Jimmy Kimmel Thanks the ‘Four Gun Whores of the Apocalypse’ for Wanting to Make the AR-15 America’s National Gun

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This dumb bill [to name the AR-15 the national gun of the United States] is sponsored by a Congressman from Alabama named Barry Moore with cosponsors [George] Santos, Andrew Clyde of Georgia, and mozzarella stick salesperson Lauren Boebert.

These are the heroes working to get us a national gun. 

And the next time there’s a mass shooting with an AR-15, which will probably be by the end of the week, we will know who to thank. The four gun whores of the apocalypse. Thank you so much. 

— Jimmy Kimmel

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  1. Gun control freaks have no concept of an apocalypse, despite the fact that they work hard to make it happen. But, they know their heroes – Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, and hundreds of other tyrants throughout history who banned weapons for those they wished to enslave.

        • The very “worst” day of gun violence criminal killings in the USA pale…PALE…in comparison to the “best” days under a Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ding Dong Dung, Castro and maybe even hitler.
          If 20 Million French, some 15 Million Polish or 6 Million Jews had had “assault weapons”,—- NO WW2.

      • Poop for brains jimmy kimmel is a mouthpiece for the democRat Party. The Party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, lynching, Jim Crow, Eugenics, the kkk, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. Instead of explaining to America why he belongs to a party with a long history of racism and murder jimmy kimmell must say things to keep the such an embarrassing subject out of sight and out of mind.

        If an AR-15 is not yet in your corral get off your behind and go purchase one, on a budget purchase a stripped receiver…do it for jimmy.

        • American Logician, I fell sorrier for you. It would be a crying shame of you have any off spring. Rather than coming up with something to counter her argument, you take the Leftists’ favorite tactic. Name calling and subterfuge.

    • We already have the four Democrat Horsemen Presidents who have brought about our descent into the societal Apocalypse:

      Woodrow Wilson – instrumental in the underpinnings of our dollar’s decline
      Franklin Delano Roosevelt – implemented massive social debts via the Great New Deal
      Lyndon Baines Johnson – put the turbocharge on welfare debts via the Great New Society
      Barack Hussein Obama Barry Sotero – “we will fundamentally transform this country”

      Biden isn’t cognitively capable of choosing his own flavor of pudding, so he’s not on the list.

      • Biden’s puppet masters and the media immediately began talking about the Puppet as the next FDR or LBJ. Want to go down in history as a Democrat hero? Spend a bunch of money and expand the government. With all of the insane spending lately, it’s easy to forget how much they really wanted to spend. A couple of Dems walked the Puppet-Harris Admin back from the ledge, saving America from an even worse disaster than the current situation, if you can imagine that.

        How F.D.R.’s Heir Is Changing the Country
        It’s all about jobs and infrastructure, and President Biden is off to a good start.

        The three striking similarities between FDR and Biden

        How Joe Biden Is Positioning Himself as a Modern FDR
        *Time link removed
        *Two links seem to be the limit without moderation.

        Notice how the propagandists immediately began pushing the idea that we should spend an insane amount of money. Also notice how that happens every time we’re in some sort of crisis. It’s an excuse. Hindsight shows us it’s always a wealth transfer from the middle class to the wealthy. We’re never better off in the end. So why does it keep happening?

    • Yup, Statist whores who think centralized “Big Gov” (their god…little g) is the Utopian answer to all. All roads to Hell begin and end with too much corrupt, wasteful power & control given to the collective, at the individuals expense. In the end, only the state can truly kill you and steal your money under a “law” THEY see fit to interpret and execute.

      • IS funnier. Kimmel is painfully poor at comedy. The worst network retard. And that’s saying a lot. One wonders if kimmie has armed goons protecting his low IQ self?

        • “… has armed goons…”? They all do including the broads on ABC’S “The Shrews”, I’ve seen them, their drivers, in NYC outside the studio as the propagandists arrive for “work”, their protectors are all retired cops with bulges under their arms, when the breeze blows and their jackets flail in the wind you can see their carry piece.

          …. and Kimmel like the rest is just a puppet, a ventiloquist’s dummy, his lines written by the staff under supervision of the DNC, tSaul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” is their bible, “ridicule” is a powerful weapon and they are experts in shaping opinion among the low-intellect/easily-influenced segment of society, particularly the young voters.

    • They keep kimmel around because he delivers the viewpoints they like. Otherwise he would be gone. They don’t care that he’s not funny. Kimmel used to be funnier, when he wasn’t a politically correct hack.

  2. A man who repeatedly wore blackface, used urban affectations, including gratuitous use of the n-word, to mock entire populations and goaded women into fishing around in his pockets surviving the age of canceling and “metoo” is proof positive of miracles.

    Maybe if the man was actually funny or had some other redeeming value as an entertainer I could understand but he hosts a tired copy of a show that’s just like all the other tired copies of the same show with ever dwindling ratings and somehow he’s cancel-proof and worth millions of dollars.

  3. Since Leno ended his show, I have not watched a single episode of any late night show, and haven’t missed a thing. In fact, I couldn’t even name all the hosts of these shows, aside from a couple of them, and that’s only because their stupidity is constantly in the news.

  4. Jimmy, stop being such a liberal trolling snowflake.

    We can thank liberal MSM which includes your show, for making mass shootings such a desired thing by the mentally ill who conduct them. You and the others like you in MSM have made ‘mass shootings’ the ‘National Murder’, despite even at the rate of one mass shooting per day the odds of being the victim of a mass shooting is over 2,700 times less likely than being the victim of a car accident and over 3,200 times less likely than being the victim of another violent crime resulting in murder. All mass shooters in the last 40 years who have lived, 100% of them have pointed to MSM as one of their main motivations because MSM gives mass shooters their ’15 minutes of infamy’ and makes sure they are remembered and 100% of them exhibit mental illness even if they have not been coded as such.

    In the Journal of Threat Assessment and Management, 7(3-4), 135–156. (Lankford, A., & Cowan, R. G. (2020)) ( https://psycnet.apa.org/doiLanding?doi=10.1037%2Ftam0000151 )

    … Cowan writes of their research they “…closely analyzed public mass shooters who attacked in the United States from 1966 to 2019 and found that correlates of mental illness were approximately equally common among perpetrators, whether they had been coded as mentally ill or not.”

    Forensic psychiatrists James L. Knoll IV, MD, and George D. Annas, MD, MPH, of SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse New York, both leading authorities on the mental health aspects of mass shooters, summed it up for the issue for the mental health community various studies on various aspects in terms of mass shooters…. Although mass shooters may not meet DSM-5 criteria for a recognized disorder, “they do have an ill-defined trouble of the mind for which the mental health field has no immediate, quick-acting ‘treatment,’” – in other words, mass shooters do have mental illness driving them but not something clearly defined and for which the mental health community basically has no treatment.

    MSM feeds that mental illness, justifies it, emboldens it. Yes, Jimmy, mass shootings are your fault too you hypocrite.

    • Yes, Jimmy, mass shootings are your fault too you hypocrite.

      You, all your MSM and liberal and left-wing and democrat buddies, and the mass shooter.

  5. This is now an actual piece of pending federal legislation — H.R.1095 — the bill has four co-sponsors: The co-sponsors include Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado; Andrew Clyde; Barry Moore from Alabama and Rep. George Santos of New York,

    • H.R.1095 – To declare an AR-15 style rifle chambered in a .223 Remington round or a 5.56x45mm NATO round to be the National Gun of the United States > https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/house-bill/1095

      Sponsor: Rep. Moore, Barry [R-AL-2] (Introduced 02/17/2023)

      Committees: House – Oversight and Accountability

      Latest Action: House – 02/17/2023 Referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability.

      Co- Sponsors:

      Rep. Clyde, Andrew S. [R-GA-9] 02/17/2023
      Rep. Boebert, Lauren [R-CO-3] 02/17/2023
      Rep. Santos, George [R-NY-3] 02/17/2023

      • This is just really stupid politically. It’s like bills to repeal Obamacare, create CCW reciprocity, or take suppressors off the NFA. Chuck Schumer will never let it even come to the floor, much less have enough votes to break a filibuster or get past a Biden veto. Where were these bills in 2017-2018 when they had a chance of passing? Letting Santos anywhere near the bill is just poison too. I expect Cornyn and the rest who sold out gun rights last year to jump on board to show how much they support 2A.

        • it’s kinda a Republican counter to the regular gun ban bills that specifically ban the AR-15 and AK-47, though this doesn’t really do anything to protect the AR, just ticks off the Dems.

        • Clueless – Schemer holds NO weight/influence in the House (that’s other 1/2 of Congress).

          Anything done to cause demtard coronary is to the good.

    • All these shows are just infomercials for insomniacs. Instead of selling a ginsu knife they’re selling celebrity and their respective book, movie or album.

      The jokes aren’t funny, the bits are just more ads and any discussion they pretend to have is just more mainstream talking points. All brought to you by Pfizer.

        • Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It’s more obvious these days, so it’s difficult to miss. If you watched a series that began more than 10 years ago, then you could notice how the series began to evolve with woke social commentary being inserted, i.e. The Walking Dead.

          I’ll go back and watch old movies that I’ve seen before, and notice it. Heck, in Miracle on 34th Street (1947) they made sure to let the audience know the bad guy was a Republican.

        • Ruined the Gilmore Girls for my wife watching the various seasons and seeing the buildup of Hillary Clinton references (endorsement really).

        • I’ve been watching that show myself as of late. It’s decent, but there are an annoying amount of leftoid preacheyness from different characters in the show.

          It’s not as bad as, say, ‘Resident Alien’. That show is almost nothing BUT leftoid propaganda. Everything from the so called ‘wage gape’ was real (it isn’t in RL), how health care is a ‘human right’ (it isn’t), and how a small immigrate girl is smarter than most people in the town.

  6. I wish these politicians would do something to eliminate the INFRINGING laws that are imposed upon all Responsible, Legal Firearms owners by the Federal Government and those of the many states, counties, and localities.

    • State level the increasingly are where they are able to. Court decisions will be faster and more comprehensive in purple and blue states as some people cannot be convinced liberty is preferable to servitude and need to be reminded where they live has a constitution.

  7. If the eagle can be declared America’s bird instead of the turkey. Which is what Benjamin Franklin wanted. Or the flower poppy can be declared the flower of the state of California. Then the United States can certainly have the AR15 declared as America’s official rifle.

    Is this a waste of time? No. This is a war of propaganda that the Right should have been fighting a long time ago, to support the 2nd amendment.

    And I’m sure there is “a method to their madness”. Because this will put the idea in the minds of many more people to buy an AR-15.

    • Basically this, next to no chance of being passed but be damned if everyone doesn’t hear about it and see grabbers show their ass over it.

        • Perhaps that’s one of the goals they hope to accomplish. By making it harder for governments to sue gun companies over their advertising.

          Now, all the new gun owner has to say is, “the elected representatives in congress said it was a good idea to get a gun”.

  8. I remember this guy… this was about the time Late Night TV started sucking…

    Kinda sucks, because the days of Leno, Letterman and Conan were really fun TV. I can’t say I’ve ever watched a single episode of it with Kimmel as a host. I don’t even care about the politics of the shows (I mean, it’s kinda hard to ignore they are hard left now days though) I just think he was never funny and gives of a douchebag vibe.

    • Letterman turned anti gun in his final years. Stopped watching him when he said nobody needs high capacity clips. Late night shows have been in decline for decades, I no longer watch any fthem, rather watch reruns.

      • Took a quick look online and both Conan and Leno are anti gun, especially Conan. Probably you can’t become a host of a talk show without being a leftist puppet and drinking the koolaid.

    • Kimmel started out as somewhat funny…but now it’s obvious he’s bought and paid for..late nite ended with Leno…

  9. So..AR-15 as National Gun or National Rifle?

    Because I think POTG should vote on what would be the National Pistol to shape pending legislation…..

    I vote the Colt single action Peace Maker..but Colt is a bunch of dirtbags now soo..what else?

      • Currently polling 3rd out of nine candidates, there will be a runoff since it does not look like any one of them will get the required 50% of the vote but Grote will not be one them… Polls are open, we’ll know sometime in the next three or four months…

        • Grote just conceded, she WILL NOT participate in the runoff in April and her reign over Chiraq is coming to an end… 1st woman of color to serve as mayor and 1st incumbent mayor to NOT at least go to a runoff in modern times…

  10. There is SO MUCH humor that could be levied by using the Official Face of Alzheimer’s that is currently occupying the White House, but presidential targets left back in early 2020.
    We’ll just have to google ” Stupid Shit Biden said or did last week” to get our fill.

        • I just don’t watch free-to-air or cable TV.

          I watch single-digit hours per YEAR of the former and cut the cord on the latter by canceling my subscription because I hadn’t used it in several years.

  11. Why are “we” including me, giving him the time of day or night, he is not even relevant for discussion!

  12. As he once had a show with Adam Corolla called “The Man Show”, I just assume his core beliefs are for sale to the highest bidder

  13. I don’t care what the douche said and besides, I don’t watch ANY of those late night shows. None are interesting or funny.

  14. Bah, he’s with the Biden family and would rather it be a variant of the Chinese QBZ-95. Pfui.

  15. H.R. 48, the Gun Violence Reduction Resources Act of 2023, has been introduced in the United States House by U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. it would allow the Department of Justice to hire 200 additional agents and investigators for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to enforce gun control legislation.

    • when was the last time they did anything related to alcohol or tobacco?…this is a gun-chasing organization…nothing more…

  16. Soupy Sales and Puppeteer Clyde Adler were way funnier. Steverino’s Hebrew National Salamies got more real laughs than the canned applause that you think is real coming from Little Jimmy’s show.
    And why is that? Real comedians don’t need to slander and verbally rape other people. Only bullies and talent-deprived wanna be’s act that way.
    Hey, Jimmy! Watch Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon if you wanna learn how to funny.
    But for now, just stop…

  17. Point taken MAXX, but Uncle Don was honest about caring for others, even when he lambasted them. Making light of another guy’s alleged deficiencies publicly, AS HUMOR, is not the same as facetiously ruining a guy’s reputation by slander, and getting a laugh out of it. Liberals spew poison. Good Comedians INCLUDE the target in the joke by not alienating them publicly. Fine line, maybe.
    I admit that Unca Donald did not clearly show this difference! But when you closely listen to his patter AFTER the joke hits, you get the idea that often you are witnessing two friends talking.
    Really Great Comedians use themselves as the punching bag because unlike the average person, they are strong enough to weather the damage.
    I would have been proud to have been referred to as a Hockey Puck. I have heard the man say wonderful things…Kimmel, never.

  18. Thank you for posting this. I am now aware that Jimmy Kimmel is a dope who is in favor of violating our rights. Good to know. I’ll add him to my list of Hollywood types to avoid.



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