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“Ethan Chriman of the 400 block of Regency Drive was cleaning a .45-caliber pistol when it discharged,” reports. “The bullet struck a man in the arm and a woman in the leg.” Yeah right. A gun doesn’t “discharge” all on its own any more than a woman gets pregnant “by accident.” In other words, “I was cleaning my heater when the damn thing discharged” is no more credible (or responsible) than “I was doing pelvic thrust exercises in the bathroom when my husband walked out of the shower with an erection, slipped, entered me, ejaculated and I fell pregnant” In this case (ballistically speaking) twins! You think that’s a big deal? “In a similar incident in Chadbourn in Columbus County last year, a man’s rifle discharged in his home. The bullet went through a window into a neighbor’s yard, where it struck three people. One of them, a 16-year-old girl, was killed.” Seems this area is to guns what Libertyville was to 1958 Plymouths. Anyway, Mr. Chriman will now possess an IGOTD trophy. Let’s hope it doesn’t possess him.

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  1. Wonder what position his wife and her boyfriend were in that he got both with one shot? Got the man in the arm and the woman in the leg. Basic math, subtract 1 from 70 and what do you come up with?

  2. Okay. There’s little chance of any serious comments after the “…and I fell pregnant.” metaphor…but I’m checking back later…this has some great potential.

  3. Hmmmmm. “Cleaning” your gun eh? Ain’t buyin’ it now and not ever.

    What’s closer to the truth is you’re a total dumbshit that was effin’ with a loaded gun disregarding every bit of common sense.

  4. My guns remain unloaded, in my home, but the 2,000 rounds for each are in arms reach… SHTF ready…

    Question: Would the tarnish on FMJ bullets affect flight, ballistics, penetration?

    Being retired, awaiting SHTF, or a wild hog entering my property, I’ve cleaned my many weapons so much that
    the bluing is wearing off.

    Question: Would it do any harm to polish the tarnished FMJ ammunition?
    Those are the 200 rounds that are NOT in the sealed cans…

    That camo’ed face in the window is a photograph of me.
    The real me is watching you, from a properly concealed vantage point.

    “If you can read this sign, you’re in range.”
    “Do not be alarmed at the sounds of gunfire,
    it might be live target practice, or, perhaps, we’re
    not receiving guests, today…”

    • I have shot tarnished rounds and bright clean rounds of the same lot with no observable difference in accuracy. I cannot say about penetration because they were shot at paper targets with a corrugated board backing. I’ve shot rifle at 100 and 200yds and pistol at up to 30 yds with the same result off a bench rest in both cases.
      Polishing tarnished rounds I have not done. Not sure what a practical and safe method of doing that would be. You’d want to avoid anything very abrasive, I would think. Maybe there’s something you could find online.
      Hope this helps a little.

  5. Why do publishers continue to allow these stupid articles that blame the gun for “just going off”? Anyone who frequents TTAG knows better, but the average anti gun joe takes these types of articles as more evidence that guns are bad, and “guns” hurt people. It has no reflection on the simple truth that “stupid” people hurt people. New companies need to start calling these people out! The article should read something like “I was cleaning my heater when the damn thing discharged” “which any competant gun owner knows isn’t possible and can only happen when the trigger of a loaded gun is pulled” “no gun ever just goes off on accident”….. anyone agree??

  6. There has to be an explanation for the perennial story of guns being cleaned and “discharging” (themselves, mind you).

    My theory is this:

    These mental midgets were simply handling / fondling / playing with their guns. There’s no socially-acceptable excuse for fondling your guns. So, they proffer the “I was cleaning my gun” story as a plausible reason for handling the gun. The media runs with it and reasons that the gun “went off” all by itself. The resulting implication (and largely bought by the public) is that it is quite “normal and common” for guns to “go off” while simply cleaning them. Therefore, guns are inherently dangerous, confirming the hoplophobic delusions that pervade the public psyche.

    • Although you are close racer88 the real story behind the numerous accidental discharges are much more complicated.
      All of these people are really a group of Democrats and Anti’s that have been coerced/hired by the Brady Group,MAIG and the POTUS along with the ATF and paid large sums of money to have these “accidental discharges” so that they can prove how dangerous guns are, even in the hands of “normal,law abiding citizens thus justifying the need for more stringent gun control laws.
      Just saying you know.
      Gotta put my tin hat back on now!!

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