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Following the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7, the powers that be in Israel reconsidered the advisability of their strict gun control laws and announced an easing of the restrictions over civilian gun ownership. It seems that 1300 dead bodies and a looming war was enough to finally convince them of the benefits of an armed populace.

Now Israel’s Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has further expanded the number of people who are eligible for gun ownership.

Important news: the changes to the regulations that I led with the staff of the Ministry of National Security and that are being discussed right now in the Committee on National Security headed by Knesset member Zvika Vogel bring about a real reform in the possibility of the right to arms for the citizens of Israel.

Today I decided to further flex the conditions so that even a discharged soldier with 02 rifle training who lives in a qualifying settlement, even if he has not completed his full military service – will be included in the new tests and will be able to receive a license for a private weapon.

In this way, the circle of beneficiaries is expected to grow by at least 400,000 additional beneficiaries!

A weapon in the right hands saves lives.

I call on all the new beneficiaries – to submit applications starting Tuesday through the website of the division for firearms and use tolerance. These days we are massively increasing the wing for firearms, please be patient and you will receive a response as quickly as possible in Israel.

I thank the chairman of the committee MK Zvika Fogel for the quick and thorough work at this difficult time and the members of the Knesset who participated in the committee’s discussion and made wise and intelligent comments.

Go t h m s o !

Yesterday Gvir toured a site in a Tel Aviv suburb where rifles were being distributed.

Here’s Twitter’s translation . . .

Returning now to the weapons distribution in Ramla, last week we distributed thousands of weapons in the south and north. From here I continue to distribute weapons in other cities, and this is in addition to dozens of significant concessions and the entry of hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens into the circle of those entitled to weapons. I call on everyone who is eligible – a life-saving weapon. Go t h m s o!

“A weapon in the right hands saves lives.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. It’s too bad it took a national calamity to convince Israel’s government of that fact.

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  1. There’s a war on, but there’s always time for arrogance.

    “Beneficiaries” ?!?

    This jackwad is still preaching the “state is your overlord” garbage in the present with an eye towards the future.
    How benevolent of him, and his handlers.

    • Is he wrong?

      No long term good can come from this.

      The decolonization will continue as it is the way forward and the platform of progressives everywhere.

      We have moved the Democrats to a path of solidarity with the world as we embrace our global responsibility and correct historical injustices.

      What the left has worked decades on, incubated at the universities, a demoralization of the masses, is closer than ever to becoming reality.

        • Well slow Joe Bidum is going to Israel to call for a cease fire. In a 2 front war. Goy luck sniffy🙃.

        • An example would be the rounding up and executing of groups of folks the powers-to-be considered worthy of being wiped out…

        • “What is decolonization?”

          Counter-revolutionary* garbage meant to weaken individual rights – especially property and selfdefense. It appeals to the notion that prior to the arrival of Europeans the world was immersed in tribal euphoria – everybody could hunt/ fish/wander wherever and whenever they wanted, in harmony with the glorious collective consciousness.

          Which is completely fictitious, such a state never existed. There were lines and borders everywhere, if you crossed them, they would burn you alive. Or something equally entertaining.

          *the one in 1776, which is the only true revolution.

      • Same as your house, miner. Or did your family live in the same house for the last thousand years and hand it down from generation to generation? Are you a native American?

        Seems like your claim to property is suspect, also.

        • “Same as your house, miner.”

          No, we bought our land with hard currency and received a title.

          And don’t betray your ignorance of the history of West Virginia by claiming it was stolen from Native Americans.
          Southern West Virginia was not the homeplace of any Native American tribe, and whatever claims on the land were satisfied by treaty:

          “Many experts, like Travis Henline in Wheeling, say land there was connected to the Cherokee tribe, but only tangentially.

          “From the south bank of the Kanawha to the southern part of the state is ceded in the treaty of hard labor by the Cherokee. Did they control it? Not really. Were they there? Well, not really. They were willing to sell it.”

          Bonnie Brown, the head of Native American Studies at West Virginia University, speculates that there could have been a stronger connection.

          “From my understanding the Cherokee did not consider West Virginia homeland, but instead hunting land, and hunting land might mean they were there six months out of the year or more,” Brown said.”

          Your bullshit ‘what about ism’ is invalid, just an attempt to distract from the facts of the situation in the Middle East.

          Again, specifically what is an Israeli “settlement”?

          Let me answer for you, it is the place where the Israelis stole other peoples land at the point of a gun, bulldozed their homes and then claimed the land as their own, building their homes and preventing the return of the rightful landowners.

          Nothing excuses the violent murders by the Hamas, just as nothing excuses the decades of the ‘Israeli’ land theft at gunpoint.

          One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

        • So a little corner of WV is the only land settled without ‘colonization’?

          Whatever hypocrisy you have to tell yourself miner.

          Fascinating to watch you hating on jews and excusing your own actions. And I bet you still do not accept that you are a fascist.

          hillary was right. You people need to be deprogrammed.

        • “Fascinating to watch you hating on jews“

          Please cite a single incident on this list where I evidenced “hating on Jews”.

          I have pointed out that neither side in this middle East conflict has clean hands, both have committed atrocities and human rights violations.

          It’s just another clear example how human religions are the source of a majority of suffering and war on this planet.

          Jews against Muslims, Christians against Jews, Protestants against Catholics, Hindus against Muslims, etc.

          You will never hear an atheist advocate going to war to “retake the holy land for Jesus!” or “slay the infidels!”.

          Religion has provided a handy excuse to mankind for thousands of years to oppress, enslave, murder and steal the property and possessions of your family, friends and neighbors.

        • What religion was mao? stalin? And do you really think the conflict in the middle east would end with removing religion?

          You hate on the jews when they’ve done the same thing you have. Do not tell me you’re the only european that has legally bought his lands from the native Americans. Or do the jews with titles to their settlements have the same legal standing as your deeds have?

          You’ve become a bad parody of yourself, miner.

  2. Have to have a license and seems to be a carve out for certain ex-soldiers, at least Israel has pretty compulsory military service so I guess most civilians are also military veterans.

    Still this sounds like “you can have a gun with approval and depending on your service record”, that’s like a must be LE/mil requirement in the US, that’s a far cry from trusting their general populace and recognizing their right to defend themselves. Baby step, a privilege, but not freedom either.

    • Yea sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo about who was eligible “A2 soldiers in certain settlements “ or some crap

      • I wonder if the mumbo-jumbo is designed to essentially keep the guns out of the hands of Israeli Arabs. Arabs makeup 20% or so of Israel. You can’t blame him if that’s the intent.

      • “A2 soldiers in certain settlements “

        Interesting. So what exactly is an Israeli “settlement”?

    • “I call on all the new beneficiaries – to submit applications”
      An application leaves a paper trail and at some point they may have to turn them back in to the government.

    • “Israel has pretty compulsory military service so I guess most civilians are also military veterans.”

      Wrong, the upper-class kids are able to duck out military service…

    • Obama/Biden have a history of this, handed some to Taliban, Mexican cartels, possibly to Hamas, Ukraine…I imagine they would be cool with something like the Seattle CHOP or whatever it was called handing out guns to hipsters.

      maybe guns for members of certain card carrying antifa “minority guard” militias.

      The ATF, military, and police departments also tend to “lose” a lot of weapons.

      The only thing they don’t want is for you to get them. Maybe begrudgingly some 1911s or M1s but that’s it! Anything else they would rather melt down or destroy, no way they would hand out military guns to be sold at gun stores or given away to people who like guns and use them responsibly. They want to take those away, remember?

      • TU
        CHOP had a known FELON handing out weapons from the trunk of his car…

        Never did hear what happened to him…

  3. It’s still a privilege granted by a government which can also be as easily revoked. Wake me when they make keep and bear an iron clad right that the government is forbidden to infringe.

  4. Setting aside all the red tape. In a nation as small as Israel another 400 thou guns is a big step.

    I was in Israel for the 73 war. It is not a big place. My son was there as a tour a few years back. When they went to the Golan their guides were armed. Syria was having a problem then. I guess they still are.

    • It’s about 7% of the adult population, so significant. There’s still a lot left to do, but a positive step.

    • Cease Fire?
      Screw that! The Israelis are just getting started. They need to add a few zeros to the Palestinian body count so that they understand.

  5. This asshat needs to go read the Book of Esther so that he truly understands. King Xerex might have issued a decree recognizing the right of the Jewish people to arm themselves and congregate into armed militias to defend themselves,. However; that right to arms and self defense is a right granted only by God. God secured that right for his people by sending Queen Esther to Xerex so that she could persuade him with a lap dance and more.

    • “God secured that right for his people by sending Queen Esther to Xerex so that she could persuade him with a lap dance and more“

      God sent Esther to do “a lap dance and more”?

      What an immoral sexual pervert this God has proven to be.

      Supposedly the creator of the universe, lord and master of all, and he had no better way to persuade the king then forcing a woman to go lay it on him?

      Yep, perverted monster, especially when you consider all the genocide that God ordered and sexual slavery, pitiful.

      Anyone who would willingly worship such a monster needs to have their morals examined.

  6. It should have been mandated in Israel if you want to reside next door to hamas terrorists you must be armed accordingly. Nonetheless there are hamas butt kissers marching around in America meaning the problem is not over there.

    • “if you want to reside next door to hamas terrorists“

      Maybe the Israelis shouldn’t have bulldozed their homes and shot them if they objected.

      You know, once they seized Palestinian land and forced the people out, they brought much of this anger and violence on themselves with their decades of oppression of the Palestinian people.

  7. Governments always panic in times of crisis and the current corrupt government of Netanyahu knows its time in power may be coming to an end because of all the infighting that occured that made them lax and ignore intelligence reports, some of which came right from the U.S. as well as ignoring their own intelligence services warnings.

    Twelve hundred or more people seems like a horrific slaughter until you compare it to the U.S. slaughter of on average 44,000 people a year who die in a pool of blood and carnage and the U.S. deaths are not from terrorists but from its own people, mostly the depraved Far Right Fanatics who’s weekend hobby is shooting their wives or attacking and slaughtering immigrants, school children or refugees.

    Relaxing or obliterating the former sane gun control laws of Israel will not only in the long run but probably in the short run result in 10 times the annual death rate from guns as compared to those people who were killed in the recent attack on Israel, only this time it will be Israelis killing Israelis. Remember there is a far right and far left in Israel too and both groups hate each other with a passion.

    The relaxing of Israel’s gun laws will of course be temporary and it’s being done to cover up the failure of the Netanyahu regime to protect its own people because of its attempt to turn Israel into a Netanyahu dictatorship.

    Remember wars are not won nor are civilians protected by untrained overweight doddering old civilians but by well trained and brainwashed young men using modern firepower which is never available for civilian hands.

    An example was when one Son called his Father who was an Ex-Army Officer who then called his former and current Military Comrades who then stormed his sons village and did indeed save lives but again these were battle hardened well trained old and also young storm troopers, not a bunch of untrained yahoo civilians with a pistol in their hands.

    The paranoid and racist far right are incapable of any sane or rational thought as they view guns as a means of obliterating everyone who is not of their ethnic or religious make up. They are the modern day Hitlerite Storm Troopers or shall we say the 21st Century Trumpite Jackbooted Capitol assault force hell bent on forming a Tumpite Utopian all White Dictatorship.

    • dacian,

      you are one sick and twisted person to take advantage of this hamas horror and lie like this in your effort to support hamas.

      • It took him a week to figure out which side he’s on. As much as he hates f@scists he appears to hates J3ws even more, in accordance to Karl M@rx’s writings.

    • Im a very amicable person Dacian but i have to say you’re such a prick. Conservative bad. Thats all you can spew. Have you not seen the stats on how law abiding “we” are as gun owners. We’re not the ones slaughtering our girlfriends and immigrants or whatever the hell you just made up

    • correction:mostly black criminals..eliminate that group and the stats change significantly…..

    • Dacidiot,
      “…paranoid and racist far left..

      There, fixed it for you..

      The rest of that verbal diarrhea?

      Pure bullshit.

    • Projection is all he has. He supports Hamas. He believes Isreal colonized the Palestinians.

      Guess he didn’t know the Jews built Temples there long before Mohammed was even born and perpratrated a political movement disguised as a religion. Or the nazification of these terrorists griloups thatbthe Grand Mufi instituted under the watchful guidance of his mein kampf hero.

      • “the Jews built Temples there long before Mohammed was even born“

        But that doesn’t authorize them to return 2000 years later and start killing the people who live on the land now.

  8. This Israeli protected his wife, children from Hamas terrorists. (he was sucessful,
    a hero, but severely wounded and had it not been for firearm armed community members showing up he and family would have been slaughtered by these animals. had a rescue of third parties by a defender employing DGU happened here in the US, the left wing anti-gun would be calling that defender a murderer).

    • I actually met Gali Tibon at Kuvutzat Schiller back in 1984. Unfortunately; she already had a boyfriend.

    • 02 rifle training is IDF Home Front basic training where basics of use and marksman ship are taught. Its sort of like an advanced conceal carry course for a permit here but with rifles in a military kill the enemy aspect.

      • I thought that nearly everyone in Israel without some sort of pacifist exception had to do military service and training in their youth. Do not the military trainees do BRM as part of their induction and basic training? shouldn’t that number be WAY higher than merely 400,000 if 02 Rifle training was like BRM?

  9. Israel bombed the hospital in Gaza.

    How can anyone support sending our tax dollars and now 2 carriers and 2000 Marines to fight for them?

        • no, they didn’t. what you are seeing is what hamas said. that’s the ‘authority’ and ‘Palestinian health ministry’ they are referring to.

          hamas planted a bomb and blew up the hospital and blamed it on Israel.

          Israel has confirmed there was no strike by them on the hospital. and a close look at the pics show the explosion came from inside the building and not external. but it makes good propaganda to feed idiots aided by the media.

          where is your brain.

        • “Where is your heart?”

          My brain told it to fuck off… 😉

        • The IDF has released information, including aerial surveillance video, showing that a missile fired by Islamic jihad (hamas) is what hit the hospital and destroyed it and it was not a strike by Israel.

        • “Do you denounce the crimes committed by hamas?“

          Yes, there’s no doubt that Hamas has committed violent murder against noncombatants including women and children.

          They’ve committed war crimes and should be held accountable.

          Just as the Israeli military conducting airstrikes against civilian targets should be accountable for their war crimes.

          It’s clear the Israeli military has killed innocent women and children, or do you believe that they somehow have only killed adult males carrying weapons? Hilarious.

        • 40 ounce sez:

          “and a close look at the pics show the explosion came from inside the building and not external”

          And 40 ounce also sez:

          “aerial surveillance video, showing that a missile fired by Islamic jihad (hamas) is what hit the hospital and destroyed it“

          Come on 40, one of those statements is a lie, you can’t even get your story straight.

          And rest assured, Hamas does not have any missile system with a warhead large enough to create the explosion that killed 500 people.

    • ok…more information is coming out now to clarify it. turned out that an Islamic jihad ( hamas) missile blew up the hospital due to one of their failed missile launches…and not planting explosives as previously suspected. hamas did the strike on the hospital, not Israel.

    • Hamas has always used schools and hospitals to store and launch their missiles and rockets in order to use the children and sick/wounded in those schools and medical facilities as human shields.

      This is nothing new for these animals and has been their MO for decades. Where is your own heart? With the murder/death-cultists who kill and rape old ladies and behead babies in front of their own parents before killing them in turn?

      Where is YOUR heart, and furthermore where is your BRAIN?

      • The news media was quick to accept the Hamas story to get the Israel outrage train started, before… waiting for facts, or investigating. As usual.

        It’s going to be difficult to get accurate information, the lines are drawn and sides chosen.

      • “Hamas has always used schools and hospitals to store and launch their missiles and rockets in order to use the children and sick/wounded in those schools and medical facilities as human shields.”

        thats exactly what they have been doing. in fact ….

        Hamas Senior Officials Explain Why They Keep Gazan Civilians in Danger.

    • There are reports it also could have been a Hamas rocket that dropped short after launch.

      There’s video footage of a launch of a number of rockets and one dropped short with the hospital in the path.

      Not that Hamas cares. More dead civilians helps the cause. And they can still blame Israel anyway.

      • If it turns out that Israel indeed did target a hospital, will you agree with me that Americans tax dollars and weapons shouldn’t be going to Israel? I don’t see how supporting Israel is in America’s interest. It’s in Jews’ interest, and they have way too much power in America.

        Just like Biden’s decapitated babies turned out to be a confirmed lie?

        • Even if no babies were decapitated, you’re fine with just murdered and set on fire? That’s the hill you’re dying on? And you’re taking the word of people who lived streamed mass murder of innocents? People who have admitted, from their own mouths, on tape and on camera, that they value martyrdom for themselves and the Palestinian people more than life itself?

          Supporting Israel in a fight against Hamas is in our interest because these groups have said Israel is just step one. Do you think you’re off the menu? What gives you that idea?

        • “I don’t see how supporting Israel is in America’s interest.”

          You wouldn’t understand, it involves concepts far beyond your limited comprehension.

          “It’s in Jews’ interest,…”

          That’s not for you to decide, *period*.

          “…and they have way too much power in America.”

          Awww, wassa matta? Did a Jewish person take the job you were too lazy to do correctly? Try showing up for work, and they won’t fire your sorry ass next time… 😉

        • “That’s not for you to decide, *period*.“

          Geoff PR- are you Jewish? And if you’re not, why do you care so much about them? Why do I not get to say I think America should serve white Christian interests, not Jewish interests?

          I do get to decide. Supporting Israel is not in America’s best interest.

  10. I am still amazed to see that Israel was so naive about letting their people have firearms for protection. If there is any Country that needs to have an armed population it is them.

  11. Most don’t know that the Israeli government confiscated many of the weapons from the security teams in communities in the Gaza belt on Sept. 1. Nobody has come forth with this admission as to why yet.

    A lot is not fully understood about this event yet. Especially from those that live nearby and had to face this after recent and numerous denials of threats from the IDF.

  12. “Most don’t know that the Israeli government confiscated many of the weapons from the security teams in communities in the Gaza belt on Sept. 1. Nobody has come forth with this admission as to why yet.”

    no no no.

    Israel confiscated illegal firearms smuggled in and in posession of Arabs in communities in the gaza, and its already known.

    • “Israel confiscated illegal firearms smuggled in and in posession of Arabs in communities“

      Hilarious, so you are in favor of gun control only if it is used to oppress people who don’t look like you.

      I thought possession of firearms was a God given right? Or is it only if they share your religion.

  13. 4.7 million adult Israeli citizens. About 100,000 are armed with pistols and 50 rounds of ammunition. No M4s, no AR-15’s rifles, no shotguns, only pistols with a 100 rounds.
    Israel’s betters are still not serious

  14. Obviously, things must be in a desperate situation. For the s0cialist government of the Jewish state of Israeli to relax even more gun restrictions.

    The question is, will the Jew government confiscate the guns???
    When this wars over with. Assuming they win. And that is in doubt. Just like the British confiscated guns that were sent to them by the Americans. After the Germans were defeated.

  15. Harvard students ask for donations after taking anti-Israel stance. (🤣 poor babies, need money for lawyers, mental health, all sorts of things….. yeah, this is another BLM type scam and they are trying to get paid).

      • No, I’m not Jewish. But you are obviously, judging from your posts so far with your fake deception name ‘American taxpayer’, a hate filled, vile, sick, twisted, hamas terrorist lover and want as many Jewish and ‘Palestinian’ people to die as possible.

  16. I’d like to know who in the soc!al!st Government of the Jewish State of Israel, ordered a stand down, of their military and intelligence services???
    Before this complete surprise attack was launched.

    I wonder if the jews who refuse serve in the military, because they want “to fight” for peace???
    Were they the first to die at the rock concert??? Where so many of the concert goers were intoxicated on their favorite drugs.

    Israel is as decadent as the state of California. It is Jewish in name only. It has largely become an atheistic state. That is surrounded by nations filled with religious believers.

    It seems the athe!sts only believe in having a good time.

  17. I wonder if the jews who refuse serve in the military, because they want “to fight” for peace???
    Were they the first to die at the rock concert???

    Actually, yes. It was a “concert for peace”, and some of the people killed, such as Shani Louk, were conscientious objectors. There is an irony there, but I’m not amused by it. I hope people will learn the lesson from it, but I doubt it.

    Gershon Baskin was the negotiator that release of an Israeli soldier from Hamas a few years ago. He’s seen as very knowledgeable in the dynamics of the conflict, and is on the left, so the media trust him.

    He’s hoping for a “Belfast moment” where the people on both sides reject the excesses of their leaders and find a peaceful solution, like in Northern Ireland. I’m highly skeptical of that, because there are no Shani Louks on the Palestinian side. Instead, people were cheering her death, and the deaths of her friends.

    As much as I’d love for Baskin to be right, there’s nowhere to start negotiating with people who want to wipe you off the face of the Earth.

    • The problem with people like Baskin is they think like white Europeans. Yes that’s right I said it. The Jewish state in name only, Israel. Is surrounded by countries that don’t think and act like a white European state.

      They refuse to accept the fact that the Arabs are a completely different culture. Nearly totally opposite from a western society.

      And the Arab education level doesn’t matter. The 911 hijackers were all highly educated, cultured, and wealthy men.
      Most people have forgotten that.

      • You’re not wrong.

        More specifically, they assume everyone thinks like a white, liberal, Western European. That basically everyone is, at heart, a Brooklynite. Or would be, if circumstances allowed, and it’s only because of external forces that they’re not living that way now.

        So when these other cultures say explicity they want to exterminate Jews, people rationalize it away. It doesn’t fit, so it can’t be true.

  18. “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
    -Barack Obama

  19. If any group would understand that the right to defend yourself and that access to credible weaponry to do so, is a God given Human right, one would think it would be the Jews. But government types are the same everywhere. They want to maintain control over the serfs.

  20. I was surprised when news of the Hamas attacks revealed just how many Israeli civilians were unarmed and defenseless. When did Israel disarm it’s citizens? For years, Israelis were armed to the teeth with Reservists carrying their service weapons home and many civilians CCW. I trained with Israeli personnel on several occasions and they were very well armed at all times. During the Palestine Intifada (2000-2005) Israeli civilians readily CCW because of knife attacks and bombers. Were ‘Liberal’ politics to blame? This is sad proof that ‘gun control’ only disarms the law-abiding and leaves them defenseless. Never give up your guns.

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