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Worcester cop [not Stout by name] (courtesy

“According to a police report filed in Westborough District Court on Thursday, veteran Worcester police officer William Stout went to his ex-wife’s Shady Lane home on June 17 and began banging on the door, yelling to be let in while yelling profanities,” reports. “The report said his ex-wife would not let him and Stout forced a kitchen window screen in and climbed through the window.” I think you know where this one’s going. . .

According to (the ex-wife), her ex-husband was in his full Worcester Police Department uniform at the time he forced his way into her house and he did have his gun, which was holstered in his belt/waist area,” the report said.

Stout then went to a bedroom, where he attacked his ex-wife’s “companion” by “grabbing him by the neck and punching him several times, striking him in the face and neck area,” the report said.

Throughout the attack, Stout yelled “I will kill you,” over-and-over, and when the assault was over, Stout told the man he would “murder” him if the man was ever around Stout’s family again, the report said.

Northborough obtained a warrant for Stout’s arrest, and he turned himself in.

Here’s the punchline (so to speak):

After his arrest, Stout posted $500 bail and was released. He pleaded not guilty at his Westborough District Court arraignment on Thursday. He is due back in court on July 24 for a pretrial conference. As a condition of his release, Stout is not allowed to carry or possess a firearm.

Stout, who has been with the Worcester Police Department for 16 years, is currently on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal police investigation, Worcester Police spokesman Sgt. Kerry F. Hazelhurst said.

Strangely, the report doesn’t include a mug shot. Anyway, as TTAG tipster Pascal points out, “He was wearing his uniform, he broke into a house, he began to punch someone and telling them he will kill him, and posted bail and was released on $500 bail and is on administrative leave. How many of us would have been in jail? And what, no protective order?”

Yes, well, nothing can protect officer Stout from TTAG’s decision to award him our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day award. We hope he takes the hardware to his anger management class as a reminder to at least remove his firearm from his person – and you know he’s going to get his gun and job back eventually – before going ballistic.

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    • There may be some back story to this. The companion may have done some thing to a child that the stbfleo was upset by. Heck, the guy might be a molester. We don’t know yet.
      Officer unfriendly should have handled it a better way, but if the guy had put hands or dick on a child, I’d understand.
      Regardless, he should not be a cop after this.

      • Or maybe he was just angry that his wife divorced him for her new boyfriend. But yeah, let’s just assume the bf is a child molester.

      • WOW, talk about wild accusations. Of course the cop had to be the good guy as they all are right? Even if he was said “child molester” you can’t just go around beating people up. That’s suppose to be the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

      • Are you f*****g kidding me?? When I started reading your comment I assumed it was sarcasm/parody… by the time I got to the end I had come to realize you’re really that retarded. An officer sworn to uphold the law and “serve and protect”, while in uniform, and armed, broke into his EX wife’s house (so they have already divorced, she’d not even cheating on him), while shouting profanities, threatened to kill an innocent man, and beat him violently. This ‘peace officer’ was then let out with less jailtime/bail than my nephew was for drinking underage, and is on paid vacation from his job. And your response to all that is to construct some hypothetical imaginary reality (based on absolutely zero factual basis) where the innocent victim was actually a child molester, and deserved it. Even in your scenario, you’re tacitly approving of the police circumventing the criminal justice system and acting as judge jury and executioner (so to speak). I certainly hope no paragon-of-intelligence beat cop ever mistakenly decides that YOU are a child molester and exacts this kind of ‘understandable’ violence against you. Or your wife/child/loved one. By the looks of it, you’re enough of a bootlicker that you’d come up with some kind of justification for that too.

  1. Fully hear ya TTAG, and am with you on that. Yes, lopsided justice, but, anyone else read that and feel a little sad for the officer, the officer’s patrol community, his ex-wife, her dude? if substance abuse wasn’t a factor (and the report conspicuously lacks it), where did the train come off the rails and why.

    God help them, and us. Trade you prayers we never find out how things deteriorated to that level, nor how quickly.

    • “Stay away from my family” makes it sound like there are kids involved…

      There’s a lot of detail missing. For all we can tell, the ex is shacked up with her drug dealer.

      I’m not saying I think that is the case, just pointing out that the details are sketchy.

      • And the details would somehow make the illegal actions of the cop magically justified?

        This was a home invasion period and the cop should have caught 2 in the chest and 1 in the face.

        • I’m guessing you dont have any children,or you just hate cops more than most on this site

        • I don’t care if the “companion” had the kids cooking up meth. The cop executed a home invasion after being turned away at the door by his ex. He was not acting under the color of law, he was simply an enraged intruder. Ergo 2 to the chest, 1 to the face.

          If there was some exigent circumstance, there are procedures for that. If there was proof of some wrong doing, present said proof to a judge, obtain warrant, serve warrant at domicile. None of said procedures involve breaking through a window and beating someone.

          So again, the circumstances are meaningless because the law is what applies. Trying to excuse illegal behavior by a uniformed civilian because of “circumstance” only encourages the police state. Wake up.

          • Agreed, Mack, these people are getting paid as professionals, thus, in situations where his ex and whomever she was sleeping with was either abusing drugs or the children, if it happened at all, Officer Pencil-Dcik should have basically recused himself as no long being an objective party and called it in. But he didn’t call it in because he was abusing his uniform and his badge to instill fear into the two of them simply because he lacked the emotional maturity to successfully engage in a marital relationship.

            And so, like the rest of their equally dysfunctional brethren who always seem to have a short fuse and “lose it” whenever the situation calls for them to be cool and tactful, they only become a further burden to society.

      • If the ex and her new boyfriend were involved in anything shady enough to warrant this kind of response, wouldn’t Officer Friendly have had better options to handle it? Especially since he’s, you know, a cop?

        This is just another possessive, jealous asshole who can’t get over his ex.

      • If that was true he could have gotten a warrant, saddled up with his buddies, done it the legal way.

  2. It’s striking that all of these idiot cops come from places where civilian gun ownership, in favor of the well-trained and stable police forces, is under assault.

  3. $500 Bail?

    Twenty or so years ago, I was walking home from buddies one night after a frat party. We were drunk, and heading hack to campus. Best friend falls on some old lady’s picket fence, and breaks part of it. We make a racket, and accidentally wake up the lady. She has already called 911, and we all stayed there, and talked to her. We apologized, and said we would be back in the morning and fix it/replace it.

    Cops arrive, arrest us all, even though lady decided not to press charges. $20,000 bail for each one of us. IN 199?3/4? Even at 5% bail bondsman rates, my parents ended up scraping out $1000 and some from my bank account so I could be back in class on Monday.

    For God’s sakes, this man got off easy.

    • I believe you, but that’s crazy. Where I work, that would be at most a citation forwarded to the prosecutor’s office so they could officially throw the case out. The vast majority of cases like that, we wouldn’t even write a report about it- no victim, no (reportable) crime, and nothing to investigate.

      • I think like at many colleges, the Morehead city police/justice system really had their way with MSU students to: 1.) easily gain revenue, and 2.) “Teach them a lesson/Make an example out of them.”

        Just glad our fraternity had a lawyer on retainer and helped us out. Phil got a destruction of property conviction, which later was expunged, and the rest of us received no sentence or anything, but six months probation. It was a truly close call that has kept my nose to the grindstone/walk the line/etc/etc/etc.

    • Jesus, who did you piss off that day?

      Were you having “biblical relations” with the judges daughter?

    • That’s nuts. Where I work, like the younger brother up there, it would be nothing like that. Even if you were the biggest dick in the world you’d still get out without bail unless you did a massive amount of damage…

  4. SInce its MA, the cop will have his job back by the end of the week and the “companion” will be in jail for getting blood on the cops uniform and using his head to hit the cops fist.

    • That’s him receiving an award: “The Liquor Enforcement Agent of the Year Award is given for acts of heroism or bravery, creativity resulting in innovative programs, recognition by peers and/or the local community, or other actions that enhance the image of an agency or law enforcement in general.”

      The issue, though, isn’t that any of us here want to see a picture of the guy. Google images is there for that.

      The issue is the media’s refusal in the first place to post pictures, or usually even to name names, when the individual is an officer. Meanwhile, Joe Citizen gets his entire life torn apart and put on public display for all to see and sneer at. It’s that and other elements of a double standard that irks people so.

      • I couldn’t stop giggling at the opening paragraph of the “LIQUOR ENFORCERSZ!” Award for Heroism in Getting Kids off Da’ Beers and Whatnot:

        “The Liquor Enforcement Agent of the Year Award is given for acts of heroism or bravery, creativity resulting in innovative programs, recognition by peers and/or the local community, or other actions that enhance the image of an agency or law enforcement in general.

  5. Wow it sounds like Chicago. Yes you need to post a photo of officer friendly. 500 bail? You or I would get oh 100000 or more. Do you suppose the rev will comment about this?

    • Not unless the wife’s friend was OC-ing, in which case he will have deserved the beat down.

  6. “Aww, you know, there’s a few bad apples in every bunch.” The thing is the cops aren’t in the apple business. If I bought a bushel of apples and any of them were rotten the market would be embarrassed and would make it good as quickly as possible. The cops are in the policing business but they can’t even police themselves. That’s equal parts dishonest, lazy and cowardly.

  7. Only $500 bail for home invasion, assault and battery, breaking and entering, trespassing and threatening to kill someone? Some are more equal than others, I guess.

      • There should not be any paid vacations. The only time they should be off with pay is when it is a clearly justifiable use of force. Then they should be on admin for a period of time and getting help. Even a good dgu can screw up your head.

        • “There should not be any paid vacations.”

          We all know a lot of things that “should” or “should not” be – the problem we face is how to get there from where we’re at now!

  8. Yet another example of the double-standard that is a symptom of a growing police state, as any one of us “little people” would be in prison — and either without bail or bond, or with one attached that all of us put together couldn’t possible ever hope to be able to pay — and a restraining order in force against us (which would have been well-deserved of course). How much would any of you would be willing to bet that, had he been shot for his patently illegal break-in (which either the wife or her “companion” would have been well within their right to do even according to TAXachusetts state law), that the defender would have been practically filleted alive in court and sentenced to life after a dog-and-pony-show trial?

  9. 1) post article on MDA;s FB Page and taunt Shannon about this

    2) send news article to NOW and ask why they are not protesting with the PD and mayor’s office

    3) post on everytown’s page and ask where is the outrage

    4) confirm he is a union democrat and then get the NRA to weigh in

    5) push the local papers/media to explain why domestic violence and death threats from a cop are ok

    6) make sure the judge’s potential opponents in next election have this info to use in campaign ads

    Fatboy will be done in 2 days

  10. Me personally? I hope he takes his hardware, sticks it in his mouth and blows the back of his worthless thug brain out.

    • Really.

      So, if this man was your son, you’d say the same? How about if he was your younger brother? How about, if his ‘ex’ only very recently became his ‘ex’ and took the kiddies because his ex-best friend, the guy he was punching, was, um, ‘visiting/ his ‘ex’ while he was away at work? Or say that the guy he punched was his supervisor, who had decided that he should be an unwilling husband-in-law? Or that the person being punched had been molesting/hitting his daughter/son/goldfish with his ‘ex’s acquiescence?

      MY, we are judgemental. . .

    • Yeah, just like the rest of them gun-owning crazies. All of them should be treated like potentially crazy psycho killers.

      Do you realize just how stupid this sounds, Shannon?

      No, probably not.

      • Thats it JOHN, keep yourself busy looking for someone to disagree with..
        You really should go with the ” I give up” Idea.

    • “An example of why gun owners should be treated like potentially ,crazy psycho killers.”

      You’re statement and broad brush only needs a few changes to be right at home on MDA facebook. I hope you realize it.

      • And, here we go again. Let me explain: I was using HYPERBOLE to make the comparison between the assumption that we should treat all cops as homicidal maniacs with the equally ludicrous assumption that all gun owners are homicidal maniacs.

        Clear, now? No, I don’t think that all gun owners are homicidal maniacs. . . just as no one should assume that all cops are. Prejudice is a B*tch.

        I also see that you missed the ‘Shannon’ bit. You know, ‘Shannon’? From MDA? The anti-gun wench?

        I give up.

        • Dammit! Were you trying to agree with me, Slick,and NOT with fuque? I did it again, didn’t I?

          Maybe we should put the name of that whom we wish to argue with, or agree with, in our responses from now on, so we know what the H*LL we’re doing?!

          Or, maybe I should pay attention to those insets that indicate a response to the post just above. . .

        • Its all good, John. Yes, I was agreeing with you.

          I seen nothing but hypocrisy in broad brush statments like fuques.

        • The trouble is that Shannon will latch on to that hyperbolic statement as fact and use it as source material. It’s what she does.

          THINK, kidz!

  11. We all know what ‘internal investigation’ means.

    “Did you do it?
    “Ok, we’re done here.”

    But seeing as we all pretty much know what happened, why is there an investigation to start with?

    If you’re gonna charge him, charge him.
    If you’re gonna let him get off, scot free, then let us know now. It’ll save everyone alot of time and taxpayer dollars.

    • I actually don’t think you do know what internal investigation means. Someone can be fired without being charged. Someone can be charged without being fired. They are separate processes and even have their own procedures where someone can be forced to answer questions to avoid being fired (i.e. no absolute right to remain silent if you’re a cop).

      If this is anything like the way the story reads the internal will be a formality of due process… I can’t think of any way someone goes that far outside the reservation without getting booted.

  12. Just watch as the blue wall closes ranks to protect one of the brotherhood.

    No wonder they are losing the respect of those they are to “serve and protect”.

      • A warrant was issued, and he turned himself in, posted $500 bail, and walked back out. Sounds like he climbed over the Blue wall, back onto the “reservation”.

      • yeah his arrest probably went something like this:

        Arresting officer: Captain wants me to bring you in stout.

        Stout: yeah I know.

        AO: you wanna ride shotgun or drive?
        Stout: no, you better drive Im pretty pissed right now.
        AO: okay , hey you wanna stop for a blizzard at DQ on the way to the station?

  13. This is very alarming! To think that sworn officers are this violent. This sounds like a case of serious spousal abuse. Stout needs to be put in prison because chances are this is not the only thing he has done. Most crimes of assault are never reported to the police and there is an enormous chance this is just the tip of the iceberg. Most people who are this possessive of their spouses are usually serially violent people. They offend over and over again. Most men are not this way but the few who are (about 5-10% of men) end up victimizing many people and the end result is that most of us will be victims of violent crimes at some point in our lives and in many cases multiple types violent crimes. If we put men like this in prison, violent crime in general will go down. Men who commit these acts are usually multifaceted offenders meaning they commit more than one type of crime. See David Lisaks study on college campus rapists (Lisak and Miller 2002).

    • Umm, he didn’t hit his ex-wife…. He hit the boyfriend.

      Unless the boyfriend was his… umm. 🙂

      • Yes, I know he hit her boyfriend and not his ex but he probably abused her. I did not miss read this. He forced his way into his ex’s house. Yelling profanities and forcing an entry is very intimidating and he beat the lover because he is possessive of his ex. These are the characteristics of intimate partner abuse and these men are likely to beat their wives and children. They are typically the ones who commit spousal homicide which give gun control advocates ammunition. If we remove this monster from the community we will not give them ammunition. Likewise the reason I directed you to the Lisak and Miller study is because rapists also tend to be possessive and abusive of intimate partners and they tend to also be batterers while men who do not rape do not do these things. This guy really does need to be put in jail for a long time. He is probably not safe to be around at all.

        • I agree with your assessment of this cop’s personality, but in this country we don’t arrest and imprison people for the crimes they are statistically likely to commit – we do it for the crimes they DO commit.

  14. It’s up to the people of Worcester to decide if they want a mentally unstable man to carry a gun, use his judgement to enforce the law and make immediate life and death decisions but if a cop can continue on duty in this condition the rest of don’t need a background check to own a firearm. In fact if this is what the citizens are up against the city should issue guns to everyone. Although I’m not suggesting anything radical like a high cap magazine.

  15. Maybe he was mad her new guy broke 5′ tall or that the new guy stole all the lollipops from the guild?

  16. Other police officers should be mad as hell over this, because this is the sort of thing that causes average citizens to not trust the uniform.

  17. This is a classic case of police labor unions (masquerading under the title of “Association”) is out of control. It is the tall wagging the dog.. I understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty, but what ordinary civilian would have received the same consideration without “Association” lawyers dominating the proceeding. LEOs, if you want to improve the image of your profession, clean up your associations and be willing to throw these bad eggs under the bus. Don’t protect everyone just because they are a sol-0called “brother”.

      • That is in the eye of the court.
        We confine people caught in the act of a crime even though they are presumed innocent. Why? Should I assume the teen delinquent I caught busting into my car is not guilty? The jury might, I and the cop won’t.

        • The purpose of that is to protect the kid who was just minding his own business but some cranky old curmudgeon accused him just because he doesn’t like kids.

      • Either you treat someone like they are innocent until proven guilty, or you don’t..
        Thats called walking the talk.

  18. That he did this WHILE IN UNIFORM is ample reason to come down on him like the fist of god.

    Betrayal of the public trust of this sort should be punished as severely as possible.

    • ……. And not just this pencil-dcked asswipe, but the whole raft of those rat bsatards that have lost the ability to discern the difference between right and wrong, put themselves out to the public as having the intellectual acumen and emotional stability necessary to perform those duties, and expect to get paid for doing so.

      I have a lot of respect for those professionals who know where that line in the sand is and why the Constitution is so important to the long term viability of this nation, but I look with severe disdain upon those who have merely managed to convince some board of officials that their level of sociopathy is a mere hair’s width away on the legal side from those whom they would be putting behind bars.

  19. Human like the rest of us.
    So, the decision to be made is:
    Should we be treated like cops when we screw up,
    should cops be treated like us when they scew up?
    We should be treated the same, but which one?

    • KCK commented
      “Should we be treated like cops when we screw up,
      should cops be treated like us when they scew up?
      We should be treated the same, but which one?”

      The cops should be held to an even higher standard, being uniformed badged paragons and all. Think “as law-abiding as a Concealed Carrier.”

      • The story doesn’t say if the officer was on the clock or on his own time, but since the cop was in full uniform and armed, can he be prosecuted or sued as acting under color of law?

        Also, wearing body armor while committing a felony?

    • Public SERVANTS should always be held to a higher standard than those they are supposed to be serving.

  20. Not surprised. Police are just ordinary people doing a job. Very well protected ordinary people. And a job that some see as granting limitless power.

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