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There’s plenty of crime on and just off campus at Virginia Commonwealth University. As you might expect for such a large, upmarket “gun free” zone. At last count there were 1,111 incidents per year. Just last week reported that “Police have arrested four people [above] they believe were involved in three armed robberies Tuesday night in Richmond near Virginia Commonwealth University’s main academic campus.” I’m not saying that all 30,208 VCU students and 13,073 personnel should carry a firearm for self-defense. But all Americans should have that option. Virginia Citizens Defense League is on the case, doing their level best to restore qualified citizens’ right to keep and bear arms on and off campus. Here’s President Philip Van Cleave’s latest dispatch from the front . . .

The violent crime spree at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond continues. There were THREE more robberies of students Tuesday night alone! As you recall, VCU had a town hall meeting on safety after another group of SIX robberies a few weeks ago. While adding more officers and hiring some unarmed security guards is supposed to help the crime problem, it isn’t a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination. Tuesday night shows the futility *and danger* of depending on someone else for your own defense.

BTW, VCU already has more police officers than any other Virginia university and has the highest crime rate of any state school (see item below)

At the crime town hall meeting, the VCU Chief of Police seemed puzzled by the fact that criminals were coming from long distances to victimize VCU students. I wasn’t surprised. Violent criminals love a safe working environment and VCU’s unarmed students, faculty, and staff provide just that in spades!

At that same town hall meeting, upon hearing the VCU Chief of Police say they were going to hire *unarmed* security guards, Board member Dennis O’Connor leaned over to me and suggested that VCU just give security-guard uniforms to all the students, then criminals won’t know who are students and who are guards! 😉

The VCU and Richmond police are catching many of the criminals, but usually it is AFTER the damage has been done and someone’s life changed forever. Definitely a cold comfort to the victims. And there are plenty more criminals where the captured ones came from.

What would help is for criminals to learn that VCU allows those with CHPs to carry. Then the criminals would have to be more careful in their intended victim selection.

VCDL is going to continue to push to concealed carry on campus and I am meeting with some students to that effect next week

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  1. Wouldn’t have mattered at the time, although open carry has always been legal, but when my buddy went there back in the day one of his friends was murdered and his girlfriend shot in the face (could have been worse I guess) right in front of the (formerly) Ukrop’s on Broad.

    When I say “right in front” I mean where the f’ing carts go. And for those of you unfamiliar with Richmond, if there is a town of a little under 200k population near you, imagine the main drag. That is Broad street in Richmond, and VCU is well centered, not in an especially bad part of town, although that may be due to the fact that all of Richmond is like a dystopic nightmare.

    • That was a while back, when Richmond was the murder capital of the US. Broad Street’s been cleaned up a lot, thanks to VCU taking over a lot of the real estate. I wouldn’t call it a dystopic nightmare. But then again, that’s a lot of “incidents.”

  2. citizens should have the option to be armed at all times and in all places, with a few well thought out exceptions. In this day and age I’m amazed that we still don’t have this basic civil right for all.

  3. “the VCU Chief of Police seemed puzzled by the fact that criminals were coming from long distances to victimize VCU students”

    He must have studied criminology in Illinois. In a similar way San Francisco Homeless Advocates denied it for decades that the reason large numbers of the homeless go to live there is because of the generous money, food, health care, and housing that they provide to the homeless. The advocates grudgingly admitted it a few years ago.

    It is simple military tactics. Attack where your opponents are weak not strong. An unarmed defenseless population is prey to the criminals. A city that provides huge costly benefits to all, regardless of origin, will attract even more such people from around the country. Ego-driven and progressive SF, needs to try to prove to all that they are morally superior to places that are not politically progressive. The result is that the City government has decreased the quality of life for residents, made it a far more dangerous to live, and indirectly caused other problems with their mindset.

  4. Thanks for posting photos, RF. It’s helpful and instructional for anyone concerned with self defense and situational awareness. 

    Atlanta is a city with demographics very similar to those of Richmond. Georgia Tech is downtown, just like VCU. Students are not allowed to possess firearms on campus, and they are regularly and violently preyed upon by those of the prevailing demographic. 

    Birmingham, AL has demographics similar to Richmond and Atlanta. It is the murder capital of the South. Memphis, TN; Portland, OR.  St. Louis, IL; Washington, DC. The city known as Detroit before it died. Spot the outlier. Do the math. 

    Wiping unconstitutional gun laws off the state and federal books will undoubtably allow citizens to protect themselves against those who are highly motivated to harm them. As will honest portrayals of social reality- instead of the feel-good shuck and jive spooned out by the infotainment complex and government instruments. An armed AND informed population is far more able to protect itself than an ignorant herd of disarmed sheep. 

  5. Aaaah, the joy of being politically correct and be in denial of basic facts and FBI crime statistics; ignorance is bliss until it gets you or a loved one killed.

    Of course, once you no longer live in denial and ignorance; once you are no longer a mind controlled automaton you’ll be accused of being racist.

    Eric Holder was right; but not in the way he meant; most Americans ARE cowards when it comes to talking about race.

    You want an idea about what the problem is in this country with the high rate of crime and incarceration along with rampant poverty of a certain demographic group; watch the movie “Get rich or die trying” with 50 cent.

    To me, it’s obvious; when a large group of people look down on thier peers when they get a good education and accuse them of being “like whitey”. or when they get a good blue collar job and accuse them being an “Uncle Tom”; When the only acceptable means with in thier culture to get ahead is through sports, music or being a gangster, when very few can be a success IN sports or music ; what is left?

    Voila, high rates of crime, incarceration and poverty. They do it to themselves, But it’s easier to blame “whiteys racism” than to take responsibility for ones bad choices.

  6. Good points, and it is encouraging to see a reasonable outlook. When I responded on a previous thread to urge racial reality, some PC clown accused me of “cherry picking” facts without refuting anything, then trotted out this tired old refrain about how the Confederacy lost. Sad.

    • First, I’m not a “PC” clown. I”M white and come from a place that was all white. And guess what you ignorant fvcktards. Our jails were always full, the welfare lines were always full and I heard ignorant folks like you rant about how inferior the other races were while they were using their food stamps to buy food to take back to their trailers.

      And I know that I’m wasting my breath explaining this to a bunch of non hackers like you but in very bad places I counted on men of color to side me . We shared our canteens and our smokes and we trusted each other with our lives.

      So peddle your trash elsewhere. And dickweed, the confederacy did loose that war, it’s just impossible for some morons to let go.

      • Easy there sparky. I guess there aint a problem in the black community then (statistically speaking). The world you are talking about is long since dead. What do you see going on TODAY?
        Stupid libtards.

  7. Them’s bold words for a one-eyed fat man. Oops wait- I’m not quoting from the same Duke movie you’re dream-living, am I? Sorry bout that, Sgt. Rock.

    Let’s deal with that real stunner first, the Confederacy thing. Again: Ow gee, ya got me. Why’d ya have to go there? Seriously, given the infantile nature of this attack- and you’re tagging morons?

    Do this, non-clown: Define “racist” to the best of your ability. Then point out how anything I’ve written qualifies as “racist”.

    One other: Please point out anything I’ve written that you can refute with facts. Then tell me how referencing verifiable facts (or not) makes one a racist.

    We can leave discussions of your antisemitic rantings on this site and others for another time. Meanwhile, my sympathies to the ignorant white fvcktards – your friends and kin of your forming years- who had to suffer through your brand of tolerance-infused hatred and condescension. I’m sure they appreciate your consciousness-raising efforts.

    • Well, first of all I’ve never posted on any other site than this one. And I don’t believe I’ve ever posted any anti semite comments on this one other than to state that I could not fathom a jew being in support of gun control.

      It’s funny how guys like you claim to be non racist, or in your terms ask me to prove that you’re a racist based on your posts. Let’s see, you carefully qoute facts from the net about a certain “demographic” while ignoring all the other “demographics” out there.

      At least guys like matt are honest in their prejudices. Guys like you try to be coy and use code words. Wonderbread, soft and white?

      And John Wayne was a non hacker also.

      • God your a moron. If you really dont see a problem in the black community than what planet are you living on? If you say there is a problem in the black community than you are a racist? What did anyone say that was racist? The only hate is coming from you.
        Self loathing libtards (or bat crazy old dude).

  8. Would be just Unamercun in your book for some fvcktard to proclaim he’s not a racist EVEN AFTER you’ve publicly, Kafkaesquely, positively no-kiddin ID’ed him as such, huh? QED, hacker, and man down.

    You want soft? How about someone who uses their keyboard and the distance of what appears to be many years devoid of real life experience to proclaim that the friends, family, and community that produced them were ignorant criminals on welfare, and that these people are inferior and to be despised due to differences of opinion? Not that you ever expressed that opinion when it would have counted- too late to claim that you did.

    Don’t forget to scroll up and select your next canteen ‘n’ smoke buddy from the list of luminaries depicted in RF’s photo lineup. Enjoy, and please remember that procreation is not a requirement for all.

    • Franz Kafka’s name has no business being brought into this. Nice try at seeming learned but you got it wrong. There’s been nothing even remotely “Kafkaesque” about this thread. Have you even read any Kafka? Go ahead, google some titles and say “yes”.

      • After twice being accused of being some sort of societal criminal, and twice refused any explanation of those accusations, I was reminded of Kafka’s The Trial. Or specifically, the Orson Welles film version which I watched again not too long ago. You should try reading it, friend. Look up dystopia while you’re at it.

  9. I used to live in that area (disclaimer: I moved out about 5 years ago, but it doesn’t sound like it’s changed substantially).

    In Richmond, neighborhoods can go from bad to good to apocalyptic in a matter of few blocks or less. It’s easy to take a wrong turn and wind up running for your life. When you have students from relatively safe smaller towns coming in as VCU freshmen, the result is a great recipe for crime.

    Also, this is a university with absolutely NO “borders” to the campus – the university just bought a bunch of buildings in the middle of the city. That’s how it got established, and that’s how it’s expanded. Plus, the students and general populace tend to blend in with each other quite well. So adding unarmed private security guards isn’t going to help much. Treat it like what it is – a dangerous neighborhood. If you’re going to hire more guards, at least arm them like regular cops. And be prepared for trouble.

  10. VCU, BA History, 1985. Man oh man oh man-o-war. Richmond is a very violent place. All of my male friends were armed with every iteration of 9mm offered in the mid ’80’s. There were robberies yes, but there were a great number of sexual assaults. We had the black ninja. He was caught but not really. In the last year DNA evidence exonerated the poor scapegoat. And yes there were many murders. There is a weird vibe in the air. I attribute it to Richmond being destroyed in the Civil War.

  11. When it comes to crime. there is no priority besides wealth. Personally I think campus faculty is wealthier than students.

    Are we missing the point here? VA is a “Shall” issue State, which is good. Though having so many laws to jump through is dis-ingenuous if not downright foolish. Just goes to show that dis-arming the victims is downright stupid.

    Criminals not only travel but ignore those laws!


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