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Special Assistant to President Obama and House Legislative Liaison Barvetta Singletary, perhaps demonstrating the principle of absolute power corrupting absolutely that her boss exhibits every day, was arrested on Friday and charged with domestic violence after taking a pot-shot at her (unidentified, and now presumably ex-) boyfriend (a member of the U.S. Capitol Police) during a heated argument at her home in Upper Marlboro, Maryland . . .

Fox News has the story:

Police say [Singletary] summoned her boyfriend, who was not identified, by text message, and the two had sex. Afterward, according to the criminal complaint, Singletary went to the man’s car with him and accused him of dating other women. Inside the car, Singletary allegedly took the man’s cellphones and his service weapon, demanding passwords to unlock messages stored on the phones.

“You taught me how to use this,” Singletary allegedly told the man. “Don’t think I won’t use it.”

Police say Singletary pointed the gun in the victim’s direction and fired one round.

The man ran away and called police, according to authorities. Singletary was arrested at the scene without incident.

The White House immediately got out in front of the crisis. Luckily for them it happened on a news-dump Friday after the Fox GOP debate, eh?

“We are aware of the matter and have temporarily placed the employee in question on unpaid leave and revoked her access to the complex until we have more information. We will take additional actions as needed. For further questions, I would refer you to the Prince George’s County Police Department.”

Ms. Singletary was appointed to work for President Obama last year, after spending time working as Policy Director for anti-gun Congressman James E. Clyburn where, among other things, she “played an integral role in crafting the landmark healthcare law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Health Education Reconciliation Act,” popularly known as ObamaCare. If all of the above is true, one might wonder why a left-wing Democrat working for an anti-gun president would be so prone to domestic gun violence, no?

Ordinarily, the Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day award would go to Ms. Singletary herself along with a few words about not launching lead at someone who apparently isn’t a threat of any kind. Even if he is a two-timin’ dirty dog. The award, however, is for an irresponsible gun owner. In this case, however, the gun appears to have belonged (or was at least been entrusted) to Ms. Singletary’s yet-to-be-named boyfriend.

So, Officer Boyfriend, what happened? Did you just leave your service weapon lying around, unsecured, in your car while you went inside for an afternoon delight? Was this a matter of insufficient retention training? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time for the capitol police force. And bad call on teaching your violent jealous girlfriend how to use a firearm in the first place.

Your award is on its away, officer, just as soon as we figure out who you are.

[Hat tip: Shall Not Be Questioned]


DISCLAIMER: The above is an opinion piece; it is not legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship in any sense. If you need legal advice in any matter, you are strongly urged to hire and consult your own counsel. This post is entirely my own, and does not represent the positions, opinions, or strategies of my firm or clients.

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  1. Barvetta? WTF is a Barvetta?


    Why is the Obumer inner circlejerk so nondiverse? Many of the gals do seem to be a bit testosterone overloaded and the few metros with none. Looks like a LOT of hyphenated American gals are running things.

  2. I feel so reassured when I read that people like these, members of the political class, are entrusted with our collective well-being. I’m sure this woman’s grasp of the complexities of government controlled, rationed health care are so profound, her involvement in the policy creation process so essential, that we are all better off for her efforts. I’m sure she’d like for us all to know that, despite this embarrassing emotional lapse, she continues to have our best interests at heart. She is a person of such sterling quality (she, after all, a member of the political class) that surely we can overlook this teeny, tiny, little lapse. After all, the gun most likely went off all by itself.

    • ” She is a person of such sterling quality”

      It is so sad when white guilt allows affirmative action to be the only qualification to be in this current government.

      The old saying of you can take the person out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the person.

      • I don’t see any reason to grasp at ‘affirmative action’ for explanations here – she pretty clearly got the job with Obama because she had come recommended from Rep. Clyburn, for whom she had apparently done a good job (where “good” == done a job that the boss was happy with.) Tales abound of political hirelings in the Bush years being sent to work on the Iraq occupation government whose primary qualification was that they were ‘movement conservatives’, and I suspect ‘affirmative action’ was the case here.

  3. i am totally confident that she will be vindicated with a full presidential pardon…..right Obama? (wink,wink)

  4. When you surround yourself with people like this, it is no wonder the Obama administration doesn’t believe people can be trusted with weapons. They obviously can’t.

  5. She’s a great example of how hysterical morons can bring in a six figure salary working for the government and how just because you bring in a six figure income and work for the government doesn’t mean you are not a hysterical moron.

  6. Proof of anti gunners projection. She knows she can’t be trusted with a gun, so no one can be trusted with a gun.

    Was dude providing on demand stud service on duty at the time?

  7. “And bad call on teaching your violent jealous girlfriend how to use a firearm in the first place.”

    Dude’s is still breathing, so he’s lucky he didn’t teach her very well.

  8. Bets on whether she gets any significant punishment? I’m going with “no harm no foul” and a 6 month suspended sentence. She will also get moved to another position with the same pay vice getting fired or demoted.

    • Possibly, but we’ll never know about it, unless perhaps David C. makes a point of following up.

      Nothing can make this look good for the administration, and in fact I’m rather surprised the story didn’t get spiked in the first place.

  9. How about an “Irresponsible Blogger” award.
    You don’t know that she was violent or jealous prior to this incident.
    You also don’t know the details of how she got his service weapon. She is not a stranger, she is clearly an “intimate partner”. I would put money on you not being able to retain your own firearm from someone within “kissing distance”
    If you made a “defensive” move every time your wife\girlfriend moved in the direction of your weapon, you wouldn’t have a wife\girlfriend for very long.
    I generally agree with the IGO posts I see on read on this site, but in this case you are clearly off base and deserve an award of your own.

    • Virtually nobody ” just snaps.” By the time the sofa takes a bullet point blank, I guarantee you that was nowhere near the first time she had crossed the line from typical couple spat into seriously threatening or violent emotion-driven behavior. Don’t be daft.

      • 100% true. There are always warning signs and red flags. Every psycho girlfriend I’ve ever had has given me lots of hints along the way. I imagine psycho guys are the same, plenty of hints. The mythology of the partner “snapping” is created to excuse the shame of letting your loins do all your thinking.

    • If you made a “defensive” move every time your wife\girlfriend moved in the direction of your weapon, you wouldn’t have a wife\girlfriend for very long.

      How else does a married couple stay in fighting trim?

  10. The truth about guns includes the truth about gunowners, right? Then post her mug shot, which is readily available, not her press package pic.

  11. Wow and this happened Upper Marlboro you say? I never would have guessed. Thankfully I’m sure their comfy federal government jobs and membership in the enshrined class will make them immune from any real repercussions. And I’m also sure that they will also naturally be shielded from any responsibility or need to learn from mistakes like this. Otherwise it might be difficult for them to continue to enable the impediment of the lives and freedoms of everyone else.

  12. Later the next morning, at the White House, Michelle had this to say, “Barvetta, gurl, you can’t just be shootin’ at cho man!! Even if he be a dog. Whatcho thinkin? Sh!t.”

    This comment brought to you by the Association for Equal Opportunity Insults and Humor (AEOIH)

  13. See? What MORE proof do anti-gun rights people need than this, right? If you can’t trust a liberal aide to a gun hatin’ president, OR a trained peace officer, WHO CAN YOU TRUST? (ANSWER: NOBODY!)


  14. She did exactly what she thought others would do with guns and “acted stupidly” with a gun that was not hers.
    In a fit of rage, she shot at another human being who was not threatening her life or anything other than her ego/self confidence.

    Its called transference and I do not doubt that is why a lot of anti-gun people are anti-gun – because they would run on emotions and shoot people for no good reason other than “he/she/they pissed me off”

  15. Denigrating the victim? Is that what we do? The person who pulled the trigger is the one to blame, %100 of the time every time. Without regard for whom she works

  16. At first I questioned the use of the word “sterling,” but then I plugged it into a sentence…

    Sterling is the lowest level of Silver that can still be called Silver.

    Barvetta is the lowest level of Human that can still be called Human.

    Then I didn’t question it anymore.

  17. Did she pass a mental health check?

    For pokin’ that manatee, he gets a fail. You gotta have something wrong with your head to stick your kerdingus in that hoo-ha…

  18. I would just like to point out that she asked him to unlock his phone, said no, and that’s why she shot at him. It’s not proved that he was two-timing.

    I keep a password on my phone, computer, etc. I never give it to anyone, but on the rare occasion I do, I change it immediately after receiving it back.

    Now, if a woman was pointing a gun at me, I would likely do whatever it took to keep her from shooting at me. However, just because I don’t let people read my stuff does not equal a cheat. I use it as a litmus test- if they’re that crazy/jealous/demeaning of personal boundaries, I don’t need to be dating them. It’s worked out pretty well.

    • OF COURSE he was two-timing. Don’t be naive. just look at that ugly crazy beyotch. Doesn’t give a crazy beyotch the right to shoot him, though.

  19. She will not serve a single day in prison for this. Mark my words, the incident will be swept under the rug.

  20. THIS is why many lefties want to ban guns: they know that they have zero ability to control their impulsive violent behavior, and they believe everyone else is just like them.


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