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Crime scene (courtesy

“A 59-year-old woman was fatally attacked by a man wielding a machete in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx on Sunday afternoon,” reports. “’It was a very gruesome crime scene,” a police official said. “Very. Incredibly. Very bad.” Specifically . . .

“She had lacerations to her neck, cheek, shoulder,” the police official said of the victim. “She had a partially severed left hand and a completely severed right hand.”

The police said that the man, who was in his 20s, had confronted the woman in the building where they both lived, in what appeared to be an unprovoked attack.

It’s too bad that New York City denizens have been denied their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Too bad as in a tragedy of epic proportions. For Carmen Torres-Gonzalez, her family and friends and millions of residents. Perhaps NYC concealed carry permit holder Donald Trump would like to point this out.

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  1. First let me say that I am profoundly sorry for this woman, and her friends and family.

    It is worth noting that machete violence is far less common in this “firearm rich” country than it is in the “gun free paradises of the 3rd world”.

    Bloomberg and his crew seems to want to change all that.

    • I’m not.

      I’m at the point where if you live in these places, these liberal paradises, you accept the outcome of living under or want to be under these draconian rules, so you can live in the so called big city and enjoy the amenities that somehow attracted you and keep holding you there.

      The liberal states are corrupt and you should be grown up enough to realize this truth and knowing this that knowledge affects where you should live, that place confers a set of options of how you may live and how you may die.

      We are Americans, you can live anywhere in the union, but if you want to live in liberal paradises, you fully accept as an adult, that owning a firearm or blade for self defense is hard to acquire and even harder to carry.


      The difference between how you live or die in the post-constitutional United States may depend on where you call home.

  2. She tried to defend herself with her empty hands. So she got to see her hands being chopped and mutilated before she died.

    The Roman legions enslaved and slaughtered millions without ever firing a shot. The only serious answer to an edged weapon, especially for a 59 yo female, is a firearm. Carried constitutionally.

      • “What now? Let me tell you what now. I’ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin’ n!ggers, who’ll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. You hear me talkin’, hillbilly boy? I ain’t through with you by a damn sight! I’ma get medieval on your ass…”

        The character of Marsellus Wallace in Quentin Tarantino in ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994)

  3. Where else have we seen machete attacks? I wonder why the suspects name hasn’t been released yet. Probably have to find a way to say it was a dispute over something menial and definitely 100% most assuredly not anything else.

    • Bigots gonna bigot, and conspiracists gonna conspirate.

      No, the attacker wasn’t abdul-whatever. his name is Angel Feliz.

      Interestingly, the third google result for “bronx machete suspect” brings up a story about how Feliz bought his machete “online”. Heck, I bought mine at Wal-Mart. What’s next, regulating online machete sales with background checks?

      Oh, and in case anyone was wondering — yes, mental health. Feliz had apparently been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and bought the machete “so he could hurt people who he believed were always making noises, sources said.” Of course, this is according to the New York Daily News, so… there is that. And, yes, the police had been called to his house 5 times in the last year, including for a violent assault on two men.

      Perhaps someone could have seen this coming? Perhaps diagnosed paranoid schizophrenics who are violently assaulting people and who won’t take their meds regularly and who are buying machetes specifically to hurt people, might warrant some intervention sooner? Nobody wants to “pre-crime”, but … if you’re gonna profile anybody, this seems like ti would have been a good case.

      • The state is an in unaccountable murdering machine of law abiding citizens. No one confronts them, just business as usual.

        OR….since the state failed to help said crazy dude or find him a home with other crazy folks, perhaps if granny would be legally allowed to defend herself with…you know…that hand held, lead rock throwing thingy that goes boom. Instead we’re entertained with the low cost old lady culling by a state sanctioned madman with an ax.

      • What’s next, regulating online machete sales with background checks?</blockquote
        Yes … "regulating" sales of potential edge weapons is next.

        And here is the dirty little secret that no one wants to face: I can go to my local hardware store and purchase a piece of steel flat stock and a metal file for about $15 … and promptly fashion a wicked machete/sword that is devastating in melee combat.

        This notion of trying to prevent people from acquiring "weapons" and even their precursors is a fool's errand. We should be focusing on instilling values in people that respect human dignity and life … and incarcerating the violent criminals who do not respect human dignity and life.

      • Doh! My reply should have looked like this:

        What’s next, regulating online machete sales with background checks?

        Yes … “regulating” sales of potential edge weapons is next.

        And here is the dirty little secret that no one wants to face: I can go to my local hardware store and purchase a piece of steel flat stock and a metal file for about $15 … and promptly fashion a wicked machete/sword that is devastating in melee combat.

        This notion of trying to prevent people from acquiring “weapons” and even their precursors is a fool’s errand. We should be focusing on instilling values in people that respect human dignity and life … and incarcerating the violent criminals who do not respect human dignity and life.

  4. Well, based on the photo, it is a housing project, most likely run by the city itself. (See Mott Haven Houses, Most likely a psycho that was let loose to roam by the mental health system, also largely run by the city. Yes, it could have been an ISIS type attempted beheading, but my bet is just another unfortunate day in the hood courtesy of the powers that be.

  5. Reminds me of the story a few years ago about the elderly woman that was doused with gasoline and burned alive in her own building. She went to the police a few days before to get a restraining order against the guy. They basically told her to piss off. Then the guy killed her. Only thing that would have saved her is a gun.

  6. There was a time when psychos were confined to mental institutions whenever possible. Now they’re confined to your apartment building and the White House.

    • You can thank Regan for that. Shut down all the nut homes. Gained the coin while low risk cause nutters don’t vote. We’re paying for that call 35 years ago.

      • I keep reading it was Reagan who closed the nut houses. Please provide a link to prove this.

      • It was a group effort-both parties and helped along by the ACLU. Old Ronnie could hardly be blamed for the whole thing. I worked (briefly) in a state facility for developmentally disabled(retarded) in 82’82 and the whole “rights” for all thing was just coming in-and it was hell working there. The retarded folk were pretty much under drug control 24/7-unless they were on “drug holiday”…good times.

        • Thank you for saying that. I know the closings of the government mental hospitals started during the democrat Pat Brown administration. Together with a court case, Governor Reagan was following court rulings when the government facilities were closed. The ACLU got what it wanted. But in the long run it did not turn out the way liberals in vision. So they blame Reagan to cover their ass for their mistakes.

  7. Interesting how the white jewish mayor of New York City tells his half black half white son to not trust the police guarding him 24 hours a day, because they could be racist. But he does keep the armed government guards around his family.

    The rest of the city can do without a gun or any self defense weapon. This does not include well connected white people like Donald Trump or a mix race son of a politician.

      • You need to read American history that covers racist gun control laws. And the Sullivan law about guns in new York City.

  8. But we know from the anti gunners that if a woman has a gun ninja attackers immediately take it away and use it on them.

    I mean just imagine if that had happened here? Poor woman might have been shot a couple times instead of hacked to death.

    • Haven’t you ever watched a movie? People always die from one shot. Throws them off their feet and back 2 meters against the wall.
      Knives only cut them up a bit, but they always survive.

  9. 2ASux would no doubt regard her unfortunate death as a social cost for having an otherwise orderly society. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette, don’t you know. Besides, we should make a better effort to understand where the young man was coming from. Probably he had a bad life.

  10. Just another sacrifice for political appeasement, the elected regal ones could care less! so long as they have protection 24/7
    lets pass another useless law that says nut Jobs can only Whack a Politician! who knows if one non political life is saved!

  11. The truth of the matter is the life of a 59 year old woman who lives in Public Housing doesn’t really matter to anyone but her and her family, and certainly not to Comrade de Blasio and his NYC State. What does matter is that there aren’t bunches of guns floating around in the hands of older ladies or anyone else that might use them to attempt to preserve their essentially meaningless existence or resist being controlled by the State.

    Certainly, the person who attacked this woman ought to have been “under care” aka under control somewhere, but by the same token he does not matter one bit to the State, nor whatever violent acts he might commit. He can be controlled by a few Police bullets or long term incarceration if an when he acts-out due to his insanity.

    These issues are the price we all pay for allowing the State to seize ever more broad control over our lives and are the only outcome we can expect from the all-controlling State.

    The problem a lot of you who post here have is that you believe somehow your life/lives actually matter to the State (wherever you reside) because you are victims of your own hubris and mistakenly focus on your immediate surroundings while missing the larger threat of the State’s indifference to your existence.

  12. Consider what advantage is required when someone attacks you in a confined hallway with a long edged weapon like a machete. A sudden onslaught and slashing blows at close quarters could make your possession of a firearm useless unless you had it immediately in hand and could fire instantly scoring a disabling hit.

    I got to thinking about this incident and began to realize how tough this kind of attack is to defend against particularly if things go well for the attacker in the first few seconds.

    • Situational awareness is always important and most people here probably know a gun is not a blaster that disables everyone easily in one shot…

      But boy I’d rather have one if I was in that hallway.

    • If I knew I had to take at least one hit in a situation like that, I’d rather get shot.

      For that same reason, I’m perfectly happy with my teenage kids not having access to guns for home defense. My son’s favorite home-defense weapon is a short spear with a 6″ blade on the end. Given the cramped layout of our ’70s split-entry house, he’s got a deadly advantage over any intruder.

      Also, like others here have said, if I’m going to have one self-defense weapon to deal with any unexpected circumstance, I’d rather have it be a gun. Thank the deity, I can make that choice.

      • So, assuming you have taught your teenagers how to shoot, I would be interested to know your thoughts as to why you have chosen to keep them away from the firearms in the home for self-defense. Not to set you up for criticism, just to understand a choice that runs counter to the “conventional wisdom” usually voiced on this site.
        The choice your son has made is a good one. I think there are several effective choices for edged home defense weaponry as an auxiliary to firearms, or where you simply cannot/do not have a pistol or long gun available to you,

        • To make a long story short… I have taught them how to shoot and I have complete trust in their ability to handle guns properly and safely. However, depression runs deep in my family, and they seem to have inherited it (as I did in my turn) — and in light of that, I don’t trust what their rampaging hormones might do to their judgment.

  13. While I do not believe anyone should be denied the chance to defend themselves with a firearm, the reality of many of these machete attacks I’ve seen on video is you are pretty much guaranteed to be hacked up no matter what. Having a gun at least maybe should would have survived or killed or incapacitated her attacker and ended the brutality sooner.

  14. The cops should have dropped him like 7th period french. Instead he’ll live at our expense until released to wreak more havoc

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