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Rabbi Judah Freeman wrote the following article for the JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership). It is republished here with their permission.

On December 28, 2012, the Forward published an article entitled After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns: Lawmakers and Community Play Key Role in Debate. The article was written by Larry Cohler-Esses. The piece presents a sad and frightening snapshot of a self-important corner of the Jewish world in America . . .

Cohler-Esses boasts that Jews have “a lead role as the nation debates federal measures to rein in mass murders at its malls and schools.” He describes how “the new openness to legislation and other measures following the slaughter” in Nowtown “is welcomed by most Jewish organizations, which have long supported gun control.” The “most Jewish organizations” that he names are B’nai B’rith International, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.

Those outside of the Jewish world can be forgiven for not realizing how unrepresentative of authentic Jewish tradition these organizations are; those inside the Jewish world — like the Forward and Cohler Esses — cannot.

B’nai B’rith International is a humanitarian organization established in the 1840s to provide for widows and orphans. It has built libraries, helped the homeless, established orphanages, and provided relief efforts globally. B’nai B’rith fights antisemitism and anti-Israel bias and has provided humanitarian relief in over 50 countries; it also fights for human rights.

But apparently B’nai B’rith does not include in its list of “human rights” the right to defend yourself and family; they have joined in efforts to call for a ban of so-called “assault weapons” — exactly like those used by business owners to protect their persons and properties during the LA riots of the 1990s.

Let’s be clear: while B’nai B’rith may be an organization of Jews, it does not represent authentic Jewish views on the issue of self-defense, views the JPFO has long clarified in articles like “Why Jews Hate Guns”.

Next on Cohler-Esses’ agenda is the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. Its mission?

To safeguard the rights of Jews here and around the world; to dedicate ourselves to the safety and security of the state of Israel; and to protect, preserve and promote a just American society, one that is democratic and pluralistic.

Yet somehow these “rights” do not include “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”; somehow a “just American society” is not one in which you and I can have the tools to defend ourselves and our loved ones; somehow this “pluralistic” vision precludes law-abiding, honest, good people from firearms ownership.

Once again, while the JCPA may be an organization established by Jews, it ignores Torah teachings on self-defense — teachings like The Ten Commandments of Self-Defense.

Finally, we have the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. Self-described as “the hub of Jewish social justice and legislative activity in Washington”, somehow “social Justice” precludes a woman fighting off an intended rapist with a handgun.

Oddly, “the hub” which claims to represent American Jewry is only backed by the “1.5 million Reform Jews” — or less than 20% of American Jewry. And let us not forget that these same Reform Jews claim that Torah is not the word of G-d and that Jewish Law does not apply to Jews today — or in other words, their “Jewish social justice” exists outside of Jewish tradition.

The Forward piece is honest about one issue: “(‘gun-control’) activists are fighting to seize the moment and get gun control back on the front burner.” Or in other words, like the Brady Bunch, these Jewish activists are dancing on the graves of Newtown, using the deaths as a springboard to promote an anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Freedom, anti-Constitution, anti-Liberty agenda.

Let’s be clear: when it comes to Jews and firearms, there is only one organization in America for whom this issue is written into their mission statement, and that is JPFO.

We have been and remain the only authentic Jewish voice on this issue — a voice informed by Jewish law, religious tradition, Jewish history [See: “No Guns for Jews”], as well as American history and the Constitution. Unfortunately, the Forward and other tools of power would rather misrepresent Judaism to promote their agenda than tell you the truth.

We have always spoken that truth, and we will continue to do so. The JPFO is the only legitimate Jewish voice on the issue of so-called “gun control”, and we appreciate your support in making us so.

Rabbi Judah Freeman
Staff Writer

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  1. I’am jewish, only in the NRA, if I come into some xtra loot I would join JPFO. Tons of my liberal family (extended) are anti’s, or at least dont care…really bizarre considering out family history in old russia/soviet union/ukraine.
    I honestly think a lot has to do with urban vs. rural lifestyle, even growing up in BFE, Ohio, my house always had guns, but those big city people just never did.

    • same here… the biggest problem is the majority of them (older generation) are completely misinformed and fall for the media nonsense. They trust the news they trust the paper, and they believe that they hold no agenda, just ‘free press’ and news for all. I think thats stupid but whatever.

      They have a tendency to say things like “this is america, that could never happend” or “ha, that was written 200 something years ago”

      I’m kinda over it when it comes to talking to them. The majority of them know nothing about guns yet think they are some how informed enough to declare policy changes. It’s pompous and I dont appreciate it.

      That said, I just keep my mouth shut around them now. If they are dumb enough to fall for this kind of crap again, that’s their problem.

      • and what have you learned about the constitution and the bill of rights in school.what sacrifices have you done in the name of freedom.what big political changes has you,r generation done to improve life and living conditions in this country over the last 5 years?remember one thing,the generation behind you,they may not be as forgiving of you,r inactions.

  2. Jews are for the preservation of Israel.

    If Gun Control is an issue for the U.S civilian that will cause discord to ensue and create chaos within the States then the Jews will side with the Bolshevist faction in this argument, just as they sided with the Red Army.

    “WHEN YOU’RE OUT OF F-16’s


    • Or is Obama gives the new Islamist Egypt the newest F-16s and Israel only has old ones too!!

      Obama give new F-16s newest tanks (m-1s, M-60A1 upgrades) to Islamist Egypt and scared of his own people owning a AR-15, shows how dumb he is.

      • Take your pick, on the one side you have headless chickens. The Occupy Someones Privately Owned Plaza, Hysterical Gun Grabbers, Tea Party Libertarians migrating to Chile on Llama’s or the old Bi-partisan Government Dynasty.

  3. Its good men and organizations like JPFO and I also have a friend who is Jewish who has over 50+ M-1911A1s and many ARs hes more gun nuts than Iam. Shows while liberal Jews may have public media attention they do not represent any real jews in the USA!

    Bless JPFO and Israel!

    • Unfortunately this would probably be the case. If Obama told us to start wearing yellow stars maybe, just maybe they would get the hint.

    • If your’re thinking of the urban, educated liberal jew, then yes, that’s about what it would take. The only other thing would be obama not selling any more military equipment to israel and leaving israel to fight a war agaist egypt + iran, etc.

      • I doubt cutting arms to Israel would even rouse them. They seem to be so insulated here in the U.S. that they’ve completely lost touch with not only their past but their current brethren overseas.

        If we cut arms at least France has historically been more than happy to sell the Israeli’s their finest. As long as Israel prevails I’m a happy man.

  4. 2 Jews, 3 opinions.. Just as in any other group there are Jews for, and shiner firearms… It has nothing to do with the religion and everything to do with the fact that we are all human.

  5. Jews in the US overwhelmingly voted for Obama.

    Obama regularly undermines Israel.

    Israel actually has very strict gun control, pictures of Kibbutz dwellers on the West Bank carrying M4s nothwithstanding.

    Not sure what these contradictory facts indicate about Jews in general.

  6. Hmm, I am Jewish, a Conservative, and a gun owner for 51 years. When I was in Synagogue in the 60’s we were shown films(every Saturday) from WWII of what the Germans not only did to the Jews, but to everyone else they came in contact with. Our Global motto is, “Never Forget.” I never have forgotten, nor will I ever surrender a single firearm under any condition! These so called Jewish organizations are the worst kind of Liberals. Not only have they Forgotten what happened to their people 70 years ago, they probably think they deserved it. History teaches lessons to those to choose to learn them. For all others, they are destined to repeat history. Keep up the great work Rabbi!

  7. Reform Judaism is basically a political social club of the Democrat Party. The values are mostly the same. Last I checked, Reform’s membership numbers were decreasing. Why? They have few children (less than replacement levels) and most of those are from interfaith marriages. The result with the next generation is for many of the children to assimilate into mainstream non-affiliated American society. The reform denomination is very woman/girl dominant. The clear majority of future reform rabbis are women. A joke is that each reform service has fewer and fewer men. As a general rule, most ‘men’ and I don’t mean ‘metrosexuals are men too’ do not go in for liberalized religious institutions where people hold hands with strangers and sing Koom-ba-ya. After they turn 13 and get their Bar Mitvah the males take off and run for the hills. The mass exodus of Jewish males from the Reform Movement probably has something to do with having had enough of the dominant liberal Jewish mother, mostly women school teachers, and the vast numbers of Jewish female reform rabbis all heroine worshiping the likes of Gloria Steinem and Andrea Dworkin.

    • BTW, I am a supporting member of the JPFO. I have read a few of their books and seen several of their videos. Fascinating.

      Overall, among American Jews the attitude towards guns is evolving. Increasing numbers of Jews do own guns for various reasons especially since 9-11.

  8. I was actually driving around town today thinking about the holocaust. I’m in my mid 20s, so I’m two generations removed, but what happened in Germany is always on my mind. These ass hat “jews” forget so fast, or maybe they never really stopped to think about it in the first place. Babies, children, women burned alive, torn apart by German Sheppard, shot and wounded people buried alive in mass graves. Starvation, families destroyed, the list of horrors goes on and on. We can’t even begin to imagine what those people went through. I don’t exaggerate when I say my grandmother had the ashes of her parents rain down on her. She was sent to work while her parents were sent to the crematorium. It is the biggest CHUTZPAH for these people to be anti-gun! They are a disgrace to our religion in many ways! There is not much worse a Jew can do than disgrace the name of god, and that’s exactly what these people are doing. It’s not just these liberal POS that ruin our name, but the extreme Jews in their own way do the same. It’s hard to find many Jews that truly represent us, and what we are truly about. That’s something that bothers me to no end.

    • The Jew cries out in pain as he kicks his victim.

      We all know the 3rd Reich Volk were the real victims of holocaust and racism.

      MG42’s kept your idiotic ilk of duel citizenship two facers out, but the stupid Yankee fought to keep you within.

      • Your remarks says a lot about you.

        Are you A Christian? Love Jesus? Then YOU praise a devout Jew, named Yeshua, from the tribe of Judah, who studied Torah and worshiped in the Temple and at the synagogue.

        As he suffered on the cross, he cried out. Whom did he kick?

        When he returns, you will be judged, for the Jews are his people.

        • I am familiar only with the native folk lore involving names and personalities such as Wotan, Tyr, Thor.

          I am certainly not ‘christian’, nor prone to defeatism.

      • “MG42′s kept your idiotic ilk of duel citizenship two facers out”

        Ha ha ha! That’s some funny shit right there. But….

        Not even close. The fellas manning the MG-42’s got their asses kicked all the way back to Berlin and their ideology shown to the world for what it was. Even worse, when it came down to it their “esteemed” leaders were a bunch of pussies that would make the French proud. Whether it was trying to pass themselves off as citizens or low-ranking soldiers, making deals with the vatican for escape or lame attempts to negotiate with the Americans or British to avoid what they had coming to them from the Russians, they were all chickenshit.

        • You cannot kill an idea, you can only slaughter thoughtless minions you believe to understand that idea.

          Illegal immigration was all fine and dandy with Yankee in the 1940’s, and now Murrican exceptionalism shows its ugly face again rubbing in reason for distrust of your ilk (re:the Mexican cartels & fast + furious gun grabbing/trafficing over the border).

          You will talk about Jews and the Nazi’s till kingdom come trying to breath new life into old myths but you wont mention the A.N.C and the A.W.B because there are so many racially charged persons in your great United States who too appear to be disarmed one way or the other, be it through legislative efforts or prior criminal convictions.

          I deplore hypocrisy, and I deplore cowardly bravado.

    • sm424,

      You express my thoughts and feelings too about the American Jewish gun-grabbers. If the radial left ever takes over in America they will probably abolish the first amendment to include freedom to worship and to raise children in a traditional religious environment.

      • As do I..
        People have forgotten. They like to play victim but forgot what it takes to keep themselves from being victimized again.
        I usually tell people that it is like this.
        Israeli’s are sheepdogs.
        Jews are Sheep.

        • The same generation of American Jews that fought in WW2 has forgotten or rather not learned the lessons from the fate of the European Jews. My dad served in WW2 (got married late) and while he wasn’t a gun-grabber he was like most American Jews unappreciative and ignorant of guns as the primary tool for self-defense and freedom. How could that generation of Jews not become gun enthusiasts?!

  9. Judaism was trendier in the 1990s. Time to move on to other MDMs (market dominant minorities). These are your Indians, East Asians, and recent European expats. People who’ve earned a lot and want firearms to defend it. The Elie Weasel + guns routine is defeatist and lame. Koreans are scary. Recruit scary Koreans and nobody will challenge you.

  10. I am jewish by background but not belief.I am disturbed by the prominence of liberal jews in the gun control debate.I always had to utilize firearms in the military where I served in Vietnam and law enforcement for 25 years.My father and just about every other male relative in my family was in WW2-my dad was a very liberal Democrat but he thought gun control was nonsensical and he always owned a gun and he could shoot very well.
    I am not surprised to see comments by nazi sympathizers here and elsewhere-what else do these loudmouth scumbags in the Bnai Brith,ADL,AJC,etc expect?I’d personally like to see Schumer,Feinstein,Boxer and Bloomberg all be in the same plane crash.

  11. The sad & terrible truth is that such as the aforementioned ‘Jewish’ organizations are the public face of Jewry to the rest of America, & their public support for orgs & positions whose purpose is the enfeeblement &/or destruction of America is generating an increasing amount of hostility toward all Jews which allows creatures like O.E. & similar to draw a sympathetic hearing from those who’d otherwise reject them/their message. It also doesn’t help that when confronted with just about any opposition to whatever bizarre thing is being peddled by said ‘Jewish’ groups the near-reflexive response is to label opponents Nazis &/or anti-Semites, the hypocrisy of the chutzpah from such as Alan “If I don’t know something, YOU can’t know it either” Dershowitz (which was uttered during a debate between him & Alan Keyes) & similar also does Judah here & in The Homeland no favors.

    As far as the ‘vergessen’ indulged in by all too many American (& even European) Jews about the Shoah, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, & their relationship to the 2A & NEVER Again! is concerned, JWhite’s attitude (IMO) is the correct way to handle them as per the old saying about horses & water. If they want to imitate Valerie Harper, let ’em & good riddance since doing so is akin to what God did during that extended shlep thru the desert to those Hebrews who went stupid post-Red Sea. Whether it’s wheat & chaff, sheep & goats, Jews who ‘get the point’ & ‘progressive’ ethno-political JINOs who don’t or won’t, what the old anti-drunk driving commercial said applies,: Know when to say WHEN. It’s good to be reminded that there are still some of the House of Judah who have common cause with some of us ‘stiff necked’ Gentiles against The Fallen Ones among us, one tends to forget that when all one sees is their ilk.

  12. I, a Gentile and charter member of JPFO, have learned the lesson of the holocaust that many modern Jews have not: unarmed you are ashes.

    Never again.

  13. curtain levels of the jew,s like bnai b reth want use to have our 2nd amendment rights,realy! how amusing. thats what they want?however,the jewish owned media see,s it quite differantly as they spew there anti gun hatred.making sure whites are thier main targets for jew media propaganda.if people believe this horse….menure,we as a nation are lost.remember,the jewish owned net works supported obama and all thier henchmen for years.

  14. mr. fargo,i came from a website posted by a mr. eden.i used the term,jewish owned media to discribe how the media meters out reports on curtain political eden found my usage of this as offensive.he also stated that i hated all jews for using that comment. i do my best not to attack anyone or make trouble for the owners of any website i come across.but,if you also feel that i have no right to my comments or how i feel about what is posted.then please let everyone know that no personal comments or personal feelings will be allowed on this site.thank you.

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