Plinking’s always a good time. Set up some cans, a few plates, maybe a milk jug or two and you’ve got yourself a fun afternoon. But for a certain breed, there’s no rush in shooting at (or near) inanimate objects. It just doesn’t get the old ticker pumping fast enough. They need a little more adrenaline to really feel alive. These are the people who do the old knife throwing trick in the carny sideshows. But it can be hard if you’re someone who likes a little more challenge and you happen to live in rural Louisiana where things can move sorta slow. If you and a buddy have guns with you and too much time on your hands, though, trying something a little more exciting can be pretty tempting . . .

Except without the apples. ‘Cause that would be dangerous, right?

After Spurs was identified on the crime scene as the alleged shooter, (Concordia Parish Sherrif’s Office Capt. David) Hedrick said spurs alleged the two were playing a game involving guns.

“Allegedly they were playing a game where they point guns at each other” Hedrick said. “(Spurs) said he intended to shoot over (Cauley’s) head, but ended up shooting him in the chest.”

That’s Spurs’ story anyway. The’s brief story doesn’t reveal how far apart the two were when Spurs missed the target by a good 18 inches. Or whether Johnny Barleycorn was involved in all the fun.

Cauley’s now in critical condition and Spurs has been charged with second degree attempted murder. So maybe the situation involved a little more than just a couple of good ol’ boys playing with their pistols. In any case, pending the story getting any more complicated, we’re going to award rare double IGOTD honors to Cauley and Spurs. They’ll find it’s not as exciting as staring down the barrel of a gun, but the trophy (probably) won’t cause a sucking chest wound either.


    • Yeeaaahh… I’m not sure how they’re planning on proving murder without someone actually being… ya know… murdered.

      Anyway, that’s a typo. The linked article says “attempted murder” which, to me, still seems harsh. INAL but some kind of manslaughter/negligent homicide charge seems appropriate.

      • Damn broken edit feature. IF he dies would the manslaughter/negligent homicide charge seem appropriate.

    • Soup says” Your comprehension aim is off”
      “Cauley’s now in critical condition and Spurs has been charged with second degree attempted murder.”

    • Are you related to Lil Boosie because you’ve been blasting that ever where. By the why hes been found not guilty and is about to be released.

  1. Let’s not go bashing Louisiana. Some of your readers live there (I do), and fools can be found everywhere.


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