Incarcerated black felons detest any conventional schooling even though in prison a GED is required for possible parole. They attempt to devise ways to get out of it such as claiming to have a learning disability. This is easily dis-proven, and that was one of my functions while working in prisons. I’ve even heard some of them say “my head hurts” when in class as a reason they should be excused from the requirement.

    To a black felon and street predator, regular work is for fools.

    For all black people, the opportunities for valid and legitimate achievement have been wide open with decades now due to affirmative action in school admissions, hiring, and job promotions. Blacks have blanket preference and the U.S..Courts will get them promoted even if they fail constantly in public sector jobs. Millions of non-blacks have been victimized by affirmative action rules. due to being displaced by blacks who are often barely competent.

    Most professional social scientists are fearful of breaking any PC rules about race. They fear losing their credentials by aggressive government authorities beholden to a politician.

    Black street predators don’t aspire to any long term anything. . They are savages who will kill for simply looking at them or accidentally stepping on one of their shoes. They are without heart or soul, and without a trace of human guilt or healthy shame.

    Eexcusing or intellectualizing any type of savagery will most surely give it legitimacy in the eyes of a race hustler which results in an increase in the predatory behavior.

    Reptilian, they are, in cognitive function.. They are id driven and function at the level of medulla. Eat, sleep, fight, f-ck, gather, destroy.

    What kind of a blind ideologue could possibly miss the self-evident fact that blacks are keenly aware of being black and reflexively take the black side?

    A black thug who hates white people, sees a defenseless looking white person, and decides to knock him out for the hell of it is hardly going to describe his actions in an interview to some white bozo in terms of frustration or feeling oppressed or feeling disempowered, nor is he very likely to fess up to hating whites; all that’ can really emerge from such interviews is a vague animal “mindlessness.”

    • You write essays. Long, boring essays when all you have to say is, ‘I don’t like cops,’ ‘I don’t like blacks.’

      Nobody will listen to you in the real world so you have to find an outlet for that frustration, right?

      • It appears that I have struck a nerve. GOOD! Quite often the TRUTH stirs up the blood pressure of those who deny it. How is your blood pressure?

        • Didn’t strike a nerve with me. I just don’t read comments more than a paragraph or two. As Bill O’Reilly used to say, keep it short and pithy.

      Normally, the awards are given to contributors to the TTAG blogosphere, but an exception has been made in your case, because you NEVER contribute! You ALWAYS take away, so in the spirit of your rantings and racist garbage, we are making an exception just for you!

  4. I really hate to see TTAG devolve into a KKK support site. I’m not being PC. I understand the disparity in crime statistics of black Americans vs. white Americans, Hispanics, etc. There is an issue with the normalization of crime in the black communities of America. That’s a genuine, relevant discussion to have.
    What we don’t need in this discussion is an ignorant asshole tarnishing the PotG with the color of racism. To think that comment was smart or pithy in any way is ignorance. I can’t believe a right-thinking human being would make such a comment, let alone in a public forum. Oh…Yeah. This is an anonymous forum. Very brave indeed.

    • Criticizing someone for stating FACTS and attaching a “racist” label to them is akin to putting one’s head in the sand. When it comes to crime statistics, blacks commit over 50% of the violent crimes in the USA, despite being only approximately 12% of the population. Stating FACTS is not “racist”…merely being a “realist”. FACTS are FACTS.

    • When incapable of arguing the facts, scream “racism!” I can’t find anything in anarchyst’s description that doesn’t align with my experience living amongst the ghetto shitheads.

    • Carrucan – this forum doesn’t need spineless apologetic PC assholes spreading their silly scat around.

  5. I don’t know what that clown in the picture is wearing, but it looks like he’s getting a haircut.

  6. The death penalty may or may not influence first time murderers, but if applied liberally, it should reduce the repeat offender rate to zero.

  7. In the America I want to live in, this animal would be tortured until he voluntarily, or otherwise, pulled the lever that executed his own parents. After which, he would be publicly burned alive in his own neighborhood. And yes, I’m serious. After a few thousand, or a few hundred thousand of these executions, you have to figure that even the most ignorant or obtuse amongst us would learn.

  8. On the one hand I prefer judges and prosecutors to have the ability to deal with each case individually. Overly tough sentencing laws/guidelines are about as useful as “Zero Tolerance” policies. They’re intellectually indefensible and they tend not to work very well. Any time you see a blanket policy it’s going to have unintentional consequences where people just get fucked.

    OTOH, where judges and prosecutors have such an ability we seem to see a fair amount of outright stupidity on the part of both the judge and the prosecutor in dealing with the truly violent offenders. It’s almost like they throw the book at the people they should have leniency with and are soft on the actual bad guys…

    It’s a big, nasty can-o-worms and I’m glad it’s not up to me to try to untangle this mess. But hey, that’s what happens when politics gets involved.

    • You are correct. Unfortunately most criminal convictions are a result of “plea bargains” which prosecutors use to keep the system functioning. Over 90% of criminal convictions ARE plea bargained.

  9. Hang this around her neck every time she runs for office the rest of her life. Never let anyone forget it. Let her be an example.

  10. Using the added sentence for using a firearm in a felony as a bargaining chip in a plea bargain is the wrong thing to do. Ca has just taken these laws off the books, which is sending the wrong message. The truth is that the government wants to make all guns bad, but they rarely sentence anyone to extra time for use of a gun. This is just crazy.

    Misuse of a tool in a manner that maims or kills someone, or even as a threat, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    • How can you say that about a citizen who was turning his life around after being given a second chance, a troubled yoot who was going to enroll in college to become a lawyer so he could defend other neighbor’hoods’ from…

      Nevermind, you’re right.

  11. Julia Reitz should be serving out the sentence that the punk she got off easy should have been serving from the beginning. All other politician, DA, etc. who do
    the same thing that she did should also be required to serve the sentence of Thugs that they go soft on, but end up going right back to the life of committing violent crime.

    • Speaking of that sentence, in IL you get sentenced to *8 years* for blasting away at strangers in an attempted murder? Do the people of that state claim to be civilized?

  12. Again, another reason to bring back the code duello and make anybody who declines a duel ineligible for public office. If your corruption got a member of my family killed, I will be spending the rest of my life making sure that you end up in a pine box. Vendettas are much maligned. The problem with the modern criminal system is that it industrializes the legal process and loses all tack of justice. A good old fashioned vendetta at least balances the scales to some degree.

    This particular scumbag should have gotten a bullet to the back of the head after the first incident. If you’re deranged enough to shoot up a public space because you were “disrespected” you need to be removed from the face of the planet post-haste.

    • Judges apparently think black thug moral values carry more clout than liscensed gun owners. I agree that if a piece of pig crap like this youngster moved in down the road the threat would be quickly removed.

  13. This reminds me of a case in Michigan, when a young thug, Nathaniel Abraham, who had been incorrigible for most of his young life, murdered a man leaving a party store. The judge, in his case, gave “poor little” Nathaniel Abraham a “blended sentence” as a juvenile. The stipulation of this sentence was, that if he “stayed out of trouble” while in the juvenile system, he would be released at age 21. “Poor little” Nathaniel Abraham was nothing but trouble in the system; most of the trouble was overlooked by officials. To add insult to injury, the state was planning to give him a “free ride” (free college education) until a public outcry forced the state to rescind the offer. “Poor little” Nathaniel has since “graduated to the adult “University of Corrections” where he is doing time for armed robbery.

  14. Same crap everytime – same group of offenders and same judges who are the enablers. I don’t believe these judges just end up giving out these type sentences by some temporary trance they’ve fallen into. And they wonder why we hate the left….ha.

  15. Charge them with a list, they plea deal from years to months, all concurrent,
    then early release. Criminal Justice indeed.

    Time for mandatory CONSECUTIVE sentencing, have a gun during a crime, 10 yr,
    use the gun in the crime, 15yr, injure or kill with the gun, 30yrs PLUS the time for other crimes committed. NO cable tv, no club fed, newspaper and a community tv.
    Tent city prison in the middle of the country where you can not escape.
    Put tracking chip inside the convict, they will not know where it is.
    Put neck collar on it with explosive charge, if they try to leave, another inmate head gets blown clean off, nobody knows who you are paired with, inmates will self police.

  16. Problem today is these criminals are not scared of death, they know they will get decades before a needle in the arm.

    People are scared to die from burning, suffocation and drowning.

    Put the death row inmate inside an industrial vacuum chamber, close the lid,
    press the big red button, WOOSH WOOSH, instant vacuum packaged convict,
    televise the executions each week, people will not want to be in the vacuum chamber.
    Harvest their organs if they are healthy enough before the vacuuming procedure.

  17. Here’s an idea.
    Any gang members or affiliates convicted of murder would be put in a ring, surrounded by a large wall that would be impossible to scale.
    They would be given a handgun and maybe 25 rounds of ammo, when the ring was full. after 100 or so felons had been placed in the ring the ammo would be given out and the games would begin.

    This whole affair would be placed at least 5 miles out away from any populated area, to prevent someone from being shot by a bullet going over the wall.

    There would be no doors, the “participants” to be dropped in by helicopter. Security cameras would monitor
    the events, and bets could be made on the outcome, generating money.

    The “last man standing” would be declared the winner and would be given a complete steak dinner, and told he would be given a parole, which would never happen because that steak would have a lethal dose of poison in it.

  18. Is this TTAG going full retard on politics, or did that happen a while ago and I have just missed it?

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