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Very few of us would ever drink to the point of inebriation, and then grab a gun just ’cause we’re naked and stupid and standing in front of two cameramen expecting us to prove that we hail from the shallow end of the gene pool. But a lot of gun owners drink. In fact, most. While supporters of “guns in bars” legislation would have you believe that allowing concealed carry permit holders to pack heat in establishments that serve alcohol is not a problem, I reckon it is. I’m not saying it’s an issue that requires preventative legal strictures, but it is a problem. Let’s do the chemistry . . .

Alcohol impairs judgement. The decision to use deadly force is The Mother of All Judgements. Alcohol impairs a concealed carry holder’s ability to decide whether or not to shoot someone. Common sense suggests that anyone carrying a gun shouldn’t drink. Not even a little. Just as there are designated drivers, there should be designated defenders. Don’t drink and pack. Simple?

Most states have laws against possessing a firearm when intoxicated; so called CWI (Carrying While Intoxicated) regs. The ones that don’t (e.g. New York) are moving in that direction. But a law isn’t a magic wand. Ask anyone who’s lost a loved one to an illegal activity called drunk driving. The onus is on the gun owner AND his or her friends to make sure that alcohol and firearms don’t mix.

I draw your attention to the bystanders in this video. The admonition “gun safety is everyone’s responsibility” is serious shit (to coin a phrase). Just as friends, family and even waitstaff are responsible for confiscating drinker’s keys, the people surrounding a drunk gun owner are responsible for preventing an entirely preventable tragedy. ‘

That includes intervention. Not only should the TWO clearly sober cameramen have not been filming, but they should have stopped the drunk redneck from even touching a gun. [NB: If this video is faked, I reckon the spectacle is even worse.]

Could I imagine a time when a friend, family member or waitstaff would ask a concealed carry permit holder to surrender their piece? Excuse me sir, but may I call you a SWAT team? Not likely. But the point remains: those of us who know what’s what when it comes to guns must acknowledge the dangers of what we—and others— do with deadly weapons.

If you feel as strongly about this issue as I do, don’t even LOOK at this video. Unless you want to.

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