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The police were already on the way and the burglar could see that there was a gun pointing at him – however, he still managed to get himself shot.

“There’s a man in our house. We have gun,” a woman can be heard telling the 9-1-1 operator. She and her husband had just been awakened at 3:30am by the sound of an intruder rifling through their cabinets. She had grabbed a handgun from her dresser, loaded it in the dark, and then handed it to her military-trained husband.

“LAY DOWN!” her husband shouts at the burglar. “LAY DOWN!”

“I can’t, sir, I’ve got other work I gotta do,” the burglar replies. He’s frighteningly calm, considering his circumstances.

Instead of getting on the ground, the deranged invader kept walking around their house until he reached a door he couldn’t open. At that point, he turned around and started walking straight toward the man with the gun. That’s when the homeowner shot him in the chest.

The police arrived shortly thereafter. The invader, who has been identified as Jerrold Allery Jr., was taken to the hospital, treated for the wound, and subsequently arrested and charged with burglary.

“Their safety was obviously at risk,” said Sarah Jensen with the Norman Police Department, “and they felt like the only way to ensure their safety was to fire the handgun.”

You can listen to the recording and the news segment here if you’re interested:

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  1. Quotes that don’t matter for $500, Alex.

    What is “She gave the gun to her military trained husband”?

    Also, the story could have gone something like “Trained former soldier kills man begging for his life, story at 11”. Because I put nothing past the news at this point.

  2. He wasn’t a burglar! He was a home inspector who was just turning his life around.

    And now, after a lifetime of careful dieting, the poor feller is 115 grains heavier. What a shame!

  3. It appears to me that the homeowner should look into one of those “more lethal guns” the Left is always harping about…

    Fortunately, Oklahoma has a Castle Doctrine and a Stand-your-ground doctrine embodied in their Statutes.

    • That homeowner is a lot more merciful under stress than I can imagine myself being. If one round to the chest is good, four is exponentially better.

  4. Damn boy whut R U on?!? Or are you just missing some chromosomes? Cue the “dead men tell no tales” blather…

  5. “I can’t, sir, I’ve got other work I gotta do,” the burglar replies.
    He had other houses to rob that night.

  6. “I can’t, sir, I’ve got other work I gotta do,”
    What that actually means is that he’s a heroin addict and need to steal something he can trade for his next fix before he starts his heroin withdrawal.

  7. The woman loaded the gun and handed it to her military trained husband? WTF This goes my drawer of skepticism along with the guy who dropped his meth and ran from a woman with a gun.

  8. Homeowner’s only mistake is he didn’t double-tap him. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice.

  9. Of course the news ignores the most important information of all.
    What caliber gun and what type ammo?
    FMJ round nose in .380? 9 mm hollow point? .38 wadcutter?
    It would be interesting to know if he survived a .45 hollow point to the chest.
    Instead her husband is military trained? That is completely meaningless.
    He was a cook in the Air Force? Marine Recon? Navy radar repair man?
    Even if he was a Delta Force operator, how is that related to the story?

    • It doesn’t matter what his military position was. He was trained by the government and that’s the only thing that prevented him from shooting his wife or even himself. Guns in regular folk’s houses are dangerous. Only the agents of state are trained enough to own and use them.
      I’m surprised there was no mention of the gun being registered and the owner licensed.


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