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Randall Floyd Lovett courtesy

“Randall Floyd Lovett, 60, 694 Mt. Olivet Road, was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated assault after things “went crazy” — his own words to deputies — while arguing with his wife shortly before midnight April 4.” The only thing that really went crazy during the domestic drama at Casa De Lovett was Randall. “Sarena Lovett, 55, told deputies she and her husband had been arguing ‘and he had shoved her around,’ the report said. ‘Mr. Lovett sat on the couch so she stood in front of him . . .

…and leaned over toward him while they continued to argue. Mrs. Lovett says that Mr. Lovett reached across his body with his right hand and stuck it down into an armrest on his left side,” the report continued. “As he was pulling his hand out of the armrest, Mrs. Lovett saw the gun and it immediately discharged into his left knee.”

Apparently things haven’t exactly been sunshine and rainbows between the Lovetts of late.

“Mrs. Lovett said that she thought he was pulling the weapon to ‘kill’ her because of a long history of domestic violence in their marriage,” the report went on. “She adds that in November of 2012, Mr. Lovett shot through a den wall and living room wall before sticking a gun to her head. She did not call law enforcement because she was scared of him,” the report said.

Once his knee was patched up, Hopalong spent less than two hours in the Maury County Jail before being sprung on a surprisingly reasonable $5000 bond. You’d think Serena would be the last person to have posted it, but in these cases, you just never know. What you do know, though, is that Randy will be receiving a piece of TTAG hardware he can use to cover up the new hole in the couch. Maybe Serena can make use of it too if he ever lays another hand on her.

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  1. When it comes to DV, ive learned to be especially critical of the females statement on matters. Ive met more then a few women who’d have no trouble assaulting their men and then apologize for their provoking behavior once the cops showed up.

    The cops get to the scene, see cupcake all bloody, and proceed to arrest the guy whos equally jacked up. Before you label this response as misogynistic drivel, ask yourself what youd do if your spouse tried to kill you. Its a crummy question, but as Nancy Lanza discovered, sometimes the worst threat youll face is right under your own roof.

    More to the point, whod believe you if your wife or girlfriend went 5150 and tried to assault or kill you out of the blue?

    • “When it comes to DV, ive learned to be especially critical of the females statement on matters.”


    • “Ive met more then a few women who’d have no trouble assaulting their men and then apologize for their provoking behavior once the cops showed up.”

      Or more commonly, claim that they didn’t do anything to the guy. I was raised by my mom, and in general would not hit a woman. But if my wife tried to “throw me a beatin” she’d probably end up getting hurt a little when I restrain her. Of course, when the law shows up, I for sure will be going to jail, but at least I won’t be going in injured and get to explain how I got my arse kicked by my wife.

      • My ex once broke her fist on my face. Boo hoo.

        That said, DV comes in more flovours than jellybeans.

  2. To my mind, men who hit women have reserved for themselves their own extra-nasty corner of hell. Too bad this scumbag wasn’t in the klink long enough to get one hell of an attitude adjustment… Oh and Mrs Lovett: please keep that pistol nearby as you build a new life. One without a certain sorry excuse for a man. Next time he might muzzle you instead of his patella. DON’T stick around to find out!

    • What’s wrong with this picture? Lovey tells the cop how “afraid” she is of hubby, and that, in heated argument with the man she so feared, SHE STOOD BETWEEN HIM AND THE TV.

      Hmm. Does that sound like the action of a fearful woman to YOU?

      • Well-played, sir! I hadn’t considered the interruption of top-notch programming as a provocation.

  3. My best friend, a retired LEO and Marine has always told me that he’d rather deal with an armed robbery in progress than a DV call. He felt that it was less dangerous and far more predictable. More often than not the “victim” would attack him as he led the “perp” away.

    • The pacifying effect of registration upon rogue, unregistered guns is well known to the left.

  4. The police, mass media, and courts are very biased against males in cases of he-said she-said. Most men are blissfully unaware how the only thing standing between them and cold jail cells are the ongoing good will of the women they are living with. Past CDC studies have reported that 70% of one-way DV attacks with the victim not hitting back are of the woman first striking the man.

    I’m not suggesting the husband in the above story is innocent. I’m suggesting the wife might be, along with her hubbie, dysfunctional, hostile, and button pushing.

    • This is a good point. The cops and reporters see the end result of months, years of unrelenting nitpicking and verbal abuse. They cannot see what led to the act of violence.

      Not excusing violence one bit, but keeping in mind that there’s more than one side to the story. Whoops, that wasn’t a sentence!

    • The stupid SOB grabbed a gun by the trigger and kneecapped himself. Damning evidence, if you ask me.

  5. In this time of great disarmament, is highlighting jackass gun owners this best thing to be doing with your time and resources?

    I believe it only aids the disarmament crowd.

  6. Irresponsible gun owner? Ever think about changing that to something else? Something more appropriate. Like maybe, irresponsible asshole with a gun? You can possess a gun, and not own it. Man shoots himself with his own gun. Gun-1 // Asshole-0 PWNED!

  7. He should be sent to a max security prison so he can find out what being disrespected is all about.

  8. Randy, your giving us Randy’s a bad name here. Pretty soon everyone won’t think I’m just the quiet unassuming Randy what posts here, Randy

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