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Quick tip: don’t go target shooting without someone who can put a tourniquet around a ballistically compromised extremity and/or call the meat wagon. That said, sometimes it’s just you, your gun and the bad guy. Or, in this case, an opossum. “The St. Libory Quick Response Team was called to an acreage at 5688 N. Webb Road shortly before 7 p.m. Sunday night,” reports. “The man reported having shot himself in the calf with a 22-caliber gun.” Oops! “He was able to call rescue personnel before becoming dizzy and losing contact with 911 dispatchers. He later called back and gave more specific directions to his whereabouts.” We’re gonna give the sole member of St. Libory’s possum posse a pass on his 10-40 fail. But there’s no getting around those muzzle and trigger control issues. Assuming the Cornhusker State marsupial emerged unscathed from the encounter, our “hunter” will have to forgo a stuffed trophy and make do with some TTAG’s IGOTD hardware. How great is that?

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  1. I’ve killed a butt load of possums that were raiding my place but I’ve never gone hunting them. I’ve always considered them to be pests like rats and they are hard on a chicken coop.

    Still, I’ve never mistaken any part of my anatomy for a possum. Target recognition is very vital.

  2. People do eat opossum, but it’s not a large part of the populous. So, this a-hole was probably just looking to gun one down for kicks; got what was coming to him IMO, LMFAO.

  3. elections not going well- hope you have enough ammo or you better be prepared to pay $20 for 100 22 rounds, or $45 for a box of 50 of target 9mm. OR WORSE!!!!!!

    • Too early to tell on the elections. Romney has a slight lead in popular and electoral votes at the moment. Too close to call yet.

    • Prices will only surge in the short term. I anticipated the possibility of a 2008 repeat and planned accordingly.

  4. Just Game Recipes
    Possum Pot Pie

    1 c Glazed huckleberries
    3 Shots gin or moonshine
    1 Possum
    1 Pie crust with top
    Sliced carrots & cabbage to taste

    “Cover a pan (or any implement you can put in a fire) with the bottom of your pie crust and place the possum in it. Add the huckleberries and carrots, and shred the cabbage over it. Close up the pie and bake until the neighbors’ dogs come sniffing around to see what the wonderful smell is, or until the fire department arrives (whichever comes first). Remove from fire/oven, slice and enjoy.”

    • Dude, I actually gagged a little reading that. It should probably be called “Possum Pot Pie Surprise” and come with a warning that not all surprises make people happy…

      • 🙂

        The recipe can probably use some salt and pepper too. I would try it. Do you think adding some onions, peppers, and tomatoes would help?

  5. This happened in Nebraska, not Illinois. The article doesn’t mention what state the shooter lives in/hails from. I’m guessing Nebraska.

  6. Also, if you substitute ‘Grand Island’ for ‘St. Libory’, Google maps will take you right there.

  7. Good thing he wounded himself instead of the possum. Those little suckers are Cape Buffalo-level dangerous if they charge.

    • Yep, last one I killed was with a specialised close quarters combat weapon, known in the trade as a hoe. It takes nerves of steel to be that close to a charging killer beast like that and prevail in the fight.

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