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“It is not my belief that enacting more gun restrictions would prevent individuals who already choose to break the law and obtain firearms illegally from possessing a gun,” Hall said.

— From The Journal News: Some Butler County lawmakers don’t see gun reform as the answer to gun violence


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  1. It’s not about crime control and never has been.

    The fascists only want their approved thugs to have guns.

      • Metzenbaum was my favorite anti-firearm ignoramus. He put the bolt-action Enfield Jungle Carbine on the banned list because it was scary looking. That beast was probably more dangerous to the average shooter than to any potential victim.

      • the criminals have never been the target…it’s the rest of us they’re really concerned about…..

    • Yes, and no.

      In the mind of a true sheeple Disarmist, a lot of Magical Thinking is going on, and it’s illogical, disjointed, and emotion-driven.
      This is an example: “Guns in the hands of bad people kill people. We cannot eliminated bad people, but we CAN eliminate guns. Therefore, we can prevent bad people from killing people with guns, because there will be no guns because we have eliminated them. That means that bad people cannot kill people any more.”
      In their minds, there ARE no other weapons of consequence available besides guns, which are also Magical in what they do and how those who possess them react to them.

      As to their desire for only their ‘approved thugs’ to have firearms, that is merely an extension of their Magical Thinking: “Government is Good; Those that serve Government, therefore, are also Good. We can trust THEM with guns, as they will not turn on us, and will do only Good with THEIR guns.”

      Like I said. . . illogical, disjointed, and emotion-driven Magical Thinking.

  2. A good friend of mine lives in NJ. He complains about their ridiculous gun infringement laws (I like that phrase better than ‘gun control’). Yet, he thinks Goobernor Murphy is doing a good job. My friend is a smart guy; in school he continually tested at a genius level IQ. Yet, he is a master at maintaining simultaneously contradictory ideas. ‘Second Amendment infringements are bad: the Democrats are the good guys’…..’Taxes are too high in NJ: government support for illegal aliens is a kind necessity’….’there aren’t enough good paying jobs: illegal immigration is good for the country’.

    My friend illustrates how the media has trained people to abandone critical thinking; to feel self-assured and correct as long as the thoughts in their heads align with the bumper stickers masquerading as news outlets.

    • The smarter you are, the better you are at lying to yourself, and deflecting the criticism of others who point it out.

      • Yep. Plus, some of the world’s more harmful and stupid ideas actually are complex enough to require real brainpower: Marxist philosophy, for instance. It takes a special kind of person to be smart enough to understand it *and* stupid enough to believe it.

    • The Gun Control name change happens everywhere. And although some intentions are well meaning it does not help, it hinders. History confirms Gun Control is a beast that goes much further than, “infringement.” And with all the history illiterates out there another label only leads to more confusion.

      Infringement sounds like something that could make a gullible firearm history illiterate feel safer and it probably has something to do with a box that keeps their milk cold.

      In a nutshell Gun Control is a diabolical agenda that the military wing of the democRat Party known as the KKK enforced with fear, death, etc. Or Gun Control in nazi germany was a ticket to a concentration camp where you sat among a row of slave labor prisoners pooping in a trough or if you were lucky you would be gassed and turned into a lampshade for the fuhrer’s desk. Any label other than Gun Control lessens its inherent racism and genocide.

    • George Orwell called it “Doublethink”. The ability to hold polarizing views simultaneously.

      No wonder leftists snap with such logical contradictions.

    • Testing high in academia is not a measure of intelligence but rather a result of mental adoption of that specific system. It’s like saying I’d make a good NBA player because I can hit free-throws all day.
      My point is your friend that tested highly by an authority should be expected to also bow to that same authority. Give me a free-thinking skeptic over a self-proclaimed genius.

    • And there, my friend, is the root problem! They’ve been dumbing down the populace long enough that the ludicrous is now acceptable.

  3. You actually think:
    Your safe behind a VPN?
    Privacy exists on the internet?
    The Democrats will save you?
    The Democrats are for the poor?
    Cops will save you?
    Antifa/BLM will bring you justice?
    George Floyd was just a poor guy treated bad?
    no one needs more than ten rounds?
    no one needs a gun?

    • While you’re never completely safe, you can greatly swing the odds in your favor by using a virtual machine and chaining VPNs. Ideally, the first one you connect to would be located where your home country has no jurisdiction.

      Of course, every layer of obfuscation you add makes your connection that much slower as you bounce it around the earth.

      • Do you really think your ISP does not already know the IP address they gave you?

        Most websites are coded to pull in multiple other sites (TTAG is no exception). This will leave cookies on your machine this indicates your IP. This can easily be compared to your IP when your not using a VPN. Not allowing these websites to connect to your machine or device would be more effective and less likely to slow you down.

        • There is no security using the internet. Smart phones add a little leeway if you can find someone to purchase the phone for you and use their credit card. The GPS still has the phones location however.

  4. This is not a problem that can be solved by any government. They are wasting their time and our money trying to.

    “If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.” Jeff Cooper

    • They don’t fear incarceration either….it’s on a par with a Hollywood bimbo going to a spa for a spell. They come out fresh, rested and full of new knowledge.

  5. DeWine will sell us out if we don’t keep a tight leash on him and the legislature. Butler County is generally a pretty conservative place in my experience, but like any place, they would prefer to lick boots than stay free. The Springfield shooting was just another instance of ghetto garbage attacking other ghetto garbage. I haven’t even heard about it for the past couple of days on the news.

  6. So you can take a lefty pothead fruitcake and dress him like a cowboy and suddenly everybody thinks he’s not a Hollywood leftist pothead…

    • He narrated the “only one America ” ad endorsing King Dribblecup that ran during the World Series… portraying various TV cowboys on screen and tv isn’t the same as thinking the same way. Kind of like Austin is only a jungle island in Texas…

  7. The thing that really concerns me is how many people use the term ” gun violence”. This term was made up to show the gun as the topic and then immediately use the negative word “violence” to claim gun bad. Just like using ” assault weapon” to describe the A R. So far , ” weapons of war” hasn’t come into daily use by gun owners.

  8. No criminals do not obey laws. But if over 400million gunms are taken away at least the criminals will have difficulty obtaining bullets.
    It’s to late to take all the gunms.

  9. Gun control has never been about ‘crime’, ‘safety’ or anything else that the Communists pretend it to be. It is about people control, pure and simple. Dictatorship 101: Control the guns, control the people. They are scared to death of armed American citizens who are willing to defend the Constitution and America by force if need be. That is the sole reason our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment into The Bill of Rights. It gives ‘We the People’ the means to defend our freedoms from a ruling elite who disregard the Constitution. Remember, America was founded by the barrel of a gun, our personally-owned guns. Nobody gave us anything, we had to fight for it. We will do it again if we have to.

  10. It all boils down to accountability, you do the crime you do the time! We need a victim justice system, not a criminal justice system! Simple but yet so hard to enforce!


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