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An ops manager from Texas sends us his “Light” EDC combo.  Via Everyday Carry.

Steve writes:

With the scorching Texas heat in the way, having a light EDC is a big plus. Everything I carry serves its purpose and has never let me down.

Looking at this the first time, I almost titled it “Joe Biden’s EDC” from those RayBan Aviators that I’ve seen Creepy Joe Biden wearing before.  Do you carry shades with you everyday?  I don’t.  They stay in the car unless I’m walking, hiking, shooting or instructing.

Steve carries the SIG 938 micro pistol.  And a spare mag.  I’m not a fan of the 938 as it’s just about too small for my hands and I’m not a fan of the 1911-style safety.  To each their own though.

Steve does carry a good-sized blade (Kershaw Cryo) and Leatherman Skeletool.  And a pen, a Streamlight stylus light and earpods for his iPhone.

For “light” he has a lot of stuff.









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  1. The sun must not be bright in IL.

    In Florida I have driving sunglasses in my car and a pair of clip ons in my shirt pocket.

    I’d like to know how he carries his roscoe.

    Thumbs up on the Stylus Pro.

  2. I like the 938/238 stuff, but not my style either.

    I wear shades everyday, but damn sure not ray bans. I got hooked on Oakleys in the military and use the Standard Issue website to get discounted ones. I used to wear cool looking ones until they fell off my face during a CASEVAC because of all the sweat. Now I wear ones that have a rubber… I think it’s rubber, or silicon? I dunno… a nosepiece and stuff around the ears too that keep them from falling off.

    • 938 seems a big big. I like my LCP (first series with version 2 improved trigger) which just disappears in my pocket.

      • I knew I should have used the sarcasm tag. A pistol is a bad enough choice to go up against a rifle but at least with something like a G-19 you might actually be able to hit the shooter at 25- 50 yards.

  3. Heck yeah sunglasses. A necessity where I live. Mine are Bolle’ Crevasse glacier glasses from an Antarctic expedition back in the 1990’s. Now a collectible that go for crazy bucks on ebay, I still have my two pairs. Leave off the side shields and put the normal use arms on them, leave the hooked ones in the case in my desk. I’ve worn these things in blistering deserts, on high mountains and snow and running rapids in a kayak. Work great driving when the sun is low and making loads of glare too.

    Other than that, he has a gun and a spare mag and I imagine a holster he did not think to include. After that the rest is fluff and blather.

  4. “Do you carry shades with you everyday?”

    Day, yes. Night, no. Unless I’m rockin’ out like an FBI Agent at a Denver bar…

  5. I wonder if this would be a good EDC if I was shuffling through the Texas sand, but my head was in Mississippi?

  6. Phone case violates flag code. Respect the flag!

    Also- I replaced my 938 with a g43. No more jams!



  7. 1. When you elevate the flag to that position of esteem, you move from patriotism to religious worship. I do not worship the flag. It is our team colors, nothing more. And I will wear our team colors however I please. On a beer coozie, a T shirt, or even on a condom for the fat girls I used to pick up at closing time in the enlisted club.

    2. If you insist on taking it that seriously, then this phone case does not apply. Our flag is 7 red stripes, 6 white stripes, and a blue field with 50 stars. None of that is present.

    • Do you sit for the national anthem as well?

      You do sound like the kind of person who brags about fornicating with fat girls. Let me guess- boomer?

  8. I wear my sunglasses,, night,and day. Because I’m cool. My gunm is cool, my shades rock,, my bicycle is florescent green. , , , , , , , , Hey the other night I was tooling back from my girlfiend’s about 02:30, on my bike. There’s been a bunch of mean ass stray dogs around. Anyways I’m peddling down the boulevard and hear rushing feet coming my way. Now this is to cool, like strych9 ‘s AR my field knife was magically in my hand. I’ll tell yah it was pretty exciting, I thought,” You damned dog you cause me to wreck I’m going to he pretty pissed off ” because it was trying ever which a way to get to me. Finally it fucked up and I got s decent stab in, yike yike yike, Fuckn Dog. Now here’s the deal, I’ve been carrying bthe same gunm in the same place for years and have just restarted carrying that field knife, but when sHTF that knife was in my hand. I find that needing further dissection.

    • Possum’s got a steel claw. The claw is quieter than a boom stick. Less chance of encountering Mr. Badge if you do it quiet.

      The scary part of your story is Possum has a girlfriend. Involved in a little inter species erotica, buckoo?

  9. Sig 938 is a very nice concealed carry gun.
    Eight round mags for the Kimber micro nine will fit and function perfectly in the Sig, giving you one more round

  10. “…not a fan of the 1911-style safety.” a little clarity, which kind are you a fan of? the non- existent kind, the ones that go up to fire, the trigger dingus, grip frame or squeezer?

    p938 is a goody.


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