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Daqarion Hunter, left and Marsavious Frazier via Facebook.

Kalamazoo, Michigan was home for 17-year-olds Marsavious Frazier and Daqarion Hunter, today’s Irresponsible Gun “Owners” of The Day. The two upstanding citizens idled their time away Monday evening after dark. A witness said they amused themselves “just playing” with a handgun in an alley.

Sadly for the duo, playtime turned into negligent discharge time. Cops don’t know which of the pair depressed the trigger the first time, perforating his chum’s coconut, but the round thoroughly scrambled the recipient’s omelet. Seeing the profound and sudden loss of consciousness, and no doubt distraught at realizing his buddy wasn’t going to wake up from “playing around”, the second young scholar turned the gun on himself.

Cops say the gun was unlawfully possessed by the pair. Irresponsible acts such as this give law-abiding gun owners a bad name.

Marsavious’ mom posted this photo of her son on Facebook while lamenting the loss.


The New York Daily News reports:

Michigan teen kills self after fatally shooting friend while playing with gun 

A devastated Michigan teen killed himself after fatally shooting his friend by accident while playing around with a firearm, police and eyewitnesses said.

Marsavious Frazier and Daqarion Hunter, both 17, were found in a remote alley in Kalamazoo with gunshot wounds around 9 p.m. Monday, cops said. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

It was not immediately clear who fired the lethal shots but an eyewitness told investigators one of the teens caught a bullet after a gun was being “played with.”

The second teen then became “distraught” before turning the gun on himself, the same witness said, adding there was no argument or scuffle before the tragic shooting.


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    • It’s hard to take someone seriously with a name that sounds like a tropical viral disease or some kind of tribal chieftain from the 12th century.

      • Not exactly their fault. There is a child out there named Dovahkiin, and let’s not forget the tragedy of guys named Keith.

        • That’s actually a cool name. In a nerdy sort of way.

          My favorite ridiculous names are Barkevious, Hughtavious, and L’Carpetron — who are brothers, believe it or not. Barkevious is (or was) in the NFL; you can look it up on the internets if you want.

        • When my one friend had a baby, there was apparently a newborn in the hospital who’s name was pronounced “Shi-teed”. The spelling was “Shithead”. I’m not making this up.

        • fuck anyone on here who thinks this is funny marsavious was my brother you guys are cruel and selfish and obviously very ignorant

        • Sorry for your loss and it certainly isn’t funny, but I’m afraid it was your brother and his friend who were ignorant. He and his friend were apparently playing with a device they did not understand and lost their lives because of it. Guns are not the simple devices that young men on Facebook and YouTube make them out to be. They are potentially deadly tools that demand respect and they are incapable of showing mercy to those who fail to do so.

          Prayers for you and your family,

      • It gets worse than that. A friend of mine used to volunteer working with Section 8 housing inhabitants doing stuff like driving them to doctors appointments and whatnot.

        He met a lady named her daughter “Chlamydia” because she thought it sounded pretty.

        • mah sister-n-law once worked at a “free clinic”. she had herself a client with twin boys named ‘boya’ and “boyb(boib)”. the mother said those were the names assigned by the hospital when the twins were born: “boy-a” and ‘boy-b”. sister-n-law swears on a stack a’ hooch it is a true story.

        • Went to middle school/high school in a black neighborhood (magnet/public schools). Met me a real-life BONEQUISHA.

        • One of my mom’s coworkers was named Clitora. I shit you not. Sadly, my family was not immune as my sister named my nephew “Dontarius Dkwan”. I sometimes want to go out to the middle of my mother’s street and shout out, “for @#$%’s sake, people! If you’re going to try to be ‘African’, at least go to the library, logon to the computer, and find an actual African name instead of this made up bullshit!”

      • Point is so obvious, it need not be discussed further. The crazy nomenclature of ‘the community’ that thinks nothing of two young men with a handgun in an alley on a Monday night, and guarantees that these children will never be part of the larger successful American culture…now that is worth discussing.

    • I give the parents credit for trying something different. Plus making up names sounds fun, especially if it will cause that kid, who is going to cost you a ton of money and grief, some grief. I liked the scene where Raul Julia named the baby Pubert in “The Addams Family Values”. If I had had a kid I’d have probably named them something like Prevaricus or maybe even Derp.

  1. This is why real men stay around to raise their sons to understand and respect firearms and the safe use thereof.

    Also to keep mom from picking the dumbest A$$ names I’ve ever heard.

  2. I’m sure that they were just about to turn the handgun into the police when it, being an irresponsible and evil assault gun, “went off” striking down these innocent young men. Or not.

    • I can empathize; if I woke up named that, I’d want to kill myself, too, and probably anything else nearby of similar stupidity.

  3. They were both cursed with ghetto names. Never name your kid something you made up. The only good thing no one else died…

  4. “Cops don’t know which of the pair depressed the trigger the first time,”

    Those cops have never heard of GSR analysis?

    It’s unlikely the first one shot pulled the trigger the second time, so unless they are arguing it was a dual suicide, it should be pretty clear who pulled the trigger first.

    GSR will tell the tale. Either they both have it (and in the proper forehand-backhand proportions) or only one does.

    • Really?

      Honestly, I wouldn’t waste another ounce of resources on the deaths of these two twits. Neither of them would cure cancer or discover the cure for stupid.


      • John Boch: It’d be worth it to me to do the analysis, or at least the field test version of it, to avoid looking like a moron by saying they don’t know.

        Or…not bring it up in the first place. It’s just a stupid statement. The field test technology to answer that question has been in existence 40 years AND is cheap and field portable.

  5. If the gun was possessed illegally, why should that give law-abiding gun owners a bad name? Nothing in this sad scenario had anything whatsoever to do with legal gun ownership.

  6. Nothing like flashing gang signs as a 4-year-old.

    Good riddance. Flush ’em like turds down the drain.

  7. Wait…. a girl in Texas shoots a schoolmate and then offs herself and the media go hog wild (cuase it’s Texas?)
    But Marsupial Freezer and Aquarium Hunter do the same thing and it’s an ND?

  8. “Cops say the gun was unlawfully possessed by the pair.”

    In other words, they weren’t gun owners. They were gun thieves.
    So… inelligible for this award.

    Also… I’m surprised no one before me has mentioned Charles Darwin, who predicted this would happen, for the betterment of the gene pool.

  9. I once made an arrest on Chicago’s west side where one of the youngsters’name was Female (pronounced FE- Mah- lee). When I asked who picked out her name, she told me that when she was born, the hospital had already named her on the birth certificate

    • I wonder if she was in STL in the late ’80s. A friend of mine had a “Female Washington” working for him. I didn’t believe, until I looked at her I-9 form.

    • An old roommate of mine once held a job as a baby photographer that took pictures at various malls. Th mothers would write down their childrens’ names, and then he’d call them up when their turn came. Once day he called out looking for Throne and his mother. When he finally connected with the right mother, she was all huffy because he’d mispronounced her baby’s name. “His name ain’t Throne. His name be Tyrone.” She spelled it out: “T-H-R-O-N-E. TAH RONE.”

  10. They removed two criminals from society. I don’t think that’s all too irresponsible.

    I think former Mississippi police chief Mike DeNardo is a much better choice for IGOoTD (or a mention) who sold police resources under the table.

    (bonus points for how the Associated Press calls one of the sold weapons an “assault rifle” and says it’s unknown if the buyer knew it was illegal when covering this story)

  11. Oddly enough this unnamed witness who say them playing with the gun can’t say who shot first. I’m betting the witness is the murderer.

  12. The world done lost two ob dems brainz dokters likes how dey doo on dems telebizshun shows…
    Da ambolampses could do nuffins t’ saves dems chill’uns…

  13. There is a living breathing human being from East Texas who’s Momma named him “Shithed”, no bull$#it, scouts honor, swear to God.

  14. How do they come up with these names?

    then you go the Africa and run into guys named “George” and “Paul” lol.

    I’m calling it though. It was a murder/suicide and they were gay lovers.

  15. Society likely convinced him that a young black man could never avoid a murder conviction in this situation. If only he was keen on white liberals, he would see that he would have been able to spin this into a lifelong career, crusading for safe storage laws. Instead, he listened to BLM, invoking the spectre of the “war on young black men,” and chose death over a lifetime of incarceration.

    BLM killed him. Is what I’m saying.

  16. Gentlemen, please don’t make our gun culture seem ignorant because a name doesn’t sound Anglo enough for you. Jonathan, Darlene, Samuel, Gina, and Keith all sounded ridiculous at some point in history.

    • …..and back in THOSE days, no one used those names, unless they wanted their kids ridiculed.

      The difference is, these names are dumb NOW, and momma chose them anyway.

  17. Let me guess…both were “Just starting to turn their lives around”. (rolleyes).

    Think of the money saved by not housing these two in prison which they were no doubt headed.

  18. I work with many African men. I have met their wives. In 10 years ,I have yet to meet a person from Africa that has any kind of name that we hear American Africans naming their children.
    Most of the Africans will tell you that if “sent back to where they came from” they wouldn’t last 3 days.


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