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According to her recent profile in Italian Vanity Fair, the train wreck known as actress Lindsay Lohan (as above) has a concealed carry weapon. “With her grueling month-long house arrest at an end, Lohan talks about her mistakes and her future, the gun she keeps in her pink fur jacket, the fact that jail is a terrible place and her plans to get back into acting.” Assuming Ms. Lohan has a permit for said pistol, and that her high-priced lawyer somehow managed to protect her right to keep and bear arms through a seemingly endless series of convictions, court appearances and incarceration; the two-legged Herbie star’s armed self-defense raises an interesting question. Is it irresponsible to carry a gun when you, yourself, know you’re incapacitated or may soon be so? I’m going with yes . . .

We all go through some rough times. Sometimes life can throw a Gale Force 12 at you. Or you can throw one at yourself. At that point, it may be best to down the tools of self-defense for your own protection. Not just the possibility of suicide. Also the chance that you might lose control of your temper or sanity to the point where you could do someone else harm, however inadvertently.

I know that sentiment plays straight into the hands of the gun-grabbers, who would have people believe that all gun owners are potential drug-addled killers or psychos and, therefore, shouldn’t own guns. But failure to acknowledge even the possibility of personal distress—be it PTSD, a nasty divorce or drug addiction—is the failure to do something about it.

If you have a trusted friend, and you don’t trust yourself, trust your mate with your weapons until better days arrive.

I know: a gun is no more or less of a potential disaster than a knife or a car. If nothing else, you do NOT want to lose your gun rights. If you’re not doing well, not doing well around your firearms could lead to the permanent loss of your gun rights. That would add a considerable amount of suck to an already lousy situation.

You have the right to armed self-defense. If you have to protect yourself from yourself to protect yourself from others, do it. Anything less is irresponsible to yourself, your loved ones and others.

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  1. She needs to take some of that party-money she has and take a trip to Gunsite. Holding pistol=fail. Reminds me of a toddler with a water gun…

    • You know you’re a gun loon if you just spent more time examining her atrocious grip than you did her cleavage… 🙂

      Speaking of… WTF is she doing with her thumbs?

    • I was just wondering the same thing. I’m sure she has the money to hire the best legal talent in the skanky-self-destructive- actress-gets-herself-in-another-jam defense business. But I’ve known and read about people who have lost not just their carry permits, but their gun ownership rights for fewer and less serious violations.

    • She lives in California, where the law for celebrities is different than the law for non-famous people.

      • Unfortunately that is true – and it’s part of the gun grabber litany. The illumined minds of the prestigious people believe that they should be defended by armed guards and the unwashed masses should be left to defenselessness.

  2. The one circumstance when I’ll willingly not carry is when I intend to have more than a glass of wine with dinner. If I’m going somewhere to get buzzed or full on drunk I leave the shootin’ iron in the safe.

    Considering that this woman seems to do precious little but get falling down drunk & high she absolutely should not be carrying a gun. This is all the more true because she can presumably afford professional security.

  3. Guys… relax. It’s Kalifornia. The round limitation ensures there is almost no chance she could do harm with that pistol of hers.

    Doesn’t it?

    Besides… with that sort of weapon control whatever she’s poppin’ caps at is safe. Everyone else around her however…

  4. How exactly did she acquire the pistol she keeps in her pink jacket? It had to go through an FFL, since California requires all private firearm transfers to be conducted through an FFL holder.

    And there’s no way she could pass the NICS, since Question 12(e) on Form 4473 asks if the applicant is addicted to, or an illegal user of, various controlled substances. If Ms. Freaky Friday answered “No” to this question any time in the last five years, she’s lying through her perfectly enameled teeth.

    If Lindsey Lohan can pass the ATF’s instant background check, that agency has hit the rock bottom of incompetence and started digging.

  5. Come on guys everybody has a right to self defense. In Ms Lohan’s case she has the cash to buy the gun and buy the guy to carry the gun. She doesn’t need a CCW permit.

    I bet Magoo would love to be her body guard.

  6. So, there are millions of law abiding gun owners in California with clean records who can’t get a concealed weapon permit, yet someone whose primary claim to fame these days is drug and alcohol abuse gets one? I guess all those laws are for the little (non-wealthy) people.

    And people wonder why I despise governments so much.

    • Money, Celebrity ,Power. Any of the three and you are above the law. It gave Ted Kennedy a “stay out of jail” card and protected Jane Fonda from charges of treason. It worked for George W, and kept him over here to protect our skies from the viet cong.

  7. Doesn’t she have at least one felony conviction? Or was she able to plead them all down to misdemeanors?

  8. In CA, yes, drug addicted, DUI celebrity train wrecks can get CCWs.

    Responsible citizens with clean records… not so much. (depends on the county, LA & SF are not very generous in handing out 2nd Amendment Right “permits”)

  9. Personally, I wouldn’t leap right in and believe with all my heart and soul that Lindsay Lohan carries a handgun just because she may have said she does in the Italian Vanity Fair. Movie stars say lots of things, and so do movie magazines. You know, I think I have warned you girls before not to believe everything you hear down at the beauty parlor.

  10. Even in the PRK, I cannot see how anyone could bend the rules THAT much, to where she has a CCW permit. Her criminal history alone should bar her from even owning a gun. A CCW background check covers drug and alcohol use/abuse in even more depth. If she does have one, it’s an insult to each and every regular guy and gal who has applied and been turned down. I personally think she’s full of crap, just another stunt. Maybe she thinks she can be the new Ted Nugent.

  11. Hi there! This blog post couldn�t be written any better! Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I will send this information to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!


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