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Gun control’s on the run. Illinois is the last state not to allow concealed carry. Saying that, The Golden State legislature has placed no less than four major gun control laws on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk: AB 144 – Ban on Open Carry of Unloaded Handguns, AB 809 – Rifle and Shotgun Registration, SB 427 – Ammunition Registration (preventing ammo by mail) and SB 819 – Redirection of Dealer Record of Sales Fee (DROS) (eliminating the ring fence surrounding background check fees, opening the door to increased taxes on firearms sales). It’s all dross to anyone who respects the Second Amendment. Like . . . Governor Brown. The AP: “‘I have respect for the Second Amendment,’ said Brown, who owns three guns and targets shoots occasionally on his ranch east of Chico, Calif. ‘Gun ownership is a fundamental right.'” Money. Mouth. Meet.

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  1. With a Dem contolled legislature here in CA and a screaming liberal for governor these bills all made it to Jerry’s desk. I have a hard time believing he won’t sign them all.
    I guess I will be running up the credit card mail ordering all the ammo I can get, anything considered armor piercing (has not been defined) will have to be turned in.
    Never thought open carry of an unloaded handgun was a good idea.
    Hopefully this could help shall issue, court ruled that because open carry was legal there wasn’t a need to have shall issue. The court reasoned that when the SHTF you call “time out” while you loaded your handgun to defend yourself .
    Long gun registration just opens the door for confiscation
    DROS fees, states so broke due to mismangement that it will be signed just for the money
    Moonbeam has respect for the 2nd like I have respect for him
    F*cked in CA

    • If by “my member dues at work” you mean that the NRA is sitting by doing bugger all to defend the cause of liberty, then yes.

      The NRA has no vested interest in soundly defeating the hoplophobes, as that would cut off their income.

  2. Of course Governor Moonbeam respects the Second Amendment; it’s kept him well armed, hasn’t it? As for all the other Californicators, he’s so sorry that you’re SOL.

  3. Move North, my 2nd-Amendment-loving friends! Oregon and Washington are a convenient drive North up I-5, and you’ll be welcome with all your shootin ‘irons too. You might have a hard time explaining your ‘California-legal’ ARs to ordinary folk up here, but you’ll get used to regular magazine releases and normal-capacity magazines in no time.

  4. The Governator was no friend to gunowners in California as he signed the lead ammo ban, microstamping, the original Ammo Registration and no shipping rules that were tossed out and re-passed here.

    Gov. Brown wrote in support of Mr. Gura’s McDonald cert petition. I expect he’s going to veto most if not all. The UOC ban is the hard call for him.


    • thanks gene for the info, i have to give a shout out to calguns, these guys are working hard!

      btw i’m on my way back from yosemite (right now!) where we backpacked for a few days & i open carried (UOC) while on the trails. i have to admit i packed it away when we finally got down to the overcrowded valley, didn’t feel like dealing with any potential hassle since this was a father/sons trip (my dad, brother & i).

      overall, while we were on the trials the people we came across didn’t even seem to bat an eye and while people asked my dad about his baseball bat walking stick nobody questioned me about the pistol on my thigh holster. one guy i was talking to for a bit prob didn’t notice for 10 min while we were hiking down the busy john muir trail (to the valley) at which point when we stopped for horses i saw him glance down & recognize it. nothing changed at all as we continued. people need to know that “normal” people own firearms.


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