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We’ve never been fans of Mexican carry for a lot of reasons. Even if we loaded up on enough Xanax to get past the whole gun-pointed-at-gentalia thing, there’s the unprotected trigger issue. So when we read a story like this one from about an extremely unlucky HVAC tech, it only reinforces our conviction that sliding a heater down the front of your slacks isn’t really the way to go . . .


The 45-year-old heating and air-conditioning company employee was on a job in Birmingham on Tuesday when the incident took place, Birmingham Police Deputy Chief Mark Clemence said today. He was getting ready to work and was moving the .40-caliber Glock pistol in his pants when it discharged at 11:15 a.m.

The bullet didn’t just graze Mr. Johnson, either. No, the unnamed tech pretty much gave himself a .40 cal Prince Albert (link NSFW). Only instead of a thin piece of decorative jewelry, the Southfield, Michigan man will probably be able to use a carabiner.

“Through and through, if you can believe it,” Clemence said. “The situation could have been a lot worse. You think about it — your femoral artery runs down there. He could have shot it off. It could have been a lot worse. It’s a big bullet; you’re not talking a small bullet.”

No, Deputy Chief, you’re not.

Once we were able to uncross our legs after reading the account, it occurred to us that what the HVAC tech really needs is a good holster. But since we don’t have one for a Glock lying around, all we can send him during his convalescence is an IGOTD trophy. We hope it speeds the healing process.


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  1. I once was naive enough about Prince Albert piercings to ask what it was. Some things once seen cannot be unseen.

    • Do not click on link….repeat….do not click on link. Won’t be available for a while. I have to go poke my eyeballs out with a pen.

        • Oh my Lord! I followed the link too. Thank God I don’t have too many more years here, for that image will be with me to the grave. When I used to hear Prince Albert I thought of tobacco in a can; never again.

  2. I appreciate the man’s religious zeal, but I think that self-circumcision is just a bit over the top. Or, if you prefer, off the top.

    • Ironically, the best way to avoid such a Bris would be to carry “Israeli Style” while carrying “Mexican Style”, IYKWIMAITTYD.

      Sort of like a Hamentashen with refried beans!

  3. Does he get a Darwin’s Honorable Mention as well, or has he already reproduced? Ouch! Never let the muzzle cover anything that you’re not willing to shoot, but idiots will find a way, no matter how many try to warn them off.

  4. Another ND with Glock do tell. Perhaps we need to give a test to all Glock owners to make sure they have the intelligence required to operate it.

  5. I know this is an unpopular opinion here, but Mexican carry is not a bad idea as long as you follow the 4 rules and have a good strong clip to attach to your belt is a good idea. Both the Clipdraw and the Versacarry work well. Nearly invisible, but still a good quick draw. Jean material protects the trigger from anything grabbing it (I tried this with my unloaded XD, which has a grip safety, and my Kahr CW9, which has no external safety. I could not activate the trigger on either while wearing them, nor could my other tester.) It might not be as resistant to pulling/rearranging as if in a leather holster, but if you tuck it in and don’t play with it, it’s not gonna go boom until you need it to.

    • Maybe he’s a lefty. The flap from your fly could easily slide in there from that position

    • if you tuck it in and don’t play with it, it’s not gonna go boom until you need it to

      Are we still talking about a pistol?

      • Damn I need a proofreader. “This is my rifle, this is my gun…” And KYgunner, I am indeed a lefty and I carry at about 11 o’clock.

    • “Versacarry” sounds a little too close to “Vasectomy” for my comfort.

      So you named your wang “other tester”?

      • ““Versacarry” sounds a little too close to “Vasectomy” for my comfort.”

        I’ll have to remember that one…

  6. So what is stuffed in your pants in the small of the back called? I thought that was Mexican carry…. I never have carried a firearm anywhere near my jewels, and cringed reading about this poor guy.

  7. I love AIWB carry, but always carry with a holster!

    The Dale Fricke Archangel and Zach are both fantasic holsters, with the Zach costing all of $20 or so shipped. If you’re going carry, use a holster! 🙂

  8. trying too type while legs crossed and holding myself LOL

    Use a holster save yourself!

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