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Imagine being blind and deaf. I’m as PC as the next guy but let’s face facts: that sort of handicap would make it a lot more difficult to score a serious babe and, thus, ensure your genetic legacy. As for Ashley, I’m sure she wouldn’t have too much trouble getting a date even with an eye patch and two hearing aids. But why would she risk her precious assets? Answer: she wouldn’t. She’s got a least one special effect going for her, maybe three. Underwear model or not, videos demonstrating weapons should do so observing safety protocol. Did Ashley really check that chamber properly? Is she dry firing the Glock in a safe direction? Admittedly, “focusing on the metal slide points” never sounded so sexy—although I found the barrel cleaning segment hard to watch. Bottom line: guns, like wives, are a dangerous business. You have been warned. [h/t for the link]

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  1. Frankly, the whole “hot chick with gun” thing is a bit old. Not to mention that it reinforces the testosterone-fueld mouth breather stereotype. I sometimes think that gun owners are their own worst enemy.

    • “Hot chick with car” has worked for the past half-century or so with little to no detriment on the automotive industry.

      You are correct about gun owners being their own worst enemy, but it’s not “hot chick with gun” who is the enemy. More than likely “hot chick with gun” doesn’t own a gun. It is “Fudd with gun” who is our enemy, as he will vote for any nimrod who claims to support the 2nd Amendment, even though said nimrod has a record of being hostile towards and guns and gun owners.

  2. Does it make much sense to brush breach-to-muzzle if you’re just gonna pull the brush back from muzzle-to-breach? (BTW, if some fat bubba in a flannel shirt and a Realtree cap had done the same thing, I’d have made the same observation.)

  3. The “hot chick with gun” thing will NEVER GET OLD, and I just had five guys watching this video during lunch (twice thank you). I’m going for the third time after work. Thanks for the great video RF.

  4. Indeed… I appreciate her prowess with the cleaning supplies as they might have harmed her nicely manicured nails…

    +1 RF!

  5. Okay, I know you’re just jacking us by calling Ashley the IGOTD. You just needed an excuse to put up this video. And I’m OK with that. In fact, I’m better than OK.

    Do you have a viddy of Ashley cleaning an AR-15? Better still, how about a viddy of her building an AR. A loooooong video.

  6. I see no safety issues with this video. You can’t see where her eyes are looking or the chamber from the angle of the camera to know whether or not she can really inspect the bore, but in a studio setting like that there are a lot of lights, and brass is generally pretty darn reflective–I imagine a brass case in the chamber would stick out like a sore thumb. As far as a safe direction, you can’t tell what’s off camera, so yea–we don’t know if she dry fired in a safe direction.

    A scantily clad woman field stripping and cleaning a gun safely (which I believe she did) to me is a whole lot less damaging to gun culture as a whole than all the videos you see of supposed gun experts who will sweep their muzzle over the camera man, don’t wear eyes or ears, etc. No clothes and being safe is better than some old guy breaking all the rules and being none the wiser!

  7. OK – so she forgot to finger the breach – it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea I suppose. Personally, I always ask my gun before fingering (tactile) the breach. She may not always be in the mood. What was the question again?

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