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By Lee Williams  

The Second Amendment Foundation’s Gun Rights Policy Conference is something unique in the gun world. 

There aren’t acres of booths or tables covered with guns and gear. The conference was not designed for manufacturers or distributors, although they’re certainly welcome. 

GRPC was designed for us. 

What you will get is a master’s class in grassroots activism, delivered by the best people the gun world has to offer. More than 70 speakers have been chosen from the leadership of the gun-rights movement. Together, their presentations will help chart our course for years to come. 

The 38th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC 2023) will be held September 22nd – September 24th, 2023 in Phoenix, AZ. This year’s theme is “Road to Liberty!” 

Click here for more information. 

GRPC will be streamed on multiple virtual platforms too, including YouTube and Facebook.

GRPC couldn’t come at a better time. The Biden-Harris administration has been relentless in their war on our gun rights. Biden’s weaponized ATF and well-armed IRS have been on a tear. Armed with Biden’s zero-tolerance policy, these two agencies are targeting gun dealers every single day. What used to be considered minor paperwork errors now results in revocation of the dealer’s Federal Firearm License, since Biden falsely believes if he gets rid of gun dealers, he’ll get rid of all our guns. 

GRPC Gun Rights Policy Conference
The 2019 pre-COVID Gun Rights Policy Conference (Dan Z. for TTAG)

The only antidote to the unconstitutional orders coming from the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is information – shared information – and at GRPC, you’ll get that in droves. We will arm you with proven tactics you can use to push back against Biden’s imperial decrees and safeguard your rights. 

There’s another big bonus to attending GRPC in person. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded, pro-gun folks. There’s no substitute for this level of camaraderie and networking. It will recharge your batteries, and you’ll leave even more committed to the cause than when you arrived. This is the real perk – the people. It’s why GRPC is in its 38th year. 

I hope to see you next month. Please come up and say hello. My batteries are in dire need of recharging. 


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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  1. “The Second Amendment Foundation’s Gun Rights Policy Conference is something unique in the gun world.”

    I’ll be happy to kick in 100 bucks to send deb-the-brain-dead-dunce to that conference, if they promise to keep her… 🙂

  2. maybe the safijp will give ttag permission to print some bullet points from the convention.
    oh, and if you see spongebrainpoopypants, tell him the ffl doesn’t have any of my guns.

    • jr…The conference needs to hear from the gasbag geoff who gets so bent reading my posts he start to drool and post about the days when men could beat women and children without fear of repercussion…One sick puppy.

      And the conference needs to hear from a bigoted twit like you who has to date not presented a firearm that can beat a Sar9 for price, quality and performance…Perhaps you’ve been busy washing sheets for the kkk?

      • my mom taught me to add bluing to the whites, it tricks the eye (trompe d’loeil?) into thinking they’re even whiter. ain’t that a kick? i am not a fan of her fabric softener ball thing though. i wonder if the fuller brush man is my real dad.
        as to yer sarsimalz fangoyl thing, i’ll concede the point. turkiye is turning out some cool retro stuff and well done near clones at unbeatable prices, extra mags too. i get it, i’ve got some feg hungarian stuff i’m fond of.
        but the current political makeup since ataturk and they’re treatment of armenian’s and others queers the appeal for me.

        • i’m fine with racism. genocide i get fairly picky. and i see now i meant their not they’re. tough having english as a second language. babbling incoherently is my primary.

        • “Perhaps you’ve been busy washing sheets for the kkk?”

          *Chortle* 🙂

          You seriously believe the Klan has someone with a natural tan as deep as his washing their sheets?

          Take your menopause meds, dearie, what’s left of your hate-addled brain has shrunk even further… 😉

  3. GRPC is a great event. Enjoy meeting like minded Pro2A Americans from all around the country. In addition to the annual NRA Convention, GRPC is one of my annual road trips………3000 mile round tripper this year…..lotta beautiful America to see en route. Would even enjoy meeting Geoff’s friend, Deb, there. You gonna be there Geoffy???

    • Nobody is NOT being watched. Every bit of data transmitted is stored in perpetuity either by a government entity, a private entity or both.

      Seems sometimes the only people not being watched are the ones who go on to commit heinous crimes but since we all know thanks to the various leaks over the decades the reach of the panopticon is boundless there’s just about no way these perpetrators are not being watched so we should conclude they were allowed to do what they did by the eyes watching them.

      Or, even though all the data is kept the watchers are just incompetent boobs and the only concern any of us should have is of their gross stupidity and not their super-awesome federal powers.

      The latter seems more likely but keep and eye on the former.

      • “Every bit of data transmitted is stored in perpetuity either by a government entity, a private entity or both.”

        Expect deployment of AI to scrape every footprint you’ve ever left and compile an upgraded dossier to be used against you at the appropriate time.

        • Hence the AI push, filter the noncoded boring stuff and build a profile and social network for anyone flagged. What we do already just faster and no worries if it is bad coding they are just tax cattle.

    • Democrats have a habit of shooting up conservative events (among other gatherings) and party affiliation isn’t checked at the door so I certainly hope they are!

      • If not, I won’t even bother to tune in remotely. It’ll be just another gathering in a long string of political jackassery that isn’t worth listening to. We all know what needs to be done. We don’t need lecturing.

  4. I either call or text my grandkids everyday. Yes even that one I pretended didn’t exist until last week. I’m a good family man.

  5. they should take a big group photo of all the attendees giving the finger to Biden, with a big sign in front that says ‘Biden Tyrant’ then send a copy to Biden at the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. crack house.

  6. “The Only Antidote…”

    Not by a long shot.
    Ya’all just ain’t ready for the “Other Antidote.”

    You’ll get there, eventually.

  7. BREAKING NEWS! US Capitol Police Searching Senate Office Building For Active Shooter.

  8. the problem aint anything the frpc can do anything about
    the problem is big blue cities in big red states getting away with election fraud
    and changing the outcomes of big elections
    just like the one that happened in wisconsin
    thats going to allow a leftist state supreme court
    to make everything unconstitutional
    that any republican governor of the state
    signed into law
    in the last 50 years

  9. Just remember that we have zero tolerance for
    Joepotato and if shows an unwillingness to get more guns in the hands of more citizens then that’s his bad.

  10. It will be an utter lashup for anybody who even slightly goes against the grain. IT WILL CHANGE ABSOLUTELY nothing. The Second Amendment to the US CONSTIUTION because the American Constitution is UNIQUE to America but it was not always thus. Though nthere has never been anabsolute ban on firearms in the uSAliceensing lawas andnthge mrights of Owb nership were actually pretty Draconian up mto mwell after WW2 and the Police could withdcraw licensing and conficate firearms for the pettiness of reason. I’m a great fan of the MIKE HAMMER NOVELS and in those books the PROTAGONISTS including the main character were always having their licenses revoked for what today would be minor offences, [and to think that various STATES banned the ‘Mike Hammer’ books for INDECENCY!!] . It’s quite easy to check on the rates of GUN CRIME DEATHS in the USA from before the turn of the 20th Century until the present day. There is a definite band indisputable link between the number of LEGALLY held firearms especially SEMI-AUTO Riflers and handguns and licensing regimes with Death and Injury due to gun crime If I can do the research from here in the UK any bugger can.
    Perhaps it would be a wise move now to mmake it clear that , in the interests of ALL Legitimate Firearm owners, that now is the time to CO-OPERATE in the implementation of sensible legislation

    • Who decides who qualifies as a “Legitimate Firearm owner”? Well, of course it would be the tyrant(s) in charge, right? Piss off, limey.

    • “There is a definite band indisputable link between the number of LEGALLY held firearms especially SEMI-AUTO Riflers and handguns and licensing regimes with Death and Injury due to gun crime”

      Actually, no, it’s an inverse relationship.

    • Troll. Nothing more, nothing less. You are basing your arguments for gun control on the Mike Hammer detective novels? That’s a new approach, I’ll give you that, Troll.

  11. Albert, since it’s so easy for you to research history, see if you can figure out what happened around 247 years ago when another tyrant tried to round up the citizens guns.

  12. “Joe Biden Will Be Very Unhappy if You Go to the Gun Rights Policy Conference”
    While I won’t be attending any conferences, anything that will make Joe Biden unhappy is jake with me.

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