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An Oregon open carrier stopped an armed robbery suspect who demanded money at knife point. Out for a stroll with his girl, Jason Rorex ran into someone who’d inadvertently brought a knife to a gunfight. As reports, when a miscreant demanded Rorex’s money,

He said he flashed his gun at the suspect who then put the knife in his pocket and walked away.

“And then I was just relieved like Katie was … that I had my pistol with me so that I knew he couldn’t do anything at that point,” added Rorex.

He said his date then called the police.

The would-be stick-up man was arrested shortly thereafter. In an interview with Rorex says he was carrying a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard.

Rorex pulled out his .380 Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, and the wannabe thief took off running. The police were called, and they quickly apprehended Adolfo Rodriguez. Rodriguez was booked on charges of 1st degree robbery and unlawful use of a weapon. …

I did have to draw my firearm and aim it at the armed attacker. He immediately stopped his attack, and was arrested minutes later.

As Gateway Pundit notes,

Organizations such as Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety do not consider this to be a defensive use of a gun, since no rounds were fired and no one was shot or killed. However, everyone in the rational, sane world, would consider this to be a defensive use of a gun. Everytown and their affiliated Moms Demand Action have also pushed for gun bans in parks, thus opening up places like this for criminals to have free reign over unarmed victims.

Remember kids, owning a gun makes you less safe. And if you do carry one, it will only be used against you.

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  1. “Remember kids, owning a gun makes you less safe. And if you do carry one, it will only be used against you.”

    Because we’ll only count the times a DGU fails, not the 100 times it succeeds.

    • Not sure what your point is.
      We all know a gun is not a magic shield against all evil. But with some training, it can improve your odds of prevailing in certain circumstances.

      There’s a whole separate post earlier today on TTAG about the Michigan tragedy, if you want to comment on that.

        • Oh mayhap Curtis is confused. Sorry I was obtuse(or is that irony?!?) Maybe a BLACK CC holder wouldn’ t get the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Curtis is still miffed at me when I outed him living in Rockford, IL. Whatever-maybe he’s pizzed off that HE can’t open carry…

  2. The perp has him and the girl at knifepoint.

    In Oregon, would that be ruled a good shoot?

    (A clarification, I would have done what he did, draw on him, and if after I drew he made a move toward me, I would have probably shot him.)

    • Yup, a violent felony does it here with no duty to retreat. Unless you’re in Multnomah county then it probably doesn’t matter much because white privilege and black/Hispanic lives mattering and think of the children and anyone who’s not with the liberal mindset being evil and all.

      • Exactly what I thought – anywhere outside Multnomah the cops would probably give you a high five.

    • (A clarification, I would have done what he did, draw on him, and if after I drew he made a move toward me, I would have probably shot him.)

      I am too old and slow to think like that. I would have drawn, then fired on any part I saw other than his back. If he’s still looking at me, he’s considering an attack. Bang.

      • Thats a good way to get yourself put in prison for a murder. You need to learn justified use of deadly force laws.

  3. Wo, wo, wo he was open carrying a pocket pistol? Is this guy going for an irony award? Good on him for being a responsible adult and taking his own safety seriously.

      • That was what I was thinking. Its not hard to miss a small gun if someone isn’t looking for it. Good on this guy, he may have saved two lives and spared one. I can’t say what I would have done, but it would have been hard to not take the violent threat on face value and react with equal lethality.

    • From the news articles and the guy’s comments, it sounds to me like he was carrying it concealed but it really doesn’t clearly state either way from what I’m seeing. Unless Dean saw some other source that isn’t linked here.

      • Last sentence of the article:
        “Rorex said he doesn’t always carry a gun but after the recent events in Orlando, he made the decision to openly carry.”

        Who knows if that’s an accurate description of his carry method.

        • Mr. Rorex has some extensive comments quoted in at least one article. It is clear that he is a knowledgeable and articulate Second Amendment supporter. The only definitive statements about his carry method seem to be from the article and the reference he makes to drawing the S&W. Given his relative level of expertise, It seems likely that the openly carry statement is accurate. From his facebook page, he is willing to make up his own mind and not worry about public perceptions. None of the accounts that I found contradicted the “openly carry” wording.

  4. Happy ending, but in truth a guy at point blank range with a knife is enough of a threat that shooting him would have been justifiable. Still, I’m sure the perp will consider this and find himself a gun or just stab the victim quickly when he re-offends after being released on bail.

    • Yep, that is on the job training for a thief. Now to jail, maybe prison, for some re-certification and journeymen level courses. I hope the next person he robs is also armed.

      • Your point is made in spades by Justin Schneiders’ gunfight, where the bad-guy he shot it out with had just been released from prison a couple of weeks before that incidence.

        Bad guy rounded the multiple victims into an isolated area/room, and reasonable speculation is that he planned to leave no witnesses. Although, that would not quite compute because he committed the robbery with a six-shooter, and there were more than 6 victims.

        Justin’s story is worth the read (or the listen):

      • Exactly. Despite the back and forth debate about the Tueller 21 Foot Rule being for a LEO with a holstered weapon against an opponent with a knife running toward him vs someone closer or if the LEO already had his weapon in hand, the rule is still very applicable. If anyone has doubts I invite them to try it out with another person in a training scenario. Give the one person a simulated knife and the other a training handgun and try out different variations and distances such as holstered weapon, drawn weapon, 21 feet, 10 feet, 1 foot and they will see that it is entirely possible for an assailant armed with a knife to get in the first blow against someone with a handgun. Moral of the story, never hesitate.

        As I said, I’m glad this worked out well for the victims, but in all too many circumstances a perp with a knife and a bad attitude or a snoot full of drugs would be all over you if you hesitated.

  5. Just FYI, KEZI is a tv station in the Eugene/Springfield area. The other bastion of liberalism in Oregon. I’m kind of surprised they reported it.

  6. So, no taxpayer relief shot? That makes me . . . happy. ‘Cause libtards sure loves them some taxes and wasting taxpayer dollars. Let the good times roll!

        • Yeah it is kinda weird. Even here in the heart of Sacramento it’s ok.
          You have to openly carry them, stay away from venues with alcohol, can’t ride public transit, and you can’t defend yourself at all while carrying even if you don’t use them.

  7. “Bans in parks.”

    They haven’t seen some of our parks — I carry in a few parks not out of concern for the humans but other sorts of animals.

  8. IMPOSSIBLE! Everyone knows that all open carry does is get your gun stolen before it’s used to massacre every in a 3 mile radius!


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