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Alcohol and a rifle at 4:38 AM. What could possibly go wrong, right? We’re guessing there aren’t a lot of choices for amusement at that hour in Benton, Indiana. You probably have to go a ways to have some fun. But Farris Fisher seems to be a half full kinda guy. A guy with a motto like ‘you can never go too far.’ For him, the question wasn’t “what was he going to do,” the question was “what wasn’t he going to do?”

The answer, unfortunately, involved a loaded rifle. But he had nothing to worry about. He’s a professional. The question is, a professional what? has the details:

After investigating, police said Farris Ben Fisher, 34, from Fowler, IN was at the residence in rural Benton County when he accidentally shot himself.

Fisher was attempting to remove a Rugger (sic) 1022 rifle from a zipper gun case when the weapon went off accidently, according to police.

The shell entered the mid section of the front torso of the body and exited the lower chest area.

Even through his alcohol-induced fog, Farris probably could only ask himself one question when he realized he’d shot himself – “Where is you brain? Where is your brain?!”

We certainly hope Farris makes a full recovery. So while he admires the IGOTD award that’s been bestowed on him today, he’d do well to remember that life moves pretty fast. If you uncase your guns with the muzzle pointing at your gut, you could miss it.

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  1. He’s very lucky that he was shot with a Rugger that just went off. Ruggers are underpowered. If he’d been shot with an evil black assault rifle like a Smythe & Wusnam, then he’d be dead. From the neck down, not just from the neck up.

    • Don’t be ridiculous. There’s no such thing as magic.

      … the weapon went off accidently, according to police.

      Sometimes, these things “just happen”. The police make it official.

  2. So the gun magically “went off” again. Funny, I have 10/22 myself, as do most of my friends. Not once have any of them fired without the user chambering a round, deactivating the safety, and pulling the trigger.

  3. He clearly never had one lesson… with regards to firearms safety….and no, he’s not dying. He just couldn’t think of anything better to do. I heard from a friend of one of his former girlfriends, that Farris was wearing a colostomy bag at 31 Flavors last night.

  4. A rugger 1022, huh? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that in star wars or something. And I had no idea that the shell was the fast thing that came out of the long thing!

  5. I think we need a law stating that any time a gun decides to fire itself without the owners permission, it must result in the owners death – clearly this gun was emotionally abused by Mr. Fisher and was merely trying to defend itself.

  6. You really have to go out of your way to shoot yourself with a rifle, and he’s lucky he didn’t shoot an innocent bystander.

  7. This actually is a true story. When I was a Freshman in HS, one of the popular cheer leader’s brother shot and killed the younger Sister while cleaning the family shot gun. The Brother was a known hoodlum and he said it went of accidentally while cleaning the weapon. It honestly was a tragedy, and I have some rather dark suspicions about the Brother as I actually knew him. Be that as it may, I wonder how do you clean a loaded gun?

  8. The shell entered the mid section of the front torso of the body and exited the lower chest area.

    That’s some ejection problem. I’ve had a shell burn me, but never go through me.


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