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“Northeast Iowa authorities are investigating a shooting where a 27-year-old man injured himself,” reports. “The Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office said the incident happened at about 4:30 am at a home near Lansing. Authorities say Logan Bunn fired a gun at a tree outside the home, but the bullet bounced back and hit him. Police were notified after Bunn showed up at a La Crosse hospital. Bunn is expected to survive. The Sheriff’s Office says no foul play is suspected.”

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  1. A rubber tree? The bullet bounced back and hit him? That tree don’t take sh!t from nobody.

  2. The story seems to be curiously thin on the specifics of the injury.
    Do you suppose it has something to with what part(s) got shot?

  3. “The Sheriff’s Office says no foul play is suspected.”

    Jack Daniels is being sought for questioning.

  4. The first time i fired .45ACP was directed at my trusty back stop tree( A big Red pine). After the 10 or so shots I heard a distinct sound of a bullet hitting the garden fence, 45 degrees to my right. Sure enough the .45 FMJ was deflected out the side of the tree somehow.

    That was the scariest learning experience I have had with a firearm.

    • Your trusty backstop tree had bullets lodged in it and your shot hit one of these and deflected. Most likely.

  5. I shot some birdshot at the base of a cut down tree once and had a bunch of pellets come back at me with a few pelting my torso. Startled me. I was glad I had eye protection on.

  6. I have a friend that lost a lung as a child shooting a .22 at a tree. Bounced off a nail right back at him. Shit happens, think ahead.

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