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First it was PERF, the Police Executives Research Forum…a gaggle of mostly big city chiefs of police announcing that their cities desperately need more gun control laws. Then came the American Medical Association — the group that considers “gun violence” a public health crisis — letting it be known that they too are in favor of significantly more restrictions on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.

The latest august association that’s eager to tell Americans how much of their Second Amendment rights they should give up in the name of public safety is the US Conference of Mayors.

The conference is advocating measures to strengthen the regulation of gun sales and dealers, as well as ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

“The U.S. Conference has a 50-year history of formally adopting and aggressively promoting strong policies to reduce gun violence, all consistent with its support for the Second Amendment to the Constitution,” the group said.

Like our betters in the law enforcement and medical professions, the group of municipal hacks leaders is calling for “common-sense” solutions like raising the age that Americans can buy guns to 21, banning assault weapons and bump fire stocks, and limiting magazine capacity. The usual litany of “solutions” that are sure to fix the “gun violence” problems in places like East St. Louis, South Chicago, Baltimore, Camden, Oakland and West Memphis.

Additionally, the group called for steps it said would protect young people — like opposing letting teachers and other non-law enforcement personnel be armed in K-12 schools…

It must have been hard to type that line with a straight face. Or maybe Politico’s Aubrey Eliza Weaver really is that hoplophobic and out of touch with reality.

She did, however, include an obligatory word from one of Michael Bloomberg’s paid mouthpieces:

“Mayors are on the frontlines of America’s gun violence crisis, so it’s no surprise they’re also leading the charge to pass common-sense, life-saving laws,” Everytown President John Fienblatt said in a statement. “It’s time for our leaders in Washington to follow the lead of America’s mayors and put public safety over NRA priorities.”

Somehow the Politico post announcing the mayors’ demand for more Second Amendment infringement didn’t include a quote from anyone on the pro-gun rights side. Probably just an oversight.

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  1. Bans have worked so well for alcohol and illegal drugs…so why not try it with guns…right??? LMAO

  2. Last time I checked, a “Mayor” was just someone’s ahole neighbor who needed a job. The job was to ‘lead’ government, not government’s constituency.

    All mayors might get the chance to go home, quietly, here in a short bit. If offered, they better take it.

    • maybe it’s the fault of the people who, you know, actually live there….Nah!..that couldn’t be it

    • Regardless, Mayors aren’t on the front lines of anything. It’s the crime victims who are on the front lines, hopefully with backup from second responders in law enforcement. And those second responders in rank-and-file law enforcement tend to oppose more gun control.

  3. Anyone go knock on the ACLU’s door and give em’ a heads-up? Yknow, just in case they decide to have a little bit of integrity?

  4. Thank you again you commie vermin for demonstrating exactly why Americans need “assault weapons”… Hint: They aren’t for shooting deer or criminals.

  5. “East St. Louis, South Chicago, Baltimore, Camden, Oakland and West Memphis.”

    These places don’t have any more guns than low violence places. It sounds like they don’t have a gun problem, they have a ______ problem.

  6. If Mayors were really on the front lines of America’s gun violence as stated above, they would make it a law that all law abiding citizens would be required to carry a weapon.

    • “Mayors are on the frontlines of America’s gun violence crisis,..” if this were true, then the mayors’ opinions on the matter would be similar to the street cops’ opinions…. oddly enough, cops favor an armed citizenry (90% from police1) more than the citizens them selves (73% from Gallop).

  7. The mayors and their Crips, Bloods and MS-13 supporters are the public health crisis. Our firearms are part of the cure. And the mayors can’t tolerate us costing them votes and graft, can they?

    The entire political class is a disease.

  8. I wonder what black people think of their people trying to disarm blacks whilst trying to fit in with the white people by dressing like them and wearing white or Asian peoples’ hair.

    • If they actually thought about the grifters that they elect with relentless monotony, those vermin would have to make a living jacking cars outside of Walmart.

  9. “The UnMasking event of public elected/non-elected Officials who support Authoritarianism and implementation of futher Constitutional Infringements against the lawful US citizens of the USA….”

  10. These tyrants have only been elected to their cities… they have no national or state standing. Let them run for office. Otherwise shut up!
    Any RHINO’s? Let them be marked so their political careers are ended!

    • The problem is they want state pre-emption laws thrown out so they can command their own kingdoms. These guys have an agenda to become mini-dictators.

      • Which is really as funny as something could possibly be. We have bill of rights to protect our God given rights from federal government intrusion, and then there is that whole all powers not held by the fed are held by the states… And somehow the fact that the bill of rights states shall not be infringed doesn’t take all state infringement off the table? I guess I haven’t done enough blow at a libtard arts college to get that conclusion from what would seem like a very simple prospect.
        It seems sad and funny until you think about using the same logic for the 1st amendment and then it gets more sad and even more ridiculous.

  11. “US Conference Of Mayors” consists ENTIRELY of metro leftists. Must be a prog to join and from a decaying community with a large welfare “diversity” population.

    You can be assured there are no members from rural/survivable communities you would want to live in.

  12. Ever notice how calls for “common sense solutions” always seem to involve reductions in the ways guns can be owned and used and seldom, if ever, even consider creative ways to encourage and expand gun ownership and usage? Just writing this seems a bit absurd because if we’re not talking about more control of guns than we’re not talking about common sense solutions. If you talk to a gun-control advocate (a pretty useless endeavor, trust me on this) just try to get them to acknowledge that hardening schools against spree-killers might be a good idea—you won’t get very far at all. Recently, a friend who is anti-gun indignantly tried the noboby-needs-30 rounts-to-defend-themselves argument. When I asked what he do if 6 thugs invaded his house he answered by insisting “That stuff never happens in real life”. Crickets . . .


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