It’s Deer Season…Be Careful Out There

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  1. On a more serious note:

    If you are out in the woods hunting, make sure you practice the two rules of hunter safety to rule them all:

    Know your target and what’s beyond it.
    Never, ever, shoot at a sound in brush.

    Happy hunting.

  2. And you suppose that the idiot with a bloody semi-auto is going to take safety precautions do you?? Good luck with that.

    • Oh, Princess. When I read your comment I stepped out on my back porch and did a mag dump. The police didn’t even bother to drive by. Silly little man.

    • Used to hunt with semi autos all the time when I was younger. Never took any more shots with them than I did with the SMLE. I could do a mad minute with the Enfield, but I never needed to do one while hunting. Now if the Germans had come over the ridge…

    • Why not? Folks have been hunting safely for decades with the Browning BAR, and have been hunting unsafely with bolt and lever actions just as long. It isn’t the tool, it’s the operator – who is sometimes a tool as well.

    • Albert L J Hall, I am sure we take far more precautions with our firearms than you do with your mouth

    • Leaving your stupidity and ignorance a side, semi auto rifles such as the most common AR15 take more training to use and manipulate. Those willing to purchase an AR15 know what they are getting into and train with the platform. Fudds like yourself go buy a bolt action rifle, slap a Walmart scope on top, and blast away at anything that moves out in the woods orange caps or not!

      • CC: I have fired both the AR-15 and bolt action rifles. Depending on what you are using the rifle for they are more than adequate.
        A bolt action rifle has a tendency to be MORE accurate. The reason being that the bolt’s lugs hold the cartridge firmly in the breech of your barrel. Because of this, the cartridge when fired is MORE stable and the bullet enters the barrel in a uniform manner.
        The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rife. Depending on the barrel and the ammunition, it can be almost as accurate as a bolt action. I use my AR when I “think” I might need a “second shot” as in multiple coyotes coming in to my stand. If I am shooting for distance and the second shot is not so important, I use my bolt action.
        Actually, it is a matter of “taste” as to which you want to use.

    • Do the King’s deer still exist? I did not think UK types hunted anymore. Of course I doubt you are from there anyway so n need to say anything else.

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “And you suppose that the idiot with a bloody semi-auto is going to take safety precautions do you?? Good luck with that.”

      asks the subject of the crown in the land that in the past slaughtered hundreds of peasants by sword or imprisoned them annually for hunting on the ‘kings land’ where the deer and other game just happen to have been simply to feed their starving families because the king kept them starving to keep them subservient. Today, in that land we call the U.K. now, the ‘kings men’ (police) just enter when they want without warrant and stop and search when they want without warrant, and more than 17,000 innocent law abiding subjects of the crown are seriously injured by such police intrusions annually when the law abiding subjects try to object to their, suppose to have, ‘rights’ being violated. The U.K. slaughtering people and families and rights since, well, for centuries and still at it today.

    • Lol. You do know how semi autos work, right?
      As if the moment you pick a gun up it just hoses uncontrollably in all directions until the million round clipazine is exhausted.

      You people are unbelievably stupid or intentionally disingenuous which just makes you look unbelievably stupid and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to appear unbelievably stupid.

      • @Miner49er

        “… I can’t imagine why anyone would want to appear unbelievably stupid.”

        You look in the mirror lately?


    • Ya’ll don’t be unsafe with your semi-autos, it worries Albert LJ Hall. Hunt with your fully auto rifles instead.

      The Albert LJ Hall vision: Every law abiding person in the U.S. starting at birth, has access to a fully auto ‘assault rifle’ and 1,000 round magazines and does nothing with them but hunt around for people and animals to shoot every day and starts blasting away when something or someone moves, shucks, just ’cause.

    • Prince Albert, the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter,

      If you weren’t a COMPLETE @$$clown (and paid attention to our occasional efforts to alleviate your near-total ignorance of firearms) you would be aware that “semi-autos” are COMMON hunting guns, and have been for years. Examples: Remington 1100 semi-auto (just one example; there are others) shotguns for ducks, geese, pheasants, etc.. Ruger 10/22 semi-auto .22s for small game. For wild and feral hogs, many different examples, but the most notable, for your purposes, is the INCREASING popularity of the AR platform for hog hunting. So, there you are, dipshit.

      Now, if you DID have a modicum of knowledge, you would be aware that “semi” vs. “bolt-action” vs. “lever-action” vs. “single-shot” vs. “pump-action” has literally f***-all to do with safe gun handling. The Four Rules remain the Four Rules, regardless of platform. But you, being a worthless, Fake-Limey mangina, would have no idea what the Four Rules even are . . . you’d have to acquire male genitalia to understand that.

      Go roger yourself, you Fake-Limey poofter.

    • Back in the good old days, my friend and I would hunt wild pigs with SKS rifles that could take 30-round AK magazines. Good to know if you found a herd of pigs which could number 10,15,or 20 or more.

    • Once again you display your total lack of comprehension of how firearms are used. What on earth does the type of action have to do with how the firearm is used as a hunting weapon? No hunter fires any more shots than are absolutely necessary to fell their game. Why? Because meat is ruined by bullets. If you were a hunter, you’d know that. To a person, every hunter I have ever known has sought to expend exactly the same number of rounds as they had tags – regardless of whether or not their particular firearm was a bolt action, semi-auto, lever action, rolling block or muzzle-loader. The notion that people with semi-auto hunting rifles are somehow irresponsible and firing multiple rounds into game is a half-wit myth.

      BTW, I can show you my Remington 742 in 30-06 if you like. Deerslayer, that one.

  3. Very timely article,
    Just walked in to check my mail after cleaning & cutting up 3 white tail does & 3 buck muley’s & still got 1 doe tag left…
    Now we’re taking turns cleaning up ourselves…
    I love Montana….

      • They aren’t pets.

        You think deer roam safely in other areas not around her home or in other areas they are hunted during season?

        1.5 million car accidents are caused by deer annually, 200 people killed annually due to collisions with deer.

        Of course she and family shoots them, its hunting season and its not a game preserve.

        You think other meats or foods get on the table and stocked in stores because they just magically appear? Someone harvests them, this is no different. I’ll bet those cows felt safe in the pasture before they got harvested.

      • Rudolf,

        (Are you a red-nosed reindeer, or just a red-@$$ gun-hating fascist??). Knowledge is a wonderful thing. Go research (i) wildlife management, (ii) deer populations and populations trends (go back at least a century), (iii) annual deer ‘harvest’. Come back when your ignorance is at least SOMEWHAT reduced. I’ll probably not live that long, but whoever frequents TTAG in a century or so might benefit from your new insights.

      • .40 and Lamp – It’s a joke, assholes.

        Also, aim for the red nose,,,

    • Walter, I understand, but I always just tried to avoid hunting around fools. It’s kept me alive for a little while.

      • I have to agree with you there. I have seen more than a few that should be locked up for everyone’s protection. I’ve seen a guy cross a fence with a loaded firearm. Just plain stupid!

        • Guth, if I had died, I would not be here posting, now would I? Seems also that if I saw the guy crossing the fence with a loaded firearm, I would have not been the guy doing such a dumb thing? But is seems you like to make a big fool out of yourself?

  4. I quit deer hunting years ago because of all the slob hunters out there.

    I have seen the idiots take sound shots.

    I have seen them shoot right at people because the deer they wanted to hit was running right at another man.

    I have seen them shoot at a deer running up over a hill not even aware that a missed shot would go sailing over the hill into the next pasture or farm house.

    One woman in Ohio was killed while driving to work because a slob hunter opened up with a semi-auto and shot right across the road. This resulted in Ohio passing a new gun law limiting the magazine capacity to 3 shots.

    Another Moron in Ohio shot his muzzle loader to clear it while he pointed it up in the air. The slug hit a young Amish girl in a buggy killing her.

    Never hunt alone. One man fell out of his tree stand and was so badly injured he could not walk. They found him dead and a pile of empty shells lay beside him because he had attempted to single anyone to come help him. No one ever came.

    Another man during bow season was climbing up into his stand and was hit in the heal by an arrow some slob hunter fired off into the air, probably just fking around.

    One hunter came to his tree stand and found it shot to pieces by slob hunters. Since they could not steal it they got mad and shot it to pieces.

    I have see deer shot and just left there, the only thing the slob hunters took was the antlers letting the meat to rot even when they could have donated to the needy.

    I have seen slob hunters leave a deer laying there because the antlers turned out not to be as big or have as many points on it as they originally though it had.

    I saw one idiot wearing all black when the law said he had to have red on. In the deep shadows of the woods I never saw him until he waved a white handkerchief to blow his nose. Another hunter would have probably accidentally shot him.

    Of course once in a while the deer get revenge. We had a game warden killed by a deer.

    We had a man who was raising Fallow deer enter the cage during the rut to show his friend this big buck when the buck attacked them and killed the owner. The other man managed to climb a tree and yelled for help. A teenage kid just got home from school and ran and got his single shot , shotgun but had to run to the neighbors to borrow a shotgun shell to kill the deer with.

    In another case an idiot made his own deer call and with his friend entered a pen with a buck deer in it. When he blew the call the buck attacked both men. The owner hit the buck over the head with a folding chair and the buck lifted the man and the chair right off the ground before escaping out of the pen. So much for morons who think a deer is not dangerous.

    • In another case a slob hunter shot a woman dead who was wearing white mittens while hanging up clothes on an outside clothes line.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. With all those alleged “incidents” you claim to have “seen”, you must have spent a life time in the woods. Where do you find the time to post here?

        • And you are a ‘sock puppet”. So I’ll wage you know all about “sock puppets”. Now be a good little boy and go play in the traffic.

    • You’ve never seen any of those things. You’ve never been out of your mothers basement.

      You’ve never hunted. You’re just a pathological liar.

    • Oh, LOOKIE!!!! dacian the demented dips*** is trying to blow smoke up our collective arses, inventing “huntin’ stories” about his non-existent experiences. I’ll take “Things that never happened” for a million, Alex.

      P*** off, you lying Leftist/fascist loser. There ARE no deer in your mommy’s basement (and all those soldiers you kill are just pixels on your mommy’s computer screen).

      Go away, dacian the demented dips****. Go FAR, FAR away, and don’t come back. How can we miss you, if you won’t leave????

        • You can bet that lying dacian never saw any of it happen. He may have read about it, but he never experienced any of it.

    • Plus, Biden says you can use 8 bullets per round so its pretty hard not to take down a deer with that load.

    • Speak for yourself, the last four or five deer I killed were wearing Level IVA ballistic vests and navy blue windbreakers. (What??? What do you mean those were ATF agents??? Oh, shucks, I goofed. That’s OK, they tasted pretty crappy, anyway.)

      • quote———–Speak for yourself, the last four or five deer I killed were wearing Level IVA ballistic vests and navy blue windbreakers. (What??? What do you mean those were ATF agents???——-quote

        More veiled threats of violence only this time it’s not directed against me it’s directed against the ATF. This time you went too far. ATF are you reading “The Lamp that is out of his head’s” posts?????

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