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I am often asked, “Why did you paint your AR-15 pink?” My most common response is, “It’s not pink, it’s Muddy Girl camo.” Other responses have included, “Because I wanted to,” and, “Because I can.” I even had one guy (a very gun-savvy individual) get rather snarky and ask, “What are you doing with a pink gun; hunting flamingos?” Of course any normal person knows you don’t dye your gun the color of the animal you are hunting. So after I almost gave myself a concussion facepalming . . .

I explained that his opinion didn’t matter and that he’s not all the bright to insinuate that I’d need to blend in with the flamingos.  He countered, “But it isn’t tactical!”

I don’t shoot because I’m “tactical.” I wasn’t in the military and I have no experience shooting a weapon under stress (and hope I never have to). I shoot because I love shooting. I’m fascinated with guns and how they operate. I built my AR and have plans to build another. I have guns for self defense and carry and my decorating plans include eventually Hydro-Dipping the slide of my concealed carry handgun.

Women don’t buy pink guns or purple guns or teal guns or zebra stripe guns to fit in or blend in. We want to stand out. We want others to know that this is my gun. It isn’t daddy’s gun or my husband’s gun or my brother’s gun. It is mine.

But that isn’t the only reason. Women who Cerakote or Hydro-Dip their guns do it for themselves. They aren’t doing it to be accepted at the gun range, to be mocked by self-appointed know-it-alls. Most women simply want a pink gun. Or a Muddy Girl camo gun. Women who “paint” their guns do it because they want to and because they can.

The options for Hydro-Dipping are virtually endless but if you can’t find a finish you fancy, Cerakote is also an option although slightly more pricey.

I Hydro-Dipped the furniture of my AR-15 in Muddy Girl camo because I wanted to, I liked how it looked, and I wanted my furniture dipped. Approval from others: not needed. Rock any color you want, ladies (and men). Be you. Be unique. Be happy.


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    • If you were to break the world down into pink and non-pink, it would be pink. So, yeah, it’s pink.

      • So Realtree and Mossy Oak are pretty much the same as OD Green, right?

        What’s you’re next argument? “Guys don’t buy gun’s because they are pretty/cool/attractive!”
        Really, how about a $1,500 1911 or a $3,000 shotgun with a beautiful wood stock? “No, those are completely practical and I couldn’t care less what they look like.” Riiiiiight….

        • Actually RockOnHellChild, Jeremy B. just summed up the responses up to that point in a similar manner but used olive drab in lieu of pink.

          Not sure why people missed his whole point there…

          Here’s my take away – its her gun. A gun that SHE BUILT (I know guys who won’t try to build their own AR) and she can paint it hot pink if she wants to.

          Tactical? No. But I don’t think anyone is going to start laughing at her pink gun when its pointed at them.
          And if they do, they probably need to be removed from the gene pool anyway.

    • It’s pink camo… so what. It’s her gun, she likes it, she uses it.

      Fighter pilots, including Baron von Richtoven, painted their planes in distinctive, bright colors to identify themselves to both friend and foe. Bright colors on the nose and tail were used to differentiate squadrons, up until low vis schemes became the norm in the late 80’s.

      As far as pink goes…the SAS..not exactly a girly organization, painted their desert use land rovers in a pink scheme, known as “pink panthers”.

      So don’t judge the ability of one to kick ass by the color they choose to define themselves. There are plenty of tacticooled chipotle ninjas Sara could likely outshoot with her pink gun.

  1. My wife and I both agree the majority of guns marketed toward women are hidious and tacky. The problem is that all these firearms are designed by MEN for MEN. Its like they all stand around and say “Well Bob, we’ll just slap some bubblegum pink all over this one and that should do it for the ladies.” My wife and I find it highly frustrated that the majority of the companies won’t design anything with a woman in mind. She has only ever seen one gun that she really thought looked beautiful and that was a Mossberg 930 in Yeti Camp pattern. Other than that its mostly a sea of bubblegum pink. Kudos to this who take fassion into their own hands.

    • Vehement agreement. And it goes further than that.

      Lots of guns are still sized for the average-sized male of 100 years ago. Taller/larger men today find that the pull on rifles and shotguns is too short.

      • Yup.

        I am hoping that 3d printing will eventually make it easy and inexpensive to produce custom stocks for people who aren’t normal sizes.

      • Average height of an American man today is 5′ 9 1/2 “, it was 5′ 8 1/2” in 1912. Someone who needs a custom length of pull today would have needed the same thing in 1912. The big difference is that custom lengths of pull were available relatively cheaply back then.

    • Hey, I don’t completely disagree with you, but guns are very much function first machines. Finish doesn’t matter, except for corosion protection.

      That said people and high end gun makers have been taking these mechanical works of art and adding artistic flair for years (engraving anyone?)

      If a person doesn’t like what’s available, change it. For the people who don’t want to change it themselves…..I guess those are the people who make up the market for high end custom gun makers.

      Maybe I should start a designer line……..

      • How about gold inlays on the engraving and Ivory grips? Does that mean you’re hunting elephants with gold crowns?

        By the way, silly as it was, I thought the “hunting flamingos” remark was actually rather amusing.

    • I have two now adult daughters and many guns do not fit them well and they are not so easily swayed by pink colors. Actually, the oldest daughter likes the Nylon 66 I gave her in Mohawk Brown. It seems that guns such as the Remington 870 compact fit my wife and oldest daughter the best, but it could still fit better. Female ergos are different than men’s, as Ithaca has guns designed for real females. The gun design world is still too dominated by men who think they know what women want. I think they need more input from women on ergonomics and colors. While the girl in the top article likes pink type guns, I would say that many women do not and actually many of them prefer a gun in natural colors and stained wood and blued metal. Wife loves the look of classic wood stocked guns.

    • EAA 9mm Witness Pavona (CZ 75 clone) are designed for women with larger better spaced slide grooves for racking or locking back the slide. I have no problem racking the slide but locking it back on some pistols are difficult, not on this one. They do have different colors; light pink, light lavender, dark royal blue, black w/gold and black w/silver. I choose the blue with silver sparkles embedded in frame, so is it pretty? Yes but very functional & easy to shoot, accurate, mags hold 10 or 13 rounds, barrel length 3.6″ Nice for range & self defense. Check it out at or web search EAA 9mm Witness Pavona

    • And yet, the fastest growing segment of new firearms sales is women. They must be doing something right.

      If anyone can do it better, it’s a free market, go show ’em how it’s done.

      Sideline sniping at the firearms industry’s approach to women is the second most popular internecine hobby among the POTG, right after posts on blogs telling the NRA what’s what about minority outreach.

      • Yes, there is a huge growth in sales to women… but it’s not pink.

        Pink, purple, Muddy Girl Camo, and Cheatah patterns sell a handful of guns, but mostly those buyers were already in the market.

        In my experience behind the counter, most women dont want a pink gun. When they do, it is just as often because they simply want something non standard (similar to the author).

  2. Right, and multicam is just tan.

    Do, say and think whatever you want. Time spent debating and trying to convince haters is wasted time.

  3. That does remind me, I need to get working on my Bling Rifle.

    Just for fun, you could put the wisdom (cough) of TTAG to use and ask for suggestions as to how to respond to the question “Why did you paint your gun pink?” Even if you don’t use them in the future, you’ll probably get a chuckle out of some of the responses.

    • TTAG reader suggested response: “Do you have a cell phone? Why don’t you call someone who gives a damn about your opinion?”

  4. THANK YOU!! SARA! I dont like pink guns myself but I do like pretty guns and I have very pretty holsters with some pink on ’em. All the reasons you said, I’m not a tactical wanna be, I like shooting and still be a girl. Not any better not any worse than the shooter in the next lane.

  5. What is it with twits who feel compelled to criticize someone’s personal choices in firearms, or anything else? How about working on a libertarian attitude here, as in “Mind your own damn business.”

    I collect S&W top-break revolvers, and have a few that are nickel-plated with genuine S&W pearl grips. Anyone who wants to give me the George Patton opinion on the question of pearl grips can “kiss my a** and bark at the hole.”

    It’s your gun – color it any way you please, and tell any critics to put their opinion where the sun never shines.

    • ” How about working on a libertarian attitude here, as in “Mind your own damn business.”

      And silence all the “Don’t OC unless you wear approved POTG attire…such as Polo Shirt and slacks…and be clean shaven”? Or caliber wars? Or manual safety opinions? AK vs AR debates?

      That will never do. We have to care more about what others are doing/wearing/buying/carrying than a pack of high spoiled school girls. Isn’t that the only way we get to be in The Cool POTG Club?

      • In complete agreement here w/ JR. Ofc, I have a topknot as a show of respect to my own personal lineage, & a braided goatee w/ mustache. On a personal note, I am quite frankly tired of the negative biases & prejudices of most. Most are genuinely surprised to find that I’m actually a kind, & sharing type of individual who does much for the community at large. Judge not, you know.

        It’s shameful that many don’t practice what they preach. Jus’ sayin…

        @ Sarah: Bravo! Stick with what makes you happy, & ignore the hate. No one needs the angst from others bs hanging over them like a dark cloud.

        • As a 40-something long-haired weirded beardo, I couldn’t agree more. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and “Mind your own business” and all that.

      • I’m all for a pleasant conversation on any of those topics if someone has something new to add. After all, I’m interested in firearms and enjoy learning more about them.

        I’m definitely with you, though, it’s a fast track to boredom when some self-appointed know-it-all pushes his flavor of firearms orthdoxy with messianic fervor. I don’t like bullies and I don’t like people who think that all that they know, is all there is to know. They’ll corner you at the range; testing the limits of your patience and stretching the limits of your politeness.

        Combine those traits in a single person, on the topic of firearms, and a world class boor is born.

    • I totally agree. It’s the same thing you see on web forums when people get a bunch of crap for putting an aftermarket stock on a surplus rifle. The critics act like surplus guns are owned collectively as ‘history’ and it’s a mortal sin to modify a cheap rifle to ones liking. Umm, it’s not like they’re taking the last surviving example out of a museum, hacking the wood off and slapping tapco furniture on it! I personally leave my C&R guns original, but I couldn’t care less what anyone else does to theirs.

  6. “Of course any normal person knows you don’t dye your gun the color of the animal you are hunting.”

    I guess I am not a normal person . . . and there are a bunch of dead coyotes, hogs, deer, bears, & other creatures, who chromatically resemble the weapon that killed them, that agree w/ me. But yeah, color your gun the way you want to.

  7. For the same reason why sets of hand tools sold to women come with pink/pastel/purple/mauve/etc handles: So guys don’t bogart your stuff.

    I’d wager if thieves broke into your house and there’s black guns and pink guns, you’re going to come home and find the pink guns have been left right where you stored them. No “tough” guy wants pink guns.

    • Boy, on this subject, traditional male tool colors don’t stop my wife from bogarting my tools, even when I buy her her own stuff.

    • I am a 6’2″, 264Lb real male tough guy with no issues about my straight sexuality and one of the guns that I regularly shoot with is a Remington 870 Youth in Pink Camo. I bought it because it was $100 cheaper than the normal coloured version. There is a limited market for pink guns so they are harder to sell. According to the experts it doesn’t fit me but I don’t care. I can shoot it one handed from a moving motor bike, it is light to carry and I am still allowed to use lead shot for waterfowl from a 20Ga down here. Sure my mates took the piss to start with, but the ducks, shelduck, geese, deer, goats, pigs, rabbits and possums haven’t answered back at all. Come the zombie apocalypse, whilst the zombies pause to laugh at the colour of my gun I will be sending them back to hell.
      Guns are just tools to do a job, their fancy colours and finishes are just another way of wasting your money, but each to their own. I applaud this woman and her Muddy Girl rifle, she has made a good personal choice of colour.

  8. I think you have a very good idea. It is a fun sport, why not have a gun you enjoy looking at. And the Hydro site is pretty cool. I have a AR-15 that might look pretty good done in flags. But keep up the good work, and ignore the idiots.

  9. You go girl, and don’t let any self-styled “tough guys” bother you. Both your rifle and (if I may say so) you, look just fine.

  10. Personally I strongly dislike black or two-tone guns, I like purty firearms, with wood. A BG will not be commenting on the muddy girl camo, (s)he will be be looking at the hole in the business end. Pink camo does not impact the bullet ballistics. The deer, geese, etc are just as dead when you hit them.

    Incidentally, purple or pink is just as good as any other color for camo. What matters most is the break-up pattern, and the hunter staying still. Heck, I know people who kill deer in a t-shirt and jeans. Someone who thinks that camo color is the decisive factor just has not hunted a lot, or isn’t very good.

    If someone asked me why my gun was pink, I’d ask them why their underwear was so tighty-whitey. Or maybe: it’s pink just to annoy you.

  11. My Sig AR is tan, because I like tan, and wanted something different.

    Buy whatever you want, its your money. Someone doesn’t like it, they can pony up for the next gun purchase.

  12. Of course any normal person knows you dye your gun the color of the animal you are hunting. Hey. put some antlers or rabbit ears on your gun as well. That way you will blend into the herd and be tacticool!

  13. I wonder how often men get asked “why did you krylon your rifle dirt brown?” or “why did you cerekote your 1911 safety orange?”

    Whatever you do you should do it for yourself. If you care what anyone else thinks then you really weren’t doing it for yourself, you were doing it for others whether you’re willing to admit that or not.

  14. My buddy’s wife has a Ruger LCP .380 with a purple grip. Around a few drinks, I told her she’d never find it if she dropped it on a purple carpet. She told me I couldn’t find my a$$ in the dark with both hands. We had a good laugh.

    Life’s too short to be concerned about other people’s opinion regarding gun customization. If it works, it works.

    A lot of guys want their ARs to look like a mud puddle, and a lot of ladies want their ARs to look like an overpriced sports bra. Who am I to judge?

  15. Ya know, while the author didn’t like the comment about hunting flamingos, it did strike me as funny. I imagine the best way to own the idea would be to haul a plastic flamingo to the range with you. That would probably shut up at least one idiot.


    Crap now i need a tactical flamingo… Something. It just seems right!

  16. I like dressing up my revolvers with new grips. It makes me excited all over again as if I have a new handgun.

    • That’s funny, changing grips is usually the first thing I do when I buy a new revolver.

  17. Being as I don’t have the start-up capital to do it, free idea for you guize: Hydro-dipped guns/furniture in Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Coach, and other signature designer patterns. All I ask is you send me one for my woman.

    • I’ve actually saw an AR dipped in LV
      if you like a million little lv’s on your gun.. Go for it.
      i can see the gang bangers now fighting over the latest Gucci gun. Heheh

  18. A Hogue stock in muddy girl is going on my daughters 10/22. Its a good pattern, and if guys at the range give you grief, just put up better groups then them.

  19. How come guns don’t make you smile? You always look pensive while everyone else at TTAG looks into the camera and smile like idiots on bath salts;-)

  20. It’s not very bright to make snark remarks about someone else’s weapon — especially if they’re holding it. Where did Heinlein’s “An armed society is a polite society” go?

  21. Bought my Granddaughter a purple SR-22 (after checking to see if she liked purple) so her brothers wouldn’t want it. I also deplore the lack of guns geared towards women. I sold a P238 to woman after I found pink Houge grips. She said she loved the feel and features but it wasn’t “pink”!

  22. I have a number of Muddy Girl pistol bags. Also have black ones, blue and tan.
    Hand guns are black, revolvers blued or stainless steel. Most recent purchase was a 9mm Witness Pavona (CZ 75 clone) in dark Royal Blue with silver sparkles embedded in poly-carbon frame. I do like good looking hand guns, regardless of color. To me they are gender neutral. Could not care less about what someone else thinks about my choices.

  23. A note to the almost exclusively male marketing departments at firearms and firearm accessory manufacturers who’d like to make a buck or two selling stuff to ladies: You absolutely need to know WHAT women think. As a male, you are very unlikely to ever “get” or understand all of the WHY they hold the opinions or feelings they do. But you don’t need to. Make your marketing decisions based on what women think, and forget about what you think, if you want to make money. News flash, marketing men: women and men have never completely “gotten” each other; why would the firearms genre be any different?

    • Yeah, the shocking thing here is that a guy would violate the time-honored male tradition of never insulting a gorgeous lady, no matter what they’re thinking, about her gun or anything else. Piggish? Yes, but often we men ARE pigs. Many men would never even notice the gun in that photo. There is a reason RELOADING equipment, of all things, has been successfully sold by Dillon for umpteen years with pictures of smoking hot ladies. We likes to look at the purty girls, and we can’t help it.

      • I think you are using the term “insulting” rather loosely.

        Had he said, “I don’t like that rifle, but I’d tap that a$$…”

        Now that would be piggish.

  24. My woman loves both her muddy girl tristar raptor 20 gauge, and her eaa witness pavona 9mm (silver slide / black frame) for 2 reasons: they look as good as they shoot, and they are her’s. The pavona is one hell of a sweet handling accurate pistol. The muddy girl shotgun is a vicious clay buster and a bona fide bird dropper.

  25. A civilian on a clean stateside range thinking about “tactical”. Maybe he was hoping it would help his “testicle”?

  26. My personal preference is like Henry Ford, any shade of black.

    Knock yourself out, I am a guy I don’t have the capacity to fully understand what motivates women, I just learn to live with them. The only advice I have every offered a women on guns is not to have your husband / boyfriend teach you to shoot, generally they are poor teachers even with the best of intentions. Possible exception if they are a trained instructor.

  27. Well I think it’s cute, but wonder when you’re going to get around to the metal? That barrel looks naked.

  28. “Muddy Girl” sounds like a pornographic film for the scatologically inclined. In fact, it’s just as tasteful. There’s a reason that we need gay men to instruct women on what’s fashionable.

  29. Bright colors on a rifle (or elsewhere) is a serious tactical mistake that could get you killed. If you never ever have to use your weapon in a self defense situation then no harm done. But most of us realize that is a primary reason that we have a rifle.

    • Maybe in the jungle. Otherwise, citation needed. How many have died in a civilian gunfight because they had a pink or purple handgun or AR? Should I ditch my FDE and olive drab rail covers and mags? Should I dip my stainless steel barrels in multicam?

      My duty pistol is stainless steel, and I’ve got more than a dozen deer with both matte and gloss stainless steel barrels – while wearing a bunch of blaze orange. That includes big revolvers, big lever guns, ARs, and bolt guns. Head to toe camo is pretty much only necessary for snipers, military, turkey hunters, and bow hunters. And maybe keyboard commandos.

      Even the Orange County regional SWAT team instructirs and commanders typically don’t order their police snipers to go full camo.

    • If you are that guy in Wisconsin that waited in his house lurking and then killed the burglars, maybe. (eyeroll) .

      Seriously, the biggest surprise (statistically) to a BG is that you are home, and/or armed. Most self defense happens inside 10 yards, at which point the color of your gun is not your biggest tactical worry.

      (more eyerolling at the tacticool operators)

    • What, are you setting up an ambush? Is Multicam your everyday wear? Some mall is missing it’s ninja.

  30. Who really cares what color a gun is as long as it shoots. If I had to use my gun to defend myself I could care less if it was pink, blue, checkerboard, or fuchsia.

  31. One thing I like about pink and purple guns is that they freak out gun grabbers who don’t want to see women and children become interested in guns.

    Many men love to decorate their guns. Who cares if someone’s else’s gun is Hello Kitty pattern, or green or what? With plastic guns, I think black is boring, and hot to the touch too if your range table is in the sun. My AR purchased in the Newtown Panic is black, and I might look into this Hydro-dipping deal. Thanks for the link.

  32. I think it’s just fine for guns to make a bold fashion statement. That’s why I painted the muzzles all my guns orange.

  33. Guessing that the guy at the range was hitting on her and couldn’t come up with anything else to say. Sometimes a tongue in cheek, snarky comment will get a lady’s attention, if nothing else. That said, I agree that it is really nobody’s business but yours what color your guns are. I like the cell phone reply comment. A shorter version could be: “Tell that to someone that gives a damn about your opinion”. Or, ” I could care less what you think about my guns”. Though the last one could be misinterpreted….;-) !

  34. definitely make it your own! I’m waiting for my bolt and barrel for a grendel build it’s going to be cerakote burnt bronze with some black parts.

  35. If she wants a pink gun she wants a pink gun. Kinda’ doubt she’s going to Afghanistan with it. I think guns look better black/stainless but that’s just me-and my beautiful wife thinks so too. Freedom of choice in “Merica!

    • Oddly enough, it was the norm to see blinged out guns among the Taliban/thugs we killed or captured. All sorts of brightly colored masking tape, paint, carvings, medalions, you name it. Some of these guys lived by their guns and made them their own. Others just wanted it to stand out so they knew which one was theirs.

  36. Didn’t realize that was Sara in the pic–I figured it was some model contracted by Muddy Girl. Nice-lookin’ lady….

  37. Hello boys! Sleep well? I missed you.

    Deer are completely colorblind anyway, so Muddy Girl should work just as good as that blaze orange camo.

  38. I don’t care what color your firearm is, I only care that you enjoy shooting. The world needs more people like that IMO. Personally, I prefer brown over black when given the choice.

  39. Shcking news: women that personalize their guns do that for the same reason as men, but often have different taste. Picture me surprised.
    Go, Madam!

  40. Smokin hot babe needs no excuse for what color her rifle is. Mrs. Tipton tell your man you still got “it”.

    Best Regards and make every round count.

  41. Why on earth would any intelligent person ever insult someone holding a gun? Oh wait, I just answered my own question!

  42. I always get funny looks at the range when shooting my daughter’s purple SR-22. Yeah, it’s purple, but still a sweet little gun.

    • You’re not getting funny looks cause the gun is purple. You’re getting funny looks cause you have enough .22 to use some at the range. You must be connected and wealthy. 🙂

  43. For fun, I teach firearms courses, usually basic and intermediate courses on defensive pistol. Occasionally, I get students who are these macho, tacticool, opinionated, know-it-all jerks who tend to make a class less enjoyable for all. People buy and own firearms for many different reasons. There is no “one size fits all” with guns, and not everyone owns a gun to fight a war or hunt deer. If painting a gun neon green with pink polka dots gets someone to the range or carrying more often, it is a good thing.

  44. The first rule at a range should be “mind your own damn business”. I don’t go there to talk about the color of my guns or Obama.

  45. I paint my toes pink and, hillbilly Jimmy Buffet style, refuse to wear anything but flip flops, if even that. Why? Picking a fight with somebody with pink toes suggests the possibility of having to live down the story of getting your ass handed to you by somebody with pink toes…

    Maybe I need a pink gun to shoot you? “Ha bro, you got shot by a pink gun and you’re dead now! lulz!” Eh, not quite the same…

    I think I want a pink gun anyway.

  46. UGH. Some people. They are probably buttheads to people of all stripes. So ignore ’em all with gusto. Especially Joe Tactical.

  47. Bright colors aren’t at all unusual. Stop by any high power metallic silhouette competition. You’ll see a number of the most garish and colorful rifles you could imagine. They look like Roy Weatherby and Liberace did a joint effort. Silhouette shooters seem to think that if it doesn’t distract low flying aircraft it’s not quite foo-foo enough.

  48. Decorating a firearm because of the owner’s preferences rather than for strictly “practical” (I have my doubts whether that term is really applicable in this instance) reasons is HARDLY a recent trend. Just check out the Persians’ flintlocks or Gen. George Patton’s revolvers.

  49. I think it is cool for a girl, if my lady liked this I would be cool with it. That said if you pal around with the guys why can’t you take and give out a little ribbing? It’s all in fun, geez everyone is getting their little feelings hurt nowadays.

    I would say well… your gun is Black do you hang out in Ferguson?

  50. It isn’t just guns. Women are slighted when it comes to hunting clothing. I have a bird dog for upland game hunting. It is impossible to find brush pants for women prior to and during upland game season. I don’t care about looks when it comes to brush pants. Just fit and function. I cannot wear men’s pants. I have a waist that is smaller than my hips and no thigh gap (IOW, I am built like a normal woman). Sadly She Safari sold out and no longer makes brush pants as far as I can tell. Such a shame because they fit well and functioned perfectly.


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