Gee, maybe we need to start a whole new category just for irresponsible LEO gun owners. At least this one didn’t happen in Oklahoma, right? Either the walls are really thick or Jordan Middle School’s an awfully noisy place because, if you believe at least one news report, no one even heard the boom when a Northside Independent School District police officer negligently fired his gun yesterday. In fact, Officer Doug Schramm had to report the errant round to the school’s principal and his boss. Or, as puts it, the “officer’s gun accidentally discharged” putting a round in his office wall . . .

District officials said the officer was preparing to leave the building to go to the gun range to work on his recertification.

Doug may not need to bother recertifying now. He’s been put on paid administrative leave while the district “investigates.” Here, let us help: he was playing with his gun and pulled the trigger. You’re welcome.

If Schramm is found to have violated a policy on when guns may be unholstered, he could face consequences ranging from a verbal reprimand to termination, (district spokesman Pascual) Gonzalez said.

Wow. If he can be fired just for unholstering his gun at the wrong time, they must break out the cat o nine tails down in south Tejas for an actual ND. But we don’t see any need for corporal punishment in this case. In fact we’re happy to send Officer Shramm a shiny IGOTD trophy to put on the shelf in his school office. Maybe he can use it to cover up that unsightly bullet hole. Assuming they ever let him back in the building, of course.


    • Afterwards the officer was heard saying “I swear, this never happens to me…”

    • This is why it is absolutely essential to train your gun before taking it out in public.

  1. It should read “The officer accidentally discharged his gun” Or you can just insert negligently in there and call it done.

  2. Or, as puts it, the “officer’s gun accidentally discharged”

    If you don’t use, clean and oil your guns once in while, they’ll start acting up like that.

  3. Being well trained and responsible pays off, huh? Says a lot for certification of LEOs. There is no certification for stupid. Or, maybe there is a Black Belt in stupidity. I really do not know, I have been brilliant all my life.

  4. Funny thing. The only time that a gun “accidentally went off” in the 20+ years that I have been handling firearms was when I “accidentally” put my finger on the trigger and “accidentally” pulled it.

  5. how bout the truth stupid cop playing with gun fires it off in a building cause he is a moron

  6. When I was in college we had one of the campus cops play Quick Draw McGraw in the mirror and blew his reflection away and put the .357 round through a couple interior walls, exterior wall, outside, exterior wall, more interior walls and out another exterior wall.
    I always fell safe with Mr. Policeman around. Maybe in a bunker.

    • Calling the cops is a formality, take cover when they get there. 20 cops will empty their weapons before you can blink. Assume face to the mat, butt in the air position. To be fair, there are laws against laws. But, playing with your gun can make you go blind. I could never be an LEO, BANG, now show me your papers. Sir/Madam I am citing you for littering, dead body in the street. Make the LEOs hesitate. They should carry shotguns as primary, back-up, pistol. No matter, an idiot is an idiot.

  7. Where are the antis reaffirming their stance that only LEOs are trained and responsible enough to handle guns safely?

    • I’ve never understood how people seem to misunderstand that the difference between those in uniform and everyone else is the uniform. Just regular folks with a different job. One should expect those professionally armed to have the training and situational awareness necessary to operate their tools safely, but dressing the same as everyone with whom you work doesn’t make you smarter or more capable than your neighbors.

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